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PEPPER lyrics

Sitting On The Curb

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Sitting on the Curb I remember those days when I had big money never checked the price it just all came to me but now a days I'll be pinchin every penny 5 star dining at my local denny's I've been sitting on the curb in you neighborhood looking at the streelight thinking how I could just get one response, maybe a glance but the system has it's rules about the second chance living by the tracks in the Barrio keeps my welfare state from the don risto don't be amazed when you see me out of line I've got my baseball bat to take care of joe grind thought I was one, baby I'm a fool because I've been wrong for years ;chorus; ain't it funny how everybody knows but you couldn't imagine what else you could do please spare me your regards baby time is long when your waiting pateintly that bed used to be so good now my pillow is a curb in your neighborhood thought I was one, but baby I'm a fool because I've been wrong for years Ain't it funny......................

Into The Fire

Brainstorm (Metal) "Unholy"
We sink and drown we're bound to fail it seems we are to blame for this disaster some not afraid some don't feel scared they never feel the shame for what they're doin' Father forgive us for we know not what we do nothing would ever change our ways everyday this planet earth is dyin' more and more is it too late now? Into the fire we burn It's sad to know It's bad to see that we have turned to oceans blue to gray We broke the rules we've talked too much never a thought about the world we're always raping DOG DAYS COMING DOWN Another day messed up again I'm really bound to fail these days I've got no place where I can hide I'm down on my luck again I've never been a superstitious fool this life is just a bitch to me tell me what's wrong Dog days comin' down it's the time when you're just loosin' Dog days comin' down I can't make this sacrifice I never thought that I could fall and I can't come in from the rain too many things went wrong again ti takes away my piece of mind It's like a monkey on my back again just like a needle in my skin ain't got it right


Impossibles "Return"
Held our breath for a long time Never thought these days would come to end And then we'd have to let them go Force fed and sleepless Never thought we'd learn love the road, the ride, the time it took away But here's our return One more chance to push each other down Tested our limits Pushed so hard that we broke in two And you are broken to this day Double-crossed and lied to I still lack parts that have clung to you And through it all I've ignored the pain But here's our return One more chance of sharing the rest of our Days move slowly Weeks spent lonely Years waiting for your return We have come so far in years A part of me will always be a part of you

Something About You

How? How can it be That a love, carved out of caring Fashioned by fate, could suffer so hard From the game played much too often But making mistakes Is a part of life's imperfections Born of the years, it's not so wrong To be human after all Drawn into the stream of undefined illusion Those diamond dreams, they can't disguise the truth That there is something about you, baby So right I couldn't be without you, baby Tonight If ever our love was concealed No-one could say that You didn't feel a million things In a perfect dream of life Gone, fragile but free We remain; tender together Not so in love; it's not so wrong We're only human after all These changing years, they add to your confusion But you need to hear the time that told the truth [Repeats:] There is something about you, baby So right I couldn't be without you, baby Tonight It's what makes the world go round It's what makes the rivers flow, and It's what makes the sparrows sing, and It's what makes the flowers grow, and It's what gives the babies breath, and It's what gives the sun it's shine, and It's what makes the Phillies play

Wrong Lover

J. HOLIDAY "Round 2"
[Rick Ross] You Might need a passport for this one [Rick Ross] Its internacional [Rick Ross] J. Holiday! [J. Holiday] And we got a special Guess [Rick Ross] Guess who...Boss! [J. Holiday] You know sometimes ladies they move to fast and they choose the wrong one [Rick Ross] Yea! [J. Holiday] But if you like me.. [Rick Ross] Rite [J. Holiday] We just might take yours back [Rick Ross] I'm with that [J. Holiday] Like repossession [Rick Ross] Belive that [Verse 1] By the way that you scream my name I put a talk that you aint been claimed Now you up in here with that lame Looking back you chose the wrong lover (thats the wrong dude over there Baby) And I can tell that you feel the same You see me your expression change I dont want To approach or disrespect So I text you I gotta have you tonight [Bridge] So lets do it again Meet me at the spot So we can Dot dot dot-dot dot dot Alright (Alright) She hit me back like 3 O'clock [Chorus] Its the way that you walk smooth (so sexy) The way that You move oooh Girl I cant let You escape I have to reposses u stay Its the way that you walk smooth The way that You move oooh Since that night you was all mines You realized you chose the wrong lover [Verse 2] By the way that You play your game Put a talk that your field done changed But baby now all you can say for yourself is I love ya And its written all on your face (all over your face) That you wanna meet me at your place I dont want To approach or disrespect So I text baby whats up for tonight (sup baby deal with me) [Bridge] So lets do it again Meet me at the spot So we can Dot dot dot-dot dot dot Alright (Alright) She hit me back like 3 O'clock [Chorus] [Rick Ross talking] I need you baby Ridin with that sucker Not a good look Not a good Look! Not frontin baby I Got more paper than Him to Not being arrogant or am I? [Rick Ross Verse 3] I shines on a rainy night My new mercedes bright I let her hit the smoke Me knowing this how ladys like it We counting thousand stacks Im on my 89th She on her 21st Feel like a pretty curse But then the tables turn She actin like she aint concerned Running with a wide reciver cuz hes paper firm Another angel came Player got hes ankle sprained Out for the season now she see that things are not the same She made the wrong choice picked the wrong man But baby I forgive now get with the program Its ricky ross jholiday You a star and I got the perfect part to play [Chorus]

You Me And She

EVE "Eve-Olution"
(I'm sittin down in da corner,chillin wit all my boys mr.biggs is in the house..) [chorus 1] you, me, and she what we gonna do baby, baby (get at the party, city of venis) [eve] i did it to myself, couldn't help the way I felt about him sick when he wasn't there, like I never delt without him played the fool by choice, all I had was this man letem have the best of both worlds cause it was his clan all the things I wanted to hear, he told me gently whatever it was, wanted nuthin, gave me plenty told me that he split with this chick but couldn't shake her cause she had his kids, so he fed her with this paper first it started off like that, dough for closure started slackin off, in fact it wasn't over now my world is crumblin down, I'm fealin shake-e used to be a superwoman, no bitch could replace me wanted him to leave me alone, but I was caught up thought I was strong, broke down, when braking up was brought up tried to really ryde with this dude I thought I loved him and every time I asked what I should do, he said trust him [chorus 2] you, me, and she what we gonna do baby, (trust me) baby (hold me, yeaaa) you, me, and she what we gonna do baby (believe me), baby (need me, yeaaa) [eve] to hate, I must be crazy, feeding hI'm the bullshit attitudes and tryin to hold out that shit was useless the more I tried to back up, the more he kept comin lie after lie, shit, lieing wasn't nuthin tear after tear come down, tellin me to be cool all I need is you baby, nobody could be you believed him, he decieved me, just to keep me callin me from her spots, sayin how he need me i had to step back, he got me stressed out this aint what I planned, thought I had my life sketched out huh, I guess not, love me to hurt me hurt me to make-up, then make-up to desert me [chorus 2] [eve] back and forth with the he said, he said got me dizzy if I leave, know the routine, he beg cause he miss me too late, cause you had me, lost me, daddy move on boss-bitch, no more floss, nigga I'm gone arguements for hours me and her comparing notes and after all the screamin stop, we comparing quotes you got sloppy thoughts, you was that nigga let me catch you heart didn't hurt till I covered up your tattoo my statue, on a pedestal, every breath too never new the worst till you felt what the best do and I'm that, its over now, hope I stressed you But Niggas only do it when you lie, when I let you..

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