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Richard Binger lyrics

Freestyle Ov Mine

Original and similar lyrics
In the chatroom on the internet I broke out in sweat from a girl I met I asked her out she said alright mate name a time and a place and we will arrange date friday at eight she said great dress to impress and don't be late friday at eight she came she wern't on the bus she wern't on the train I thought I had been blown out once again all you women are are all the damn same (chorus x2) SEE IM GUD WID THE LADYZ BUT NO IF U PAY ME FOR A COUPLE OV PILL MAYBE CANT U JUS SAVE ME Chapter 3 , the 3rd bredder, from the UK Terror, no matter whether your clever, we still be crackin' the leather, on the whip, while your locked in the cellar, you told me you were heavyweight, your as light as a feather, whatever!, mate, your a shit tale teller, if i see you i'll switch, and im not a nice fella, your last release was anything but a seller, and i read your Mag interview, shame its in Bella, you smeller, your breaths not green it's yellow, your microphone fears the word accapella, chapter 3 keep spittin' forever, we're never ever gonna sever a letter, thats why we're spittin' better, (chorus x2) SEE IM GUD WID THE LADYZ BUT NO IF U PAY ME FOR A COUPLE OV PILL MAYBE CANT U JUS SAVE ME im gonna run down & gun down rappers when i come down, i aint gonna finish til the suns down, bun down green til my lungs drown, battle in a tongue war, win a thumb war with my thumbs down! i got a key, im gonna lock it, when i battle with a gun, i never drop it, until i force you to pop it, stop it, the lyrical miracle rap rocket, my tongue earns cash, i dont do brock pocket, you with the mic there, drop it, you tried bus' a lyric but you made a real nightmare of it, d'ya write that lyric? or did ya bite bare of it? i'll creep into your house and ignite bare of it!!!!! (chorus x4) SEE IM GUD WID THE LADYZ BUT NO IF U PAY ME FOR A COUPLE OV PILL MAYBE CANT U JUS SAVE ME

Don't Misunderstand Me

JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP "Nothin' Matters And What If It Did"
I bring you renegade stories And you tell me I'm crazy and wild You say that I lack maturity Stop actin' like a child But you know I am a liar And my promises only get in my way You feel so good, when you're in my arms Ain't there one right thing I can say To make oyu want to stay Chorus: Oh, oh baby, baby Don't misunderstand me oh, oh baby, baby You tell me that you love me but This ain't no way for you to live You hold so tight your fingers are broken I take more than I care to give But it's heartbeat to heartbeat It's push and shove and steal and prove It's hand to mouth sometimes If we run hard enough someday baby Gonna find some room to move Chorus All of this showin' and provin' Is nothing but fear Everybody can do what they want But they just can't do it here Girl hold on to my childishness I'm gonna break on through Out of this mess Chorus

Scientifical Madness

Jeru the Damaja "Wrath Of The Math"
electromagnetic beam, I get charged rhymes I run right thru em like a big box of Trojan large Mc's tried to hang but its a Brooklyn thang poison slang, poison fang poison pen let me begin, tryin to rhyme up in my cipher is gambilin freestylin me g, I be buckwilin you cant even challenge a nigga in my position technician, renditions more freaky than Rick James fly like airplanes thru all it remain the same my cuts like Freddy Krueger dont need a German Luger but shoot more shit than Stern-ruger dirty rottens comin thru punks cling to their guns dont start none, there wont be none cuz ahh...fuck around and it'll be tragic Chorus and I could rock a rhyme with just statik devastating, I gotcha heart pulsating ool-age, you need aid, ejaculating rhymes like semen, Mc's is scheming tryin to bag me baby black you must be beemin... feenin, I dont know who gased ya head up Im straight up, for less niggas have got wet up Im on a mission, scrambling my enemies transmission when he least expect it, run up in his h-q hi I.Q., every verse is e-q ued sliver like a snake, still you cant elued the neba, but not caneza its the toucha, no gun or God can protect ya neither the scripture, choke like a boa constrictor this is my house and I'll evict ya big respect is Chorus I'll snatch up your girlfriend, her friend and their friends I got the game fame shake out the condoms she's a victim, you shouldnt have that mouth dirty rotten and for the longest we knew you were plotten on the down fall, who stands tall, lick the balls Im not like that, so I smash out pussy walls on the low, oh no, on the high I get high, praise to the most high tried to battle me, step up die like the arc of the covenant I electrify petrify, intelligence I glorify so devils are horrified sprayin like pecticide, con commit suicide step into my realm and be fried by the statik.........

