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Take This Heart

Original and similar lyrics
No one understands it more You fear every step you take So sure that your heart will break It's not how the story ends You'll be back on your feet again Chorus Baby, this time There ain't nothing gonna take this heart away No more goodbyes There ain't nothing gonna take my heart away The pain's still alive in you For what one man put you through You say that we're all the same But I'm called by no other name We all need a place to run Won't you let me be the one Repeat Chorus Don't keep the dream in you locked outside your door Just believe in this love And don't be afraid anymore I need you to please be strong I've waited for you too long Repeat Chorus There ain't nothing gonna take this heart away Oh whoah


JOSS STONE "Mind, Body & Soul"
A loss that would have thrown A hole through anybody's soul And you were human after all So hold back the tears, my dear Release them so your eyes can clear I know that you will rise again But you gotta let them fall I wish that i could snap my fingers Erase the past, but no You cannot rewind reality Once the tape's unrolled Chorus If your spirit's broken and you can't bear the pain I will help you put the pieces back A little more each day And if your heart is locked and you can't find the key Lay your head upon my shoulder I'll set you free I'll be your security A moment of despair That forces you say that life's unfair It makes you scared of what tomorrow may bring But don't go giving into fear Stop hiding all alone in there The show keeps going on and on But you'll miss the whole damn thing I wish i had crystal ball to see what the future holds But we don't how the story ends 'til it's all been told (Chorus) On any clock upon the wall The time is always now So, baby kiss the past goodbye Don't let the future blow your mind Just sit back and chill Take things as they come You can't be afraid To live for today I will be with you each step of the way (Chorus)

Right Here

Lately there seems to be Some insecurities About the way I feel Where I wanna be Boy, you know is with you No one can do The things you do To me Never to be mistaken Long as it's love we're making There's gonna be some rain Gonna beat the pain But as long as I know Boy, time will show Our love will grow And I know [CHORUS:] Love will be right here Be right here Right here Be right here No fear Have no fear No tears Love is here True love some don't believe in That's just what I'm givin' I'm gonna keep it strong I'll be holdin' on To you No one can do Me like you do It's true Sure as the sun is shining Our love will keep on climbing There's gonna be some rain Gonna beat the pain But as long as I know Boy, time will show Our love will grow And I know


LMNT "Get It All"
You're the girl next door And I can see that you've been crying It's the second time this week It ain't easy, but bless your heart for trying I can tell that you've been losing sleep *Give me on minute of your darkest hour And I'll turn it into something real Gonna make you shine No matter how long, I'm gonna take my time I'll make you shine Whatever it takes, I'm gonna make you mine I'll make you shine I've seen you hanging out with your friends in the parking lot Afraid to show them how you feel I see you smilin like you're happy But I know you're not It's gonna take some time to heal I know it seems impossible to move along, to be strong So let me be the one who understands, I understand~ **Repeat chorus to end

Lessons In Love

Angel Forrest "Believe In Angels Believe In Me"
I heard you, you were back in town But before me you were playin round You left a trail of broken hearts And now your back and asking all my friends How I've been and how can you fit in But I can't go through that again I knew you were a player I thought that I could change ya But now I see I was wrong So keep on ballin baller I won't disrupt your holler Baby it won't be long [Chorus] Somebody's gonna break your heart in two Somebody's gonna do the things you do Someday somebody will give you a lesson in love So baby it's just a matter of time Before your heart breaks like you broke mine And your time is up Are you ready for your lesson in love You played me like I was your toy But soon you'll cry just like a little boy When you get back twice what you gave So open up take your medicine Get well soon repent of all your sin And lie there in the bed that you made Have you ever heard That you'll get what you'll get what you deserve Play with fire and you get burned So, baby watch your back Cause you finally met your match Soon it will be your turn [Repeat Chorus x2]

Please Don't Be Scared

BARRY MANILOW "Because It's Christmas"
There's a light behind your eyes. I see it shining, it only fades when you cry. There's a heart that beats so strong, I feel it dying when the night time lasts too long. Now you and I have lived out centuries, and all I can say is what you've offered to me. Please don't be scared, cause I stood there too, between survival and the right thing to do. Cause only the strong admit their fears, and if you really need me I'll always be here. The parties and the lights fade to memories in the still of the night. And you wonder in your mind if there's nothing left to show for all the time. Cause feeling pain's a hard way to know you're still alive, but someday someone will make you glad you survived. So (repeat chorus) Cause feeling pain's a hard way to know you're still alive, but someday someone will make you glad you survived (repeat chorus) No matter where you are, if you really need me, I'm never far.

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