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Hos' I've been waiting all this time, soliciting is my one crime take a step which way to go, with no permission from a ho and a limp with no deseases, my back seats got remedies I'll be part of history, with 15 books on my story and be a swift like roddigan, equipt with the best selection wondering what you use, slipping off the booze cruise and your focus turns to blur, when you set your eyes on her as I turn away as she looks at me ;chorus; and I'm a wanting watching you walk away i will try to meet you by the old highway and if it's now I'm down to slack with the sun shown accross my back now that your gone, moving right along run down the road still viewing sluts, bowcats, these ho's are trying to fool me no promises you get the one time slam seductive sexy capers in the hilton tram with this abuse of napkins X-amount of heineken waking up's so hard to do when I'm lying next to you so I'm knockin at your door, complicates the night before she said the joke is on me, I said the joke is on her mary oh mary, your still so quite contrary how could you ever know ;2nd chorus; why am I so short of your attention having this discussiom downtown no obligation, it's a real hard emotion now that your gone, I'm moving right along

Do You Think That's Fair

Well I see you've got a new boyfriend Got your mixed up husband too I got 25 dollars in my pocket Want me to spend it all on you But I know that you cheat on all of us That's just the way that you do Hey, girl, I don't care where you've been I know, I've been there too Chorus: Woo, woo baby, Do you think that's fair? Do we really have to be so lonely and so scared Woo, woo baby, Do you think that's fair? Well I know this is up to me and you We make this thing turn out like we want to Well, last time I thought about you Didn't really think that much And the last time we spoke you said You were afraid of my touch And then you went your way I stumbled down a highway, I went mine You know, I think it's funny the Way infatuation gets beat up by the time CHORUS Well I see your life has evolved Into one big masquerade And all of those old fools you used to run to They shot you full of old age Well, don't go expecting too much no, no From this new love affair Probably fall flat on its face No one to pick you up, no one who cares CHORUS


504 BOYZ "Ballers"
(feat. Afficial, Curren$y) [Chorus: repeat 2X] Y'all don't wanna war wit us, in this steel we trust When there's beef best believe we bust We can take it how you want it cuz we thuggin over here Pure, uncut, raw butter over here [Yukon] Yo you see the game getting better this year They done put P with Afficial something better in here I'm tryin to take em where they ain't been Somethin out they price range Ain't in they budget, you know they can't spend Where we at, in a league of our own And I know this chick now I'm tryin to meet at my home So they can see the goods I got About how there's one in every neighborhood Strangers feel like they're tourin blocks You know it ain't too hard to tell That every member of my street team ain't too far from jail And if he down then his book's healthy You see, I don't only talk about the cars and the cribs, I look wealthy Beef ain't a problem with us now And nigga you can get as loud as you want, we hollow in the pound And let em think they playin with that And imma show em with one squeeze, how 16's spray in ya back [Chorus] [Desperado] I write my rhymes in the kitchen cuz my balls is cookin Used to fuck average bitches now the stars is looking Niggas scared and they shook, I can tell by their face Cuz we hard to figure out, like the lock to a safe I go to court the judge dropping the case No blood as soon as I kill a nigga then I'm moppin the place And I'm quick to pop the 8, that's just how I was raised Desperado, name spread like the shells in the gauge And age the major reason why they can't believe it But we all quarterbacks and y'all gotta receive it But they don't catch it till a year later Minds kill, niggas lost so they gotta catch up like Hossfield Your team don't squeeze, guess what, mines will Or stop till there's a million a show like Seinfield Plus we got the skill for this, any proven time But this burner to your head, make you lose your mind nigga [Chorus] [S-Flames] I can feel the girls on my nuts, bout those Rolls and drops Now it's hard to get her off like a Heiniken top I got ten young boys on the block with them quarters Nowadays I'm washin my car with spring water Why you just try to send your man to merc me You can't get rid of Flames, nickname is herpes I'm a man, you a man, won't you act like one See me face to face chump, watch me beat you like my son You fucked up comin strong with the GOAT Getting killed with no money now you dead broke If the Liberty Bell rung it wouldn't stop this fight Get buck like Bugsy and his men go hard all night Nigga you heard my bars, you know I got a bad mouth Furnished and customized, you know I got a bad house Game over, Afficial in here I live inside of a shape, my house the Hollywood Square nigga [Chorus] [Curren$y] Come thru in a white Viper with the rally stripes A trunk hold 6 bodies if you stack em right Same hits over the celly, sit back and write They only found half of ya so your casket lite Now your body real easy to carry These hoes talk to much, me and my A.K.s finna get married 2 shots to the grill, put a hole in ya smile With a banana clip longer than the O.J. trial Now let me find out you tried to put a stop to my sales Put a hole through ya head like the top of a whale If a nigga get knocked I can post my own bail A million dollars in cash let me outta this cell Man y'all niggas just beginners I got enough bricks to rebuild the whole World Trade Center Old school Regals, D's, and gold spinners Everyday I got a different mink for the whole winter [Chorus]

My Name Is.. (Radio Edit)

