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Skat Strut

Original and similar lyrics
MC Skat Kat: Well You've never seen a kat with so much charisma Got More Moves than a mutant nina- turtle that is And I'm doing the Skat Strut To hell with John Travolta and the Disco Duck They call me Skat Kat, the dance floor maniac One more of my hip is like an afro-disiac Swinging and wingingI'm just doing my own thing Girls don't jump me Give me room to be funky Step to the dance floor bust a little spin (I thought I saw a putty kat, I did) SHUT UP KID!! This is a new dance so shake your butt And get a load of what its like to be doing Skat Strut Now Jack was nimble and Jack was quick But it was Skat Kat that made Jack trip I burned him on the butt with a flick of my bic And then I cold ran away with the candle stick I've got all the right moves Ladies think I'm Loveable Love to wine and dine sippin' on bubble But most of all, I like dancing y'all And doing my Skat Strut from wall to wall It's as simple as it gets, just stick out your neck Lift up your leg and step to the left Now shake a little as you groove to the beat --Bend over, shake your big booty And if you get dizzy from shaking your butt You must have shook the wrong end cuz you ain't doing The Skat Strut (I though I saw a putty kat- I did, I did) As we go a little something like this-- Hit it!! Without a question, its the strut to fame I can see myself now on the aisles of 'Soul Train' People want to know if its meant to be silly I say only when it's done by Milli and Vanilli The dance is mine a generation of felines Mastered this step back in '69 Return of the Skat Strut a brand new dance (I thought I) could but you can't-- BUST IT Homeboy Fatz, Why don't you step up to the microphone And give them a little taste of Your beat box boy--- FATZ: Hey man, I've told you I don't like nobody telling me what to do Now I'm a beat-box, but I'm a do-it-my-way Anybody got something to say MC Skat Kat: For those who don't know me, My name is Skat I'm the kat who did the rap in 'Opposites Attract' Me and Paula did a duo and then I went solo To grab the microphone and make the ladies go HO! And now that I've got you at my command Its my sole opportunity to make you dance I want all four paws on the dance floor Do that strut until your legs get sore Come on! Come on! Come on!

Speed Seduction

Angel Forrest "Believe In Angels Believe In Me"
Sometimes you want to taste What isn't on the menu That is only human nature Your efforts to ignore me Dancing on the floor Have flipped the switch to My attention [Bridge] I get it get it You wicked wicked Me feel it feel it mmm Quicker quicker It's working working I'm telling you [Chorus] Speed seduction Faster faster Boy you've got me Hurry hurry Speed seduction Faster faster Boy you've got me Hurry hurry Whip lightening cuts the dark Accelerating fast Your rapid breathing motivates me Speed swifter then a jack knife Slicing through a white light Racing up to over take me [Repeat Bridge x1] [Repeat Chorus x1] Come on tell me what It's all about Step on the dance floor quick Come on tell me what It's all about Step on the dance floor quick Come on tell me what It's all about Step on the dance floor quick Come on tell me what It's all about Step on the dance floor quick Sometimes you wanna to taste What isn't on the menu That is only human nature Shock rocket to the bed Flip spinning on his head We're just beginning our adventure [Repeat Bridge x1] [Repeat Chorus x2] Slow down your going to fast Whatcha trying to do to me Slow down your going to fast Whatcha trying to do to me Slow down your going to fast Whatcha trying to do to me Owww

