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RICK SPRINGFIELD lyrics - Sahara Snow


Original and similar lyrics
(Springfield) Lust shows her pretty face and cupid hits his mark and I have no time to say I am not ready for this Insipid smile on my face and a dumb remark, I trip, slip, slide over the precipice I got the right map baby but the wrong direction I'm staring at the TV set trying to right this wrong I didn't cast my vote, it was a fixed election Somebody tripped the switch and the light came on Now I can't make it stop, I cant make it stop, I cant make it stop It's true and I can't explain just what makes her so different I should feel wonderful, but I don't feel wonderful And I don't want to carry this weight myself You tell me I look bad Hey what do you mean by that? Cause I'm addicted and I can't help myself My wing and a prayer nose dives into the street and the hang the disturbed sign outside my door I twist my fingers and I shuffle my feet My friend Dr. Robert said there is no cure I got the right rat baby but the wrong disection I'm staring at the TV set trying to write this song I didn't seek this mountain or this insurrection I just entered somewhere beautiful I don't belong I can't make it stop, I can't make it stop, I can't make it stop It's true and I can't explain just what makes her so different I don't want this, fucked up pearl, I cannot take this She must be the one

At The End

When you're away, I'm feeling empty I lose my mind But when you're around, I take for granted Most of our time Honey you say that I'm cold And sometimes I'm out of control Baby, you know how I am, at the end, you are always mine I don't mean to when I hurt you But I need you, I can show you Just let me be when I'm crazy, At the end you're still my only. At the end [x4] Right when you're gone, I really miss you You got my heart. When you come back, I just wont kiss you And it tears you apart. Honey do make me stay, Believe me it's better this way. Baby I'm true and I'm real. I'm giving you all that I feel. [Chorus x2] [Bridge oh oh oh oh oh x4 - ah ah ah x2 - oh oh oh oh oh x2] Maybe, I'm trying my best, To give you the most and no less. Now that, I'm true and I'm real, I'm giving you all that I feel. [Chorus x2]

Fan Mail

Can you believe it, a whole decade has gone by Since I dropped my first album, man time flies Where does it go, nobody knows I appreciate you all, for coming to the shows Just to get front row, so that I can see your sign Showing up hours early, didn't even mind Cos when I hit the stage, nothing else matter We were on cloud 9, till my dreams got shattered Felt like the spotlight, faded overnight I can only blame myself, cos I fell into the hype Couldn't admit it hurt, the game was so intense They threw dirt on my name, but you came to my defense Some abandoned ship, but you stuck around Even supported the projects I put out underground As far as my career is like I crash to survive All these years it was you that kept my passion alive You're more than just a fan to me [x3] I think of you as family They talk about it like it was just yesterday Overwhelmed by the love that they sent my way You know what blows my mind when they say Jin I remember I was in the 7th grade I used to watch you every week I was so amazed Up there to compete, man it felt like I was on that stage And when you got signed I got signed too Yea thats why I'll always stand behind you See that was something I was not prepared for Still figuring things out for myself therefore All the songs about getting drunk or smokin up Never cross my mind the messages you were soakin up Didn't realize where I was till I was in it Truth is, I was never mean to begin with Hopefully we'll be face to face someday And we'll both see how we have come such a long way You're more than just a fan to me [x3] I think of you as family Lets connect, thats exactly why I came Showing love, wanna hug, take a picture Sign my name, sure thing, as long as I ain't in a hurry Can always re-take it if the picture looks blurry Hand shakin, hey no need to be nervous Take a deep breath, none of us are perfect I know you might have expectations But I'm just a man, not to be idolized I hope you understand.. So feel free to take me off that pedestal I'd rather see you eye to eye, now there's a better view We have lots in common, and all the vid is real Share the same emotions, till life can make you feel Your support is unconditional, they don't understand it Between me and you, I will not take it for granted Reach out anytime, send an email.. No offense though.. that's my g'mail You're more than just a fan to me [x3] I think of you as family

