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PASTOR TROY lyrics - We Ready, I Declare War

Eternal Yard Dash

Original and similar lyrics
Come on cuz, we almost there We almost there cuz Goddamn, where the finish line Fuck this shit, I need some chees And I need the cookie and the nestle If I have to kill then God bless me All these pussy motherfuckers, they shouldn't have test me Left me looking like the villian , I was thinking of ending Nobody knew what I was going through All these motherfuckers saying what they gonna do But then again all these motherfuckers ain't true So who am I gonna trust, am I going on and bust Myself nigga, damn this shit Fuck riding round' nigga, fuck being rich I can't take it, the shit to thick And it ain't my fault So I ought to give the motherfucker telling lies to me Hey the say, what its gonna be, but empty pockets all I goddamn see D-E-F, no ones left, then again, shit no ones right I'm a kill my damn self the night I get fear, it ain't my fault he couldn't fight It ain't like, when I motherfucking die, this whole world gonna fall apart But it's a race, and I got a bad heart Breath in the mouth, and I got a head start I'm running for nothing, I'm running for nothing [x8] So I'm gonna kill myself A motherfucker tellin' me what he gonna do When I knew the motherfucker wouldn't do shit A nigga tease you, then a nigga leave you Cause he heard that the shit done got thick, punk bitch I'm still in the mood for cocaine The only thing I see when a nigga look Come and get the baking soda, then open up the powder if it really don't matter What the fuck you been through If a motherfucker see you doin' better, my nigga I'm here to tell ya' Motherfuckers gonna hate you Not a clue, If I really wanna new motherfucking 22. far away I never would have had a chance and would have killed myself on yesterday [hook] This heaven, where the streets of gold, and why the hell is the a/c off Where the fuck, all the loved ones that I lost Fuck this shit, take me to the boss Do you understand the cost, ever paid In order for me to be here tonight Nigga whats up, something ain't right Tell the Lord to turn on the damn light Feeling like an angel when I take flight Shit, as I try I'm on the damn mic All my is out of damn sight Look, why the fuck I was packed so tight Nigga I ain't Mike I'm Michael Think I'm in the wrong spot Not only do I have on black, its too hot But why my K motherfucker ain't shot I got those halos, hello, motherfucker shit nigga, I'm talking to you Slap the clip in the tech 22. Let the shit fly Now I got a clue, where the fuck I'm at Shawty want the tech and a nigga want the bud Nigga just bleedin', motherfucker out of blood Looking at me smilin', asking me what I got cuts, but cuts got down shit I can't tell Went from dwellin' in hell on earth, now I'm living inhaling hell