Trapped On The Dancefloor

DJ Jazzy Jeff The Fresh Prince "Homebase"
[Verse 1] You're trapped on the dance floor It's locked there's no escape There's no eat no drink cant take a break No seat to sit down you gotta stand up The record on the wheel reacts like a handcuff Your in a cage and this groove will bound you People in the club like bars around you The doors open up and the people are boarding Here are the prisoners the DJ is the warden Your mind is useless instinct takes control Jam to techno Groove to soul to soul You been arrested Now your being tested The beat is a sex fiend, you're being molested Stead drum kicks like pistol in spinal You gotta dance and get round like a Rhino The DJ cuts with a knife like a surgery Sayin that the slice aint nice that's perjury The music infiltrates you mutates you Grabs you holds you moulds you and let you Do things you wouldn't a otherwise done Like shake rattle roll pump twist and then some Ain't no law here you can't protest this Stop looking around it ain't no oasis You can't leave till the man pulls the needle Take that as a warning Take heed or I'll quicken the pitch and make you dance faster The drum is the whip, bass line is the master The temperature's a 100 and yet you still want more You're a slave and your trapped on the dance floor [Chorus] Oh oh I'm trapped like a ??? I can't get out Can't you see I'm trapped Can't you see I'm so confused I can't get out [Verse 2] Now your wondering lost in a jungle You came in hyped up but now your humble Bringing out sweat in your silky wet clothes You scream for help, blend in with the ??? and hoes You try to sit but their ain't know spaces The floor is a desert, a party oasis I know your on the tip for the rhyme I just did And here's a little taste of my homeboy, El Sid Ay a prince it's the El Sid's version I'm a raid on the track, I'm a hip-hop surgeon The floor is jam packed get away from the bar scene The strum of the drum has you trapped like a sardine You try to move no form of escape The heat brings on sweat, stick on like tape Party's like a ??? Girls slim and trim on the floor Don't try to shoot for the door This ain't the gym The party goers every night had a scene This mic try to respond but still trapped like in Venus Aint a spiff or a spoof Boy you better not goof You about to cave in although you ain't on a roof The rhythm track from offside's to angles Playing the wimp fight resist ... strangle You can't escape until the DJ's fingers up So play like a phone or coat and just hang it up The speakers pumping out sounds and hip words Lines between the rhythm designed to equip nerds You better jam we don't care if you hardcore Cause we got you trapped on the dance floor [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3] Me and prince got together just to kick our lines No trouble at the party cause we're strapped with nines Dance floor secure, don't bother tryin to get out You looking for the late AM this man pull red out Nobody cause killing is mean Got ya dancin' in the dark and dressed like Springsteen Razzamatazz a pasazz about to rip the flesh is my man Jazz Fresh Soon as I worked through the door I got trapped on the dance floor See this girlie that I never saw She was looking raw Came a little closer Then I opposed her Then I drop the fox trot so hot that I roast her ??? planes in the damn chain hard to explain I did it up like I was straight outta Soul Train Listen as I discuss this yo bust this Like a hammer before me you cant touch this Trapped on the floor like a vulture Part of my culture You may even thought I was drived to faulter Get live like a ???jack that fives you the window main??? Add a little mic and janet you cant understand it Cause ??? thought I was from another planet Way of whipping and dipping And sliding ??? of what I'm providin Other dancers go and hide Like Charles ??? I'm prancin I keep the dance all night until The party's over the party's over Like a cowboy at a rodeo From mister mister dosie doe Around the dance floor Steppin the new hardcore I'm Jazz Fresh and I'm trapped [Chorus] [Verse 4] Max up to step up just to keep this rap up the time that he possesses the best in a contest Jeff with his right and left like Jazz Fresh No other than the brother the lover Jazzy Jeff I'm the one dance floor at the station ??? time around quarter to ten times work hard the customers scarred your tickets to freedom yo you ain't gonna need em your sentence is 25 years to life a ??? is your husband and wife trapped behind the steel the steel of the wheels don't come to the party if you don't wanna know how business feels I walk strong carry a big stick Sell myself all packed and thick When they sound the drum you know its time to roll Might as well have fun there's no parol I set a trap and caught you like a mouse For times ahead no chance for a halfway house Pump the bass in all sections Prince, sid, and jazz my officers of correction Cant' escape the floor cut the crime out ??? wall ain't no use tryin to climb out cause I'm running this show and it's live in here you try to escape another five years I got you trapped and I'm your savior You dance real hard you might get out on good behavior But if you don't I give you more 'Cause DJ Jazzy Jeff got you trapped on the dance floor [Chorus 2x]

1, 2 Step

CIARA "Goodies"
[Intro] Ladies and gentlemen, This is a Jazze Phizal (Jazze Phizal) productshizzle, Missy (Missy), The princess is here, (She's here) Ciara, This beat is [Verse 1] Automatic supersonic hypnotic funky fresh, Work my body so melodic, This beat goes right through my chest, Everybody ma and papi came to party, Grab somebody,Work your body, work your body, Let me see you 1,2 step [Hook] Rock it, don't stop it, Everybody get on the floor, Crank the party up, We about to get it on, (Let me see you) 1,2 step, (I love it when you) 1,2 step (Everybody) 1,2 step, We about to get it on, [Verse 2] This beat is Outrageous so contagious make you crave it, (Jazze made it), So retarded, top charted, Ever since the day it started, Strute my stuff, And yes i flaunt it, Goodies make the boys jump on it (Jump on it), No i can't control myself, Now let me do my 1,2 step [Hook] (We goin'to drop it like this.oooohwee) [Bridge] It don't matter to me, We can dance slow, Whichever way the beat drop, Our bodies will go, So swing it over here Mr.DJ, And we will, we will rock you It don't matter to me, We can dance slow, Whichever way the beat drop, Our bodies will go, So swing over here Mr. DJ, And we will, we will rock you, [Missy] I shake it like jello, make the boys say hello, Cause they know im rockin' the beat I know you heard about a lot of great MC's, But the aint got nothing on me (Because im 5 foot 2, I wanna dance with you, And im sophisticated fun, I eat filet mignon, And i'm nice and young, Best believe im number one [Hook 2x] This is for the hearing impaired, A Jazze Pha production

