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P. DIDDY lyrics - No Way Out


Original and similar lyrics
[singing by India] Sabes bien que fue un enga~o lo que me hiciste fue un pecado asi mismo me enga~aste (~ substituted for the spanish n) translation: You know well it was a lie what you did to me was a sin that's the way you betrayed me.... Verse One: Puff Daddy Honey I keep you hot and wet, just flooded with ice And you can spend all day and chill, all night Come sleep with the king, peep what I bring Every few weeks it's a bigger size ring Carats ain't nuttin when the cabbage ain't nuttin I got habits like goin to Paris I ain't frontin You can never need for nuttin, only one pipe Would you like to go to dinner, wit Jordan and his wife Am I moving fast It could happen real soon Thousand dollar shoes, dance in ballrooms You know the dress, that got the party impressed You'll only wear it one time, cause the world is mine I try to address it, but you never get the message You the water in my life and I'm trapped in the desert I never seen a honey sweeter, won't stop till I get her cause I need her, my senorita Chorus: Puff Daddy (singing) Mami ven aqui, I wanna be your papi chulo can't you see (mi amor) Baby I need you conmigo Your style is my steelo te necesito aqui (te necesito yo a ti, te amo) Baby come to me (2X) Verse Two: Puff Daddy Her name is Carmen, she live down in Spanish Harlem And I think I have the key to her secret garden When I seen her, I used to want to beg her pardon But I was scared, I ain't really have the heart And when she walked by, I would panic, even though I was cool with her pops Lou, the mechanic Went to school with her brother, that's right I never could build up the words to express how I loved her Long hair, pretty face, slim waist The kind that you marry and take to another place [India sings again] and exchange vows, spend thous Make love in a hot tub, where there's a hot towel She'll be loyal without being spoiled You can shuck all you want but she's still gonna ignore you Makes no sense to say mira Cause bet she won't turn him around, she's my senorita Chorus Verse Three: Puff Daddy I rock regular clothes, as well as Gucci too And if you don't believe me, ask Groovy Loo You're beautiful, so I stay true to you I think you oughta see things like Bermuda boo No cooperation, got me walkin around pacin Patient, waitin for my day of penetration Your relationships is bullshit, your man is a prick with a little bit of bricks and a whip baby Please, I got plenty of V's What you want the pink C-2, or the yellow 3-2-5 That's when I opened my eyes I was dreamin, damn it was all a surprise But it felt real, I hopped up in a wet chill Yet still gotta keep this one concealed Even though I never got a chance to meet her I still need her, cause she's my senorita Chorus *Puffy talking over the chorus* *India sings her part from the beginning again* Chorus *woman singing, man talking*

Taken By You

VERSE 1: You can do no wrong Baby all you have to do is be yourself from the [?] It's here in the sun Can't you hear my [?] My heart's going out to yours I feel you in my arms I touch your lips in my mind And in my dreams we're always together CHORUS: I'm so taken, taken by you Oh baby touch me I'm shaken through and through And I'll never rest easy Til your heart is all mine They say that love is blind Baby forget all you've heard I'm not fakin', I'm so taken so taken by you VERSE 2: I'm all heart and soul I lose all my strength to you [ ? ] And all the words I heard about my fallin' too Do not [replan], my friend I can't help feeling all emotions 'Cause right now my life depends on how you feel So please say you love me CHORUS

C'mon Wit Da Git Down

Artifact "Between a Rock a Hard Place"
Intro/Chorus: C'mon wit da c'mon, git down wit da git down (4X) Verse One: El Da Sensai C'mon and get down with that Artifacts sound Where kids get wreck and, the beat's bound to pound We're strollin through the industry B, see we gotta be the next shit that kicks, cause brothers ain't got it In this rap shit, ain't no time for the dilly-dally pally throw a match in the Gasoline Alley Blew up mad spots, kids were jealous for the props See the shit never stops Hobbes, just lookin for my dillz-knot Styles we make, never fake, broke breaks in every crate Old freestyles and dirty ass copied-over tapes Notified that, the Artifacts never slack While crews is on stage wack, we just play the back Now, the flip tripper ripper slits ya wit da mixture All crews, who never paid dues, watch it 'fore I get ya Cause nowadays, it's da ways, of the underground but they're wack now, so c'mon wit da git down Chorus Verse Two: Tame One You know the stacks, if not, then ask some niggaz who heard of me The half on the Artifacts of Jersey Cause brothers be buggin not givin love to the nuccas Sayin fuck us, cause we be shinin brighter than the suckers Shootin me prison nobody listens to your dissin Cause yo my shit's legit and as a lyricist I'm hittin the high note, so why don't, I smile when I take pictures Cause now that I rock I got more niggaz on my jock than bitches I just wanna do my jams with fams and slam into some hypeness But biters and backstabbin rappers don't even like us But props due, peep The Source RapPages and the Billboard And read about the tours while you be flappin your jaws I freak techniques, cause talk is cheaper than beepers from Broad Street Punks talk junk, Tame and the Sensai leave em all beat So peep how deep my technique freaks and how my shit sounds C'mon wit da c'mon, git down wit da git down Chorus Verse Three: MC El, Tame One Hold up, you rap sucker duck, buck, the track's rough enough to prove a point, that the niggaz is the joint Magazines where we're seen, now pop the tape in your deck I got the Heavy Ammunition cuz I'm Flexi Wit Da Tech Niggaz, can't believe the Artifacts acheive Got, tricks up my sleeve so bow down on your knees Yo, we ain't got the same lame, ordinary plain game Put to shame any crew who wants to feel the flame So bring submission to the rap recognition My right hand is itchin from the shit that I'm scriptin So pass the baton, to the next runner up, Tame I give a pound so, c'mon wit da git down Aiyyo, word to my grandma's tampons, I drop bombs, but since our demo tracks had gaps some said my fat raps was half-assed Watchin others rock and clock we shocked em like a robot with our props, so now the Notty Head Niggaz got more knots yo My pockets are lumpy chump, my drunk style is trunky dunk My disc in crisp, put funk in funk like Humpty Hump Cuz I'm comin from the underground I'm down wit da git down MC's who used to diss us, get pissed cause they ain't shit now The Artifacts, represent on every stage we step on The days of gettin slept, are dead because we keep on peepin these weak MC's, who cheese with their bologny Cause they're phony as fuck, and couldn't pull shit off a tow truck So yo bro, now you know my flow so go and sit down or c'mon wit da c'mon, git down wit da git down Chorus 2X


