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RICK JAMES lyrics - Come Get It!

Mary Jane

Original and similar lyrics
Rick James Mary Jane Come here, baby. Mary I love you. Do it girl. Female chorus: Mary Jane, Mary Jane I'm in love with Mary Jane. She's my main thing. She makes me feel alright. She makes my heart sing. Rick's chorus: And when I'm feeling low, She comes as no surprise. Turns me on with her love. Takes me to paradise. Do you love me Mary Jane? Yeah. Whoa-oh-oh. Do ya? Do ya? Do ya? Now do you think you love me Mary Jane. Don't you play no games. Female chorus. I love her just the same. I love her, Mary baby, just the same. The woman plays no games. Now, now, now. I'm in love with Mary Jane. I'm not the only one. If Mary wanna play around, I let her have her fun. She's not the kind of girl that you can just tie down. She likes to spread her love and turn your head around. Rick's chorus. Female chorus. Rick's chorus. Yeahhhhh! Ooowoooo. Oh baby. Oh baby. Hit me. Whoah, Mary. Only love. I love you, yeah. Whooo! Something until we give it now, lovey-dove. Uh-huh. Wow, baby! Sing! La-du-da-da-du-da-dahh. Sing! La-du-da-da-du-da-dahh. Sing it for me baby. Come Mary, Mary Jane. Sing it for me baby.

Tell Me Why

Jessica Folker "Jessica"
Picture love pure as summer Like winter in the spring God gave them everything To love and hold each other Like shelter from the rain All through the night into the day He never said he'd go away But he did And as she cried I saw him Just like you did that morning No reason and no warning Must this dream have an end for me? Chorus: Oh, tell me why Why can't you be here by my side? Tell me why Someone to hold on to through the night Please just tell me why She tried her best to please him In every special way Promised he'd do the same Cherish the kiss that started And the feelings that they shared Like the wind beneath a dying sail Endlessly loving without fail And he said Death do us part to this I Swear to be there beside you Can't live my life without you Why can't this be the same for me? Chorus: For every minute of my life I´ve been blind, baby I just can't get you off my mind No matter how I try Baby, won't you tell me, tell me why Chorus (repeat)

I'll Take That As A Yes

You like a dozen wine red roses Candle lights on porsilen set tables and that's fine, I'll go out of my way for you anytime that's right baby the fire's warm so you take off your sweater now it's my turn and I'll do you one better that's the game we both like to play CHORUS You wink I laugh we know a little hug leads to a foot rub then a hot tub then a french kiss on a bear rug do you like it, do you like it how about this wanna try it oh, oh, oh, oh I'll Take That As a Yes You like snuggling with your pillow with my arms tight holding us together breathing deep and drifting like a feather's dream then I touch you on the shoulder feel your skin soft underneath my fingers and I know we'll never get to sleep Repeat CHORUS It's written all over your face there's no mistake no diff, no doubt, no beatin around the bush baby it's understood I'll Take That As a Yes I'll Take That As a Yes Cause we know a little hug leads to a foot rub, hot tub, bed rug, yeah wouldn't you love wouldn't you love wouldn't you love I like it, I like it yes

My Whole Life Has Changed

chorus: My whole life has changed Since you came in I knew back then You were that special one I'm so in love, so deep in love You made my life complete You are so sweet No one competes Glad you came into my life You blind me with your love With you I have no sight Girl, you opened me I'm wide open And I'm doing things, I never do But I feel so good, I feel so good Why'd it take so long me finding you This is my story And I'm telling you It's not fiction It's truely a fact Without you right here having my back I really don't know just where I'd be repeat chorus: I analyzed myself I was buck wild Never thought about, settling down When all the time I knew I was ready But not with all my friends around But girl I put you first now You made me, helped mold me Turned me into a man I'm so responsible And I owe it all to you.................. repeat chorus: God's blessed me (God has blessed me baby, God was so good to me when he sent you) I'm so happy (I'm so happy, I'm so happy, baby) Share my world (Come and share my world, baby oh......... in love) I'm so in love, i'm so in love, I'm addicted to your love, baby repeat chorus twice: (fading chorus)

Never Enough

Boy, in my mind, I see you holdin' me It's the one, place that you got the time To give me some love, and it feels so fine I don't wanna wake up, from my dreamin' Words, that you say Don't mean, don't mean a thing If you can't, start showing me today That you're gonna try, and I just can't stay With you by my side Cause you're not giving enough Chorus: Never enough, never enough You're not giving me love Giving me love, giving me love love baby You're not giving enough Never enough, never enough You're not giving me love Giving me love, giving me love love baby I, dont' like to be alone Especially when I hurry home And you decided you can't stay around Am I stuck here with the sound, of my heart beating baby And my tears are falling Look, in your heart, and tell me baby Tell me if you want to play the part Of someone in love Have you gone too far, to give me that much Cause you're not giving enough {Chorus} Na na na .... Chorus 2: Never enough, never enough Giving me love, giving me love love baby Never enough, never enough Giving me love, giving me love love baby Never enough, never enough Giving me love, giving me love love baby Never enough, never enough {Chorus 2} (repeat til end)

I Found Love

BANANARAMA "Ultra Violet"
Had this feeling lately I just can't get you off my mind When I see you, you make me Make me lose all sense of time When you hold me baby You turn my world upside down yeah When you touch me oh baby My feet don't even touch the ground (chorus) I found love yeah I've got a lover who gives me more The kind of love I've never found before 'Cause I need no other when you're around 'Cause the love I've found takes me higher I was thinking maybe Am I going much too fast But something tells me oh baby I've got a love that's gonna last When you're with me, it's easy You make me feel so good inside I can love you completely This time I know I've got it right (chorus) (chorus x 3) publishing : In A Bunch Music Ltd / Antinos Music-Prime Direction 1995

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