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QUEEN LATIFAH lyrics - All Hail The Queen

Queen Of Royal Badness

Original and similar lyrics
Let me remind you on how to unwind your body So dance and shake and just keep in step Understand, draw a clear picture What I'm gonna hit you with is truly def These are the words of a Queen of a Queendom All competitors, I simply cream them One by one, I dust a rush them all If you have any more, bring them To the front so they can sho me what they got What they got, it better be hot Cause if it's not, I'll simply knock them out the box And they'll be put in a spot The style I use will surely amuse The party people to a state of gladness What I mean is I'm on the scene I'm the Queen of Royal Badness Well it's the Lah, T-I-F-A-H While I say my rhyme, Mark creates The direct hi-tech sound of the dope noise The bass will pound, I hope girls, I hope boys Understand what I'm quoting, I'm not joking Or freaking, this is a Queen speaking Wis words, when I'm done I leave your eyes blurred When you address me, address me as "Your Highness" One of hip-hop's finest You see, I can flow on tempo, off tempo It makes me no difference So play that beat, play it, kick it, watch me Flip it, with dope lyrics, you want to hear it? Observe my ways and actions, I grab the mic And draw attractions To the table, I'm a hit you at all angles Those who think I caught a fit, I strangled them The result with a pen and a pad Gets mean, see I'm the Queen of Royal Badness I can't wait until the party is jam-packed When I start to drop it, the people say "Damn, black" The queen is hyped up, awesome and deadly If you don't dance, grab a chair and plex, B Composure's kept, blows are thrown in death, hard as hell Guard as well as you can or step Off the premisis, in one minute it's Going to explode in a style that's limitless Make your first move, don't let it be your worst move Cause if you do, you'll be a hurt fool Keep your mouth shut to those that shout and cuss It's no doubt that I got clout and I'll bust Literature that flows like liquid Some can't comprehend the way I kicked it So don't say nothing Just listen up, follow instructions Rhyme, shake, slide, and dance like Lat said When I'm on stage I sold rage and drop heads Ambidextrous, skilled with both hands Teaching a lesson, ready to throw jams Latifah loves to rip up the scenery It's nothing special, just a Queen to me So do the knowledge, see if you can catch this You know what I mean, it's the Queen of Royal Badness

Come To Da Party

KRS-ONE "I Got Next"
[KRS] One, two, three.. [Joe] Come to da party, come to the dance Everyone is fightin So they fired up, up and away Come to da party, come to the dance To pull out the vinyl so they fired up, up and away [KRS-One] Yeah, yeah Hardcore lyric comin at ya they attackin ya Rappers bite like Dracula the soul of hip-hop I'm puttin back in ya, with the South Bronx vernacular Bound to put the crack in your armor, I am much sharper than a lot of other mic rockers, slightly eccentric but everything's authentic, when I said, I'm hip-hop, I meant it Emcees wanna debate the issue, but false though If they studied they would see that they are hip-hop also Hip-Hop you can't do it, you gots to be it You can't confine it, you have to free it, so you can see it as your expression, and learn the lesson, on life in ghetto sections and what you feel is the forward direction for black people, not these Star Wars save that for R2-D2 I got five fingers like Bruce Lee do And with the five fingers I grab microphones and bring the stinger to DJ's, rappers, singers and beer drinkers This MC's a thinker, unlike others but I won't diss yaz You're still my brothers and sisters, Kris is ONE aspect of hip-hop rap Negative rap, positive rap, forget that black it's a trap to set us back, concentrate on various rap talents Presently the rap radio format is unbalanced You either got the player, or the concious rhyme sayer all day, on your radio, not with a different flavor Someone has to DIE before you hear a concious record People don't like gangsta rap, but concious rap, they don't respect it The truth is people are afraid of black youth Our expressions, our lessons and gold teeth, so.. [Joe] Come to da party, come to the dance Everyone is shoutin So they fired up, up and away Come to da party, come to the dance Everyone is singin so they fired up, up and away

