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Silent Scream

Original and similar lyrics
Twenty four and he believes for Sure he's got it made Fame is here for good and Looks will never fade He doesn't know The game is never over ¡®till The cards have all been played Eighty three and still he feels His best is yet to come He believes that youth is Wasted on the young He's alone The only dream he ever has Is being with someone Love you when your standing tall But nobody knows you when your falling All you have to do is call But nobody ever hears the silent scream Christmas came and went again But still nobody came Staring at her wedding photo in a frame She's alone We should hope the loss of memory Helps to ease the pain Chorus Memories, moments you recall We should be remembered for the Greatest of them all You can't begin to live someone Else's life Or you're own will pass you by Oh, who's to know Maybe we can learn a thing or Two from everyone Chorus

Shadow Of A Lonely Man

Alan Parsons "Pyramid"
Lead Vocal: John Miles Look at me now, a shadow of the man I used to be Look through my eyes and through the years of lonliness you'll see To the times in my life when I could not stand to lose, a simple game And the least of it all was the fortune and the fame But the dream seemed to end just as soon as it had begun, was I to know? For the least thing of all that was on my mind, was the close at the end of the show The shadow of a lonely man, feels nobody else In the shadow of a lonely, lonely man I can see myself (Looking out of nowhere, looking out of nowhere) But the sounds of the crowds when they come to see me now, is not the same And the jest of it all is I can't recall my name But I'll cling to a hope till I can't hold on anymore, anymore And for all the acclaim I am all alone and I see as I look through the door The shadow of a lonely man, there's nobody else In the shadow of a lonely, lonely man I can see myself Look at me now, a shadow of the man I used to be

You're Alright

MICHAEL W. SMITH "The Big Picture"
You're Alright You take a look inside But you don't like what you see And so you choose to look away It doesn't coincide With how you'd like to be And each glimpse of hope can easily fade Chorus: Down on your confidence It's a fight that won't let go (But) you've got to realize That you're alright ('Cause) under your rubble Lies a heart the Father holds And when you see your life Thru his eyes You're alright To learn how He loves you Is to learn to love yourself To live life He's livin' in you (And) what others think of you Could never measure to the wealth Of what he's paid and given to you


Information Society
I I believe in the power of rock'n'roll I believe that Exxon can save my soul II They pull your strings, you just don't know it they pull mine too, but I try not to show it III I don't know what to say when you take your light away I try to do my very best and to disregard the rest IV When you leave what can you do? When you dream what do you see? I'm afraid it's just too new can you live as fast as me? Repeat Chorus I - II I got my baby on a chain because it helps to ease the pain occam'b razor cuts so deep it's the one thing I can keep Repeat Chorus IV - I - II - III - IV


Dreadlock Pussy
you ask me why I display this array of pain when it's obvious to you I can't complain you say it's just a phase that's supposed to make it OK in a couple of years I'll look back and laugh my youth reduced to a few bad photographs so what if this doesn't pass what if I stay this way what if I don't want to pretend that I'm OK so what if I don't want to play the great adult game what if I don't want to mellow out in my PJ's what if I don't want to sit back and complain I'd like to retain my anger my fear my feelings judge me all you will at least I am dealing with these situations the best way I can and as for you I really don't give a damn unless 90% of everybody is a fraud unless you got nothing to scream about unless you're always happy, always proud all of you ain't got nothing to talk about take the snapshot and pull it out twist it and turn it around

The Broadcast

PAUL MCCARTNEY "Tripping The Live Fantastic"
The Broadcast We're got a chance and we'll take it; We may win or we may lose; We may even have to cut and run for it. Well, it won't be the first time I've run And it won't be the first time I've been caught. It's the game that matters. Brother, I am proud to know you. This is one of the greatest moments I have ever experienced. I think I sense the situation when we can all esteem it, and honor, To breathe the rather inferior atmosphere in this station Here along with our little friend. I guess we should all go home and treasure the memory of his face As the whitest thing in our museum of recollection. And, perhaps, this good woman will also go home And wash the face of our little brother here. I'm inspired with a new faith in mankind. Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to present to you A sure enough saint only one a halo to be transferred. Stand right on.

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