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Goodbye Hollywood

Original and similar lyrics
Born and raised in the windy city I moved West to kickstart a dream What I found was a town without pity That'll chew you up and swallow you clean I'm amazed at the life I'm livin' Don't want to seem like I'm rockin' the boat But it ain't all about taking but giving I feel something tuggin' at my coat No one ever told me it would be like this That there'd be something called home That's too hard to miss I'm saying goodbye to the glamour Back to the old neighborhood All that I need is a place I can breathe I'm saying goodbye to Hollywood Done my time in the hoodoo jungle Tired of waking up in another man's dream I've got the ball and I ain't gonna fumble Gonna make a winner of this team All that ever mattered were the goals I chased Now I'm ready to run in the human race I'm saying goodbye to the glamour Life never tasted so good All that I need is a place I can breathe I'm saying goodbye to Hollywood Me and the Mrs. Done made up our minds Were gonna give our boys a little less sunshine Call it runnin' say what you like I've got my own definition of paradise I'd rather be knee deep in snow Than knee deep in jive I may be cold but my soul is alive I'm saying goodbye to the glamour Back to the old neighborhood All I need is a place I can breathe I'm saying goodbye to Hollywood

Uneasy Rider

Charlie Daniels Band
me and my buddy got us a wild hair and figured we wanted to go somewhere so we loaded up in my ragtop chevrolet we had a lil' bit of money and a whole lot of show and with hank jr. blarin on the radio we had a tank full of gas and we was on our way we figured we'd go down to new orleans we were barrelling old 17 when a man with a red blinking light was on our tail he said you were doing 60 in a 45 but i'm gonna let you go this time but if i catch u again i'm gonna slap you up in the county jail we said thank you sir you sure been nice and you aint gonna have to tell us twice and we southbound down with the wind blowin in our faces we kept on rollin and pretty soon the radio was cookin' out a haggard tune and we were pullin into houston checkin out all them places i was feelin dry and i said i think we ought to stop and give ourselves a drink and o' jim said yeah cuz we got time to kill we kept on rollin and i seen this spot so we pulled into the parking lot of this place called the cloud nine bar and grill we walked through the door the place was jammed the lights were low they had a punk rock band and some orange-haired fella singin 'bout suicide i said jim this ain't our kinda place he said well let's just have one-round any ways so against my better judgement we walked on inside went up to the bar and we sat down this fellar walked up and said i'll buy this round and he sat down on the barstoll next to jim he looked like a girl but he talked like a guy had lipstick on and mascera in his eye and everybody in that place looked just about like him i said jim this ain't our kind of bar let's just go and back in get back in the car cuz theirs gonna be trouble aint no since in takin a chance we was gettin up gettin ready to leave in somebody grabbed o' jim by the sleeve and this good lookin girl was askin my buddy to dance i said jim don't do it theirs somethin missin theirs fellars dancin and fellars kissin theris a fellar in high heeled shoes wearin panty hose he said partner i just cant turn this down you just go over there and have one more round and i'll dance with a lady and we'll get on down the road so he walked away and left me alone but this funny lookin fellar kept comin on and he was makin me mad in said and then he put his hand on my knee i said if you dont get your paw off me i'm gonna locate your nose around on the side of your head he said i love it when yout that fire in your eyes i said well partner try this on for size and i unloaded on him and he went out like a light everybody in that place must've been his friend they all headed for me i said this is the end but where i come from we don't give up without a fight they were screaminand yellin and scrathin and clawin i was punchin and hittin and kickin and pawin i was holdin my own cuz i've been in a scrap or two o' jim comin runnin up out of the blue and that gal he was with comin runnin up 2 and proceeded to beat on me with a high heel shoe i grabbed her by the hair it come off in my hand and that girl beautiful girl was just a beautiful man and o' jim just got sick right there on the floor he dropped that dude like as hot from a gun smeared his lipstick made his makeup run and me and o'l jim started fightin our way to the door we lit out of there in that chevrolet put it on the floor and it stayed that way we were goin down the highwaydoin bout a 110 we were headed for home and we was gettin nearer then a red light came on the rear view mirror and that same blame cop pulled us over again now i'm sittin here in this county jail had to call my daddy to go our bail but i learned a lesson i never will forget agaain i done give up drinkin i give up bars and runnin around the country in souped up cars i'm goin back here the women are women and the men are men

Our Town

KIM WILDE "Kim Wilde"
This is your town, this is my place This is where my whole world is lived in Nothing much, and just out of reach of all the city lights It's a high town, it's a low town It's get here, come on you grow town No-one does, but everyone thinks they're gonna make it soon This is one place I respected Now I feel it's really dejected No-one cares and the people just stare And a man on the box says Hey you, don't walk away, vote for me You'll get more pay, keep working hard But they work slow Here it comes now, Sunday morning Just another sleepy town yawning Down below everything looks just like another day But, in the warm glow of the sunrise There's a child who's searching with young eyes Looking 'round and feeling inside he's gonna fly away There was one time I was leaving But the folks around me kept grieving Friends said go, but my dad said no And my mum kept saying Don't go, don't go away Don't leave us, you've got to stay Just raise them kids, oh mother no No prospects, just projects Don't try to tell me we're living There's no real need to try Can't you see this town gonna die Hail the new age, it's a rat cage Join the place for breeding dumb spieces All stacked up and doing whatever someone tells you to Burn the place down, make it dead ground Show the people just what they're missing Wake up, wake up, can't you believe in what I'm telling you There's a house where I was born in Now it's changed without any warning Cranes just crash and bricks just smash While a billboard's saying Let's go, let's get away Come fly me, you've weeks to pay When sunshine calls, but I won't go This is our town


