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Rickie Lee Jones lyrics - It's Like This


Original and similar lyrics
(Gayle Caldwell) So I'm down and so I'm out So are many others So I feel like tryin' To hide my head 'Neath these covers Life is like the seasons After winter comes the spring So I'll ?? and stay awhile And see what tomorrow brings I've been told and I believe That life is meant for livin' Even when my chips are low There's still some left for givin' I've been many places Maybe not as far as you So I think I'll stay awhile And see if some dreams come true There isn't much that I have learned Through all my foolish years Except that life just run in cycles First there's laughter, then those tears But I'll keep my head up high Although I'm kind of tired Oh I just up and left last week Friday I got fired You know it's almost funny Things can't get worse than now But I'll keep on tryin' to sing But please, just don't ask me how

Stay True

2PAC "Thug Life"
[Tupac] Yah nigga, Drop the top on your muthafuckin ride This how we do it on the west coast BAABBBY Rollin' down the Four O Five Gettin' high White boys done wrecked their shit Tryin to check my ride I ain't being bootsy Crusin' in a Six-o Impala Drivin' like I'm in a Hooptee car full of ballin' caps keep yo hand on the strap and take all the craps Niggas know my steel-lo all legit but I'm drapped like a nigga movin' kilo Shit don't stop cuz i can make that ass drop make the front pop And Hit the three wheel motion All Day Hit the freeway take it easy, uhh Let's slide And pick-up some hoochies ride right back to the movies High talking back to the screen drinkin' liquor Havin' big dreams of gettin' richer I'm livin that [Chorus (4x) (Tupac)] Thug Life, y'all know the rules gotta do whatcha gotta do (Stay True) Big Stretch represent the real nigga flex, Live squad and this mutha fucker catch wreck [Stretch] Thug Life sharp as a roughneck Shakin' the dice, we roll long, ain't nothin' nice so the vice wanna follow us around (raize up) Got 'em runnin' as we clown thru the town (blaze up) Another one, had to throw another gun Don't need another case you can see it on my face son But I ain't fallin' yet And I gotta give a shout to where my ball is at [Tupac] Mophreme Tell 'em why the hoes dream gettin high off a nigga like a dope fiend [Mophreme] Cuz I'm non-stop, and I'm always hustlin' twenty four seven, ain't nothin buck but when a young G's flippin keys for a livin' Try to make a mill off the time I'm givin' trippin' mad I'm crazy Can't nobody fade me And I been goin' insane lately And everybody tryin ta hold me back I'm about to snap You better move back You know I led a..... [Chorus (4x) (Tupac)] Thug Life, y'all know the rules gotta do whatcha gotta do (Stay True) Maaaannnn, I don't worry about the Five-O if they start, cuz it's all about survival Just stay smart Keep your mind on your bank roll always stay ahead of these stank hos These days It's an all out rat race And look at MEEE just caught another cat case That makes three My laywers getting cash up the ass Don't even ask Why I'm buck wild Don't smile don't laugh To the young G's comin up peep game Don't let the money make you change or act strange Stay broke It's all in together now Keep pumping loud till the crowd bring the top down Is that Tupac Thug Life Hell Yah Try to dirty up my name but it's still here which way do I turn i'm strapped Lost in the storm I can't turn back with that... [Chorus (4x) (Tupac)] Thug Life, y'all know the rules gotta do whatcha gotta do (Stay True)

