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A Song For My Daughter On Her Wedding Day

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Ray Allaire, Mikki Viereck Just once upon a yesterday I held you in my arms You grew into a little girl with lovely childhood charms Now it seems I only turned around And I see you by his side Oh, I can't believe my eyes today My daughter is a bride I guess somehow I always knew This day would soon be here Still I wonder as I look at you What became of all the years And no words could ever quite express The way I feel inside Oh, I can't believe my eyes today My daughter is a bride All the laughter and the teardrops The sunshine and the rain I would relive every moment, Dear If I could bring them all back again But now, my love, the time has come To send you on your way So I wish you every happiness And the blessings of this day And I hope the love I've given you Will forever be your guide Oh, I can't believe my eyes today My daughter - Oh, I can't believe my eyes My daughter - Oh, my angel and my pride My daughter is a bride

You Must Love Me

JAY-Z "In My Lifetime Vol. 1"
[Kelly Price (Jay-Z)] Talking: Throughout my life (uh huh uh huh uh) no matter what I've done.(Right) You've been merciful and your love endureth (yeah) through all things (ye yeah) For that I am eternally grateful. [Verse 1] Since my date of birth bought you nothing but hurt play those video games stole change from ya purse Sat on the cold court bench 'til I was arraigned in ya skirt Saw the pain in ya face through you maintained a smirk All you did was motivate me don't let 'em hold you back What I do I turned around and I sold you crack I was a bastard for that still I'm drowning in shame Just remember one thing now you're not to blame You was newly seperated tryin' to escape ya world and through my thirst I didn't help you I just made things worse I hated me and everybody that created crack Had me thinkin' the newest kicks and the latest gat Still haven't apologized so please play this back while I try to come to terms with such a heinous act you know in more than one way cocaine numbs the brain All I did was think about how the funds once came then I ran across this memory and it stung the brain How can you ever destroy the beauty from which one came That's a savage you're the reason why me and these beats make a marriage why I rhyme above average and I ain't shit Glad you got yourself together no thanks to me Strong and beautiful the way thangs should be You must love me [Chorus (K. Price) (You must love me repeats in background)] Say that you love me All I know say that you must love me. Ohh yeah [Verse 2] We used to fight every night but I never would suffer just smile my big brother's tryna make me tougher As we grew fussing and fighting continued as I plundered through ya stuff and snuck ya clothes to school Got intense real intense as we got older Never believed it would lead to be popped in one of ya shoulda With my rings knew you had it 'cause you took too long as Mickey, Andy, and the girl that bought it looked on Huffin' and puffin' gun in my hand told you step outside Hoping you said no but you hurt my pride made our way down the steps maybe you thought it was just a threat or maybe ya life was just that crazy and you was beggin' for death try to justify this in my young mind but ya drillin' it and my ego hurt combined drove me berzerk Saw the devil in your eyes high off more than weed confused I just closed my young eyes and squeezed What a sound opened my eyes just in time to see ya stumbling to the ground Damn what the fuck I done now runnin' around in a circle thinking I'm assed out hot gun burnin' my waist ran straight to Jazz' house Like a stranger damn I just shot my nigga and ran off into the night as if it was not my nigga Left the scene how could I go out that way Still you asked to see me in the hospital ya next day You must love me. [Chorus (You must love me repeats in background)] What after all the wrong I've done I know you must [Verse 3 (Starts over last line of chorus)] Everything in my power and within my frame to protect you from this life and keep you away from the game But you was one of the few people that I can trust and the fact of the matter I slang these pies for us You put the pressure on me dearly rarely would you let it go Was a thousand and one times I had to tell you no When it was one of those days when nobody was around and I needed emergency trip out of town Searched my mental rolodex for all the numbers I know As you stared in my face asking me could you go I'm agreed said sender everything'll go smooth just tell her what to do and everything'll go through Strapped her body with them thangs as you boarded the plane Couldn't explain these strange feelings that I caught and the pain I'm thinkin' why would I send you when I knew it ain't right I'm thinkin' what would make you sacrifice ya life You must love me [Chorus (You must love me repeats in background)] After everything that I've done wrong I know inside you must love me I know that you love me You showed me I know it I know Say that you love me say that you love me I know you must love me Oh yes you do Inside I know it you've always shown it you love me yea yeah Oh yeah I know that you love me

