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Love Unemotional

Original and similar lyrics
Victim of temptation, can't make it go away. You see it and you want it, baby, never hear a word I say. You know I don't want nothing I don't deserve, oh, no! I won't take less than I know I'm worth. All this talking makes me feel like a monkey in a cage, ain't no point in trying to change a man of my age. Love unemotional, purely physical, what I'm staying for's a mystery to me... ...the heart's what you want from me. People say I'm crazy, wonder why I play your game, sure beats felling lonely, baby, but the story ends the same. I want to feel like I'm living in a fairy tale, don't want to be just another broken heart for sale. Do I have to hit my knees and beg for something more? Maybe this is not the love I've waited for... ...the girl's insatiable... ...You feel no shame in being so unkind, all touch and zero feeling, I don't see a way of changing your mind. Girl, this kind of life is bound to leave you all alone. The light inside your heart is on, but no one's home... ...the soul's invisible... ...What I'm doing here's a mystery to me...

Lend Your Love To Me Tonight

Emerson Lake And Palmer "Works, Vol. 1"
(Lake, Sinfield) Lend your love to me tonight Don't ask me who or what is right I have no strength I cannot fight Just flood my darkness with your light I need no face I need no name No martyr's artificial shame No crucifix I am not lame And yet I ache to feel the flame Arrest the sun and shoot the moon The lamp of laughter dies too soon To live reflected in a spoon Makes it too hard to stay in tune Believe me Unlock the door and unbar the gate I'll write I love you on the slate And while St. Peter's thieves debate The price of time I will not wait Or let the star blind road of fate Confuse me Abuse me Misuse me Release my soul release my eyes A clock unwinds a flower dies Dishonesty disqualifies You win the race but lose the prize A tattered cloak behind the throne It is unseen it is not known Behind this face I am alone I would give everything I own To touch you... Just lend your love to me once more Don't ask me what I came back for Just watch the moonlight cross the floor And as your blood begins to roar You'll feel your senses spin and soar You will become my meteor Divine and universal whore Complete me


Mellow Man Ace
Ain't got nobody, Check this out baby Tenemos tremendo lio Last night you didn't go A la casa de tu tio (Huh?) Resulta ser hey you were at a party Higher than the sky Emborrachada de Bacardi (no i wasn't) I bet you didn't know que conocia al cantinero (what?) He told me you were drinking and wasting my dinero talking about come in and enjoy what a women gives an hombre (but first of all see, I have to know your nombre) But I really wanna ask ya que si es verdad (would I lie?) and please por favor tell me la verdad cause I really need to know, yeah necesito entender if you're gonna be a player or be my mujer cause right now you're just a liar a straight mentirosa (who me?) today u tell me something y manana es otra cosa ain't got nobody, I remember the day que tu me decias Time and time again que tu me querias (I do) and at the time hey yo te creia porque no sabia that u were a relambia con fulanito y menganito, joseito y fernandito, larry and joey y then his brother Chico (uh uh) mucho que frentera that's a straight skeezer si quieres un pedazito go her way cause she's a pleaser but I tell ya straight up porque brother me di de cuanta that on Main Street her cuerpo estaba a la venta now get some el que quiera get some cualquiera hey yo she don't care man she's a tremenda fiera yeah you're hot to trying how to get what i got pero ya que te conozco what I got i guess not (porque?) cuz just a mentirosa con tu lengua venenosa today u tell me something, y manana es otra cosa [dialogue] mellow-'Girl, I can't believe it. You know, my mother's talking about me, my friends are talking about me. Not me about you.' girl-'About me?' mellow- 'You're nothing but a skeezer' girl- 'A skeezer? Don't be calling me no skeezer!' mellow-'Tu tienes mucho flojera mami si, uh huh, la verdad.' girl- 'Uh huh. Eso es lo que tu te crees.' mellow-'I bet you go to church and you're scared to confess.' girl-'No, I do confess baby. I do confess.' mellow-'Uh huh. Do you tell the truth, though?' girl-'Yeah I do.' mellow-'Yeah right.' girl-'Do you?' mellow-'Yeah! You're nothing but a skeezer you know what? I got some other stories to say about you. And it goes like this.' Un dia estaba en tu casa y ring there goes the phone recogiste y dijiste ('call me back, I'm not alone.') el queria tu direccion, yeah just your address y antes que colgaste I heard u say ('I'll wear a dress.') alabao que descarada is what ran through my mind so I say lets go out tonight', she says ('we go out all time.') 'oh, oh man!' ella no sabia that yo I knew her plan, de que iba a salir with that other man so I told the girl in Spanish I said 'hey ya me voy.' (pero porque?) cause you ain't treating me like I'm some sucker toy cause who needs u anyways (I need you!) con tu lengua venenosa (No te vayas Mellow, no te vayas! Yo te necesito!) today you tell me something y manana es otra cosa (tsk! but?!) MENTIROSA! Ain't got nobody...

