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Wet! Wet! Wet!

Original and similar lyrics
Pray I yell fore before I play before I foray let me explain, all day all ways Foreplay HmmmÂ… I can make your cock go higher than the hair on Kid 'n Play How I'm gonna feel when ya next to me I'm feelin wet wet wet In the club thinkin bout you all sweatin me I'm feelin wet wet wet You rock the decks like sex on some ecstasy I'm feelin wet wet wet Come on baby baby just get wet with me I'm feelin wet--I'm all wet On the high horse with a pot of hot sauce Gotta keep floss yeah of course Super high gloss gold gold on the cars You say you wanna toss baby damn I can't talk Scorch Hibachi and I'm raunchy Wet like sake damn foxy Nasty Girl watch me I'm getting on my knees you keep watchin hockey And baby let me give it to ya Baby grab my ass gonna do the nast nast Get your filofax-hollaback Baby don't ask write in this task right in the sack You're fuckin me from Monday until Sunday Oh! Here's your EZ Pass Wet in the pool, wet in the shower Wet in the elevator, Trump Tower or my lunch hour Stiff like a broomstick Zoom I think you need to take me in the bathroom quick ooh Look and you can have it Eatin out This pussy got 4 stars in Zagat attack it I'm a cunning linguist twist words round my tongue And I ain't gonna rhyme the next one You do it after I'm done

Maybe Won't Do

AMERICAN HI-FI "Hearts On Parade"
Some call it love I don't know what you're thinkin' of Such a mystery to me Somehow you always like to play undercover It's your path to discover Roll me like we're tumbling dice A wrecking ball rag doll ain't no breathing space All the tapes have been erased Prize fighter taking all the punches he can stand And dropping on command All my dreams are trying to come true But all I ever wanted was you What don't you understand Forget the master plan I'd give it all away to have you back again I said it in my letter So we could make it better No need for you to read between the lines Baby can I be your baby Definitely maybe won't do Ruby red play dead they don't make a sound Plastic soldiers in a row You're shouting calling all destroyers what to do They're coming after you Surrender but the battle is won She thought of cars where to drive trying to survive How to make the great escape Still watching live on other planets fall apart She wears it on her heart All my dreams are trying to come true But all I ever wanted was you Someday you'll see All our worlds collide Way out in space

Turn On Some Music

Gaye Marvin
Dreams of you my darling still Are so fine, so fine, baby Since I woke up So is my state of mind Since we've been apart Oh I miss you, miss you with all my heart Oh baby, what else can I say Put on three albums And let's fly baby I've got to know How much I love you so I'm gonna make you feel That my love is stronger for you tonight Baby, I'm gonna make it right Put three albums on baby We're gonna make it long, long, long Now when the music starts I'm gonna groove you slow and quiet And when the first side's through I'll still be into you I'm getting sober Let's get high and turn the record over 'Cos baby it's time for phase two, yeah That's how it is, yeah That's how it goes, hey Just why it is, yeah Nobody knows 'Cos music's been my therapy Taking the pain from all my anatomy Oh and my anatomy It's my symphony, always stay with me You know that the world ain't right Baby, lots of people stay uptight I'll go crazy If something ever happened to my musical thrill And darling your love is just like my music The second jam, girl is falling down We've been one hour, still I got the power Turn up the sounds Sounds drown out the screams Come rock with me Straight into Side B The time has passed An hour and a half I love you baby I'm strong enough to last You, you and your music Are more precious than gold baby Two albums later baby And I'm feeling great You said wait, let's take a break Before you play the last side Are you fit enough to ride I said yes, baby Just let me catch my breath, honey, honey, honey Oh baby, I'm not through yet This is one night honey, that you won't forget I love you darling, I'm gonna prove it tonight Put on some music (ad lib)

What's My Name (Interlude)

Marc Nelson "Chocolate Mood"
What's My Name (Interlude) [Marc] Come on girl pick it up, [Girl] Hello [Marc] Yo, what's up girl [Girl] Who this ? [Marc] This me [Girl] Oh, what's up baby Why you ain't call me ? [Marc] Yeah you know, I'm just been a little busy But you know I'm been thinking about you anyway, doll [Girl] What you been thinking about ? [Marc] You know, I was thinking, maybe you and me get together tonight [Girl] and do what ? [Marc] and talk a little bit more [Girl] all we gonna do is talk? [Marc] Yeah, what's up [Girl] I ain't doing nothing, just taking care of these nappy.... [Marc] (whisping) Damn, I gotta remember this girl name. [Girl] Anyway, my manager told me I got this lead part with them and I can't wait [Marc] hmm, say what ? [Girl] Are you listening to me ? [Marc] I'm listing to you sweet heart [Girl] Why won't you ever say my name ? [Marc] you know but you just.. [Girl] What's my name [Marc] ah, baby come on stop trippin' [Girl] What's my name? [Marc] baby you know girl, [Girl] What's my name? [Marc] Come on now stop playin' with me [Girl] What's my name? [Marc] I dont know your name, but you're gonna come over? (phone click) Damn What's Stephanie Number