Who U Rep With

50 CENT "Guess Who's Back?"
(feat. Bravehearts, Nas) [Verse 1 - Nas] Hats off, to da rich ones who flash and floss Pour some liquors out to my dogs trapped up north Reminisce on the deceased who no longer exist Only wishin' we could bring them back with songs like dis Old flicks on us chillin' wit da old time click Holdin' nines, thoughts of death, not our lives we risk How it use to be, early morn, pumpin' in shifts Jakes wit pale faces in the night is the scariest They handcuff me, they knew my government and alias Various calls were made up for awarin' us The D's in the marked vans and cabs In our land, hoodrats get stapped by niggas who forty Turnin' out young lady's and make them make thoughties Got them coked out, the hood is bugged out Thug babies, famous in they strollers Before they walk they knew the hood talk It's in the air of New York So everybody'll pick em up, kissin em up Treatin' them like they own, in dis hood we call home Fist fight till we grown and these guns come out Circle of life, it's kinda deep how we end out. [Chorus] Yo them niggas that wanted beef before Don't want no beef no mo Now that they know who I rep with QB NIGGA!!! Who I rep with QB NIGGA!!! [repeat] [Verse 2 - 50 Cent] Ya'll niggas better sober up before ya'll speak to me, don't come at me high Last rapper that raised his voice to me, got japped in da eye Now if I say I'm gone get you, I'ma get ya On da strength of da inf, from long range I can hit ya You find out them niggas who wit ya ain't even wit ya After da gem stars split ya, you need an MD to stitch ya Peep how I use words to paint pictures Peep how I got niggas with bodies askin' me for ten cents to got hit ya Look my name up in the law book, Curtis Jackson Known for creatin' action, by rapidly clappin' Nigga I stay strapped, so much I nickname gats Got a tech I call Tina, a nine I name Nina Two niggas went to see Allah afta they seen her This QB shit, bout to take me to da next level Next crib, next Benz, next bitch, next bezel. It's that real. [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Bravehearts (Millennium Thug, Horse, Jungle, Wiz)] Yo, aiyyo, who da fuck wanna war I got a four four, pierce ya'll niggas jaw You see me thugged out, iced out, Guinness Stout Hopin' out the Range wit da gun out Smack your man down, you ran off I was gonna hit him with two, I left some for you I put four, QB rugged and raw I got somethin' for these rap cats, fish held back gats Scope wit a beam on it, loc put your cream on it Shine don't scheme on it, I make your dream about it Forever, whatever whatever get gully Shots thru your leather and clothe, With your skelly off Break ya'll clowns off Yo hollow tips will flood your jacket, I don't give a fuck who you be Millennium Thug, now who da fuck want it with me. I mastered the art of slap boxin' niggas in da dark QB's big man, Horse of the Bravehearts I'm da Sasquash of rap, collector of gats Testin' macks at your bulletproof vests and hats. How bout that, guns bust off, I bust back When trucks backfire, I bust back How bout that, stomp a muhfuckin' rib out ur back Ya'll niggas ain't gangsta rap, ya'll click like Josey and the Pussycats When we come around da front, stop. Uh huh, ya'll can't fuck around ya'll get dropped When guns pop, who's tellin' Twin barrel nines wavin' and yellin', QB NIGGA WHAT Two-time felon, straight to da melon, straight to da dome Send a nigga back, get da shells, go straight home Never slip, my +Ill Will+ to survive is so deep Can't sleep, cousin to death, makes me weak Pullin' triggers at my shadow, Bravehearts pop up Wiz, Jungle and Horse shot your block up. [Chorus 2] Them niggas that wanted war before Don't want no war no mo Now that they know who I rep wit QB NIGGA!! Who I rep wit QB NIGGA!! [repeat]

Some How Some Way

JAY-Z "The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse"
(feat. Beanie Sigel, Scarface) [Chorus] (Please believe that) Some how some way We gotta make it up out the hood some day Some how some way We gotta make it up out this life Some how some way We gotta make it up out this life Some way we gotta make it up out this life [Jay-Z] Weather we dribble out this motherfucker Rap metaphors and riddle out this motherfucker Work second floors, hospital out this motherfucker Some how we gotta get up out this motherfucker Some day the cops will kill a motherfucker I don't always want to be this drug dealing Motherfucker damn Wish I could take us all on this magic carpet ride Through the sky I Use to play the hall up fifth floor me and my boys we All poor getting high I seen the worst of the worst I deserve every blessing I received I'm from the dirt I planted my seed on unfertile land Myrtle Park Marcy, Flushing and Nostrand and Still I grew some how I knew the sun will shine through And touch my soul take hold of my hand Look man a tree grows in Brooklyn [Chorus] Some how some way I gotta make it up out the hood someday Some how some way I gotta make it up out this life Some way I gotta make it up out this hood someday [Beanie Sigel] [Talking:] To old Nell, Sigel street I ain't forget you Twenty niggas on the block trying to chase that buck Nosey neighbors and haters keep their face on stuck Cops roll up on the pavement break the dice games up Behind smoke kids can't chase the ice cream truck Girls fighting over Rollie young boys hype things up Niggas fighting over Cold young boys light things up All the petty ass wars fuck the night scene up Remember Lil' Eddie man how he light mean up Then they wonder why we light green up Back to back steamers trying to relax but I can't I lean up ain't the L or the refer that steam up It's my head stress to the point I get a fever Thinking bout the block and all the mothers and kids That can't leave and how the Chinks gotta feed'em For the rest of their life fucking wings fried Vegetable rice(gotta be kidding) No breakfast Cap'n Crunch at night Our kids eating lunch at night In their beds all bunched in tight No less than three or four(you know how it go) Two by the foot two by the headboard Man I'm getting scared for them (Yeah I know) Thats how I feel for them And we gotta grip the shorties on the block All they do is smoke weed and drink forties Cop their quarties Enough to get the latest ROC, newest glock, and old Jordies [Chorus] Some how some way We gonna make it up out the hood someday Some how some way We gonna make it up out this life Some how some way We gonna make it up out the hood one day Some way we gonna make it up out this life [Scarface] Right here another lil' story bout this click I claimed Another chapter based on how I get that game Hanging round my neighborhood and bang my street Sit and watch the passer-bys play my sweep South-side sunny side Blocks I run South Vegas, South Paul Nigga all got guns Over here we got this poor () get that there We know tomorrow ain't promise so we get that there Fuck sitting in the living room guarding the steps Working inside a slump house starving to death Serving these nigga flippers, quarter-ounces and Zippers agents snapping your picture neighbors Plotting to get ya Situations is critic I was out here to get it Living it like a savage cause nigga I gotta have it And holding back all the mothers for a minute Pumping hard dog Erase enough to walk it down and fuck it all dog Love being willied and your creek gonna rise I'm be a nigga and these streets gonna rise (Some how some way) (Some how some way) I'm be a nigga and these streets gonna rise [Chorus] Some how some way We gotta make it up out the hood some day Some how some way We gotta make it up out this life Some how some way We gotta make it up out the hood some day Some way we gotta make it up out this life [Whistling]

