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PAC DIV lyrics - GMB


Original and similar lyrics
[Hook:] Put some rozey in my cup And put scoop on that beat Check my possy in the cup And we roll up 4-5 deep We act early in the morning Finna get it while you sleep It's my time that's beast mode That's red bow, that's Debo That's MJ with a fade away Debo getting paid today Fuck me you gon' fuck the team Low pimp game never played today Shit highschool ride that tape bouffet Any pics I wave the way Now I go down more aids await Could get a pretty bitch out amazing grace Should I AVH y'all rapper wrong Niggas be know what papi on Raised by niggas with cathees on Alibi sweet acting home In that carlo racid my shampoo on Pay watch hoes like Hussle hoes Up in the morning I'm smashing all Be small I smoke till my stash is gone [Hook:] Early in the morning, Debo [x6] Put some rozey in my cup And put scoop on that beat Check my possy in the cup And we roll up 4-5 deep We act early in the morning Finna get it while you sleep It's my time that's beast mode That's red bow, that's Debo I be goddamn for nigga ever tried to take me bitch 'Cause I'm be goddamn forgot to drop out and dig a ditch And I be goddamn if one of these home boys go snitch Says I be goddamn if I gotta try out and dig a ditch That's crime time, that's beast mode That's red bow, that's Debo camo, flee smoke Stop geeking these street clothes I'm fucking them weak hoes them freak hoes that don't do shit Take pictures on instagram, act like they doin' shit Niggas install my flow that's cool I'm that nigga Oh girl got ass with it shoebox got cash in it Act back got naps in it tatoos and black in it Wack niggas can't rap with us Pac Div on cash girl [Hook:] Early in the morning, Debo [x6] Put some rozey in my cup And put scoop on that beat Check my possy in the cup And we roll up 4-5 deep We act early in the morning Finna get it while you sleep It's my time that's beast mode That's red bow, that's Debo That's how we on it no smiling on it No styling on it beast baby I'm growling on it Don't nobody want it put a thousand on it Stacks homie I'm laying back and I'm reclining My feet is up their seats is up My throw aways they sweep it up Niggas talk alot don't read enough Got a couple questions that I will ask you How your swag futuristic but your bills past due Boy I'm in grinding gimme mine Zoom a patch like the Emmy 5 Bisniss time, I'm worried about me I'm getting mine, getting lime Whether pimpin hoes or flipping o's It's really ain't no difference homie We all got dreams of cues But please don't pigeon homie Do nickleodie these niggas own me I'm a different breed in a different league In a different speed Guess that's why your bitch flew we Debo [Hook:] Early in the morning, Debo [x6] Put some rozey in my cup And put scoop on that beat Check my possy in the cup And we roll up 4-5 deep We act early in the morning Finna get it while you sleep It's my time that's beast mode That's red bow, that's Debo

Dec 31st

ACE HOOD "Starvation 2"
[Dj Khaled Talking intro for 1:21] Take a look into my eyes And just tell me what you see Tell me do you you see the beast They wanna let me off the leash Way too many of them niggas sleep I spit fire third degree Pussy niggas don't wanna believe On my momma they gon see Got the hottest flow, and I'm honest though Fuck witha nigga be modest for My concsious know I'm kinda dope Somebody let them bloggers know They don't wanna let this problem in Every year is my time again Underrated they contemplating I'm top 5 in they conversations They heard the people been hating on me Oh well nigga, whats new? Still riding in a maybach And they face mad when I came through These niggas hate that I made it Gotta make a way for my baby My momma crying in that other room And them tears were falling, I hate it Next day I made me some change Man up nigga no complaining Daddy left my younger stages Ain't no choice I had to make it Will not quit, and I will repent And I won't consent, with a nigga who snitch Coupe no top it don't make no sense Like a nigga who broke it don't make no cents Just stay friends in a whip no tint And that rolex glist oh boy they pissed Yall fuck boys do make me sick Your bitch blow me, C4, tick tick! And I got this shit, Khaled I got em He going to war, standing beside em You gon need army! You gon need navy! You gon need soliders! Maybe OBAMA! It's that W-E, T-H-E, B-E-S- carry the T None of you niggas don't matter to me Slaughter ya feature, just slaughter your beat Feed me rappers, bon appeite! Niggas be trippin, them choppers will speak Came for the war, no longer the peace Time for the blind and be able to see None of these niggas is ain't nothing like me 24 years ain't get no sleep 26 inches on my jeep, feeling like shackles on my feet Know the day that they let me free, Yall in trouble O-M-G! Please oh please nigga pray for me! Killing this shit boy, RIP! I'm back with a B and a mac on me In the back of the jeep yall looking for me! Capital A! Capital C! Capital E! H-double O, D Free my niggas till they all get free! Rep my city, gotta rep my team! Broward county President Thats that shit that I represent! Quarter mill for that whip I'm in Pussy boys I never mind they diss 80 thousand thats on my wrist Take your chick and I make that bitch Hit the dick, then take a flick Send that shit, you'll have a fit L-O-L I'm outta state Young nigga tryna get filthy rich I'm outchea, better bring your voucher Better call your counsler, shit get real Wanna think I'm coward? Oh I ain't bout it Now your family, is pushing flowers tears to your momma Heard it got em, never want that drama! Never want that drama ohhh Lord! I pray the world don't end in January December 31st I made obituaries! All you niggas sleeping, meet the cemetery All you niggas sleeping, meet the cemetery!! Starvation... Starvation... God Bless this proud Nation... Two [Outro] [Obama Speech] "If there is anyone out there that doubts its been a long time coming but tonight, tonight, is your answer!"


