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This Must Be Heaven

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When I was much younger It used to happen every night I had a dream about a city dressed in lights And there were friends of mine I saw them time after time But I never knew their names And darling I swear I saw you there I know it sounds insane Sweet dreams of a child forgotten so easy I needed your smile to bring it all back to me I see all of my life as the road that brought me here Must be something went right I just know when you're near (Chorus) This must be heaven Have I found it what I've been looking for This must be heaven Have I finally stumbled through the door How could I have doubted I guess I must have lost my place You turned on the light And I saw my life Reflected in your face Sweet dreams of a child forgotten so easy oh yeah I needed your smile to bring it all back to me I see all of my life as the road that brought me here Must be something went right I just know when you're near (Repeat chorus) And I always knew that there was something more Come closer to me now You fill me up I'm overflowing Come closer to me now Come hold me tight and don't let go (Repeat chorus) You fill me up girl You fill me up and I'm overflowing This must be heaven Have I found what I've been living for This must be heaven Have I finally stumbled through the door This must be heaven Have I found what I've been looking for This must be heaven And I always knew that there were something more

I Get The Job Done

Big Daddy Kane "It's a Big Daddy Thing"
[Kane] Hey yo Teddy [Riley] Yo [Kane] I ran into a young lady Maliya last night [Riley] Word [Kane] Must have been her husband's payday [Riley] Heheh [Kane] because she bought me this here brand new diamond link that you see me with on [Riley] Mmm [Kane] Smooth, you knowhatI'msayin You know why [Riley] Why Kane [Kane] Cause I get the job done Chorus: repeat 2X I work (3X) I work.. baby! [Big Daddy Kane] The question at hand, is how do I love thee I count the ways but girls don't shove me One by one you can come and caress me Undress and molest me but you can't posess me Because I love a young lady that's beautiful but one that's smart for me, is more suitable In other words, to make it simple and plain You gotta have a brain in order to be Ms. Kane But in the case of not becomin my lady I take em eight to eighty, dumb crippled and crazy Crisp and clean with no caffeine and a pair of spandex or either tight jeans Couldn't believe the ones with the Chinese cunt but I'll take em with the weave hangin down to they butts And if you step up in a large sum Like Martin Luther King, I Shall Overcome I get the job done Chorus (+ Kane says I get the job done! every two lines) [Big Daddy Kane] Some of you ladies make moves too quick And settle down, without havin a large pick Rushin to becomin some pooh-butt's wife and no longer do you enjoy, the married life Well, I let you know this is a brand new year so never fear, the Big Daddy is here To do things in places your husband wouldn't And do certain things he probably just couldn't Let me sneak into your life, like a thief in the night Lick your body all over and squeeze you real tight Nibble all over your ear and give your back a massage You'll say, Oooh I like it just like DeBarge (how large) Smooth and mild I'll make you smile Honey child and if you like then get buckwild And when I turn her back on, you'll have to say like Calgon, please take me away So when your main course is doin nothin for ya Just look at me as a tasty side order that came into your life and brought a thrill Cause any husband won't, I'm a neighbor who will, get the job done.. Chorus (+ Kane says I get the job done! every two lines) [Kane] T.R., take it to the bridge, uhh! [Big Daddy Kane] Here's a perfect description of me Six foot one, and dark and lovely And if they're sayin black is beautiful, it's true not phony I'm Brown-er than Bobby so won't you be my +Tenderoni+ And get a whiff of this nymphomaniac and uhh, the date mack is ready to attack and prove that I'm a pro and far from a rookie Ain't no hair on my chest, but I'm one tough cookie Whoever said you had to be one-hundred percent masculine in order to be in I'd rather be more subtle and smooth and SOOTH Girl, you won't disapprove And I promise that you'll never forget Hmmmmmmmmmmm, now what's a title to fit me A champ like Tyson, a Captain like Kirk, no Employee of the Month, cause yo, I do work The K-A-N-E is on the J-O-B An expert, cause I get it D-O-N-E So lights, camera, action - all hail the one! That gets the job done Chorus (+ Kane says I get the job done! every two lines) Chorus * repeat to the end *