Dance For Me

MARY J BLIGE "No More Drama"
[Ahkim] Yo, even if you don't dance, rock to this Let your pants sag, stand up and block to this Come on mami, relieve stress, you don't need rest So while the niggers lay cash, you chicks shake ass 1 - [MJB] If you're floatin' real high And you feelin' the vibe Won't you get on the floor and just dance for me If you're feeling the groove It ain't knocking for you So just get on the floor and just dance for me And I know you been stressed That's how we got you messed up Get on the floor and just dance for me Just be here and you'll jump So stay here 'till it close And stay up on the floor and just dance for me Hey, I know it's been rough But I'm tryin' to make it easy For everybody to dance for me So come one, come all, come everybody Me and you, all of us 'bout to really party And you know that we're gonna put it down After two more drinks, we'll be feelin' the sound Repeat 1 Get off the wall cuz I know that you can feel me Stop the fronting and dance for me So come one, come all, come everyone And me and you, all of us, by the way we party And you know that we're gonna put it down After four more drinks we'll be fallin' down Repeat 1 Leave all your troubles and your cares behind Don't you worry 'bout a thing, not tonight, no Don't drink too much because we have all night Don't you rush because it's all night long Repeat 1 [Ahkim] Yeah, yeah, yo Party time, pull the Linx out, get the minks out Or come ghetto, but just dance to the music Feel the vibe, I'll throw up your hands and loose it You say you ball 'till you fall Well it's your chance to prove it You on hand 'till the sun up And the pounds of smoke, bottles is empty And I got them models in the Bentley And six simply when I bounce in the club Around thugs that smoke ounces of blunt Cop cases of Cris', pop 'till they can't taste the shit But hell, what's the major event Real niggas, real broads, ill cars, hot rims Sedan Coupes, SUV's, to the drop Benz From the outside in, the party rock We just started and we ain't tryin' to hardly stop From the Bellvedere to the Bacardi shots Just dance ma, cuz you know the bar hot Repeat 1 Repeat 1

Dance For Me

QUEEN LATIFAH "All Hail The Queen"
It's a fact I'll attest to, mess around and I'll arrest you I ain't playing, you know what I'm saying? This ain't the best you've ever hear coming from a female MC But you know what I mean? (Hail to the Queen!) This MC stands for "Microphone Commando" When I command that you take a hand And throw it up in the air, yeah, just like that now Chill, and watch me rap cause I'm flowing (Flowing) Just like water I slaughter (Slaughter) A battle, put me in it, I win it The mission is music and rhythm Rhythm backed by words, all in my system System by techniques, techniques I got my heart in Heart into the music, music I take part in One try, one God, and one destiny Just dance for me "Dance to the music" [x2] Now understand that you must (dance) because this is a beat to clap to My brother Lance said "Latifah you got to make them get up off their feet" So I put my rhyme to a DJ Mark beat Ample samples, this for example Are made by the 45 King, so cancel Your plans of moving to the front lines He's a DJ, producer, and mind you a friend of mine I hop, dip, and spend with the children So get down with the sound and you will lend To let me bring while I bring Queen Latifah to the 45 King, creating A new style in the name of the Flavor Unit That's the way we like it, so I'm doing it So if you want to know what the plan is to be I order you to dance for me "Dance to the music" [x2] My voice is your choice at a stage show I do it for the Flavor Unit to make you say "ho" With powerful lyrics I'm armed To let a sucker step up and get bombed By a beat created by my producer To break you out of the stuff that you're used to This here is a moment of truth So take the record to the DJ booth And let's start this, let the beat get dumb Cause I'm a shake it all night and then some People dancing, I can spot 'em When I take control, you know I got 'em Stop the music? That's not a question The Flavor Unit takes no suggestions If you're not on the dance tip, here's your chance to be I order you to dance for me "Dance to the music" [x6]

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