Grand Puba "2000"
Hook: Don't worry about Big money Can you dig it Amazing (x4) Verse 1: Well don't you know what time again for the big shot (BIG SHOT) Doogie Ready or not hit the buddah spot (BUDDAH SPOT) Time to get the cash (TIME TO GET THE HONEY) Time to get cash (TIME TO GET THE MONEY) Check it I got the nack to put the groove in your back Squeeze a rhyme like a pistol cause I'm smooth as Harvey Grisco I come clean with more protein and overtein The way I heat shit up you think my jaws was dipped in gasoline Whoa now that's a fire Puba got the hi-tech shit while other MC's come cheap like propiya So let's get down to the situation Smooth like a Temptation Puba makes it good like penetration That's how it's suppose to be No question so don't you put a rush on me I'm not a rookie I'm a pro you see my flow Give me the doe you better ask somebody if ya don't know Hook Verse 2: Dig it, see I like to know where you got the notion Said I like to know where you got the notion Dig this, my beats kick you in the head like a Timbaland Me and my crew stay tight like the X-men I gets mean and then I turns into the Wolverine Then I grab the mic and blow the spot to smithereens I gets down for the money honey I got the style tha'ts real What's why brothers chew my shit up like Gummy Bears It's the New York shocker representin' like a Knickerbocker Watch me get it cookin' like Betty Crocker I'll make you trip like I'm indo smoke Cause I'm down right nasty like Diet Coke See I ain't no joke cause I got mad style wicked and wild Mama's second child throwin' rappers to the pile Games point blank call me Shabba cause I Rank Don't run around with toast cause my people on a tank Clown won't get me cause I'm God body Moses asked me how to part the Red Sea Trippin' MC's up like astroturf Puttin' wack MC's outta buisness like Woolworth I'm a tell you straight off the god damn press I'm a handle my buisness right Boy I ain't come here for no foolishness I hit the set then I jet Can't trust a girl who couldn't standin' up tryin' to get a whole lot of niggas wet Because I con ya (Khan) like Chaka hit ya like a blocker Me and rhymes connect like walls and magic markers It's Grand Puba for the membrain Wiping borthers off the map so leavin' shit stains That's how I feel cause I always keep my shit on the Reel to Reel Makin' niggas happy like a kid with a happy meal So ah what you need to do is do a little dance Yeah smoke a little bud say what Get down tonight uptown get down tonight dig it yo We gonna do a little dance do a little dance Some a little bud smoke a little bud Get down tonight uptown downtown get down tonight yeah Niggas hold tight uptown situation like always youknowhatI'msayin All day, mash ya, one time. Doogie love , hold tight nigga.

You Smell

Sunday morning, headache's healed Strapped into our chesterfield Caught our breath off the TV's chill Cat is dead on the window sill Brain is functioning cold as night This god-damned day is out of sight So much time to waste away Too much time, for just one day But still I caught a chill from skinny walking I'm caught off guard that you're still gorgeous when you smell. Hop the road to go and rent a flick First time out kind of makes me sick Today's breakfast won't take us far Three cups of coffee and a candy bar Despite the fact we're going to fight today We'll scratch and win until our love's okay Screw on the couch and scream at the sun And maybe Monday morning won't ever come And I'll never feel this home again The world outside gives us nothing to see They're blaring Black Cabbage on the CBC Coffee's gone around 3 pm I guess it's time to start drinking again All our friends come invade our home Kind of wish they'd just leave us alone Poser Jesus thinks your dad's too deep But our salvation never came this cheap

Touch Me In The Morning

Touch me in the morning Then just walk away We don't have tomorrow But we had yesterday (Hey!) Wasn't it me who said that Nothing good's gonna last forever? And wasn't it me who said Let's just be glad for the time together? It must've been hard to tell me That you've given all you had to give I can understand you're feeling that way Everybody's got their life to live Well, I can say goodbye in the cold morning light But I can't watch love die in the warmth of the night If I've got to be strong Don't you know I need to have tonight when you're gone? 'Till you go I need to lie here and think about The last time that you'll touch me in the morning Then just close the door Leave me as you found me, empty like before (Hey!) Wasn't it yesterday We used to laugh at the wind behind us? Didn't we run away and hope That time wouldn't try to find us (Didn't we run) Didn't we take each other To a place where no one's ever been? Yeah, I really need you near me tonight 'Cause you'll never take me there again Let me watch you go With the sun in my eyes We've seen how love can grow Now we'll see how it dies If I've got to be strong Don't you know I need to have tonight when you're gone? 'Till you go I need to hold you until the time Your hands reach out and touch me in the morning (Mornings where blue and gold and we could feel one another living) Then just walk away (We walked with a dream to hold and we could take what the world was giving) We don't have tomorrow, (There's no tomorrow here, there's only love and the time to chase it) But we had yesterday (But yesterday's gone my love, there's only now and it's time to face it) Touch me in the morning...


MEREDITH BROOKS "Blurring The Edges"
It's seven in the morning and you're walkin' Out the door, you got no time for coffee And I'm standing here rememberin' When my kisses made you late Only take a minute for my morning meditation But I'm on the phone, call waiting, click And I'm under an invasion And I feel like I'm a spinning ball in a lottery cage If we ain't making love, how can we be lovers Gonna post a vacancy sign under the covers Before it gets too late, I'm gonna say [Chorus:] Ooh, stop what you're doin' and love me now Ooh, I'm makin' my move, come on and love me now I come home so tired, wanna put my feet up You watch Letterman and eat something old I heat up And we both fall asleep before the rooster starts to crow No time to fight, we pretend love is so sweet When all we're missin' is what's between the sheets We used to find an hour between the stop and go Whatever happened to staying up all night When the bed became an island, it was just you and I Our troubles would slip away, when you'd say [Chorus] Time, time Time, time, time All we need a little time Just you and I Magic ride [Chorus]

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