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The Crush

Original and similar lyrics
Darling you gotta let me know! Bakit ang pangit pangit mo! You always say that you are pretty, Pero ika'y mukhang lalake! So c'mon on and let me know, Bakit ang pangit pangit mo! I'm saying PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Go away, 'cuase you smell 'panis'! Ang hininga parang kubeta! Ang panget na may anghit pa! So c'mon on and let me know! Bakit ang pangit pangit mo! Sa itsura mong bakulaw! Ang daigdig ko ay gugunaw! Parang naglalakad na pimple! Kay Chiquito pwedeng double! So c'mon and let me know! Bakit ang pangit pangit mo! Ang kutis mo'y parang adobe (Your skin is like a rough stone) Ang buhok mo'y parang alambre (Your hair is like a tangled wiring) Katawan mo'y parang tambyolo (Your body is like a raffle ticket) Para kang galing sa impyerno (It is as if you came from hell) So c'mon and let me know Bakit ang pangit pangit mo

It's Paper

con, con herre, reppin one the microphone paperboys here, reppin one the microphone double A coming through, we were slightly gone critical, vegabond keep it tight for y'all (Vinni) yo i know i'm hopeless i was high when i wrote this so focus, i don't wanna die with the dopeness i lie staring at the sky by the pochers buenas noches, see the pies that approach us stockbrokes knocking cockroaches we dot the posters, the top postmokers leaving the beer coz i ain't leaving this chair 'hey man' i ain't even here, beamed upstairs sitting on mars, politicing spittin 16 bars i blaze and switch between stars gotta hell of a flow but not to many's ever telling me so they too slow when my melody blow, i let the jealousy go way back, hey jack, i don't play that, wanna lay back in the hay sack lace tracks, erase todays crap, face flat, so rewind till your tape snaps (chours) it's paper y'all better wake up we starting the race, yup pardon me, man, wut paper say what? hard to break what? far from a faker what? it's all in my nature paper (Critics) Yo i've been wild and jiggy, my niggas been afraid of riding with me taking to threats when the style gets shitty lacing it nice and pretty hitting niggas when eyes are greedy these people lie, cry, die to get shimmy trying to drop the venom on 'em, mock the way they flowing, stop tha later morning to cop whatever they be showing in the stores from the chartlist, eating everything a nigga say like a harddisk, step into my office, home of the stoned and the heartless, where are my partnes? vinni (yup) i'm feeling nausceaus knowing these niggas done took it to the threshold, vinni wanna start something? you know that i be next door oh hell np, i ain't gonna leave him by his lonely,, i ain't really got nothing to say my players know me hold it ................gotta catchmy breath ready to go flow, like most these niggas ain't never heard on weed, off weed, drunk, sober, really doesn't matter when i kick it you know the show's over, i'm flowing on, cracking on whatever to spread word A, dot, A, dot on a rise, you heard (me) (Chorus) (Vinni) i try to call the lord, to get a life we can all afford a set of pipes and a wall of sword, better write coz i'm surely bored, get a light then i fall in chords get it tight and record it all, need a flight, see the waterfall, i need a bite coz i swore to ball, i be the type that'll tour the mall, leave my stripes by the shore and crawl, i'd just like a little more that's all bridge we here to lock it down double A - top shit, don't fuck around, roll j's, poop lips we gon bark now (... ...) till ya hear the (... ...) when it's dark outside and shit and we here to let you know we gon settle this for sure, so prepare to shut your door when it hits your home: feeling this for sure (Chorus)

