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QUEEN LATIFAH lyrics - Order In The Court

Bananas (Who You Gonna Call?)

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus x2:] Who you gonna call when it's time to brawl standin' 'round waitin' for my queendom to fall Well I think not, styles are pipin' hot Blazin', amazin', I give it all I got I'm tellin' you straight up, all sleepin' beauties better wake up I'll tear your state up, so set the date up And I'm a rip it, what if it what was it Who did it, who does it From private to public Anywhere I'm in there and been there So recognize this, who the nicest Sit down and settle for your constellation prizes Whatever you want I got Whether you ready or not It's about to get hot when I drop So notes, pause another spot To do you, don't get me in a corner make me do you Don't try to be me, do you Be coo' to you and do you I'm on a higher level with different class, another plane I am the Queen, that's my name, time to explain that I spit game with dames Leave 'em all with shit stains Split frames, hopin' you hopin' that I'm jokin' Don't know but still blink off like fo'-fo's but so-so, slow mo's comin' in like the po-po's Don't want rocks comin' at me the wrong way Packin' much rocks, it's gonna be a long day And for real, spittin' on imbessiles and spinnin' wheels on my 600 you want it, you must be blunted I'll take it to your stomach, run it, give me all mic for mic, steppin' to me you gonna fall, we brawl Throwin' a two-piece so loose leafs It's the Q-U-double-E-N You know how I'm MCin' [Chorus x2] See physically you not ready Lyrically you not ready Mentally maybe Who talks tough, time to get the baby No threats or small bets on my bond we can get it on From dusk 'til dawn from night 'til mourn Some bubble hard squads are gone, no gimmicks, no tricks 'til one of us admits it's a battle a whisk So look I'm off the hook, while you off the rocker Thinkin' I'm shook, get the phone book, call the doctor Are you out of your mind, doubtin' mines, out of line Talkin' out your behind, shoutin' rhymes out of time It's all over, what's up, yeah, what, what now, you tough now Now you hush, hush now, ain't sayin' too much now Thought so, haunt yo' sleepin' ass, creepin' fast like you was doin' somethin', now I gotta ruin somethin' You image, your career, lookie here you whole life is hangin' in the air like a chandilier, poppin' off like a can of beer, understand is it clear If not let me put it in your ear that I'm royalty Even though I'm low-key, you know me You be singin' over my tracks like it's kareoke If you don't know the half you gon' feel the wrath Represent the rugged path, the Flavor Unit staff Droppin' math'matics, layin' you out like craftmatic I'll let you have it, so you don't want the static [Chorus x2]

Only A Matter Of Time

DREAM THEATER "When Dream And Day Unite"
- Kevin Moore A suited man smiled said: It's just a matter of time You can have the world at your feet by tomorrow just sign on this line. Hold tight... limelight! Approaching the paramount with the sun in our eyes fearing family ties, legalies, compromise In a dimly lit room with a stool as his stage a dream-stricken prince of a pauper's descent haunts the eavesdropping silence that presses his window as he sweats a performance to an audience that ticks on the walls To the practical observer It's just a matter of time You can deviate from the commonplace only to fall back in line. I understand mine's a risky plan and your system can't miss But is security after all a cause or symptom of happiness? Brave, yet afraid, his eyes on horizon in a steady-set gaze a mariner soon from an open cocoon takes a moment to summon his courage to stifle his grave apprehension and trembling, approaches the surf A father's benediction as his hopeful son departs to brave the sea of rage and conquer at all costs lingers in his memory and visions still surviving in a logic-proof shell that should have been held sacred, safe and hidden well are compromised in usury with every rising sun that yields no sight of land the hesitation cultivates within the tired man and rumors spread of mutiny and though the time will come when dream and day unite tonight the only consolation causing him to fight is fearless faith in destiny Even when plan fall to pieces I can still find the courage with promise I've found in my faith Likely or not, it's a dream that we keep and at odds with our senses we'll climb But if faith is the answer, we've already reached it And if spirit's a sign then it's only a matter of time only a matter of time