George Fox
There's another kind of crazy place to hide You're not gonna fall when you reach inside There's another twist before you take that ride searching a goal that you cant define There's plenty of room for the weak of heart There's plenty of room for the hopeless droners A place to visit when you haven't got that spark Resolutions of an inner peace of mind Market the plan on your nearest can (fizz) Saved decisions from the choicest part The one you get to when you buy the product A celebration of a golden sunshine tan Does it make you feel good Does it make you feel alright Are you satisfied with the master plan Are you gonna have Your Golden Sunshine Tan Sunshine t-a-n, oh-oh There's another kind of crazy place to hide You're not gonna fall when you reach inside There's another twist before you take that ride searching a goal that you cant define Saved decisions from the choicest part The one you get to when you buy the product A celebration of a golden sunshine tan (spoken words) Lovers brothers sisters and others Loan me your dreams and fears I gotta get a message to yer To make you feel whole, make You feel loved Yeah fresh alive and Thoroughly Invigorated I'm not coming from The dregs of a bottle, But into your senses at The full throttle Waxing about the food Of the gods, The mystery of Sixes and the healing Channels of the mystical princess, A new age wonder bus on the freeway of love. Its p.c and you and me Can fly all the way to the high gates of destiny Perfect pecs, perfect sex Perfect colour Perfect sense Just give me your address and your credit cards specs!!


Bouncing Souls
I'm gonna crack one day I'll just leave and go my way They might say i quit ask me if i give a shit I'll put it out and place one bet the day i crack i won't regret I know it's time to be a man and deal with things the best i can In fact i'm only seeing red everytime i turn my head empty vessels staring back life is getting to me lately as you can clearly see and i don't think i stand a chance There's no place i can go to leave this behind this fucked up world is all there is on my mind this i how it had to be something's canged inside of me I always want to run and hide dig a hole and crawl inside it's not that i'm feeling blue i'm sure you got your problems too I'm not a jerk i'm not a dick maybe just a little sick one of these days i'm gonna snap then you'll know that i'm cracked


JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst"
[Sample: Rocky] You ain't gon believe this but, you used to fit right here I'd hold you up and say to your mother This kids gonna be the best kid in the World This kids gonna be somebody better than anybody I ever knew And you grew up good and wonderful, it was great Just watching everyday was like a privilage Than the time comes for you to be your own man, and take on the World And you did, but somewhere along the lines, you changed, you stopped being you! [Verse 1: Joe Budden] Shout to all my fans, glad I can inspire y'all Got a couple haters, still trying to acquire more You're praying to a higher power hoping I should fall But even my writers block ends in a fire wall Everybody acts reckless judging by they past efforts If they ran shit why it won't show up in they track records How can the critics ever hear me and say I'm a suffer How when they play with words and I make em' play with each other Choppers over the booth, ready for prime time Come one with his thoughts, intertwine with his mind Go toe to toe, blow for blow or do it rhyme for rhyme Be competitive coke heads and go line for line Honestly that crap of yours you should raffle off With me they getting Genius Bars without the Apple store Under the microscope I rebut' the scrutiny If I'm to be compared it's only to who I used to be Take a closer look at rappers and you might discover This faggots talking Boxing, avoid the Mike Buffers Now you the type to cuff her, me I get tired of her See you the type to get hype to hug her but won't try to fuck her No pencil thin bitches, me that ain't the style he dates Might sit on her face and leave the imprint of a smiley face Introduce the newcomers to my habitat The calms before the storm, this the debris from the aftermath [Sample: Rocky] Let me tell you something, here right now The World ain't all sunshine and rainbows It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it You, nore nobody is gonna hit as hard as life But it ain't about how hard you hit It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward [Verse 2: Joe Budden] Let me change pace, the alternate route is a long one But you'll ultimately end up in the same place So I tell aspiring artists "think beyond greater" I know some niggas with platinum plaques and bronze paper But better living should be earned, never fed or giving So I traded my recognition instead for a vision They always told me that I'd end up dead or in prison Who ever thought that same dude getting head while he whipping At the chick would hang up on, give em' the dial tone Now buying wild homes, straight cash without loans I always managed to do better when his doubts shown I'll teach you how to turn them diamonds into milestones Class is in session, and look who's come to tutor They passing the fake off as real like Brian Pumpers jeweler Where I'm from niggas with fear getting slumped by shooters But my equal to dumping rugers is being done by computers I'm getting bread, every verse like the lotto Give them substance but they treat every word like it's a hollow My niggas off parole I'm tryna give them something pure to follow Cause he ain't have a pot to piss in, just a urine bottle I come from where so many people where raised with neglect Cops trying to meet they quote, thirsty to make an arrest All my wrong doings did, was put my faith to a test Which made me much stronger, guess my mistakes were correct [Sample: Rocky] Now if you know what you're worth, go out and get what you're worth But you gotta be willing to take the hit Not pointing fingers saying you're not where you wanna because of him or her or anybody Cowards do that and that ain't you You better than that

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