My Life

Keith Murray "It's a Beautiful Thing"
[Verse 1] I'ma take you back to day one, livin in this New York slum It's deaf to the dumb, only break bread with some Moms left at 15, had no American dreams To this day, I'm sellin to my cousin who's a fiend No one would got me but my older brother Little did we know the dirt we did fell back on my mother But didn't care back then, that's why she left like that Now my parents became the street, and it's best like that [Verse 2] Some nights I pray to God and ask him to pull my cord Cuz times is hard like the opposite street'll leave you scarred Street wise with no respect for authority and shit A chronic hustler of crack, a typical bitch Raised by madu who strung out on a glass dick But every now and then I blessed her with a hit So she don't have to trick It's prevalent amongst kids today Hustle krills, stack dough, and everything's okay HOOK It's the emancipation proclamation under the self devised guidelines of self preservation and starvation (I gotta live) It's the emancipation proclamation under the self devised guidelines of self preservation and starvation (and I gotta live) [Verse 3] My life in this world wasn't about diamonds and pearls It was rough growin up around the boys and girls After daddy left, shit was a mess, momma stressed But I give her an award, cuz damn she tried her best Holdin down the household, barely had money to fold Christmas time, cherished our little shit like gold I can't front, daddy was still there for me, cared for me But him and mommy breakin up was like a nightmare to me [Verse 4] Yo this is for the younger fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers Success is nothin if it aint if it was with the others We gotta make the best out of this terrible situation If not for us, for the younger generation We gotta break the chain, and deal with the pain For all our people that was slayed in vain (revenge) For all our peoples that was falsely framed (revenge) For all our peoples that's livin the name HOOK [Verse 5] Let me show, I gotta love L.O.D., they put me under the wing And then I teamed up with the most beautiful thing In the world, cuz L.O.D. we all we got I'm a fans and my mans keep it like it or not I know it hurts, havin to do everyday dirt Police all over my back, feel like bustin them jerks When I'm my road to the riches, I stay away from snitches And them bitches, and keep my mind on business [Verse 6] Life was tough so I became aggressive like a pit The only time I felt relaxed was when the blunt was lit Thinkin me and my team can be tight like the gambino Muscle in the hustle scene respected like Leno It gets deeper than the words of Proverbs New thoughts emerge, as I cop the squat on the curb Thinkin the herb strengthen my brain like spinach And heavy shine, flooded with ice might reduce my self spirts [Verse 7] Stick em, my life is so real it hurts Like when I saw my pops bein driven off in a hearse Like when I saw my mother bein driven off in a hearse Like you school when the roach crawl out my shirt Like on Thanksgiving when we got free food from the church Back then it was DJ Red Alert and Kool Herc Rockin been stripe knees and latigra shirts Back then L.O.D. was puttin in work From the cradle to the grave We all in the struggle, we gon struggle, we gon strive to stay alive All my real people know what I'm talkin about Watch each other backs Word up, my life is nothing without my niggas, word up

You'll Never Get Next To Me

Gonzoe "If I Live Nothing Happens"
Verse 1 *(Madd Maxx)* Now who's next for platinum spotlight? You know who it is Maxx and Gonz takin over the mic flippin the script reversin Town styles of my life live in the ghetto but still livin the life that is trife so fuck a knife I'm using the gat on Mobb imposters layin 'em down wit choppers they never could stop us breakin 'em off they drop us for tryin to knock us hustlin ass backwards dishin out my products under the Oakland initiation the death penalty is what you facin life sentance, incarceration for fuckin wit Mobb affiliation nigga the Paraphanil contraband infiltration anatomy of my alliance you won't defiy it so watch you get broke down when niggas cause riots hold them hostage make the snitch keep quiet talkin bout, you don't know shit I don't buy it you fuckin wit real niggas that's all about the cheddar carry Barrettas under my sweater I'm tryin to make a mill ticket to make my life better and if I gotta go down like Scarface, then whatever. Chorus *(Mr. X)* 2x You'll never get next to me so you can't see what I see I can't trust nobody, while I'm out here on these streets. Verse 2 *(Gonzoe)* Why I'm like this? Look at the world in the face and spit What the fuck provoked me to write this? Lookin at my gun thinkin this it cuz this bitch done took my son, thinkin he an object she trip because I'm lonely wit a new fifth mad at everybody drunk tryin to stack a grip Fuck y'all! Sayin y'all friends deniyin my collect-calls when a nigga behind in walls that's why I'm like this see I was raised wit a twist my mama sold dope and my daddy was a pimp that's my script sold my first brick in 10th wit Chris juss tryin to get some paper off the strip that enabled my hustle everyday on mind lost in life wit big shit define Why? I don't give a fuck niggas flaggin me down I never don't stop all they want is questions and ask stupid stuff. *(Chorus)* x4 Verse 3 *(Gonzoe)* Here's to the lasting song wit death the day after when I'm drunk it helps makes the time fly faster the world passin me by fuck it, I'm high say I won for the hell of it watchin the other side Why should I? Think like the others I'm like murder only say I'm trippin hella pistols hella come out realistically never got caught but statistically you 'posed to knock on wood cuz eventually it's tough tuckin the sheets in my bunk gettin ready for lock up caged up niggas givin a fuck this for the total mayne niggas rollin the Daytona's way I got Thug Serenade for niggs to prominate an get paid I'm watchin ya'll, change your ways cuz you on some other shit takin shit these days. Hey!