Until The Nipples Gone

ATMOSPHERE "To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy - The Atmosphere EP's"
[Slug] Ninety-nine bottles of ink on the wall Stare at the stars, blink and they fall Stand tall and shrink, small Maybe they all fell asleep at the mall Y'all not clear what to call a career Stop the bus, I'm hopping off here Get down, snuck and got near Just to watch you drown in them crocodile tears Dressed up all black with a clown mask Shred the system, sound clash Fall back when my feet touch ground Hit the Heathrow tarmac like where the pound at? Self-service, getting it to go A lot of work for a little bit of dough Wipe the dirt out the window of the soul Fish with my pole from the middle of the snow Still running, bound to build something Even though we all surrounding by hills crumbling Lil young'n, we kill assumption Come hit us up, you wanna feel the function? We proof of what you could do if you would have took the lead to speak truth You look cute little sheep in a wolf suit Lost on a rook move, shoot that sense of direction, misconception Get your check and then skip the lesson Get paranoid and collect protection Get destroyed by the boy just stepped in Ain't nobody gon' stay when the stack cracks Nowadays they ain't tryna save a rat's ass Hit the gas and mash past the trash I wouldn't want it any other way and that's that On this tit till it's going flat When I'm gone you can taste my frozen tracks My crew stay deep and we don't relax Ain't going to sleep, too old for naps They say go to hell if you're tryna fold some cash Well ring the bell, there ain't no more class Pot or smack, but don't know the facts Spot is packed, who owns the map? I'm not convinced, y'all overact You're on the bench tryna choke the bat I headline shows that they hoping that I get mine, they can go cloak and dag' You had the chance to hold me back I still advance, fade slow to black Y'all are just ants till it all collapse Put both your hands up and throw me claps, c'mon Clap, clap, clap, everybody clap Clap, clap, clap your hands to what he's doing We get 'em jumping around like a swarm of crickets and that's ordinary normal business And you trying to ignore the visit But your girl's online bout to score some tickets I was born a crumb, I'm a poor decision I'll die a crumb, I'm sure it's written But first I'ma smash over ornaments and then bounce 'fore they announce the court's opinion We all rapper rappers We all wanna capture stature like any of it matters Ass backwards and a lack of words Only thing that you're killing me with is laughter They used to cap and call me a backpacker But they was mad I had my mack mastered Went up the ladder and I seen the ants So now I treat each track like it's the last chapter Can't take it for granted, cause when it's done I gotta subject my breath to the shit I've run Gotta respect the mess I'm sitting on So let's get it on until the nipple's gone

Wanksta (Remix)

50 CENT "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'"
(feat. Flipmode Squad) [Intro: Busta Rhymes] Yeah.. it's a problem, Flipmode nigga We on the highest temperature level of the fucking pressure cooker Blowing niggas tops, what Flipmode up in this bitch, The Rulership Movement nigga Check it, let me talk, check it, check it [Busta Rhymes] There's only one God sonny, and there ain't no replacement And anybody thinkin different jus get locked in the basement You know we had to touch the beat cuz the track is dope, nigga And throw some bullet's at you the size of cantaloupes, nigga A lotta niggas rollin around like they can't get touched Even the pope know to stay in bullet proof Benz trucks Flipmode up in this bitch, ya niggas know we on fire We hang niggas like old sneakers from telephone wires [Rampage] Puerto Rican mami's call me Papi Cuz they see me in the hood, poppin wheelies on my Kawasaki Yo they can't stop me, Ramp yo, I'm kinda cocky I'll break your fucking ribs like I'm playing ice hockey Bigger than life, extort the game, critically acclaimed Smack you in your face with my chain Now I'm ready to go to war like Saddam Hussein Everybody in the industry know my squad's name [Chorus 1: Busta Rhymes] Yo we jus an idiot, and we here to merge somethin You know what chu dealing with, you know we here to hurt somethin So stop with the stupid shit, cuz it ain't even worth frontin Hope you know that you could really end up in the earth cuzin [50 Cent] We do this all the time, right now we on the grind So hurry up and cop and go selling nicks and dimes Shorty she's so fine, I gotta make her mine A ass like dat gotta be one of a kind I crush 'em every time, punch 'em with every line I'm fuckin with they mind, I make 'em press rewind They know they can't shine if I'm around the rhyme Been on parole since ninety four cuz I commit the crime I say you on my line, I did it three ta nine If D's ran up in my crib, you know who droppin dimes [Chorus 2: 50 Cent] You say you a gangsta but you neva pop nuttin We say you a wanksta and you need to stop frontin You go to the dealership but you neva cop nuttin You been hustlin a long time and you ain't got nuttin [Baby Sham] I know your man, he says that you the bitch stuntin You don't know how the gun cock to reach somethin Yeah, I see ya face in ya grill But it's your conscience itchin to tell you the squad love a mil Like a forest field, we hunt ta god, it's surreal Flipmode, cop boy, get your weight up for real, get at 'em [Chorus 1] [Chorus 2] [50 Cent] Damn homie, in highschool you was the man, homie What the fuck happened to you I got the sickest vendetta, when it come to the chedda Nigga you play wit my paper, you gon meet my berretta Now shorty think I'ma sweat her, sippin on amoretta I'm hit once than deada, I know I can do betta She look good but I know she after my chedda She tryna get in my pockets homie and I ain't gon let her Be easy, start some bullshit ya get your whole crew wet We in the club doin the same ol' two step Guerrilla Unit cuz, they say we bugged out Cuz we don't go nowhere without toast, we thugged out [Chorus 2 - repeat 2x] [50 Cent] Ah ha!

