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PRINCESS SUPERSTAR lyrics - Last Of The Great 20th Century Composers

I Hope I Sell A Lot Of Records At Christmastime

Original and similar lyrics
Ah yo Santa let's get something clear I'm half Jewish I shouldn't even be talkin about this time of year But I'm near tears tryin to fund my record label career While everyone drinks beer like they at Cheers makin Nintendo bets on debts from bad rekkid deals for real I'm probably next I'm here sweatin my ass off, it's July But by the time this comes out I'll be behind my release schedule and Mariah Christmas will be sellin out- why? I never did nothin bad to nobody I'm still friends with all my Ex's who stole money (Aw honey) Don't aw honey me/Just give me the money please One of those cards with a pocket for cash A big stash or check to cash I'll snatch it before you realize you acted rash and come at me all mad I've been good, well pretty good, at least in my mind Please let me sell a lot of records at Christmastime I'm too poor to afford life size cut out cardboard of me poured into a size 4 with a floppy Santa hat On the record store floor Need ace product placement/Listening Station so while I'm on vacation I got my face On Raisin Brans round the nation I'm impatient need my wax to sell by the cases Like Mase's in God's good graces I'll be gracious Just let me retire with his wages I'm not aimless I wanna be A-list Hang out with someone famous, then my friends and I would all have someone to date us Like Tom Hanks, Billy Blanks, Shabba Ranks or any of the Franks- Stallone, Purdue, Avalon, or Delanor Roo Bill Gates too-(Ew!) It's true, all I gotta do is sell through Go on tour then put out a live record real quick like Frampton or Badu I got a cold, it's gonna be Xmas soon and I'm getting old Hi Tower? Hi it's me again, how many units we sold? You mean we didn't go platinum or like gold? (Beep beep) Oh-that's my Rolls- Wait-- I'm on a payphone please don't even try to put me on hold!! Ok you're all listening to my song that's a good sign So either you bought it, it's on the radio or your friend is sayin 'ha ha listen to this funny song!' That's fine But if that's the case don't even think about the blank tape Take a date with your lazy ass go to Virgin or Other Music they close late And in case you don't make it visit my web site blah blah dot com See old sexy pictures of me, order my record, buy the clean version for your mom Santa, just one hit, one seasonal favorite One tear jerker piece of commercial shit for the ages or just enough to get an agent Watch how fast I'd sell out, get the cash get the hell out Be on VH-1 Where are They Now Eatin filet mignons by the pound Round baby, fat and gettin down baby No need to fit in fancy clothes now baby Hey get the Camera crews off my grounds! Call me flash in the pan, the blonde chick who thought she could rhyme Please, just let me sell a lot of records at Christmastime!