Soy Chingon

Lil' Rob "Crazy Life"
{phone rings} [Beavis] Uh.. hello? Who? Damnit, for the last time There aren't any Mexicans here {hangs up phone} [Sir Crown] Ey holmes throw on some fuckin oldies ese [Lil' Rob] Orale let me trip on this 45 then ese Watcha.. ora.. Si mon I'm ready ese, estoy listo Si out of marijuana say pass to the pistol Cause I don't need to get drunk off my ass I just need a little high that's gonna last Jump off the raffla, kick back on the curb Light up a toke, yeah smoke up all the herb Smoke three move to the five then to the seven Ran out of zig-zags so back to 7-11 we go No need to buy 'em we'll just leave 'em Homey said he'd call the police, I didn't believe him Walked out the store with an attitude Started capping, then started laughing Then let me tell you what happened Went back to the hood rolled up some endow Putos rollin' through my barrio, I broke their window Shank their fuckin tires now they can't leave And now it's about time for three sold guys to bleed Pulled 'em out the raffla and we fucked them up Took 'em to the canton and we tagged them up Put the big BC on their foreheads We want the vatos alive we don't want 'em dead We want em walking around to show that the Brown Crowd was there And did that shit without a care In the world cause they're nothing but little girls Damn I shoulda pulled it cause they deserved the bullet Put the cuete to their temple Then pulled the fuckin trigger cause it's so fuckin simple ::Chorus:: Just like my lyrics I'm kickin back when I say 'em I don't yell at putos ey I'm kickin back when I spray them Fuckin leva Cause if you fuck with me I fuck with you twice as hard LEVA Yeah, soy chingon Some vatos walked up and asked if I gangbang I said I used to But then I had to pull out the fusca This vato's from the wrong hood And now they think they got Lil' Rob good But fuck it I had to blast the puto between the eyes And now I sit here laughing as his homeboy cries But what the fuck, I did what had to be done I can't let one go so I have to kill both of them I don't give a shit, I'll do it real quick Bust off let's get yes it's time for me to split It's time to leave the fuckin premises Cause I don't need a witness So I leave with the slickness and quickness Take homeboy's hyna then pulled the corner Jumped in the backseat and you know she let me bone her She's looking fine do you know what I mean I made her scream I said stick with me and you'll become a brown queen Because you never deserved a ranker You need a vato like me the Mexican Gangster But what if this firme hyna points the dedo I'm tellin this sweet stuff pero it's puro pedo Because you gotta know I'm smarter than that This hyna wasn't even crying as she saw her vato dying Now when I'm with her I hear the hura's drive by Going to the site where I left those fools to die Now who did it nobody has a clue And without the murder weapon what's the hura gonna do Aw shit, what if this bitch pulls rat So I grab my shotgun and I pump the fucker back Just in case, but the bitch wasn't knowin Cause I was still going, had the hyna moaning and groaning She got nasty, opened her mouth with a grin Can't let a good thing go to waste So I stuck my dick in And I was goin, she was goin and then I started cumming Replaced my dick with the shotgun And you know I started gunning In my eyes I didn't do nothing wrong Do what I do to survive so you know it's on Y Sabes que no one's ever gonna catch me Cause I'm too sly, too slick, too W-I-C-K-E-D Left the place without a trace And I didn't care holmes So there it is there holmes ::Chorus:: Yeah, and if the payback ain't quick you best believe the pain is gonna stick LEVA Soy chingon, soy chingon cabron Like Al Capone always holding my own