Ten Girls Ago

Graham Parker "Struck by Lightning"
Intro: E A E A E E A E Buster turned round to me And said hey kid you must be joking E A C#m You got an attitude You think you're funny but you're choking hey hey A E Back every word that comes out of your mouth (Ten girls ago) E A B You thought you had something to laugh about CHORUS E A E A But it was just a crazy thing The wrong act in the wrong circus ring E A E A The sweet pain of a needle's sting Ten girls ago, ten girls ago Eddie and Burt sneaked out the back And threw up before every scene The camera rolled and my life Flashed before me just as if in a dream A dog was leading me round on a chain Ten girls ago I kicked it but I ended up in pain CHORUS 2 But it was just a crazy thing Flying an airplane made of string Sweet pain of a needle's sting Ten girls ago BRIDGE C#m A B C#m7 Wrap it up in a paper cup Put it in a bag for me C#m A B B7 Get yourself another dog Ah you're barking up the wrong tree Guitar break Same as intro modulated to F# B F# And now I stand a hope in hell Of not ending up in the bottom of a well A place where all lost souls must go When they don't know where their life is going And now life glows with a life of its own Ten girls ago I would have told you my chances were blown (then) CHORUS I (then) CHORUS 2

Proud To Be A Dread

DES'REE "Supernatural"
Tafari tries to get a job Ten letters behind his name. Born up in the cornfields Tafari doesn't the game The game has not respect for life Even less for rules. Winners only need apply, Sorry no rooms for fools. Tafari, looks up to the stars and Wonders if there's life on Mars Some say, he should shave his head, But he's proud to be a dread. Chorus: 'cos I'll be stronger. For the truth, I know takes longer I've the cunning of the tiger and the Wisdom of the trees. I won't be sad, refuse the sorrow I look forward to tomorrow I'll release my anger, 'cos I'm proud to be a dread. Selassie, tries to find a home, To rest his weary head. A place where he can take his girl To share his spiritual bed. When he's greeted at the door, The sign has changed his tune. Though his Queen is full of child, sorry. There's no room. Selassie looks up to the clouds, He curses hard and shouts of out loud. Remembering his father's words, A whisper from the dead. Chorus 'Cos in this life, you have to take a chance, or why else live at all. 'Cos in this life, to climb a mountain, sometimes expect to fall. 'cos in this life nothing comes easy, if it does, it has a price. 'Cos in this life a martyr suffers, look at Jesus Christ

Get Money

Eightball "Lost"
Gloomy days got my head twisted Mystic visions of a razor blade Cut my blunt with precision Stuff it till it's bustin' Sippin' on some Tussin Imagine it gothic hustlin' Men tusslin' women fussin' And they babies in the corner cryin' Young niggaz bang and they ain't afriad of dyin' Pistol keepers mobile phones and beepers Cars and hoes and plenty dust for the geekers Me I'm a break beater microphone eater Weed leader, siizlin' like a fajita But it's so hard for me to stay out the streets Behind tint blowin' cheap Fuckin' with freaks What kinda role model, I'ma be? Don't get it twisted Gifted, linquistic. graphic and realistic God, deleiver me from harm and arm me with, Sense enough to know when to quit Chorus: I don't wanna die I don't wanna die (lord forgive me for the anger that I feel today) I don't wanna die I don't wanna die Thinkin' about what my eyes witnessed Thinkin' about what my kids gon' see when they get grown and independent What you doin' baby? 18, strippin' daily A small ass apartment, tryin' to flip a Mercedes I don't knock shit, unless you a fiend Tryin' to hock shit Protectin' myself I gotta grab the gock and pop shit I guess that's the problem with the world today (what?) Black, white, asian So many people think this way Fuck with me and I'll shoot ya We live in, what used to be the space age, future To acid droppin' hippies Now they run the country Drug smugglin' with my tax money Bomb makers, nuclear, death creators White power, skin head, Jew and nigga haters All of this, plus I gotta watch the nigga next door What you think I pray for, man Chorus Life ain't nothin' but preperation For the angels and the demons that we all gon' face when, The soul and the body seperate, that's death Nothin' left but darkness, after your last breath Well, all of that shit is in the past Enjoy it while you got it, cause you can't take it with your ass Where I'm from, any day can be your last That's why them thug niggaz live life hard and fast Slowdown, and find yourself surrounded by the lowdown Unaware, a showdown's about to go down Why we gotta clown instead of bein' kinfolks Why do white folks, think all we know is sellin' dope? Some can't cope, and got out hangin' from a rope Slit wrists, found shakin' from an overdose Tupac and Biggie got they life snatched away Nobody knows when they gotta go, mayne Chorus That's all baby, You never know when you gotta go Deaths around the corner Your nobody, till somebody kils you But I don't wanna die I don't wanna die Hey, I don't wanna die Can you hear me? I don't wanna die I don't wanna die I don't wanna die DIe, die, die, die, die (repeated till end)

