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Soul Motion

Original and similar lyrics
My mind ain't working right I know the answer The way to ease this pain Only got myself to fight I can see clearly But choose to be blind A slave to desire Holding me, scolding me Changing your mind You're like playing with fire Chorus I need you I want to stay on This soul motion ride There is no danger when you're here by my side Given some distance Just a little time Right and wrong seems clear But my sense of reason is nothing But unkind Every time that you're near Over and over I say to myself Ooh, she's only playing Ten thousand reasons to find someone else Still I hear myself saying Repeat Chorus Bridge I'm out here on the edge And I know what's in store It should be over and done Just let go and run But I've tasted too much Nothing's the same anymore Repeat Chorus

Me & You

(chorus) Me and you Let's get away from it all Me and you Havin' a ball You know We've been together a long time And you know what We can get a little old lightweight thang goin' If we really put our hearts to it You try and I try Girl, there's no tellin' how far we can go Remember those lovin' fools Romeo and Juliet They thought they had a thing goin' But they just didn't know, they couldn't visualize They had no idea how it would really be But we know (chorus) Oh...oh...oh...oh...oh... Oh, yeah Yes, Lord We know, don't we, darlin' We won't be wastin' our time fussin' and fightin' Like other people We're gonna be too busy bein' in love But love, this is the real thing We found a groove, heh We move each other We turn each other on This could last forever All we need to do is give some kinda sign Yes, Lord From then on, baby, it's easy Let's talk about me and you (chorus)

Happy Now?

GWEN STEFANI "Tragic Kingdom"
You had the best But you gave her up 'Cause dependency might interrupt Idealistic will so hard to please Put your indecisive mind at ease You broke the set Now there's only singles There's no looking back This time I mean it Are you happy now? How is it now? Are you happy now? Are you happy? The uncertainty you had of me Brought clouded shady company The tenderness habitual A seldom-fading ritual You killed the pair Now only one is breathing There's no looking back This time I mean it Chorus: No more leaning on your sholder I won't be there, no more bother If you feel you just might want me That's too bad, I'm not that easy The contemplator all those years Now you must adhere To your new career of liberation You've been cast all by yourself You're free at last You broke the set Now there's only singles There's no looking back This time I mean it Chorus: You're by yourself, All by yourself You have no one else, You're by yourself

Too Hot

COOLIO "Gangsta's Paradise"
Everybody listen up cuz I'm about to get my speak on Fools be trippin' when it's time to get their freak on Runnin' round town Puttin' it down Without no protection Funny erection When it's time for selection What's your direction? Before you make a choice you betta do some inspection If you don't know my aim, an' Don't know my game, then Let me explain now Aiesha slept wit' Mark Then Mark slept wit' Tina Then Tina slept wit' Javier An' the first time he seen her Javier slept wit' Loopy An' Loopy slept wit' Rob Cuz he was rollin' on beeds an' had a goodass job Rob slept wit' Lisa who slept wit' Steve, an' Steve was positive H.I.V. What started off as a plan Ended up in the plot Ya betta cool ya ass off Cuz it's too damn hot.... (Chorus) Oooh It's Too Hot T o o H o t Too Hot lady T o o H o t Gotta run for shelter Gotta run for shade It's Too Hot T o o H o t Too Hot homie T o o H o t Gotta make some sense from this mess that we made Your doin' everything momma told ya not to do Now you're tryin' to walk away cuz ya know it's true Your sister can't explain, an' Your mother's ashamed to admit you both had the same last name I don't have to ask you where you've been Cuz the matches in your purse say Holiday Inn A mind is a terrible thing to waste that was the slogan But now it's '95 an' it's don't forget the Trojan Explained it to her momma Before somebody get her got her Help her to the game with those smooth talkin' niggas 'Love' is the word So is 'remember' it often heard Latex Safe sex You better learn to get hip to the facts Before you be yacko End up in a box on your back Sometimes ya axed me what you wanted Get what you got Don't get up in the plot It's too damn hot... -Chorus- Another day in the city, an' Know what a pity Even though we did our duty things are still lookin' shitty Everybody in the packstack tryin' to make some scraps Walkin' in the rain but they ain't got no hat Understand how we livin' in the 90's loc Nuclear waste, cannibalism, and pistol smoke Sex, lies, and videotape an' rape Just a little public crime can seal your fate We need to do something drastic shit It's gettin' tragic And if you don't believe me Then go ask Magic Everybody an' their momma preaching abstenence, these Kids ain't checking for abster shit So put a condom in their hand and hope it don't bust Another victim of the lust In God we trust What started off as a plan Ended up in the plot Water can't cool it off cuz it's too damn hot.... -Chorus(extended)-

This Time Next Year

Fernando Ortega "Storm"
Turn up the lights so we can see The red-head grandson on your knee Better hold him while you can He'll be walking soon This time next year you'll want to take him Down the old road behind your house To show him the sun on the autumn fields To smell the wind-blown alfalfa To look out where the geese are rising for their southern flight Circling arrows in the sky Above the ditches and the cottonwood Chorus: This time next year There'll be stories to tell And he will listen to you, quiet in your arms And there'll be songs to sing him While he goes to sleep When we gather in your home This time next year The boy is laughing on your knee Hold him up so we can see Hold him high because we're lifted in his laughter And in the gladness he has brought you As you walk these heavy lives Chorus (X2)


NEWSBOYS "Newsboys Shine the hits"
Hold the milk, put back the sugar They are powerless to console We've gathered here to sprinkle ashes From our late friend's cereal bowl. Breakfast Clubbers, say the motto That he taught us to repeat: “You will lose it in your gym class if you wait til noon to eat'. Back when the Chess Club, said our eggs were soft Every Monday he'd say grace and hold our juice aloft Oh, none of us knew his checkout time would come so soon But before his brain stopped waving, he composed this tune: (Chorus) When the toast is burned, And all the milk has turned And cap'n crunch is wavin' farewell. When the big one finds you May this song remind you That they don't serve breakfast, in hell Breakfast clubbers dropped the hankies That our somehow friend was gone, that day he bought those pine pajamas His check was good with God Those of you without the lord, How do you cope? For this morning we don't mourn Like those who have no hope Oh rise up, Fruit Loop lovers- Sing out sweet and low With spoons held high We bid our brother “Cheerio!' chorus (repeat til fade)

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