No Hook

JAY-Z "American Gangster"
Poor me, dad was gone, finally got my dad back Liver bad he wouldn't live long, they snatched my dad back Guidance I never had that, streets was my second home Welcomed me with open arms provided a place to crash at A place to study math at, matter fact I learned it all Burnt it all this music is where I bury the ashes at Flash back not having much, not having that Had to get some hollerest you can holla back at Holla that my Jewish lawyer do enjoy the fruit of within my cash stack Just in case a nigga got to use his rat-ta-ta-ta-tat Own boss own yawt, masters, slave The mentality I carry with me to this very day Fuck rich let's get wealthy who else gonna feed we If I need it I'm gonna get it however God help me (And I don't need no hook for this shit!!!!) I'm so for sure is known for sure Stay out of trouble, momma said as momma sighs Her fear her youngest son being victim of homocide But I got to get you out of here momma or I'm gonna -- die Inside -- and either way you lose me momma so let loose of me I got the rain our direction'll soon change To live and die in N.Y. in the hustle game Hustle cane, hustle clothes or hustle music But hustle hard in any hustle that you pick Skinny nigga toothpick but, but I do lift Weight like I'm using roids Rolls Royce Keep my movements smooth while maneuvering Through all the manuers in the sewers that I grew up in Choices we make trying to escape (And I don't need no hook for this shit!!!) This is not for commercial usage Please don't categorize this is music Please don't compare me to other rappers Compare me to trappers I'm more Frank Lucas than Ludacris And Luda's my dude I ain't trying to diss Like Frank Lucas is cool but I ain't trying to snitch I'm gonna follow the rules no matter how much time I'm gonna get I'm gonna live and die with the decisions that I'm gonna pick So fuck the haven for cave in, that's why we don't speak Made men ain't supposed to make statements End of the story I followed the code cracked the safe Other niggas ain't in the game so they practice hate Leave that boy Hov alone why don't you You don't have to if you don't want to but don't say I didn't warn you Oh (And I don't need no hook for this shit!!!)

The Al Capone Suite

ANDRE NICKATINA "Daiquiri Factory: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 2"
It's the recess cup yea, nessly crunch yea, milky way type madness. sometimes I hate to begin this, sometime the photographers can stand this, say dead like a battery hit'em off with flatery, I don't do it for the cherity, I have to rap for the veraty, she said yea mother fucker, let's do it on a saturday, toss the bu cape, grab the mo__ jump in the caddy in we went our way We up n the dope for the next studio droping the rap and we skat to the show tramendious track with the doe we blow, some hate that don't even know me though. we stuff the philly, what's the realli, and we come back easy Ease I'm high as a mother fucker, probly dies as a motherfucker, get tried as a motherfucker, get fried as a motherfucker, but don't let that be ther reason why motherfucker, hardly ber__ far, do it at the bar but don't take it to far, some man, got leaneant, foo they got the ingrediants, fuck be a nigga that's seening it, when you wanna be a nigga that's being it, word. Put it on a hard way, and by the way like a B n an ash trey, gotta hit'em like a rickashay, and when the temp-T parley, and I know cut-throats like scarface, don't hit'em up put'em down on the contract, make your ass a little too hard to contact Lord lullibuy, king nicky, gettin gone, yea. off that sticky, it see a copy, they say they wanna get me, but I got a body gard like wittney

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