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Nothing Left Behind Us

Original and similar lyrics
One step beyond the flame The thread of life The finely woven pattern Reveals designs in silent laughter and rhyme One picture at a time Chorus There ain't nothing left behind us Not a doubt inside us If the angel calls tomorrow There's nothing we haven't said There ain't nothing left behind us Nothing but a blind trust I would beg, steal or borrow To never lose you again. It's down to us to figure out the secret It's not enough to wait for pieces to fall The writing isn't on the wall Take my hand, We'll face the fire together To distant lands, but we can weather the storm Keeping each other warm Repeat Chorus Bridge There's never been an easy way Everybody is bound to make mistakes You just do what you think is right Then laugh till you cry Till you scream at the night¡­. Repeat Chorus

You're Only In Love

AIR SUPPLY "Hearts In Motion"
I remember an evening so long How your innocence sang And the notes made me shiver inside Like your honesty can You asked me to please explain some things that seemed new What was it that felt like pain, and cuts in two (Chorus) You're only in love, only in love Where life is new and dreams come true You're only in love, only in love To rise and fall and wait as we learn from it all When conscience pulls you away and Your destiny calls Just follow your heart all the way, You'll never need more More than the burning light when evening must die You'll never forget this night, or wonder why (Repeat Chorus) You thought that everything was just a lie Now, after so much time, don't let this secret pass you by


Front Line Assembly
So complex In his behavior Crowded into a Hole Racial incoherence Nowhere left to go Misery Is unforgiving He struggles from within He roams the human wasteland His memories grow dim Chorus: Shots Ring out loud Dispursing the crowd Bodies start to fall Blood on the wall No time to tell Who's going to Heaven or hell The acid air Blurs his vision City crime Takes it's toll A metaphor For this incision A truer life Will now unfold No more pain And self suffering It all ends Where it begins A universe on this wavelength Will transmutate In other things Chorus The moment comes To eradicate A time to cleanse The world This is self illusion This has no conclusion A .38 hangs from his hand His shoulders slung kind of low Smoking shells lay on the floor As the blood starts to flow The sirens scream outside the door Police running to the scene Inside a man stands all alone His face grinning obscene

Promised The World

Listening Pool
So now we're all Thrown on the streets of life Like a trampoline Like a movie scene But now Out in the real world Someone's bound to lose Are we free to choose? You've got to be cruel to be kind I think i'm losing my mind I promised the world Whatever it's worth (Repeat) And when the night falls Paradise calls (Repeat) So now we're down Under the sea of life Like a submarine On a silver screen When light Shines in the people's eyes I can feel the beat Taking all the heat You've got to be a fool to be blind Don't go wasting my time Repeat Chorus...

You Don't Know Love

Janie Fricke "Now Then"
You don't know the meaning of uncontrolled desire You were always hanging just above the fire Now and then you come close enough to just stay warm And you think that you win cause you never give in Because you've never been burned Ah, but you're gonna learn CHORUS: That you don't know love Till it's chilled you to the bone Turned you inside out Left you all alone You don't know love Till you've watched it die and then You have to try again You don't know love. Like a child you wander out into the storm You defy the thunder, but the lightning keeps you warm The innocence you show is something I'd like to know And I'm feeling that I'm finally crossing the line But I won't be alone - Yes, I've known all along Repeat Chorus No you don't know love.

Gone As A Girl Can Get

GEORGE STRAIT "Holding My Own"
Well I haven't seen her lately And she never calls She don't ask my friends about me Gives no clues at all That a fire might still be burnin', yeah I'd say she's about as gone as a girl can get She don't even show up in my dreams at night But my stubborn old memory keeps holdin' on tight Sure makes it hard to forget She's about as gone as a girl can get Chorus: She's out of here She disappeared without a trace More or less unimpressed By the tears on my face Destination unknown She just dropped out of sight Last seen headin' right on out of my life Like a stranger I ain't never met She's about as gone as a girl can get Repeat chorus Like a stranger I ain't never met Well I'd say she's about as gone as a girl can get

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