Digging For Gold

Chris Gaines "In The Life Of Chris Gaines"
(Gordon Kennedy/Wayne Kirkpatrick) They married on a fancy yacht out on the water He knew she was young enough to be his daughter There always questions in the heart of millionaires Would she make heartfelt promises if the money was not there And he said, do you love me, baby, do you want me to hold Or are you just digging for gold Do you care enough to give me your heart and soul Or are you just digging for gold She ran his weary heart through the ringer And she wore him like the diamond ring around her finger Well, his advances and affections, she managed to avoid But, she got the lap of luxury and he got paranoid And he said, do you love me, baby, do you want me to hold Or are you just digging for gold Do you care enough to give me your heart and soul Or are you just digging for gold, digging for gold Big house, limousines, Fine wines, fine cuisines, Vale and Vegas twice a year, Trips to Paris on the leer Black Tuesday when that wall of wealth came crashing down Bad news day when that little queen had to give back her crown And he said, hey babe, we can live on love cuz love is worth much more But he barely got his feelings out, she was half way to the door And she never even heard him cry Do you love me, baby, do you want me to hold Or are you just digging for gold Do you care enough to give me your heart and soul Or are you just digging for gold

Punish Me

BIG PUNISHER "Capital Punishment"
(feat. Miss Jones) [Big Punisher] I was the luckiest man on Earth, my wisdom was worth any purse but had a curse that hurt worse than givin birth My first verse explains some of the game she was playin I'm blamin myself cause in my wealth was her pain would haven Behavin like a money hungry hooker, funny how the money took her from a average honey to a stunning looker I look back and reminsce how we used to kiss and smash hips in the GS I bought her last Christ' She got too big for her britches but The Britch is Over Not the one in Queens I mean the one she dreamin wasn't sober Told her how I felt, gassed me when she cried for help Supplied the guilt trip and I was whipped without a fuckin belt I felt stupid Cupid struck me with a poison arrow Shoulda drowned ya when I found ya crushin in my boy's Camaro I didn't bother but you probably find your lover dead You robbed me of my honor, you ain't shit like my mother said [Chorus: miss jones] Come back come back come back come back to meeeee, Punisher Punish me... ahhhhhhhIII've been so bad, so bad Won't you come back [Big Punisher] Nah baby, I'm Not Gon' Be Able to Do It; You blew it Threw it all the way cause you was stupid -- girl why'd you do it I mighta knew it by the way you gave me your baby Then left a day before I ever saw the son that God made me It's hard maybe we can make amends, be friends But 'Roni hurtin all of us for certain by forsakin him Just take it in, don't even say a word, observe the way you were, preserved, these words so you won't play the herb ever again, never pretend that he doesn't have a father I'm always there and you don't wanna bother I honor my word on my father's grave, guide him through his hardest age So he can thrive and survive in these modern days I wanna raise my little man but you keep resistin I'm insistin you chill for real before you come up missin Listen, I don't wanna fight I'd rather do what's right A boy needs a father that's the most important part of his life [Chorus 2X] [Big Punisher] I gave you everything, love letters and sweaters with leather seams Feathered wings, and rings with emeralds right out of Geraldine's Simple dreams a dream fulfilled, the green DeVille Cadillac to mack, not a fact redeemed to build I mean for real I can play it mami how you wanna stay at Monty Frask, givin the next nigga my punani You want me back cause he hit it wrong, now you wanna get it on with the Long Don, word bond my shit is strong (come back) Girl don't even start again, I beg your pardon and get your hands off my six button Cardigan This ain't no love lost between us far as I'm concerned Please leave, cut that busted weave I've been dyin to burn Go buy a perm, try and earn some respect It's better to have loved and lost than live with regret [miss jones] Come back... to, me I want you to [Chorus 2X] to me, yeah yeah Alright, don't go, no Ohhhhhahahaooahhoahhohhh, hmmmmmm ohh hmmm hmm Yeahhhhhhhhh, take my hand, and punish me Hmm, been so bad, come punish me, yeahh Take my hand, and punish me, ohhh Been so bad, come punish me...


WHAM! "Music From The Edge Of Heaven"
You ask too much of me You try my patience Your tongue - it's like a razor You choose your words like weapons Here we go - Battlestations I never have the guts to let you look inside I don't think you'd appreciate the things that I hide [CHORUS:] Monday was the worst day And Friday wasn't my day But Wednesday was the best day Because on Wednesday night we made love All I'm trying to give you is a good time honey Why d'ya have to keep on playing games with my head Used to be your baby when you had no money Now we spend more time in battle Than we ever do in bed (Than we ever do in bed) You don't know how much I hate that answer phone Are you standing there But - you won't pick up the 'phone Why lie to my face (When you can buy a tape machine to give me bullshit in your place) Today I did something I thought I'd never do I opened up your diary and read about you [CHORUS] Monday was the worst day Wednesday we made love And Friday - ooh but - Saturday, is today, is what I'm thinking of Come in baby- come in close (Take off your designer clothes) 'Cos you know what I'm thinking of Do you remember me, do you remember us - Do you remember love All I'm trying to give you is a good time honey Why d'ya have to keep on playing games with my head Used to be your baby when you had no money Now we spend more time in battle Than we ever do in bed (Than we ever do in bed) La premiere fois tu m'as fait beaucoup rire Tu etais si mignon, et tu jouais du piano Maintenant, mon mellieur ami c'est l'argent Au revoir, cheri Au revoir, mon amour

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