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PAT GREEN lyrics

Dancehall Dreamer

Original and similar lyrics
Dancehall Dreamer I found myself in bar room Doing the things I ought not to Watching life as it slowly passed me by I was holding onto lovers And disregarding others with my lies Living my whole life like this I guess its risky business Some folks say that I won't last too long And I can't say I blame them For saying what their saying ‘Cause right now I'm just holding on Chorus I'm just an old Dancehall Dreamer Living my life in the past Holding onto dreams and them slow moving trains And I don't know how long I can last So I called out to Jesus Said Lord I really need you You've got to carry me for a while I've been running too long Singing them old tired songs As wheels keep on turning out the miles Like I said I'm just a dreamer Got to keep believing someday things will go my way I'm just running from the devil Got one foot on the pedal While the other's laid up in the grave Chorus Repeat Chorus

Dear Slim

Dear Slim I never wrote you or been callin My name ain't Stan son, nah we've never met and My name's KJ let me begin by introducing now Myself to you and these very reasons I'll be writin Why I took the time, the who what where and why and The purpose of my verse, the reasons I'm reciting What I hope your learnin from the truth I pray your finding And every word I'm writin down upon the dotted lines and See I heard ya first album, was called Infinite I shook my head cause nowadays you soundin different What drove ya take your whole persona and be flippin it now What makes a man totally change see I ain't getting it See was you sick of getting booed when you was rippin it And sick of never havin dough and you your wanted to put an end to it What good's all kinds of dough Plus all kinds of flow To gain a world of fans but suffer the loss of soul CHORUS La la la la la la, La la la la la la la la To whom it may concern x4 Dear Slim I never wrote you or been calling This is my 2nd letter cause see son I gots a real problem It's that to you that I'm always catching these comparisons And after shows I got these people coming up to me sayin You sound like Slim Shady son you sound like Eminem And I be like now really man, do I gots to go through this again See I used to get mad and sick of people saying that Till at this one show this one day I met this one cat He told me how he used to listen to you but now he listens to me Had your LP but threw it out and bought my CD I'm like for real he's like yeah he said my music made a difference It got him away from all your words and images I gotta mention this, now what about the effects you have on kids You ever stop to think about the millions you influence Or is it just irrelevent is it true life you telling it Or just the way for some record companies sellin it The only think we got in common is our melanin Or lack of it but anyway now this is what I'm sayin It's for you that I'm on my knees now daily prayin Prayin that God opens your eyes now to what I'm relayin Now I'm praying that it's your heart that will soon be changing Prayin one day that you'll be calling upon His name and But anyway I'm signin off now don't keep me waitin This is KJ another cat just trying to make it CHORUS Dear Slim I heard about the stuff you's going through See I could relate to you cause son I'm about as old as you See we both know what it's like just to be growing up to be in a neighborhood When you's the only one and only kid that's white Or to get booed when you on the mic just because your skin is light It ain't right but sometimes you know that's life But really tell me what you do You just push on with hopes on that someday you'll put on your crew I hope you understand that I ain't even dissin you And even though its a song you'll probably never listen to See what I send to you is this Is that a life without Christ is just a life that is never fixed Hope you remember this now a few sentences About a living God who loves you and plus forgives And I'll be praying for your ex-wife and plus your kid It's hard to live in a world as crazy as this one is And even though now it really might sound redundant God's got mad love for you up in a mad abundance You'll sell a couple mill I'll probably sell a couple hundred There's more to life then selling records and just getting blunted But anyway that's really all I gots to say Just another word from an emcee now around the way Maybe some day we meet each other in some way Till then one love one God one way CHORUS

Attention Span

[Aesop Rock] 3x Every little step we take breaks the dreams Of a warm pig itching to re-stitch the seams [Vast Aire] Namsayin, when I walk, I wanna break concrete! Ox'll spit some shit that'll reflect off the mirror My light beams are mad bright, they stay clever Yo challenge an Ox member, get a vow severed Found your body in the desert (Scavenger's dessert) Yeah yeah I rap tight like Saran Plus enter battles talkin shit like Look mom, no hands! I'm tired of cats tryin to sum me You can't add that far yet, that counting is far fetched I treat MC like canines Throwin words at they face to see if they bite when they catch I told you my poetry sponsors Gillette Now you standing there wit razors in your head like baretts Man, if the mic had ass cheeks The sticker in my hand would say priority seating And man, I dunno if it was me or you But your girl was on my dick like she was teethen You play the role/roll, I'll play the poppy seed on top of you The godspeed is actual, that doesn't mean I act usual One of the first MC's to give the crowd full attention Cuz you need love and affection Chorus[Aesop Rock, Vast Aire] 2x If we could absorb every star in the sky We noticed some shine brighter than others, you wonder why It's the simple things in life that turn the pesants into leaders And we know the differences between the walkers and the sleepers [Aesop Rock] I boogie with picket-a-vision, carbon based stickler City piss aroma, therapy coma, clone sitter Itching to pigeon hole villain soul magnet Feelings activate Passionate the germ, and the book met the worm I hold a book of matches captive to flashin For some need flatline Be a thick fatigue episdoe, brewed in batches Flirted curse at perked nurse, broken skeleton patches One muddy veteran collapsed the untapped resource center Housing style pagents My little limbs lassoed catered to wings While mankinds babysteps break dirt and demon I know a crossbreed strung well in the key of Mass times weight times tame semantics Encompassing that which splits lips but never supply and demand it To hell wit plastic, ooh yeah it's splendid Tap it on the shoulder, grab it, tag it, aprehend it Lend it to the devil of a friend it, wrench it back, mend it again It still never renders suspended but finicky picket fences Now every toy dreams to manufacture hearts Start with the diving parts and the blueprints You follow the prescedence set by war pigs of a yester year Let the tears pray Skip a stone over the reservoir to shake the whole sharade Hmm gun play the tumors platoon I couldn't see I fell asleep holding an Appleseed, woke up holding a tree The only bridge I ever burned along this legacy at dance Was the one that linked the cities of Prosperity and Chance Chorus 2x