Cartel Gathering

JADAKISS "The Last Kiss"
[Ghostface Killah] Yo yo yo! Word to ride nigga, yeah Aiyyo we four or five niggaz with furs on Up top gated up, big tables got the reserves on Blowin on saxophones, the band is rough So much ice on looks like my wrist been cut And we just made it back from Beijing Seen my jeweler, told him melt the bird down to eight rings And the music stopped, Jada stood up (yeah) Before the speech, he had everybody raise they cups He said, I been in spots where I can't even mention it "Don't drink the Cris', Ghost mighta pissed in it!" Romanian dude, black down, pourin the saki Face slumped to the side like Rocky Then Strahan came through, with his bullshit ring He said YIKES, when I pulled out my monster bling Don't be afraid of the New York street talk I switch gear all day bro, like you do on your peach porch The chairs is suede, the walls is velvet Marquise ballroom, so live I felt it Fat asses in fishnets, shakin they pelvis Playin with they pussy, middle finger drippin, I smelt it Poker tables, crap joints just for rap niggaz Me and Sheek, walkin around bitch-slappin niggaz There go Rae, there go P Yo Chop whattup! Whattup? [Raekwon] Sam Cooke writin hand, all of my lightning, damn Used to rob niggaz in Sam's, buy shams for my dude's baby shoe or booster baby, rollin with steel Eatin Jamaican food under the wheel You know the deal, book somethin then blow When from a O to a low, little apartment in Brookdale Gold was my motto, lotto numbers is what? Had it in me, rolled down coolin with coke That's the 90's, Chef era take over America Bag Ugly Betty up, make her Ms. Guerrera Pinky wench in sweaters, cortex burnin the mic booth Travel right past my heritage Them old school niggaz is me Taught me how to read, get skee'd, everybody missin a ki Yo I do this with a natural movement Catch me by the {?}, scope on me, fuck it I'm losin it [Jadakiss] AH-HAHHHH! Uh, yeah, yo I did it my way, lights off on the highway Greek statues on both sides of the driveway Word to the stamps on the diesel The way these niggaz is lookin either they got cramps or they evil One go we all go, D-boy fresh but hard dough Cashmere and suede cargoes On top of the beige Wallo's 45 government edition clippers, straight hollows My (Clientele) is (Supreme) and it's proven that I'm (Only Built 4 the Link) if it's (Cuban) I'm a pioneer, I'm not a vet (uh-uh) "Last Kiss" is a French one, it's not a peck (uh-uh) Movin powder, piff and a lot of wet You're gonna die, that's a promise, not a threat Yeah, but I ain't with the chatterin Cause I'd just rather splatter them This is a Cartel gatherin, what?

A Week Ago

JAY-Z "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life"
(feat. Too $hort) [Jay-Z] Uh-huh [$hort] That's right [Jay-Z] Uh-huh-uh, it was all good just a week ago [$hort] Last week I had everything [Jay-Z] Uh, uh-huh-uh, had this all good just a week ago [$hort] I had the money.. had the cars, the bitches [Jay-Z] Uh-huh, yeah, it was all good just a week ago [$hort] and the jewelry.. and then my motherfuckin niggaz started snitchin [Jay-Z] Uh-huh, uh uh, yo [$hort] Beyotch! [Verse One: Jay-Z] Growin up in the hood just my dog and me We used to hustle in the hood for, all to see Problems, I called on him, he called on me We wasn't quite partners, I hit him off my P Met him unlocked doors, off my keys Yeah we spoke, much more than cordially Man he broke bread with me, my business spreads with me The Feds came to get me, we both fled quickly Wasn't quick enough to jump over the hedges with me Got caught, and that's when our relationship strayed Used to call me from the joint til he ran out of change And when he called collect and I heard his name I quickly accepted, but when I reached the phone he's talkin reckless, I can sense deceit in his tone I said, 'Damn dawg, what, nine weeks and you're home' He said, 'Main man, you think shit's sweet cause you're home.' I just sat, spat no more speech in the phone The crackers up there bleachin your dome, you're reachin I said, 'The world don't stop I've got to keep keep on.' From there I sensed the beef was on I ran to the spot, store to add some more features to my phone To see if I had bugs and leeches on my phone Can't be too safe cause niggaz is two-faced And they show the other side when they catch a new case It's on [Chorus: Too $hort, Jay-Z] It was cool when you had hella weed to smoke And you bought a new home where you could keep the folks I don't see how this side of you could be provoked (Uh-huh, uh-huh, it was all good just a week ago) Funny what, seven days can change A stand up nigga, now you sit down to aim Used to have a firm grip now you droppin names Uh-huh, uh-huh (It was all good just a week ago) [Verse Two: Jay-Z] Like I put the toast to your head and made you sell We both came in this game, blind as hell I did a little better, had more clientele Told you put away some cheddar now you cryin for bail Seventeen and I'm holdin on to around a mill I could bail out and blow trial and come around on the pill Had niggaz thinkin I was from Uptown for real I had so much hustle plus I was down to ill Like a Brooklyn nigga, straight out of Brownsville Down and dirty, down to fight the round thirty Freezin on them corners still holdin my crack Lookin up and down the block, the fuck is the dough at Came from flat broke to lettin the dough stack You tell them feds I said I'm never goin back I'm from Marcy, and Marcy don't raise no rats You know the consequences of your acts, you can't be serious [Chorus] [Verse Three: Jay-Z] The lawyer I retained you said you leakin some things All this after a week in the bang I'm mad at myself cause I didn't spot the weak and lame I woulda bet the house you wouldn't speak a thang Nigga this was the oath, to the top of broke Even pricked our finger, anything that got between us we sposed to cock the ninas, what happened to that Instead you copped out to a misdemeanor Fuck it, the same thing make you laugh make you cry That's right, the same game that make you mad could make you die It's a dice game, and sometimes you crap Who woulda thought you'd get popped one time and rap Now you know that's bad when your sister is mad and your son gotta grow up like, 'This is my dad' The labelling of a snitch is a lifetime scar You'll always be in jail nigga, just minus the bars [Chorus] [Too $hort] Shit is crazy man All these niggaz out here snitchin We was one step away from takin this crack money and recyclin it through the ghettoes and buildin back up our own hoods Now all you niggaz start snitchin on each other I got partners doin 15-20 Wouldn'ta been doin SHIT if you didn't snitch Beyotch! It's about time y'all check that shit out man It ain't all good Shut your mouth Just watch the game And don't snitch It sure will do a lot for you Believe that baby Jay-Z, Short Dawg's in the house main You know I got it Got it goin on We got the money Ain't got nuthin to do with crime baby But I'm recognizing [Jay-Z] You rat bastard!

