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Super Fantasy

Original and similar lyrics
Golden Keys, cash on trees, raining men its all for me geez Everyone here got the name C wow they all like bowin to me- I must be the King C Feelin super Oompa Loopa boomin in my jeep damn sweet super duper 10 washing machines 10 jeeps on auction for me 10 peeps to wash it for me Come this winter nobody shiver good swimmer get in my chocolate river Give me a kiss I'm a magic princess Wonder Woman shoot shit out my wrist This here is bliss everyone's sexy no more acne or Gap khakis I can solve all your problems just ask me and here all my black friends can get taxis Sparkle all my records gone Plat -I take it back, ain't no Billboard where I'm at Take a second I grab bad thought and wreck it check out my magic record Get a massage 10 car garage livin type large oh wait there's no more cars Fix the air for kicks this chicks in charge pick 6 Knicks tix free of charge Neck and neck deck to deck equal sex Best protect--nothin--ain't nothin more to protect No Smack no more attacks Mickey Mouse got our mutherfuckin backs No ice just wax, no tax just spice, damn we feel nice No roaches or mice just coaches and kites comfy sofas and Sprites Everyone lives life how they like This this here is dynamite

Album Intro

NAS "It Was Written"
[Yee-hah's and whips cracking in background] -Hey Nas, hey hey boy, you see what they done did to Jimmy and Lee. [Nas:] Mmmhmm. Damn, man. -I can't take it man. [Nas:] Sho' can't. -You think this is gonna eva' change [Nas:] Man, damn this place, man! Damn these chains! These damn chitlins every damn night. -This cotton. [Nas:] Shit! -I can't take it man. [Nas:] Harriett done left the night befo'. It's time we go. Aint no place for black folk here. Man, promise land callin' me man. -It's callin' me too. [Nas:] It's time we go. -Yeah, I'm wichou! [Nas:] Hey man, hey damn these chains, man. Damn you master, you ain't my master, man! [Sounds of punching and bumping] [Nas:] You aint nothin', you aint nothin. -Hey Bandit, Bandit, get the dogs! Get the hounds, we gonna have ourselves a hangin' tonight! [Nas:] Nineteen-ninety-six! Back up in this nigga. The right way, though, you know -Double-tre son, you know aint nothin' coincedental or accidental, son. [Nas:] No doubt! -You know how it's goin' down, man. [Nas:] It was all written. -No question, I'm sayin' man, I mean, how we playin' man, you know what I'm sayin', they dealt us in, son. They playin' with a fifty-four deck, you see with the Jokers in and everything, you know what I'm saying [Nas:] Son, I'm playin' with the fifty-two. -You wanna stress on how I used to play, that's how I play. [Nas:] But, yo, they takin' us into this next millenium, right now. -I'm sayin' law, you know what I'm sayin' we gotta lay the law, cause without law aint no order, you know what I'm sayin', that's why these cats are slippin' through, you know what I'm sayin They got the rules missin', though. [Nas:] True. -Yo, word up, though, you know what I mean [Nas:] Son, these niggas look faker than the new hundred dollars, son. -Yeah, you see that they look Monopoly money, right [Nas:] Word, with the big ass face on it. -Yo, what I'm sayin', we see through all that, though you know what I'm sayin [Nas:] No question. -All eyes seein', son, you know we real. [Nas:] Yo, no doubt. In the Qu'ran it says Nas, the men. Nesa's the woman, know It was written.