You'll See

PUFF DADDY "Forever"
[Intro: Puff Daddy] (Don't stop, I'm not finished yet) [8x] Do you ever ask yourself, when are they ever gonna stop Do you ever ask yourself, when are they gonna stop making those hits Do you ever ask yourself, when are they gonna stop making us dance Do you ever ask yourself, When those Bad Boy are GONNA STOP MAKING ALL THIS MONEY! [Verse One: Styles Paniro] I lick shots at intruders Take the coke money and invest in computers Tryin' to reach the next level, Rolex with the ice bezel Coming through the ghetto, in a Porsche Carrero But for now I'll play the back of the cruiser Light another sack for the three time losers Pour out some beer, bust out the ruger Ladies and gentleman Bullets will leave you tremblin' Shooken up I got my cuban mommy cooking up We got it all from Heron to Fishscale New York to Ismail get locked, I'm gettin' bail My style is flashy like a fiver strobes Going around the globe, hunnies wearing silk robes Time to flip the script, bust the whip Legend with the chip, dark blue with my trunk dipped To the feds, catch me if you can I'm a still transport with my man on the Peter Pan Get there and bury the bricks in the sand They think I want a tan, I'm sittin' on a hundred grand So I can hit the boat and take a shower Head back to the airport, and hide the money in the tower Stack blocks by the keys L to the O to the X you'll see [Chorus: Puff Daddy] Bad Boy, Bad Boy, what you gonna do What you gonna do when they come for you [Gun cocking] You'll see, [gun cocking] you'll se [2x] [Interlude: Puff Daddy] See, it's 1996 man, And we gonna do the same thing to you we did to you in '95. We gonna keep hittin' you in your head with all that FLAAAAAAAAAVVAAAAAAAAA [Verse Two: Jadakiss] Yeah aight then, you better act like you know L to the O, X amount the flows Ain't nothin' change but the range since I got the inf. Dot on your head, take all your strength Yeah, I'm in it for the green I'll get up in your seam while I'm sonning you like a nigga from Queens My tape in your duel cassette running me Tryin' to get in front of me playa, but you ain't gettin' none of me Better off gunnin' me, with hot slugs numbing me 'Cause you and I both know, the flow is coming B When you want it now or later I get mine and slide like a fresh pair of 'gators With my mega click, involved in Montega bricks Niggaz is mega sick, and you know we roll mega thick Up north where they bust your man In the custom van, interrupt your plans Now it's back to grams, DAMN, ain't that somethin' All that for frontin', what you gonna do nothin' So let's keep things rationalized Everything I write better nationalize I'm into gettin' money, twistin' hunnies Niggaz is buyin' coupes while you on the stoop lookin' funny I'm a scorer, shorty love the whole aura Pussy wasn't all that, that's why I never called her It's all about quick whips and fast knicks Gats with mad clips, TV's in your whips My style tight like Gotti when I touch you Seasoned Picatti, or Versace joints with the buckle Get the facts, I'm tryin' to get the Beamer with the hatch Cop one for my man, so ill shits match Runnin' around all crazy twistin' hunnies back And breakin' niggaz that come to gamble with small stacks Really though, screw y'all, I never knew y'all Your click be like yellow lights, I'm runnin' through y'all [Chorus] [Verse Three: Sheek Luchion] Yo, hard as it is to make a buck I ain't tryin' to get stuck So I'm a keep handlin' beef like I don't give a fuck It's all about respect Tek-9's and papes Big house in Italy, in the yard with hunnies crushin' grapes So I go down to my steam room and give a long prayer Knowing that one day I'll be Sheek Luchion the mayor Fatigued out in my house or office Blunt spots and crooked cops can't grow shit so the town supports this (Uh-hun) My staff rollin' in Jags, Cruisers, and Coupes Givin' rallies, and holdin' parades for the lifers groups Now what you gon' do When they come for you The same thing you been doing Eye screwing And bubble gum chewing (whoooh) While me and my mans are pursuin' Who you think the ladies are enhancin' Rocking Vansons I'm dancing in the mansion So cheers to life of the ice in your chains and your watches And you'll see how wo lock this [Chorus] [Verse Four: The Notorious B.I.G.] Click, click, uh, uh, uh Niggaz talkin' it but ain't livin' it Crystal pops I'm sippin' it, mob hats and lizard shit 'Gator trunks bitch, rollin' blunts with the williest of the willy Hitchlin' cocked M-1's and nine millies Stories like a motherfucker (that's right) Model bitches wondering if I'm a fuck with her She know I treats my bitches like Ivana Dolce and Gabana Dippin' Big poppa never slippin' H-class diamonds shinin' Dinner with the wifey winin', dinin' Smoking cigars in Bogota With Colombian niggaz named Panama And Englique and shit Games we play life endin' Bitches bending over with ease For a pair of Moschino jeans And Donna Karan tank tops I got your bank stopped Singles on top Benjamins Under the rest of 'em Advancin' From duplex to mansion Stashing keys hidin' G's overseas VCR's in my V's Game elevates, money I make Gets your stocks and real estates, bitch Jet skiing in the Caribean, white sands Discusing plans with my mans Dark blue land, smoke tint chrome rims and system That leaves your rear views tremblin' What you gonna do when poppa catch an attitude Drop to your knees and show gratitude Kiss my rings it's a Frank White thing I stay potent Bitch is devoted, take my dick and deep throat it [Outro:] You'll see (Don't stop), you'll see