I Like My Girls With A Boom

Lord Finesse "Return of The Funky Man"
Once again it's the man with the flavor It's Lord Finesse so run and tell your neighbors So stop sleeping and check out the style I'm freaking I stomp opponents and give hoes the silent treatment Forget striking out I'm hitting grand slams Taking opponents off the stage like the Sandman After Apollo I'm the one to follow now I kick the shit that biters can't swallow down Mics get lit up as soon as I get up Opponents I hit up, make em quit and want to give up I'm kicking a party like kung fu Snatching all the girls as soon as I say One two Brothers think I'm new, but they're dead for instance I was into rap before they could form a sentence I'm finally getting mine after coming up the far way So nowadays I just lounge and parlay I'm hip to music, whether jazz or country I'm the type to make anything sound funky I like to talk and shout and go and flow Ayo, some brothers just don't know That I can take on any played out wack style Rhymes so deadly you should put them in a crack vile I kick a rhyme as soon as you say when So hype on the mic, when I finish you say Amen I'm not the type to go around fronting Ayo, they don't call me Lord Finesse for nothing It's the L-O-R-D F-I-N-E double S-E All the party people say isn't he something (Repeat 2x) Here we go, it's the grand imperial With the hip material to blow your stereo I sound different and my shit be hitting It's the Funky Technician pay attention, listen I flow smoothly like a scene in a movie Girls that choose me say that I'm a cutie Rough like a fistfight when I'm holding this mic So keep your lips tight if you can't keep your shit tight You can't beat this, better yet top this I hold the crowd like Saddam hold a hostage I get ferocious so I approach this The girls are sweet like the cream from a Hostess Yeah, I keep the cash flow In a fight I throw the first and the last blow So those that's yakking you'd better be packing I catch a wreck like a whole mob attacking I flow with quickness, MC's are too slow to get this I preach on the mic like a Jehovah's Witness Give me a mic, watch me saw Not Daddy Kane or Eddie Murphy, but I get raw To different tempos, a fast or a slow one Me a wack MC? Well it takes one to know one Rhymes with the quickness and swiftness so come and get with this Or be about your business Always got something to keep the crowd jumping Ayo, they don't call me Lord Finesse for nothing It's the L-O-R-D F-I-N-E double S-E All the party people say isn't he something (Repeat 4x) I get loose to make MC's step back Brothers try and diss me but I don't sweat that I'm able to stop a crew, pass any obsticle I'm not Bobby Brown, but I still wanna rock with you Smooth rap maestro, wild like a psycho Step to this and get sparked like a light show I flip like an acrobat, kicking rhymes back to back Even with faster raps there's still more after that This is the Funky Technician and the one man Who burn MC's quicker than a suntan So the days of struggling, that's behind me, son I got some shit for that ass in '91 So step back as I flow onward, man Listen, I turn a house party into a concert Brothers biting pope, crazy rhymes I wrote I don't get mad, that just prove they take notes Suckers that lack this can't catch this or match this They need practice with they played out tactics I stand ahead of them, the smooth rap veteran Relieve any crowd like a dose of Exederin When it comes to fights with mics I can hold mine First album was dope, second one should be a goldmine I make party people say Isn't he something Cause yo, they don't call me Lord Finesse for nothing It's the L-O-R-D F-I-N-E double S-E All the party people say isn't he something (Repeat 4x)