Dokken Rules

AESOP ROCK "Skelethon"
[Aesop Rock:] I spell 666 star 6 9 click Give his telephone viking funeral, bye bitch Treble hook, two birds, cheap thrills, free meal Vacate jelly stone park witcha brie wheel [Rob Sonic:] [?] Half his life was likely to be Nikes on the L-train Gnawin' on his dog toy, pocket full of deer blood The only thing that's stoppin' him was Dokken in his ear buds [Aesop Rock:] Up around noon Found everything he loved crushed down to a cube The New Kowloon chowline, two leads [?] routing medicine and gruel One is hemorrhaging money, the other jettisoning fuel Identical water separated pools It was clever But it wasn't ever neighborhood degenerate approved In swooped jukebox Fonzi, probably Bolts on his neck one tubesock wonky [Rob Sonic:] 16 panel head mutton chop and ambulax Double pits to chesty got the espy on a camels back Handle that huffy wit' a timely parry And get all up in your kitchen, money, Guy Fieri There is a wildly elusive moment of bliss In the spaces between being told you are shit I would openly suggest identifying the closest And collectivly agreeing to meet if the sky opens Ma'am? [x16] Id like to speak to a supervisor [Rob Sonic:] Back alley brawl over party guests who want a Steak tartare but we're hardly pet food Charlie check booth, brody's right Youre gonna need a bigger boat and a holy dive [Aesop Rock:] Aggravated people driving lemons over limits With a neck bop stemming and a cartoon physics Smart move taught never broadcast holes in his armor End up another poached foriegner [Rob Sonic:] Handcuffed down to a toothless tease Who got an X-marked mouth and a hooch machine With eyes that tell the story of the woods that fetter And a chest that sells the ending when it's pushed together Been through the desert on a horse that nameless Now I'm driving through the city in the Porsche naked Shores invaded by the new marines That tear the roof off this mother like Beauford T [Aesop Rock:] Untrained pet with a pen name Chest pain, bet he outlive his own endgame, anyway Step around the rhythm of the red rain Get away, car horn, stand by, tenth frame [Rob Sonic:] Spare me the dramatics to ratchets, smile purdy (pretty) Flashlight strapped to the calf of a wild turkey Package of mild jerky, captain to aisle 30 Theres a man with a mask an an app that can dial Fergie Sir? [x16] I'd like to speak to a supervisor

Beyond Comprehension

GANG STARR "Step In The Arena"
Expanding the depth of your brainpower Ours is a better gift not to be bragging nor lolligagging I can see dimensions of sound and light around my mic Transmitting lyrics like teletype Reacting to a beat in a whisper And like a transistor I'm sounding dope when I'm crisper The shortest length between two points is a straight line I've gotta take mine I heard it through the grapevine that some can't find hype lines (hype lines...) And so I'm smothering, over my prey I am hovering Suckers I'm shoving at the same time covering you with the blanket of some language that's distinguished How swift can I get? You ask and I'll tell For I can excel real well like a gazelle Past your head, I'm grabbin abstract thought Like some gain glory, while others get no part I feel for the hurt ones, the victims of wrong deeds Awareness is key, our people have strong needs Science, math, history theology Philosophy psychology english and biology Et cetera, and all of these have a purpose But genocide makes me nervous So many questions, many opinions to mention And damn (damn...) this jam's beyond comprehension Like planets in orbit, we ride the life cycle Some take a rifle on the street cause it seems neat Whatever turns you on I guess, that's why vests are in season I'll do my show then I'm leavin I'd rather be blastin dope sounds on the other side of town than be there when they close the place down But anyway, everyday, there's another way for a person to just flip, so a brother may simply go buckwild, get crazy and mad I know the struggle my father had Poetry it comes from within, and will always win Hold captive bodies from end to end And at a party, I'll survey then slay with the quickness Displaying the fitness Easing the mind and relieving the tension And singing my own song... that's beyond comprehension

The Waitress

ATMOSPHERE "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold"
[Slug - Verse 1] A city full of people and my favorite is that waitress And she treats me like some type of common vagrant I see her everyday, but there's nothing to say Unless I decide to step inside of that cafe I only get to sit if I buy something to eat Otherwise it's best to keep my feet moving down that street And god damn she's a hard bitch Talks at me like I'm the bad dog that got into the garbage Yeah I know that the toilet is for customers You ain't got to tangle up the strings to make this puppet work It doesn't have to be a game of patty cake But it ain't like you don't know I sleep in that alleyway And by the way, I can see it in your eyes You're angry with your life, not a stranger to the fight I bet you hate every man that you date And you're probably addicted to all types of escape You take it out on me that you're all alone When you know you got your own closet full of hollow bones Watch the tone when you speak to old folks I'm grown, just trying to get out of this Minnesota cold [Spoken] Look lady, I'm homeless, I'm crazy I'm so hopeless I'm suicidal daily If you and I can't co-exist, let's fake it Cause I ain't got the energy it takes for this relationship [Slug - Verse 2] I'm waiting for a city bus to flatten me And transport me to the ever after happily Maybe reincarnated with luck Come back to Earth as a cockroach in your tip cup She said she's had it up to here She's gonna call authorities if I don't disappear I love her threats, it rejuvenates my breath I give her stress for the reaction that it gets I got a pocket full of clean, handled money On a cup of bad coffee and a stale honey bun In front of everyone she calls me bum But she notices my absence on them afternoons I don't come So here I am, thorn in her hip Holding down the corner table all morning with some corn chips Ignoring the insults and evil eyes I feed off of 'em, I wonder when she'll realize That she's the only reason I visit The only woman in my world that acknowledges my existence And if my ship ever comes, I'll miss it Because I'm getting old and I ain't got much left to give it So there it is and I have to live with it I had the chance to make a difference, but I didn't In the cafe bathroom drinking free tap water Thinking: "Damn, I should've been a better father to my daughter"

