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RICHARD MARX lyrics - Days In Avalon

Someone Special

Original and similar lyrics
I've lived life in a single room Hiding my scars from the moon I dream my dreams in the light Rehearse the lines I already know Basking in the TV's glow And pray that tonight is the night Ooh, there's gotta be more than this A future hanging on a stranger's kiss Could it be I'm not so alone Chorus I'm someone special I'm just in disguise I may not be perfect In everyone's eyes It may not be tomorrow But I still believe There's someone special Waiting out there for me I guess the joke hasn't hit me yet Cause I'm still waiting on my Juliet She must be held up somewhere Ooh, she will be the air I breathe She'll come for good and never want to leave And I'll love her only, I swear People say there must be something wrong For me to be all alone so long And their words hit me like a stone Chorus Lying in bed in a cold, cold sweat Dreaming 'bout women I'll never get I won't always be sleeping alone Chorus

Then They Do

Adkins Trace
In the early rush of morning Trying to get the kids to school One's hanging on my shirt-tail Another's locked up in her room And I'm yelling up the stairs 'Stop worrying 'bout your hair, you look fine' Then they're fightin' in the back seat And I'm playing referee Now someone's gotta go The moment that we leave And everybody's late I swear that I can't wait 'til they grow up (Chorus): Then they do and that's how it is It's just quiet in the mornin' Can't believe how much you miss All they do and all they did You want all the dreams they dreamed of to come true Then they do Now the youngest is starting college She'll be leavin' in the fall And Brianna's latest boyfriend Called to ask if we could talk And I got the impression That he's about to pop the question any day I look over at their pictures Sittin' in their frames I see them as babies I guess that'll never change You pray all their lives That someday they will find happiness (Chorus) No more Monday PTA's No carpools or soccer games Your work is done Now you've got time that's all your own You've been waitin' for so long For those days to come (Chorus) Ah, then they do

Neon Light Child

I live on the street, it is my home All my life I've been alone I see people passing by And they lower their eyes It's been like this for so many years I had my share on lonely tears My parents left me long ago They did not want to know (Chorus:) Tell me how can I stand the pain? Is there any hope for me at all? Hear me cry in the cold rain I never wanted to become A Neon Light Child There'll come a day when I'll be free I will make people look at me I'll leave everything behind There are good things for me to find (Chorus) I'll be the rain I'll be alone Alone in the rain You left me here

I Fantasize Of You

Jay Jay Johanson "Whiskey"
Every night I go to sleep And begin to dream The story of my dream has got the same old theme It's you, baby, it's you Turn off the light Sit down on the couch Pour me a whiskey too Take off your dress I'll help you with that I fantasize of you The scent of your skin Gets to my head As the smoke from your cigarette do With Monk in the speakers And love in your eyes I fantasize of you I know I'm only dreaming Of spending my life with you But somehow I'm still believing It all one day will come true The ice in my glass Makes my lips so cold As I kiss you from top to toe You beg me to stop But I know you want more I fantasize of you

Pray For Love

I lift my eyes up to heaven above And what I'm asking for is all I've ever been dreaming of True love is so hard to find, won't you pray... Diamonds and pearls and fortune and fame Some ask for sunshine and others for rain Is what I'm asking for, asking too much, won't you pray... C'mon and pray for love Late at night when I'm alone in my room Whispering your name bu the light of the mmidnight moon I believe that day will come, won't you pray... There's just too many lonely people Too many lonely people in this world Too many lonely, lonely people, won't you pray... Too many lonely boys, too many lonely girls... Too many lonely people in this world

Out Of This World

MICHAEL W. SMITH "Change Your World"
Take stock of your life What's wrong and what's right Empty pockets, got no green Don't you know sunshine is free What breaks have you had Some good and some bad Wanna go but got no car Dreaming dreams can take you far oh, oh You will find taht life's worth living In this world, it's out of this world With a little love and a little giving In this world, it's out of this world Look to the future Who's in the picture Say your love life's just a dream Still you've got a friend in me Today, tomorrow Laugher and sorrow Gonna be some lows and highs Might as well enjoy the ride

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