Hard To Get

JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
I really wanna take ya home Make ya feel sooo good So why you sittin there all alone When ya look sooo good Don't you play hard to get with me (no no no no) And throw yo games baby soon you'll see Hey we gotta play some hard to get Hey miss lady it's uptown slim Him, who be hangin on the corner with them Nevertheless You lookin good in the anthropology dress I might say yes but, you gotta realize you fuckin with the best Boo I'm never ever stressed man Everywhere I rest, I get treated like a king, I'm the sire here, You can see it in the stars the messiahs here You can read it in them cards, the fires here Now, what's your name, So I can tell you who you are and why you came That feel good don't it I can do ya real good put the hood on it Now take that home and blow a bag a good on it Google my name then e me in the morning I'm jay electronica the black adam Settin shit on fire like a cracked atom Get at em (feel me) Inventory let's see hmmmm Pretty skin pretty eyes Itty bitty waist pretty face pretty thighs I can take you to space and it's ok if you heart rate start racin the stakes is pretty high I normally don't chase but hey, it's really nice To come out of the castle every once or twice, yeah To have a shake and a roll of the dice gyeah Deuce fever (uh), still got it I control the dance floor slow is just logic You fuckin with a pro-fession-al it's obvious Tell me what you do for your skin it's gorgeous Pretty mannequin in the gucci dress moblin I'm a soveirgn with lamp hattins in manhattan Lookin for a queen to get involved with If it ain't broke then don't bother it Call it what you wanna call it just don't stall it Feel me

Female Defecation

Every women has This hole with shit inside And sometimes she wants To get it outside You can read between The lines and understand What the paper now She's reaching with her hand Brown underwear, body's always sweat Smells like bastard everywhere Dirty punky nails, junkies chip and dale And protecting fucking whales Now she's pissing out This thing she kept inside But she'll never do it Couse it out of here might She can't push her shit Out of her fucking ass So, my darling, try it With another breath Make up's smashing on her face Sweat-drops falling onto base Tied-up pulsing forehead skin Cover-girl from magazine Go to darkest hell take a puking smell Close yourself inside this cell Maybe you can stop, shit will never drop Or I'll go for toilet cop Whore - seat here for forever More - listen to me Fuck - wish you goddamn pissed out Luck - so you can suck Now this piece of shit Fell out her fucking ass And she seling It's going in access She is lucky Banging dropped out eyes

Thug Love

ANGIE MARTINEZ "Up Close & Personal"
(feat. Fat Joe & L-Burna) [L-Burna hook: repeat 2X] Thug love, thug love All she ever wanted was that thug loooooove Thug love, thug love All she ever wanted was that thug, love [Angie - over end of hook] Yo, hey yo, uhh Yo, yo, yo-yo, uhh Aiyyo I met him at a club, spendin dubs, Mr. Superthug Pulled up with a group of trucks, everybody knew who he was I ain't playin the boy was cute, and I'm sayin we only danced one song but the whole night I was swayin Mesmorized by his style, could tell he was wild but he had a touch of class and a million buck smile Got a thing for a thug and he fit the profile Thug love, think I'm buggin brother let me know now [Fat Joe - overlapping Angie] Yo.. yeah, uhh Yo, yo.. What's his name, what's the color of his Range, what's his game Was he kickin it like he love his train, full of octane Stop playin, know you ain't fall for that (Yo he's pagin me) Ang' don't even think of callin back Man I know those cats, him and his click be flowin crack Up in Prominax(), stickin them kids, by the laundromat Pumpin that two-for-five, the rules imply fuckin with them dudes that's trife, you lose your life [Interlude] [F] It's a thug love [A] Searchin for love in the wrong places [F] A thug love [A] Lovin them rough with pretty faces [F] Even though he ain't right for you [A] Joe I like this dude, I need advice from you [F] It's a thug love [A] Searchin for love in the wrong places [F] A thug love [A] Lovin them rough with pretty faces [F] Even though he ain't right for you [A] Yo yo, uhh, uhh, yo [hook - overlaps Interlude but comes in on line three] [Angie] I just can't explain why women are attracted to danger A thug and a player look the same in linen but one's packin a banger I guess it's the anger that be in they eyes mixed together with a pinch of they sensual side that gets me energized Fly and confidant, respected and highly dominant Got me on the rise every time he draw me with compliments Joey I'm fallin for a thug, should I sacrifice or let it go brother you never gave me bad advice [Fat Joe] It's only right that I let you know which route to go No doubt fo' sho', once he hits it, he's out the do' Know I seem like a cock-blocker, but he's not proper Besides you're my little sis, I gotta watch ya Gotta stop you from dealin with snakes You're sealin your fate let alone I feel it's your wake Eliminate all the wrongs in your life Don't you fall for them guys, like Pun says, it's all in the eyes [Interlude + hook] [Fat Joe] I only speak on what I know, he cheats, he gotta go You think he ain't gon' creep (not at all) That's a damn shame, I see you fallin for this man's game The truth is even if he want it man he can't change That's the life of a player livin lies like the mayor Hittin them thighs, be wise and beware But don't be surprised, one day you'll find a decent guy Someone that cares and provides a piece of mind [Angie] I know you right, but I'm torn inside I got a jonz for a boy that was born to ride My only vice(), saw the guy, leave my momma mortified It's no surprise, it happens all the time Got me stressin and I'm comin back for me Got me, checkin my messages expectin him to call I need to, let it go need to stay focused But can't, forget him yo so I remain hopeless [Interlude + hook]