JUELZ SANTANA "What The Game's Been Missing!"
[Juelz Santana] Aight I want you to sing Life changes on a daily bases, every minute every [Razah] Life changes on a daily bases every minute every hour still we try to save it (aight, aight, aight) [CHORUS - Razah] Life changes on a daily bases Every minute every hour still we try to save it But I gotta keep moving and make it Heaven good, Lord knows life is crazy [VERSE 1 - Juelz Santana, Razah] Happy New Year people (people) The ball done dropped, guess you can say the new year's legal (yep) Shit my resolution was (what) Do everything I been doing, better than I usually does (yep) My momma knew I was (was) Everything I knew I was, I was destined for greatness I knew I would be rescued by greatness (uh huh) My first album was too farfetched for the matrix (couldn't touch it) Now it's all simple, checkers and basics (basics) 21 blackjack check for the aces (uh) 21 cats act I'm checkin for faces Brought 21 gats back like them was the faces (damn) 21 gats clap left em' in braces With his shoes tied but he never had laces (damn) We was just trying to bar-b-q out there But he started like I wouldn't start a bar-b-q out there (damn) Like I wouldn't make him dodge a few out there {yea} Good thing the car was parked out there {oh yea, oh yea} [CHORUS 2X] [VERSE 2 - Juelz Santana, Razah] I'm just trying to enjoy the fun in my life Plus now I got a lil son in my life (shit) Thats the one in my life, that keeps me up in the night Writing these rhymes so he can live a comfortable life Cam got to feed him and lil cam (yep) Jim got to feed him and lil jim (yep) Zeke got to feed him and lil zeke (yep) Now I got to feed me and lil me (yep) And these kids eat like lil beasts They grow every hour need clothes every hour Thats why I got to make dough every hour Do a show every hour hit the road every hour Two flights a day (day) I'm in states so far that if you drove it'll be two nights away (cali) Who nice as me shit blue ice on me And when I land shit new viper grey [CHORUS 2X] [VERSE 3 - Juelz Santana, Razah] I'm so great when I do it I sold flame to the fluid, lit it made it my music Thats fire (ha ha) Who could deny it', who could apply it' (apply it) Same pressure that I do if you could then try it (try it) Shit you just tryin to flood the pipe I'm tryin to apply so much pressure that I bust the pipe (BUST) And I done bust the pipe Wide open cause (Life changes on a daily bases yea) [Break - Razah] I'm just tryin to feed my family Just tryin to be all I can be Just tryin to survive these crazy streets Times is hard but it's gonna get better trust me I've been struggling all my life Makin these songs to get these right In studios morning till night But I know it's gon be alright [CHORUS 2X Till Fade]


311 "Hydroponic"
I'm in a good way on a bad day. Thinking of a plan a way to stay on top of it. Nailin' in I have a fit if I sit, sit doin' nothin'. Which is what. I done so far but I carve a niche which sits in my good things brain. Layin' the tracks like a loco mo, spark the Jay. [Chorus:] Tabla Rosa is my brain don't mean to bug or drive you insane. Don't have to guess just what I'm sayin if I had a point I'd say it plain. Dammit my brain is blank and now I say it would be a lie if I said I was inspired nothin' to say but that's ok.. Nod your head to this. Messin' around, I'm not having it. You bite the hand I put your head out. I come to know a travesty and so sad to see. The scene dictated frustrated former musicians. Switching' the emphasis from art to money. But I demand autonomy what else my friend. I tell you what 's wrong to me the industry's ability to manufacture stars. They churn them out like Iwojema makes cars. But the blame lies not with those suits for trying. It's the sheep that keep on buying that soulless crap. Whatever they put in front of ya. The hysteria of America. Nod your head to this. Well, stress is the enemy and not a friend to me. One thing I see is to be easy goin' throwin' down sit back. And watch my life flowin' and knowing life is but a dream. You can ask my home team. Let me tell you how I seem. My economy seems to be in words not action actually ya see yes. I'm a tempest and I rarely rest but that's what you go to do. If you want to be the best so I'm on a threshold so don't tell me no. I just flow and know I can count on my bros. [Chorus] Don't you know that the devil he's in me and God she is too. My Yin hates my Yang, but what the fuck ya gonna do. I choose a rocky ass path but that's how I like it. Life's a bowl of punch go ahead and spike it.

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