High All The Time

50 CENT "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'"
[Chorus] I don't need Dom Perignon, I don't need Cris Tanqueray and Alize, I don't need shit Nigga I'm high all the time, I smoke that good shit I stay high all the time, man I'm on some hood shit Give me some dro, purple haze, and some chocolate Give me a dutch and a lighter I'll spark shit And stay high all the time, I smoke that good shit I'm high all the time, man I'm on some hood shit [Verse 1] Everytime I ROLL up, niggas holla ROLL up, and I tell'em HOLD up, You ain't gettin money you ain't smoking In my Benzo, 20 inch Lorenzos, smoking on indo Hiiigh as a motherfucker I be on them backstreets, niggas know I clap heat, only if you got beef Man you better holla at me Niggas get locked up, stabbed up, shot up Everytime I pop up, a lot going on in my hood I shoot the dice, I holler get'em girls Daddy need new shoes Daddy need Perelli's to look mean on 22s Stash box, Xbox, laptop, fax machine, phone Bulletproof this bitch and I'm gone 2003 Suburban swerving, too many sips of Henny The D's sick, they searched the whip and they can't find the semis They was just harassing me cause they know who I was Spent the night in Central Booking for smoking some bud [Chorus] [Verse 2] Now if you heard I done started some shit It ain't because I be high (I be high, I be high) And if you heard I done let off a clip It ain't because I be high (I be high, I be high) But I- twist that la, la, la, la I get high as I wanna nigga Go against me, fa sho, you's a goner nigga I don't smoke to calm my nerves but I got beef Finna crush my enemies like I crush the hashish If you love me, tell me you love me, don't stare at me man I'd hate to be in the Benz clapping one of my fans Let me show you how to greet me, when you meet me, when you see me If you real my nigga, you know how to holla 'G-Unit!' There's no competition, it's just me, 50 Cent, motherfucker, I'm hot on these streets If David could go against Goliath with a stone I can go at Nas and Jigga, both for the throne [Chorus] [Verse 3] Now who you know besides me who write lines and squeeze nines And have hoes in the hood sniffin on white lines You don't want me to be your kid's role model I'll teach them how to buck them 380s and load up them hollows Have shorty fresh off the stoop, ready to shoot Big blunt in his mouth, deuce deuce in his boot Sit in the crib, sippin Guinness, watching Menace Then Oh Lord, have a young nigga bucking shit like he O-Dog My team they depend on me when it's crunch time I eat a nigga food in broad day like it's lunchtime You feeling brave nigga, go ahead get gully See if I won't leave your brains leaking up out your skully I done made myself hot, so ain't shit you can tell me Niggas calling me to feature, man fuck your money I ain't hurting, I'm doing good I ain't got to write rhymes, I got bricks in the hood [Chorus] G-Unit, are you ready G-Unit, are you ready G-Unit, are you ready Nigga, ready or not, here I come, come, come

Hurt Me

V-mob "Rough Cut"
all the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place but the only thought that i could think was pissin in that fuckin face the taste that you left in my mouth was rotten and you think that all the shit you did to me could be forgotten well fuck no you both got me last time next time i see your punk ass its mine from behind dawg i'm gonna crack that skull then i'm gonna laugh when you fall cause you fucked me raw comin home late at night when your sneakin in the door with a bottle half empty and your tank is on full you hurt me and i will never forget how you hurt me and all the pain you caused left my mind blank and my soul was lost and now the thoughts are in my head and drifting side to side you know i'm gonna get cause there is nowhere to hide headlines will read on the night she died trust me i will get your ass back if it kills me for the rest of your life you will feel me i'm gonna make you remember that you hurt me you fuckin hurt me hurt me; hurt me; hurt me; hurt me my head was fucked up; hurt me when i was locked up: hurt me made a phone call; hurt me bitch put a block up; hurt me on the phone letters to your home but you never wrote me back what the fucks up with that one of these days i'm gonna get you bitch find your body in an valley in the alley in a ditch with a 45 chrome to the back of your dome havin everybody wonderin what the fuck is goin on where the fuck did you go never be back again but i still keep thinkin about you now and then trust me i will get your ass back if it kills me for the rest of your life you will feel me gonna make you remember that you hurt me you fuckin hurt me i remember when i first said i love you got confused from the first time i fucked you you got nervous when i opened up your legs relax cause i was raised on x-rated moves and porno mags all day walk around with a full buzz never fully understood what our love was l-25 straight brought the light same time had to dip outa town for a few nights came back and my road dawgs waitin tellin me some shit leavin me contemplaitin murder fuckin my best friend unheard of and i'm gonna get you in the end yeah one of these days it'll be my time and i'm gonna slit your throat make it look suicide fuck you, i should've known better than to trust you fuck you

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