Journey To Arcadia

AVANTASIA "Angel Of Babylon"
A lonely boy, a handful of dreams Cold wind blows through a heart wired-in Open skies he would explore No there ain't no mastery Of a passion and a deep blue love Yearn to see far away places One day he'd feel two hearts collide In his eyes tears and desire But he prays and he swears every night One day scales will fall from her eyes Just with a dream Just with a dream and with a song On my own I may stumble and fall It don't matter at all when you're blessed with Just what's yet to come, what's yet to come When dogs run barking And I don't hear no sound And the sky is as blue As eyes have never seen it Then I remember What I'd have been dying for Faith rescue my dream From a role that I've been put in On their screen Your eyes, and as I'll look into your eyes We're at the crack of dawn Life will stop telling lies And destiny will know It's just you and I Burning feet on the ground Got my head in the clouds Journey to Arcadia And I know I will stand What I can't comprehend Journey to Arcadia The more we see we understand That there's a lot that we don't know As you awake on padded ground The final curtain of the show Far from the eye but close to heart No matter how we try Can't repel the counterpart Our common bond we can't defy I've seen them standing at the crossroads When they were waiting for a sign And they unlearned to face the silence As they unlearned to turn inside You're turning to the sky And you're dying for an angel If you want it bad enough, see those eyes That's where two glances collide Learn to breathe, learn to crawl Learn to stand, walk and fall Learn to lose and to love, to believe, to rise above Love is more than to love Burning feet on the ground Got your head in the clouds You're out to find Arcadia And you know you will stand What you can't comprehend Journey to Arcadia The more I've seen I understand That there ain't nothing that I know now As I awake on padded ground The final curtain of the show

Sleeping In My Head

E-17 "Resurrection"
You've been, you've been sleeping in my head Tossing and turning in my bed I've been thinking I really like the thought that You've been, you've been sleeping in my head You're all that I've ever wanted You've been in my head I'm hooked on you, do anything you want me to Although you're just a fantasy I wanna make this dream come true I know you'll never let me down Cause in my mind you've always been around It's only you I see, cause when I close my eyes You're right in front of me Girl you look just like a beauty queen Straight out the pages of a magazine The way you wear you hair, you make me stare The very first time that I saw your brown eyes I just fell in love and I couldn't hide What I have instore for you, don't let me down Say you want me to If I was to take you on a ride Take a journey into paradise Would it change the way I feel Or would it make my love for real Everytime I close my eyes I get this feeling deep inside That I don't want to lose , got to face the truth I only know I need you in my life I really want you, I got to have you

Bright Eyes

Bright lights, big city Was quite extraordinary The drive was pretty I was in perfect company The love of a lifetime Since we were elementary friends The one with the bright eyes Why can't I be optimistic I tried to find the logic logically I had a dream and I could not shake it I was standing up there naked There's fear in the truth at hand, frozen I forgot to understand The live keep living growing older more into a man And I let her grow away from me Love love is not pretending Time time was meant for mending Memories into all is satisfactory Healthy smiles fill the page the day we spent in miles And I let her drive away from me The one with the bright eyes Laughed her way inside this music box Stored away in the corner of my heart And I let her get away from me But I'll never take that day away from me

The Money Song

If I should ever run into a lot of money Tell me would I move to New York City? If I had an apartment with a view of that city, Tell me would I see the stars above me? If I had a room at the top of the Waldorf Astoria Tell me would I still love ya? If I was blinded by, The sun through French windows Would I watch your pose before them? The Queen strolls down her hall Missing the Rubens Her shoes sound soft on the long rug from Yemen She is plainly dressed excluding the diamond ring Brought back from a long trip to Thailand And rumor has it that she would rather be a farmer Elizabeth would you toss off the tiara? No more ____ No more Kentucky Derby Now, mutts instead of Corgis My love Since I'll never have the chance to become the king of country And common wealth My love If your heart was made of gold Would I pluck it out And melt it down And be an American And weld a crown? A song like this today can sound pretty silly The timings off The set it set in simplicity Today I'm nice And today I'm not very wealthy Don't underestimate money My love My love My love

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