86 Remix

AZ "L.O.D.B: Last Of A Dying Breed"
[Verse: Raekwon] Wood green jacket in the clapper Catch me inside Mojito City with a stretched plump actress Grabbin' her thong, the light-skinned Mia Long Rich niggas way back, the bitch do John Why would you ever wanna be here? Guns bigger than me here I'm like the centipede, three pair Wallabees, first pair ferocious Guns from Scotia, everybody know I flow like oceans Truck little pieces, how're we gonna eat this? I walk around fly, high, telekinesis And my lady a well known designer who fell in line with me And all she do is sell LV We in the grow house, trees look alone I built the Dutch Master train set, relax, you home And watchin' Carmelo when the Knicks go in I'm playing my square, I'm in the front row, my bitch roll in That's not wifey, that's a lover She gave me some top, but how we met, she was alone with my brother Givin' twenty-year veteran good dick, came to my senses Stay strong like old man in dentures Wintertime rockin' the fox, hangin' with Bruno Mars, The Lox Sting, yo, Nas' pops We gettin' honeys, Rat Pack clique in my gunny Blowin' two Ls, Ocean 11 this money Floss stays coolin' on them horses Hoppin' over logs, long Polo boots, ownin' them Porsches Maxin' king, everything Gucci Just like the suits I play Saturday to stay in Jacuzzis Brother Man, I'm floatin' to mother lands And came back with ounces of gold, wrapped aside, rubber bands Hangin' in McCormick & Schmitz Doin' my OG thing, slangin' some 'caine in the mix [Bridge: Altrina Renee] I'll be flying to the islands when it's cold outside Matching furs, his and hers, got matching black cars On my life, livin' right, baby, love is no limit Life's good either way, 'long as you in this


On my own I'm weak On my own I need A little hang now and then Just to tunnel me through Another mountain On my own I stumble On my own I crumble Beneath the weight of worries Beneath the skies of trouble Raining over me But then you come like the morning Turning my world with a touch Chorus Can't nothing come against us As long as we're together There's no table we can't turn There's no problem we can't weather As a matter of fact And a matter of trust We have nothing to fear As long, as long, as long as we have us On my own I struggle On my own I'm not able Without someone like you Just to carry me through Another valley On my own I'm nothing On my own I'm just wandering Without a purpose or goal Down a lonely road Thats never ending Until your faith in me Gave me a reason to believe Chorus We can make it We can make it through anything If we don't let change break us apart, apart, apart I'll be that one and only friend That you can sure depend upon Chorus

Kerosene Hat

CRACKER "Kerosene Hat"
INTRO BREAK: Em-C-G-D(bass F#) Em-C-G-D(bass F#) Em-D-C-A-G-C Em How can I fly with these C old doggy wings While the G magpie sings some D(bass F#) shiny song? Em Old corn face row of teeth, she says C sweetly to me In the G elevator D(bass F#) CHORUS: Em Everything D seems like a C dream and A life's a scream. G-C Here come old Kerosene Hat With his ear flaps waxed, a courting' his girl Come clattering in here on your old cloven skates With that devilish spoon CHORUS: Everything seems like a dream And life's a scream When you're submarine BREAK So don't you bother me death with your leathery ways and your old chaise lounge (old chaise lounge) Wickerman's fence of leathery tyres And the cook's gone bad, started several fires CHORUS: Everything seems like a dream When your submarine Head like a stream she says softly to me from the rattling chair Bring me a steak and my old pair of crows, my medicine lamp CHORUS: Everything seems like a dream So life's a scream (life's a scream) (Ring-around-rosie, pocket full of posies) (All fall down) (?, Don't suffer?) (?) (?) (?) (?) (Chaise lounge?)

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