Ballad In Plain D

BOB DYLAN "Another Side Of Bob Dylan"
I once loved a girl, her skin it was bronze With the innocence of a lamb, she was gentle like a fawn I courted her proudly, but now she is gone Gone as the season she's taken. Through young summer's breeze, I stole her away From her mother and sister, though close did they stay Each one of them suffering from the failures of their day With strings of guilt they tried hard to guide us. Of the two sister, I loved the young With sensitive instincts, she was the creative one The constant scapegoat, she was easily undone By the jealousy of others around her. For her parasite sister, I had no respect Bound by her boredom, her pride to protect Countless visions of the other she'd reflect As a crutch for her scenes and her society. Myself, for what I did, I cannot be excused The changes I was going through can't even be used For the lies that I told her in hopes not to lose The could-be dream-lover of my lifetime. With unseen consciousness, I possessed in my grip A magnificent mantelpiece, though its heart being chipped Noticing not that I'd already slipped To a sin of love's false security. From silhouetted anger to manufactured peace Answers of emptiness, voice vacancies Till the tombstones of damage read me no question but, 'Please What's wrong and what's exactly the matter ' And so it did happen, like it could have been foreseen The timeless explosion of fantasy's dream At the peak of the night, the king and the queen Tumbled all down into pieces. 'The tragic figure' her sister did shout 'Leave her alone, God damn you, get out' And I in my armor, turning about And nailing her in the ruins of her pettiness. Beneath a bare light bulb the plaster did pound Her sister and I in a screaming battleground And she in between, the victim of sound Soon shattered as a child to the shadows. All is gone, all is gone, admit it, take flight I gagged in contradiction, tears blinding my sight My mind it was mangled, I ran into the night Leaving all of love's ashes behind me. The wind knocks my window, the room it is wet The words to say I'm sorry, I haven't found yet I think of her often and hope whoever she's met Will be fully aware of how precious she is. Ah, my friends from the prison, they ask unto me 'How good, how good does it feel to be free ' And I answer them most mysteriously 'Are birds free from the chains of the skyway'