Another Statistic

ACE HOOD "Trials & Tribulations"
[Verse 1: Ace Hood] Another statistic, nah I just wanna live in Gods cubicle, far away from Lucifer Not a slave, gold chains compliment the mula' much Rather see me crucified, police are the crucifiers Shoot us up and dig a ditch, this ain't nothin' new to us Murders happen every day, kids on their merry way Dyin' before they're 21, bullets never had a name God bless Trayvon Martin I'm in my hoodie Another innocent young brother who met a bully Man this poor world is fucked up Hard times, tough luck Section 80, food stamps, jobs never hired us I'm just tryna' fulfill my wishlist Don't wanna be another statistic [Hook: Ace Hood] Don't wanna be another statistic Don't wanna be another statistic Another statistic [Interlude:] No matter what obstacles come our way No matter how much they're trying to keep us down Nothing should stop us from being victorious We shall fight We will never give up We will never give in We shall take it to the mountain top Nobody could hold us down, I say nobody [Verse 2: Ace Hood] Martin Luther King had a dream and my niggas do too While Emmett Till beat and killed and gouged like a fruit Reason why them youngin's untamable as a youth And fuck the government cause' they trying to disguise truth I send my prayers out to mankind Not enough graduations but too many crimes Pay attention as a parent gotta peep the signs Feeling like a book is corny so they keep a nine Lord bless em' got me stressin' while I'm raising mine See in the hood people think you won't amount to nothing Funny, I made a million out of 10 cents Don't wanna be another statistic (preach) [Hook: Ace Hood] [Interlude:] We refuse to be apart of divine violence We refuse to be stepped on We gotta stand for something We don't fall for anything, stand up What's all the pain you been through? It's time, It's time to stand as one Stand up for one another We will not lose [Verse 3: Ace Hood] Niggas getting murdered with burners few in the sternum Jot it in my journal why killers are so determined I keep on preachin' defeat the demons in every sermon Just watch the people that meet and greet ya' Some aren't worthy Some friends aren't friends, they dirty need some detergent So many tragedies around the world, I'm praying urgent I'm just trying to become a blessing and serve a purpose Nobody's perfect, I'm still sinning just have mercy While we killing our own people Boston Massachusetts bombed by some thrill seekers It's just so tragic, many perished I could barely witness Don't wanna be another statistic (pray) [Hook: Ace Hood]

A Girl Named Hope

ATMOSPHERE "God Loves Ugly"
She abandoned me left out in the cold no suprises i guess that's how it goes sits across from me in a booth in this dive i contemplate how much more i can survive but-how i'm alive so i should be content then tell why the hell my whole world is bent i was sento make and frustrate the population inbetween the alcohol and the copulation what you callin' it if you build it i will break it wait, what's wrong, how you doin' naa, save it gave a fraction of all i had to give i guess i hold a grudge becuase you still got my rib with ya beautiful eyes, scrupulous lies now watch this circus clown run around in circles and try seems like all i get to eat is Hope girl if we got along better we'd be dope oh walls, they surround me lonliness has found me i've heard as much as i complain i'm lovin' it and i only mention it so that i can rub it in wake up to the sunlike shake off lastn ight check what's left and try to get the rest right decision spklitting headache lifting symptoms matching mamma was afraid of it knowledge of self ain't as evil as they made it call it what you want if you bild it they will break it the plain truth, there's no substitute but sometimes she wears a disguise-yes you fo a story teller deals with life not Hope girl if we got along better we'd be dope And that's the sound that a dog will make when he's just been hit with a car that's the tone that hits close to home when the cocaine outlives the star that the noise that disrupts the boys when the q-ball packs the bowl and these are the words that disturb the earth when i walk away with your Hope

Trans-Global Express

THE JAM "The Gift"
Ordinary people don't get time to think Not that it's their fault Cos you have to hustle and bustle about your work Just to make sure the food gets bought Goverments threaten you with recession Then they threaten you with war How the other side wants to take away All the things you ain't got no more Keep us divided with their greed and hate Keep you struggling to put the food on your plate. Imagine if tomorrow the workers went on strike Not just british leyland but the whole world Who would earn their profits? Who would make their bombs? You'd see the hands of oppression fumble And their systems crash to the ground And you men in uniform will have to learn the lesson too Not to turn against your own kind Whenever governments tell you to. Get the trans-global express moving And see our marvellous leaders quiver They know that if it happens Their lazy days are over The day the working people join together We'll all rest much more easy The responsibilty you must bear When it's your own future in your hands Maybe a hard one to face up to But at least you will own yourself!

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