What Yall Want

DMX "Ruff Ryders"
Eve: Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh ugh What y'all niggas want, huh? ugh, ugh, ugh Lubia huh? Papi screamin out of they mouth Bomb shell just a second Mami wanna speak out What I need in my life Make ya body freak out Baby seem like the type Married niggaz sneak out Like I'm ballin y'all Yes I be appallin ya'll Boss type hold it down Wantin all of y'all Callin y'all never chasin me down Three weeks, heartbroken Yes you hatin me now She speaks soft spoken Till she datin the clown I'm takin em down Reel em in and makin em drown Mistake I said gimme that, but I'm takin it now What I need from a nigga Negative in his sound Or dasity even askin me For ass, I laugh This bitch is fast and free Swatin em off When I see this niggas a flea Plotin of cost for riches Millionaire wannabe, uh huh CHORUS: [Nokio] What y'all niggas want? [what we want, wha?] Can't touch [uh] All y'all niggaz need [what we need in our life?] Is right here with me [uh] Sounds y'all wanna hear [who da, who dat?] Swizz beats [uh] I'm the one you fear [why?] It's my time, feel me Popular since I started my life Eve you know my name Probably the dangerous type Brick house stallion Think you taming me right? Not this baby val Philly streets They raisin her right Keep it pretty or can make it gritty be a LADY! Need boots pocket books and a baby 380! But prefer to keep it Calm and cool When I'm heated I suggest you move Just avoid a bad situation What you got to prove? Leave her be Chicken squakin hatin frequently Manic Man is obsessed And Stalkin me If he Icy enough, I'm pricin his stuff Be nicy enough To let him spin, I'm callin ya bluff Puttin it down Ruff Ryders puttin they work Snatched up the illest viscous pittbull in a skirt Makin em hurt Haters steady dishin up dirt Changin the game, settin the rules Makin it work, uh CHORUS Leavin em scared Mami takin all of this here All of this fame I'm hungry Hope you cats is prepared Niggas, set me up And Imma take it and run Think its a game Just check out how my format is done Stalkin ya shine And I do it to perfection Made a promise everytime I touch the mic To bless em Used to tease me how I keep is greezy Just to test em Eve handcuff niggas but I don't arrest em Shorty bang Hear the niggaz sayin Shout my name Make the thugish niggas scream Watchin me entertain Dicks brick when I like the lips Just keepin it plain Fantasizin about this bitch Got em goin insaine Oooh's and ahhh's 5'7 thick in the thighs Every thugs dream wife See the love in they eyes My time to shine Whole package make her a dime Want some more? It ain't over, just keep pressin rewind, uh CHORUS Nokio: uh, 99, like 2000 Ruff Ryders Dru Hill Swizz beats Eve Comin for that ass Uh

I Wonder

Big Moe "City of Syrup"
[Big Moe] Huh, Wassup Boo Maan, you stay talkin bout you're down wit me But you stay on that complaining thang, you know what I'm sayin? I aint down wit all that complaining and fussin and fightin man I'm a playa type dude, I'd like to let my gal get in the way, But, you know what I'm sayin, the Lord blessed me with somethin So I gotta take advantage of that, you know what I'm talkin bout So I gotta do it, so its whateva [Chorus] I wonder if I didn't come home Would you still be down with me, yeah Because I'll leave you tonight, uh ohh I wonder if I didn't come Would you still be down with me, yeah Because I'll leave you tonight, uh ohh [Verse One] If I didn't come home What would you do to me? Get on the telephone? Call Tyrone? Tell him come get you in he morning You're wrong, this is my song And I gotta pay bills, keep my happy home Wreckshoppin all night long I'm ready, fire burnin No matter what you do to me, my wheels gon keep on turnin Are you down? So please don't get me started I got bitches out of town, if you fuckin wit clowns, I'll leave you broken hearted [Chorus] [Verse Two] I let you play one time, then I knew you were mine The way you caress me baby and sex me, I 'd have to say you put it down You took me, and you put me under you're wings, I can't lie Can't no other take your place, and can't a damn thang comply I don't know if you noticed, but you're the throwedest on my list Can't no nigga or no bitch compare their loving to a love like this Up and down, thick and thin, I was always there Ready to box or unload on a bitch, you know I don't care When you kiss me with your lips, I just fall in a daze Me and you against the world baby, priorities are gettin paid Diamonds blindin, hoes cryin, aint a damn thang changed Showin up and pourin up, in this damn rap game And by the way, I'm gon let you run the streets with your thugs When Valentine's comes around, you know who's gettin your hugs Fuck faces by fireplaces, Drink chases on mink rugs You a dog, you gon rome, but always find your way home, so what [Chorus] [Verse Three] Now if I don't come home, would you blow up my phone? Punch holes in my styrofoam? Misplace my chrome? Childish games in yo dome got yo mind confused A made nigga or a fake? Now its time to choose Many have tried my shoes, but didn't travel too far You knew the shit that you was in before you fucked the star Look how you suck up all my barre, you think this shit's for free? All this hustling in these streets keep all this ice on you and me Picture how nicer it can be, private flights twice a week Without you gripin about some freaks and how they saw me at the beach I'll practice what I preach, you sit being obsolete And remain to keep my business and my hustle out of reach And now if I don't come home, would you still be down? You are a fool, I will admit, but start practicin now Cuz I'm still the same playa that's all about my dough And I'm not comin home tonight, you triflin ass hoe! [Chorus]

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