Crows 1

AESOP ROCK "Skelethon"
[Kimya Dawson] Birds of a black Black feather stick together forever and ever and they always remember you And all of the shit you do They pass it to the baby birdies and then they remember too Little baby bluebird's eyes turn black Without forgetting the face of the guy in the mask When you see me baby will you scream or will you laugh? Little baby bluebird's eyes turn black [Aesop Rock] 4 and 20 gory pantone black crows shredding innards The silouettes are fencing lefty scissors Separating horn and hoof as own arpeggiators They piggy back the tombs of all your deadest friends and neighbors By the getty image, green-cheese moon Dead-of-winter shit, graveyard tchk! tchk! Shifter shit, brother was a face card Crown like a heart-shaped tunnel of woven branches leaning in over his hydro-plaining pace car chase... Wait up let me isolate the bass more Gate of god's acre Aim to rake the snow off each forsaken name here Supposedly closure'l free the vipers out the bosom Personally I think it's a bunch of bullshit Prisoners, tradition is for lovers God forbid he flip the witch against her coven on some ‘dip or play the dozens‘ Now I baptize skips in larvae and dental records On a little plot pregnant with 6 million sentenceenders And the tech support for tragedy's emphatically horrendous Teenage operators explaining what bated breath is Pass, I wish it were something I could diagram on a napkin so you won't feel so detached if it should happen to you privately Publicly your shadows'll cat call back Happy to split the button eye and burlap doll Crack the crypt Bats eject like cousin death's wing-ed Iapdogs ricocheting sonar of the sacrilege Now let me slow this whole shit down for all you half-goat cowards I'll even grit my teeth for you I am so completely off the god-damn grid it's not a question of addressing me, I T's "what do these symbols under the dresser mean" Perhaps a little dash of karma chameleons through the entropy for good/young Could've used a good lung Still, proximity to corpses wasn't nothing to the kid but unforgiving science or cinematic horrors Fast forward, my knee in the gut of a glass "remember that cow in the dean's seems awkward And I know your people donated pints to the same pavement but for ash and bone to share a space with strangers seems outrageous, ain't it? Maybe a dialog of howls that reshapes thejowls and face somehow relates to whatever you have found among a thousand cloned shrines, either way - dope stone lion [Kimya Dawson] And they call to let you know your friend is dead in a box The crows have the tools to get the meat out of the box Scientific, ritualistic, headstone cold foxes still rot I'm not gonna rot, no, fuck that snot You can let them let you rot, man But I'm not going to watch I'm not gonna stand atop your plot I love you friend, but I'm just not On the other hand if your ashes are scattered in the sea I will swim in the sea and you'll be with me And if your shit is scattered at the roots of a tree I will climb that tree [Aesop Rock] Everything you think you're hiding shows In the way you view the graves like a string of tiny thrones Messages you'd tucked away for keeps has resurfaced to be heard amidst the butchery and beaks You don't want the passengers to pass You want each cow taxidermy'd fatter than the last Mausoleum lighting is a rush While it might enhance a silhouette it might expose a crutch A proud chest puffed to the heavens Holds nothing if we're cutting past the muscle and the tendon And we will be cutting past the muscle and the tendon...


[Hook - August Alsina:] Started off in the streets We would take collection from the fiends People dyin' all around me So I gave you my testimony We were down from the beginnin' When the world wasn't listenin' Now that I got your attention Let us end with the benediction [Verse 1 - August Alsina:] We are gathered here today Paying our respects to bein' broke, hope he's in a better place Cause life out here ain't sweet, oh no I would close my eyes to sleep but didn't dream no more So I had to make a way for my home, you know Now I'm in a place where I ain't gotta scheme no more The good life, done with the hood life I did what I could didn't always do what I should and I was misunderstood So many nights I tried To hide how I felt, I would cry inside And I ran through the streets till my feet got tired Cause I ain't wanna have my shoes on them power lines [Bridge - August Alsina:] But I made it, and it made me I know I did wrong, I pray to God he forgave me Cause I made it, and it didn't kill me So it made me stronger, I pray to God that you feel me, that you feel me... [Hook] [Verse 2 - August Alsina:] Our father who art in heaven I pray you free me from my demons and keep me level I know you kept me out of prison where I was headin' When I heard somebody killed my brother, one-eighty-seven I hope he made it to your presence, for me he was a blessin' At least I know he's restin' and he ain't out here stressin' Tryna get to the good life, and out of this hood life I pray that my step-pops stay off of that crack pipe So Mama could sleep nights, I know it's been hard on her I was ripping through the streets, it was hard for her Now I'm up in hotels on the ocean shore When I was sleepin' on the floor at the corner store [Bridge - August Alsina:] But I made it, and it made me I know I did wrong, I pray to God he would save me Cause I made it, it didn't kill me So it made me stronger, I pray to God that you feel me, do you feel me... [Hook] [Verse 3 - Rick Ross:] Bottle after bottle, snatching Belaire out the bucket Rightin' all my wrongs for these homies out here thuggin' Pray for benediction, pretty women on my premise Condo out in Cabo, screaming "GABOS" to my nemesis Gold around my neck I'm ballin' for these final minutes Nothing lasts forever, for these sins I seek repentance Shots fired, another gone, I feel that man's pain Daddy sat me down and said: "that came with the game" Shake my head, roll up the window, turnin' up the music So much anger in these songs for these soldiers that we losin' A mastermind is one who's feedin' others off his talent I owe it to my city but it's time I pay my balance I'm in Holyfield's estate, I started with a pallet I made my first tape, I gave that shit to Khaled Thankful for my supporters, everyone that ever bought us Grateful for every lesson these Miami streets taught us [Hook]

Dreams Can Come True

Dreams can come true Dreams can come true Move a step closer You know that I want you I can tell by your eyes that you want me too Just a question of time I knew we'd be together And that you'd be mine I want you here forever Do ya hear what I'm sayin? Gotta say how I feel I can't believe you're here But I know that you're real I know what I want And baby it's you I can't deny my feelings Cos I know they are true Dreams can come true Look at me babe I'm with you You know you gotta have hope You know you've got to be strong Dreams can come true Look at me babe I'm with you You know you gotta have hope You know you gotta be strong I've seen you some times on your own and in crowds I knew I had to have you my hopes didnt let me down Now you're by my side And I feel so good I've nothing to hide Don't feel that I ever could Do you hear what I'm saying? Gotta say how I feel I can't believe you're here But I know that you're real I know what I want And baby it's you cant deny my feelings Because they are true Dreams can come true (2x) I'm not making plans for tomorrow Let's live for tonight I know I want you baby So hold me so tight Put your arms around me You make me feel so safe Then you whisper in my ear That you're here to stay Dreams can come true (4x)

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