Fight The Feelin

Too Short
featuring Rappin 4-Tay Too Short: Say hoe yeah you Can I ask you a question You like to fuck? Oh, you don't want me to talk to you like that Will you like to make love? I saw you walking down the street, and I had to stop Turn up the radio and drop the top I see you look so good, and your so fine Young tender, would you be mine I get you in my car, drive you to my house Cuz I'm a mack, I cold turn you out I wont ask, and I sure won't beg Reach right over and rub your leg I let my hand slide between your miniskirt Slip a finger in your panties, straight go to work What time is it, don't watch the clock Lay back baby doll and I'll rock the cock Funky Fresh I am, and I always can, Freak Nasty I'm the man I take you out to the finest resturant Buy you any damn thing that you want You want flowers, I'll buy your ass a rose But later on your coming out them pantie hose You want gold, girl whats next It's me and you, doing the sex So now you know I'm just a freak Give it up baby, I can't wait two weeks I want it all, Don't say I won't Get it girl, now I'm telling you don't . . . -girls voice- Nigger please You provoke no feeling You must of forgot, the girls of whom you're dealing We haven't the urge, to get busy Like those dizy lizys, who used to dance for you, your through I can't put it more blunt, your vocab is restricted You're addicted, to the words you inflicted Time after time, line after line Talking bout the bitches that are on your mind Do they call you short, because of your height or your width Dis me boy, I'll hang your balls from a cliff Wrapped around a slinky, your a dinky It's an easy task, to the corner cause the curb didn't want your ass Your name is yuck mouth, you don't brush Gotta cover your mouth like this They call you yuck mouth You refuse to brush, no sweetheart you can keep that kiss Your a freak with no tale You have no ass, class,you can't pass, your simply trash Your a typical nigger, the kind you don't take home scissor tights and Barbie from the dangerous zone Like a short dogg that carries fleas You make my ass itch, twitch, don't you wish you could scratch it And grab it like you want it The name fits cause your all up on it... -Too $hort- Get mad if you want, I won't front When it's time to hump, won't be no punk Roll your ass over and tap the butt Too $hort baby all in them guts I'm not your ABC, from the alphabet Every letter I'll write'll get your pussy wet It's just a freaky note, from me to you At the bottom I signed it Playboy II I'm a player, bitch, I thought you knew Like every other nigger in my crew I bump hoes, now it's your turn Tell me young tender when will you learn I cold mack like pimps you know Won't sell you though, or sell your blow Just your average everyday straight bump up bitch My gold rings come from spitz Look baby, You know what I want Your acting like it's that time of the month Are you bleeding, can't think about sex Irritated by your Kotex We don't need to kiss, we don't have to fuck I'll pull out my dick bitch, you can suck Now here, don't say I won't Get it girl, now I'm telling you don't... -Girls Voice- Punk I'm not a tease, I'm not a skeezer And most definately, not a dick pleaser You dreaming ,and sceeming, and fiending for my lust You don't have enough For you I feel disgust Wait, small things I hate For goodness sakes, If I wanted someone small I would masturbate I'm not talking 'bout your height, weight, or what you dream When I say too short, you know what I mean You see, I need man, not a boy to approach me Your lame game, really insults me Your name is Too $hort, or shall I say too skinny If size were money honey, you wouldn't have a penny Little boy, your not a player I'm your savior To try to get at me, shows of gracious behavior I have to sit on my feet to come down to your level Your mother should have hung you, from her umbilical cord If she would have known your mission Okay little boy, here's a proposition You wanna bit of danger, Step you to my zone You call yourself a dogg, thatz how I'll send you home With your tail between your legs, screeching and whining Jealous of you got some, nigger please your lying Cause I fight the feeling, that would have to be one And mathmatically, me plus you equals none... -Rappin 4 Tay- I am the rapper that they call 4 tay I'm gon tell you like my homie Short Dogg would say Hoes in the world, trying to play it sweet Knowing damn well that they wanna freak Some do this for maybe a week And then it's cool to get up under the sheets Trying to work that thang, but she said no That's about as far as it's going to go So I toss and turn, to make it loose Finally she feels the act right juice Some of you hoes say, oh that's nasty Back of your coat say sweet and sassy 24 deep, that's how you sleep Undercover freak every day of the week You see some of you freaks just need to quit it Playing that role like you ain't with it The rest of you freaks just won't admit it Especially when you know just who can get it Ain't body tripping cuz I know I'm right You could be black or you could be white For a (low bass) girl it really don't take to long But a (low bass) girl's always trying to turn ya on With a little squeze, but it's just a tease Give it some time, she'll be on her knees Then I'll pick her up, so I can work the butt Baby, I just wanna try to bust a nut But don't get me wrong, cause you started it all Coming to my house in a Camasol But when it's time for me to shove Then you front on all that love First you said that I deserve it Now you fight, don't want to serve it Gave it some time, so make up your mind Don't fight the feeling, this time to unwhine You was talking 'bout you gunna give my some But I'm Rappin 4 Tay it don't make me numb... -Too $hort- Yeah man, the little hoes got ill So now it's time to get way to real I know they never have some real dick They need to quit talking that childish shit You wanna rank hoe Go get your bank hoe My little dick'll have you screaming though Because when it comes to sex, you don't know what's up Your still playing that finger fuck See I'm a grown man I bust some young cock out I like big butts, not big mouths I know some little girls'll break you down in bed Pull your drawers down, give you some head But little girl, you wanna have some fun You better go to magic mountain cuz your way too young So at this point, I can't really say shit Ain't dropping no lines, I'll just call you a bitch...Beyotch!!!