Honor And Glory

Cross Movement
Chorus: All praise, honor and glory be-long · To the God who's strong with authority · He's matchless, this rap is lyrically graphic · Cause it's a tactic to speak truth so you can grasp it · · The Tonic: Now you can grasp this · You can live in fullness in between your birth date and your death date where the dash is · And your casket or your fancy gray brick · Can be the hot spot where the cherubim sit · Til the Father says, Roll back the stone bring him to the thrown, · Yea, cause where He laid his heart was his home · Check the millions, higher than killions · What a love-Jones it took to breath on these dry bones · Can you imagine what's gonna happen in His splendor · The Never Ender, when we return to Sender · Surrender be the prerequisite, no visit, familia and that's izit · All you need is to accept the Savior, · The Christ, Immanuel, Messiah, the Flavor · How much more glory flossin' can you get? · You talk about a baller on the set! · · ¦ Repeat Chorus ¦ · · The Ambassador: With everlasting passion brothers are askin' · How are you getting to heaven, and we as without bashin' · There's a price but you can't use credit or cash man · Sin is ice and your works shoes ain't got no traction · God's not a white or black man, Asian or Latin · He's the invisible captain, check the Word, save the yappin' · Historically when sharing' the gospel story we · Assuredly would hear them say, scram kid your boring me · But since then, something's convinced them · Because of sin they're fenced in · Their sins are crimson and only Christ can cleanse them · This can only be the Spirit aka the Paraclete · Who you only meet in Christ aka the narrow street · Someone I desperately want to meet · Cause I'm a feen for the Rock and I don't mean Sean Connery · The truth's diesel so all the earthly minded people · Look up so you can see the point like a steeple. · · ¦ Repeat Chorus ¦ · · The Ambassador: Is that you, are you convinced black? Tell me if you can sense that · There's a gap and only Christ can mend that---tell your friends that · It's sad when you think God's only opposed to bad sin · When all sin is bad so next to Him we're all bad men · Word up, it doesn't have to be rape or murder · God's got beef with all sin like steaks and burgers · This should explain human suffering and pain · Almost check mate but wait we know a Name · Christ emerged out of the mist knowing that all men · Were born just like Oliver Twist—a bunch of orphans · And the cross can pay the wage to save the lost man · Awesome, now you can stop fearing the coffin · If this rocks ya let nothing stop ya the Poppa's got ya · Drop to your knees and then ask Him to adopt ya · He'll take you out the muck and mire, tell you that you're going higher Then He'll light up your life just like a bond fire. · · ¦ Repeat Chorus ¦ ·

I Could....

I could buy you a Lexus Truck, with a white leather interior, I could I could kill off some bears and dogs and shit, just to make you a fur coat. I could love you and treat you with class, and have babies fallin all out your ass, but thinkin about that, i feel i'd rather kill you, cause i got you in my car and you ain't goin nowhere bitch you dead. (Chorus) x2 I'd rather cut that neck in half, I'd rather choke out that bitch ass I'd rather chop and never stop; BECAUSE YOU FUCKED MY HOMIE! I could take all the face paint off and get a real job workin for your dad, I could I would rather take a 10 pound axe and stick it in your daddie's forhead I could let you move into my house you'd fuck the neighbor wvery time I go out! and wipe his nut on my pillow, But I think I'd rather kill you, cause we parked all alone in this here dark alley way hey! Chorus x2 I'm the one who killed your precious cat, and stuffed him in your fuckin mailbox, If I only hadn't cut off my hair, I choke you with all my dread locks! When I scream at the moon every night, you should have known something just ain't right Cause I'm gonna slap you....then I'm gonna kill you, Cause the Moon told me too and it's watching us right now!! Chorus x2 I could go back to school instead, and try to get my diploma, I'd much rather bang you head off a wall until you fall into a coma! Cause I can't get you out of my head....I'd cut my head off, but then I would be dead! And I ain't the only mutha fucka thats dying! so let's just die togetherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Chours to Fade

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