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PLUS ONE lyrics - Obvious

I Don't Care

Original and similar lyrics
Could it be yesterday I coulda swore the same thing happened just the other day Put on the spot Now what am I gonna say If I tell them who you are will they think that I'm insane Do I really care Well yes and no, maybe so 'Cause if they don't think you're real how will they ever know So I won't stop 'Cause even if they laugh at me It doesn't change a thing about what I believe (what I believe) [Chorus:] I don't care what it takes I don't care who it shakes I don't care what they say I'm gonna do it your way Even if I'm afraid, don't wanna make you look fake I don't care about anything it's not about me You make me feel secure You've given me your word and now I know I'm sure I was so messed up Like a wheel you turned around my fate When I thought you were just something up in outer space But that's not the case You're more real to me Than what they make you out to be on TV Can you turn me up 'Cause you know we're getting serious When we talk about the invisible it's so clear to us (so clear to us) [Repeat Chorus] I don't care about the things that used to keep me far away from you They left me so confused I don't care about the fear that tries to fill me up with so much doubt It turns me inside out So if they start to wonder And they start to stare You know it don't matter cause I don't care [Repeat Chorus]

Am I Ever Gonna Change

EXTREME "III Sides To Every Story"
I'm tired of being me, and I don't like what I see, I'm not who I appear to be So I start off every day, down on my knees I will pray, for a change in any way But as the day goes by, I live through another lie, if it's any wonder why AM I EVER GONNA CHANGE WILL I ALWAYS STAY THE SAME IF I SAY ONE THING, THEN I DO THE OTHER IT'S THE SAME OLD SONG, THAT GOES ON FOREVER AM I EVER GONNA CHANGE I'M THE ONLY ONE TO BLAME WHEN I THINK I'M RIGHT, I WIND UP WRONG IT'S A FUTILE FIGHT, GONE ON TOO LONG Please tell me if it's true, am I too old to start anew, cause that's what I want to do But time and time again, when I think I can, I fall short in the end So why do I even try, Will it matter when I die, Can anyone hear my cry AM I EVER GONNA CHANGE TAKE IT DAY BY DAY MY WILL IS WEAK AND MY FLESH TOO STRONG THIS PEACE I SEEK TILL THY KINGDOM COMES


PETER ANDRE "The Long Road Back"
[Intro X 2] Duh Duh Duh Duh Doo Duh Duh Duh Duh Doo Duh Duh Duh Duh Doo Insania Take a look around At what technology has found Is it what we need or are we killing the seed Dictated by the screen No more following your dreams The worlds become a difficult place to be Where are we going (Does anyone care) Hold on to real love There's so much to share [Chorus X 2] Duh Duh Duh Duh Doo Duh Duh Duh Duh Doo Duh Duh Duh Duh Doo This Is Insania Ageing will reverse Cloning will diverse Insanity is slowly creeping into our minds Where is yesterday Cos people aint the same Have we lost the faith or have we lost our minds Where are we going Does anyone care Hold on to real love There's so much to share [Repeat Chorus X 2] Pray for the time when love will restore let's kill all the pain let our hearts be the core.... Where are we going Does anyone care Hold on to real love There's so much to share [Repeat Chorus Till End]

Tear It Up

Michael Mcdonald "Take It To Heart"
(Gardner Cole And Seth Swirsky) Now I need your touch tonight Nobody else will do The time is right Love's a game and we're both in it Playin' for real, we will win it Gonna show them how it's meant to be We're gonna make it together We're gonna tear it up Take it to the limit girl We're gonna make it together We're gonna tear it up Never see the finish Now tomorrow seems so bright The future's lookin' good for us We have a chance If our faith is true and we don't break it No one else could ever shake it What we have will last eternally True love forever, shine your light this way And we'll stay together Passion is all it takes to make it real And it's what we're feelin'

Why Did I Care?

Arcwelder "Everest"
(music: arcwelder lyrics: s.macdonald) Wish I weren't so sensitive - that I could blow it off and wish you the best but that's just me and I just can't Didn't even care at first but you reeled me in and now I'm hanging here deboned and gutted [chorus] What was I doing? What was I thinking? Where was I going? Why did I care? What was I doing ? What was I thinking? What was I asking? Why did I care? Keep your distance so I can heal - don't you pick at my scabs I can't allow myself to feel but I'm weak and I want you It's not my fault that you don't know what you want I will laugh at this tomorrow if I can ever fall asleep [chorus] Some days are better than others - this must be one of those others So I hide behind the fans - they make me feel OK I will pull myself out of this - there is light at the end of the tunnel As long as you don't blow it out with your sweet and sour breath [chorus]

Real Thing

Here comes the night Once again I'll be feeling lonely Oh, if only things could work out like you plan Where can love be Tell me why it's so hard to find somebody Who will stand by me And take the time to understand And show me love again I want the real thing Or nothing at all I need someone that I can be sure will catch me If I should fall Someone who'll be there when I call Then I'll know that it's the real thing I want the real thing To warm me each night Someone to love me over and over Making the future bright Somebody who will make it all right Just give me the real thing Where is the moon? Won't it smile On just one more dreamer Let your beams come down And fill my empty room Here comes the night But if there's still a chance That love can find me I'll be here Crossing my fingers I want to know for sure That I can feel secure Knowing I've found an everlasting love And once I get that under control Then I won't let go

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