ATMOSPHERE "God Loves Ugly"
And she still wonders why I'm so insecure she giggles because I sleep with the... Girl* can I throw pennies on stage, like can I be a fucking groupie and just fuck you because you're on stage and other girls want to fuck you? Slug* See bands like us don't get groupies Girl* Noooo? Slug* yeah Girl* you guys are full of shit Slug* No it's not full of shit I mean have you guys ever heard our songs I mean basically? Girl* That's what I'm saying Slug* Exactly that's what I'm saying Smile, smile with me, smile with me, smile with me, please won't you... oh look at her she's looking as good as dinner and she's looking back at me as if maybe I'm a winner I'm in my late twenties little girl don't flirt with me I've got the capapbilities to program your circutry You don't have to believe me do yourself a little justice don't let slug undercook your muffins wait wait wait did I just say that I did must be losing it because it almost felt like it might just have some truth in it now back to the platter at hand she said she's twenty-one and quit school to go work for the man a switch up in the plan now she's happy as a chorus cause now she makes rent and now she drives a Taurus unwinding hanging out at the bar, I wonder if she knows that I'm not really a star she seems to be impressed by lack of an ego and my self-aware style, I like the way that she smiles she want to know how I find the words I do I don't really know but I can lie if you want me to angels sing to me in my sleep, I sold my damaged soul for the magic of speech and now she's laughing she likes the sarcasm so naturally I'm asking if she 's got a captain she says a captain what? You mean a man at home the answer is no I came to this bar alone well heavens to betty enough about boyfriends already just trying to keep the conversation petty beacuse as much as I would like to play in the forest ain't no way this girl is going to break into my fortress I've never made a practice of introducing the matress to women that I meet at my own gig I don't know can't imagine anything as alchohol and hormones turning out to be anything big but babys hella beautiful and even kind of bright I got the fire of a vampire inside me tonight might be alright eveything seems tight I've got a good buzz and she's giving me the green light so tell me girl what ya doing after she says hopefully hanging out with my new favorite rapper now wait a minute that's not fair your throwing boulders I can tell by the way your hair touches your shoulders be straight with me and I'll be me with you I can think of some of us that we should do so if you think I'm coming home with you tonight you're probably right you're pobably right a few more beers a couple more laughs undressing my past with the questions she asks yes, I love cactus and I would love to take a bath if I spent the night would you massage my back she's closing in for the embrace and slightly tucks her hand under my face her hair smells so good I got to have a taste where's your ford let's ditch this place and in the parking lot she sparked it off she must be starving for someone to hit the harp I've never been kissed with such passionate bliss porn star damn near tore my lips apart honey slow it up hold it up start the car let's leave this garage le'ts go to your apartment lyndale ave. on the way to the her rest her drunk ass turn to look at me and she says you're so beautiful from the hair to the soles I know, can't belive that I never met you before feels liike I've been waiting for you me whole life she missed the red light we hit a pick-up truck and we both DIED

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