Welcome To Brownsville

M.O.P. "Warriorz"
[Intro] Ah here we go, here we go I gotta go (ahahahaha) Ehh, you motherf***ers (arhd) Ehh, I just gotta dig on Play my track Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr [Teflon] Aha City All Yeah (oww) 4 life Life, uh [Chorus: Teflon] Ayo, it's all live nigga But it's allright, one fine, fo' fine nigga But it's all tight (gimme that!) Where you from nigga? (that's right) Make it real clear (clear!) The ville (ville!) (that's right) Here (Hell yeah!) We still here [Teflon] Another year scratchin' But this time around, Loud that got down with the action Nigga, y'all know what's happenin' We full grown nigga What you call Hell, we call home So pack your fuckin' bags and move on nigga Hostile takeover, still got the camp time Lock and let this deal pop I..take your place soldier Nine years frontin', been a long time comin' And you can bet your sweet ass to comin' from all my cousins I'm a Brownsville slugger with a pound's where I slug ya And them hounds will mug ya but the town still love ya (Fi-Ayaaah!) get yours Get raw, get pissed off We trained them up to the big door Train hard to get your cabin twist off This tough law baby But you still got to learn how to bust laws crazy On a hilltop but you still got some rough dogs baby It's all fundamental to hold guns and blow guns is a sin too Welcome to Brownsville [Chorus with variations] [Lil Fame] Whatever, whatever nigga I grip it, cock it Pop, pop, pop, pop it til your blood run Hear the flood come now! You niggaz just called amnesia I should grap this bat and beat your ass into a seizure [Teflon] Let 'em know who's real son This ain't no luggage tight trippin' M.O.P. first fam, slip the clippin' right [Lil Fame] Heat up your chest and mind Show your people flesh and blood When I join the gun orgie with this forty-edged doe (OHH!) I put it down with my niggaz from the dungeon Since the day the pigeon coohs Kelly caught your free lunches We hit the industry and straight send it for the hill Ain't nothin' worse I spit it Bitch, I did it for the Ville (C'MON!) I'm from B-R-O-W-N-S-V-I-double L-E What the fuck you gon' tell me? This is the place where M.O.P. foundation was built And some of the illest killaz was killed [Chorus w/ variations] [Billy Danze] Nigga, you witcha man the Danze now! (SHOULD YOU BE ALARMED?!!) should you be alarmed? You betta grease your palms, you betta grip your arms And step lightly, I pop shots from both so don't intize me It's the RETURN of the realest niggaz M.O.P. (FIRST FAMILY!) Some of the world's illest niggaz Guerilla niggaz with all intention to win All intention to sin It's on a pop and again nigga (Man, fuck M.O.P!) Whoa Flip, he's just playin' It's time for you's the man Don't understand what he is sayin' Maybe he don't see Manna P logo for they post it Maybe he didn't know Shaq was back in double toasted Ready to smoke crack (THE OL' BK WAY!) We gentlemen tell em all goddamn day Say what you wanna say about it but don't doubt it I fill your face from eleven knocks, holes through the back [Chorus w/ variations] 2x Hahahaha Arhhhhhhhhhhh (nigga!) Hahahaha (Shhhhhhhhhhhh) Hahaha Nigga! (ow!)

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