Guns & Roses

JAY-Z "The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse"
(feat. Lenny Kravitz) Yeah it's magic Uhh, Jay-Z and Lenny Kravitz And it's a Heavy D product you bastards Come on Ha hey yo stop playin man This is real serious Ha (It's the rock) yeah yo [Jay-Z] Post Postatono, Hov' hangin with Bono You too can live like Salvatore Ferragamo And you too can cool out poolside after Delano And you too flow like you was out of your mind yo And who knew dude who loved apple pies from McDonalds Would soon be the boss of the Big Apple, ya know And who knew dude would play ball for the NBA Would make a mistake on the who know it stayed still in the way Who knew that would be his last shot, who drew up that play They giveth and they taketh life is cool that way But even a broken clock is right two times a day You could have turned Guns into Roses like two times today Now there's something you gotta say two times to Jay I got my shades on waiting for the sun to shine my way Got my boom box, suntan lotion waiting for action Its safe when you play with skills, good luck could happen Let's go (C'mon) It's the Roc [repeat 4X] That's right [Jay-Z] It got to hot so I jumped off in this rap shit You got it criss-crossed ain't no turning me backwards Too many District Attorneys concerned with the actions Of one individual he's criminally attached I turned in all my rap chips I'm earning my bachelors While dating all the models and actresses I'm learning all the potholes in every single barrio Trying not to mess up my axis kid On the road to riches through trafficking Through rappining whatever's happening Roc-a-wear I'm the young black Ralph Lauren Every time I get out they put me right back in The Michael Corleone of the microphone The Michelangelo of flow I paint pictures with poems Have you ever known moss like a rolling stone Case the Grim Reaper visits my home, nigga I'm gone c'mon (C'mon) It's the Roc [3X] (C'mon) That's right (C'mon) [Lenny Kravitz: repeat 2X] Life is all about Guns and Roses Bittersweet like friends and foes Some get lucky and some get chosen Just like life, Guns and Roses [Jay-Z] More Guns then Roses, foes is, visibly shook of the invisible book, let's go Flowers need water to grow, it gotta rain And in order to experience joy you need pain Every time a baby is born, somebody slain You know the saying, somebody's lose is another's gain The sun comes out when the water goes down the drain When the rainbow in the cloud comes out we do it again Everything evens up, you just wait Even a garbage can gets a steak You ain't even a garbage can you have faith But when it turns your way before it turns away To turn that into something you gotta learn from Jay You will get return in your investment if attention you pay let's go (C'mon) It's the Roc [3X] (C'mon) That's right (C'mon) [Lenny Kravitz: repeat 2X] Life is all about Guns and Roses Bittersweet like friends and foes Some get lucky and some get chosen Just like life, Guns and Roses Life is all about Guns and Roses

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