EMINEM "Slim Shady LP"
Chorus: repeat 2X Hi! My name is.. (what?) My name is.. (who?) My name is.. scratches> Slim Shady Hi! My name is.. (huh?) My name is.. (what?) My name is.. scratches> Slim Shady Ahem.. excuse me! Can I have the attention of the class for one second? [Eminem] Hi kids! Do you like Primus? (Yeah yeah!) Wanna see me stick Nine Inch Nails through each one of my eyelids? (Uh-huh!) Wanna copy me and do exactly like I did? Try {'cid} and get messed up worse that my life is? My brain's dead weight, I'm tryin to get my head straight but I can't figure out which Spice Girl I want to {impregnate} And Dr. Dre said, 'Slim Shady you a basehead!' Uh-uhhh! 'So why's your face red? Man you wasted!' Well since age twelve, I've felt like a caged elf who stayed to himself, in one space, chasin his tail (blalblalblabla) Got ticked off and ripped Pamela Lee's lips off Kissed em and said, 'I ain't know silicone was 'sposed to be this soft' I'm bout to pass out and crash, and fall in the grass faster than a fat man who sat down too fast C'mere lady! (Shady, wait a minute, that's my girl dog!) I don't give a damn, Dre sent me to tick the world off! Chorus [Eminem] My English teacher wanted to flunk me in junior high (Damn!) Thanks a lot.. next semester, I'll be thirty-five I smacked him in his face with an eraser, chased him with a stapler and told him to change the grade on the paper (Now!) Walked in the strip club, had my jacket zipped up Served the bartender, then walked out with a tip cup Extraterrestrial, runnin over pedestrians in a spaceship while they're screamin at me: 'LET'S JUST BE FRIENDS!' Ninety-nine percent of my life I was lied to I just found out my mom does more {dope} than I do I told her I'd grow up to be a famous rapper Make a record about doin {drugs} and name it after her (Here mom!) You know you blew up when the women rush your stands and try to touch your hands like some screamin Usher fans (Aaahhhhhh!) This guy at White Castle asked for my autograph (Dude, can I get your autograph?) So I signed it: 'Dear Dave, thanks for the support, {ASSHOLE!}' Chorus [Eminem] Stop the tape! This kid needs to be locked away! (Get him!) Dr. Dre, don't just stand there, OPERATE! I'm not ready to leave, it's too scary to die I'll have to be carried inside the cemetery and buried alive Am I comin or goin? I can barely decide I just drank a fifth of Kool-Aid -- dare me to drive? (Go ahead) All my life I was very deprived I ain't had a woman in years, and my palms are too hairy to hide Clothes ripped like the Incredible Hulk (hachhh-too) I spit when I talk, I'll {fuck} anything that walks (C'mere) When I was little I used to get so hungry I would throw fits HOW YOU GONNA BREAST FEED ME MOM? (WAH!) YOU AIN'T GOT NO {TITS!} (WAH!) I lay awake and strap myself in the bed Put a bulleproof vest on and tap myself in the head (BANG!) I'm steamin mad (Arrrggghhh!) And by the way when you see my dad? (Yeah?) Ask him if he bought a porno mag and seen my ad Chorus

Sumthin' Wicked This Way Comes

TLC "CrazySexyCool"
Remeber back in da time When da only sign we had was picket But now in '94 it be This way somethin' come wicked Gangs killin' others fo colors Thangs that we wear fo fashion Other brothers take it fo a reason To be blastin' what da cuff is goin' on Not soft like buttercupus but Had enough of singin' dat same song See I stayed across da street from da projects Took out yo momma trash and groceries To her trunk to keep my pockets Fat like cellulite only been to jail one week Fo some shullbit and I pray to God I won't repeat I shoulda pulled it when I had da chance to No I shouldna did dat 'cause if I did dat Yall would not hear dat fat shit Dat keeps you on yo tippy - Toes like dat sellout not callin' no names But really who's bad I go through obstacles like a whole box Of condoms you can't forget Where you come from Take a good look in the mirror and tell Me do you like what you see Masters of deception corruption and evil But you're always quick to point the finger At me Won't somebody tell me [Chorus] I just don't understand The ways of the world today Sometimes I feel like there's nothing To live for So I'm longing for the days of yesterday What gave you the right to misjudge me And write me off on the wall Acting as if you understand me In reality you just don't know me at all Sometimes I can't help but wonder If this was how it's meant to be But if you search deep enough in your soul You'll always find a slight reminder of me Won't somebody tell me [Chorus] A-yo If we could all agree to lettin' Our souls become free of that sweet Bitterness then whose chest would Have the most seeds I keep misfocusin' my needs And this stress on my back With them caps they be blastin' Into my knap sack Ain't no accidental deathtraps My mishap is the fact that I'm destined to snap It's when I feel as though my body's Able to go my mind is ready to flow Did you know first you catch And then I throw It's my own sense of time If I'm late it's 'cause I'm endin' my day Just when the sun shines And still gently advising the arisin' Of the moon as it rolls around Into my soundproof dimension [Chorus]

I Am Alive

(Rob Halford/Brian Tilse) Verse : I am I said And I believe I make it here for something This is my time I¹m here and now And I¹ll fight on To get there Chorus : With prejudice in mind Through fear nobody sees Unwilling to accept This ignorant disease. Verse : By my own right I have a dream This is my life. I¹m someone. Look in my eyes I¹m everyman Feel what I see Inside you. Chorus : A damming of the facts A way that¹s negative Inside we¹re all the same We have one life to live The virus in the heart Enough to seal your fate Look deep at what you are It¹s time to kill the hate Chorus : A narrow mind will give A poisoned point of view Take care of what you sow The next one could be you By opening the door The end could be so sure A joining of the hands To seek and find a cure I am I said I am I said I have a dream I AM ALIVE !

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