Steaks And Shrimp

Clap your hands to the beat, to the beat Just clap your hands to the beat, to the beat Come on clap your hands to the beat, to the beat I said clap your hands to the beat, to the beat Uh huh and you don't stop Uh huh and you don't stop Uh huh and you don't stop Uh huh and you don't stop We in this Great Lakes state Eatin steaks 'n shrimp It's kinda hard to miss the crew Because we all got limps We come equipped with new kicks and stetsons The super saggy rags and the white trash connection No flexin, huh, know what I mean You can feel us fool, we don't need to be seen It's all about the green, not the drugs we be takin That shits free with an LP in circulation And we be wastin time Got them all state, all county, all hood rhymes It's all good times, thank the lord For dumb fuckin people and credit card fraud We're tearin up your lawn, we got herds of Lincolns Step into your crib and have your whole house stinkin Don't blink and don't think we're soft Hide your money and your gold and don't express your thoughts We get mad props, wreck all shops Puttin stops on crews They get confused and lose, that's what we do Styles stem from pioneers Leavin suckers in awe And you get jawed for lookin queer Can you hear me or am I talkin to the wall That's Top Dog callin out each and every one of y'all You get balls, you come and talk that shit But Top Dogs camp ain't nothin to fuck with And don't say we didn't warn ya I got this Detroit thang with more love that California Drunk DJ smokin coiniac dips Call me the sidekick, thug boy, kid with the limp I rip through rhymes like a bullet in the breeze And I float through tracks like a shark in the sea A wee bit shy, but I comply by me And I'm a mean mother fucker when I have to be Got young g's with sleeves and thieves on hold Strategically placed in case somebody feels bold I ho's you can't fuck with these cause I make more papers then trees See we believe in brotherhood forever is criteria You fuckin with Top Dog Your fuckin with family No I ain't feelin ya, got all that I can do to hear Any time you see me you should stand clear You see me in my Lincoln I'm in the clubs drinkin Who you gonna check bitch, what the fuck you thinkin You can check me, but that shit don't slide You can get your life took tryin to take my pride You ride with who, man that shit ain't big I roll with dogs that'll rock your wig And got gigs all money Detroit to Portland Cellular receivers and beepers is what were sportin Your nothin of importance, I don't sweat you Yeah the drinks on me, but the jokes on you I'm all about the everyday nothin at all See I'm not doin very much, I'm just havin a ball I'm in bed by four, I'm up by noon I might sit around, I might write me a tune I might go fishi' and again I might not I might get me a fourty or pour me some scotch The watch on my wrist, that don't even exist A lot of pissed people from appointments that I've missed I dissed everybody and their mom for spite Cause everybody's barkin, but nobody ever bites Your talkin loud, sayin nothin Get you dad, get your cousin Go and get your boy cause he's as big as a house Now take your pussy ass click and get the fuck out I'm the estranged, deranged, I got domains like states I live in plush hotels with them hourly rates I do big plates eight times a day The crew be livin large at the seafood bay Got a way with the world and now I'm lookin' to scramble Ain't about to ass out on a no good gamble Could handle anything, but I ain't down for broke So before somebody slides, somebody's getting choked I'm a no good freak, tweak skin like rashes I lose a little love with everyday that passes Ain't a masotistic, rock statistics, vocabulary I'm a very shy simplistic And get this, some people say I changed I'm the same mother fucker with the same old name A little extra game and extra cash could see You could fuck me, but don't put it past me You wanna bash me and got no reason I can lay up in the Caymans for four straight seasons I ain't a punk, I refuse to be I live for what is, not what used to be Your all up in the past, that's ass Hear what I say I'm all about today and I'm a die that way Bitch

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