XZIBIT "Intro (The Last Night)"
Concrete with Shabaam Sahdeeq [Shabaam Sahdeeq] Uh-huh, yeah, yeah, yeah... As the world turn, cash to earn, falonious burn We Takin Ova, its our turn, where the moss burnin? Clear the path, we get more ass than saddle seats Steal this wall like the Alamo, standoff cowboy style I draw first, y'all sweet like Starburst Bit more than you can chew, handle it, street's scandalous Dynasty met, no need to pretend, mix liquor, top shelf nigga with the marvelous blend Oh you think you the chief now? You know how we get down You claim to spit rounds but are you hittin shit clown? Your aim is all off, I make your crew hit ground Jump in your six nigga, its time to skirt off now You in the wrong part of town trying to lay law down Play hard now? My niggaz gonna shut it all down You cheap like First Down got beef like ground round We move the crowd like a pound of the sweetest indo in town Sahdeeq and X to the Z, y'all Dead in the Sea We make ya face crack, like them Reebok runnin cats Niggaz be like yo run it back, bitches be like yo that's phat! Put it down with my fam from across the map Chorus: Shabaam Sahdeeq *2X* Rhyme for rhyme believe me we raw with it Cash gotta get it, bag a girl when we spit it Our team win it, drop gems for peops listenin Put your ears to the concrete, feel the buzz on the street [Xzibit] Yo, yo, this is dedicated to the niggaz that be hatin me But never can face me, because they scared for their own safety Replace me? Mr. X to the Z It's B.Y.O.B. cause all the pussy is free (pussy's free) And everything else is me and my niggaz spreadin the wealth Cross me I'll introduce you to the devil himself See I'm the motherfuckin man layin over Japan Computer hack through your laptop then leave your whole SoundScanned (what the fuck?!?) And watch you panick like the bitch you are I'm the mechanic with a pipe bomb that fits your car Ka-boom, now I assume your homies wanna retalliate Set em straight with a thirty-eight, the wrong cat to violate So watch Xzibit and Shabaam start to dilate Anihilate competition, some niggaz got hard heads And just don't listen, they the ones you find missin Better get on the right team and play your position See I'm lost, scandalous, finest Blew your back out because your spineless I'm never makin music for the mindless Cause I'm hard to the core, and I'll never go soft Just consider us the hitmen thats knockin you off Chorus *1X* [Xzibit] Yeah, yeah, See I'm ready to raise a ruckus Try to elevate you motherfuckers to the places where the law can't touch us Walk off on your own or with the aid of crutches Anyway you want it to happen I'm ready for action You get shot up under my soles, call it Fatal Attraction Beat you niggaz till you get it right, like Joe Jackson Listen, we here to give the hardcore what they lookin for At the same time pimp the game like a fucking whore [Shabaam Sahdeeq] In this game here, we got swift handles Dismantle your chalkboard strategy, check the replay Here you gets no shine we dimmin your light Make your heart pump *echoes* when my squad's in sight Shorty got assets and a man that ask bets Lost it all fuckin round with the dice, you ain't nice You a sacrifice, guinea pig, you dig? Roast you, get a jokey smurf through the postal Chorus *2X*

Groove With It

Big Daddy Kane "Prince of Darkness"
[Kane] Swing, you get up and dance and do your own thing Cause I got the groove to make your eardrums ring and I bring this, to all the party people that demand most Funky as Parliament, smooth as Luther Vandross I wouldn't present myself to you as somethin that sound nervous You want it to be live, so here it is at your service The B the I the G the D-A-double-D-Y And when it comes to rippin the mic, oh my oh my oh my I guarantee you by time I'm through You gotta give me more props than a Motown Revue And if you thinkin this groove would ever come to an end Hah, not from a hair off my chinny chin chin Chorus: repeat 2X For you to groove with it you've got to move with it Here's what you do with it Now it's on you, kick it [Kane] Don't ya don't ya don't ya don't ya want to feel jubilation, a musical vibration Instead of the feel of paranoia Thinkin to ride or break out and someone'll floor ya Good grief, another beef at a concert The rappers are gettin a rep behind the people that's gettin hurt The way the fights at the shows are happenin you might as well let Mike Tyson start rappin You see we have to realize the main factor is to have peace and let the violence cease So don't throw your fists up, unless you're gonna pump em in the air, and scream oh yeah, youknowhatI'msayin Chorus [Kane] Check the lyrics that's flowin right over the tongue like a machete My silk drawers are sweaty so you know the Kane is ready to go to work and my job for the evening is to pick up the microphone and rap to relieve them The party society, groovin in a high anxiety There's dancers by the variety, so go 'head and try it G As I do body work like Midas And I can remove the slightest, case of arthritis or even rhumabotosis as I heal you with the rhythm cause the remedy for the party people standin around is ummm dancin and havin a ball So live life like Michael Jackson, +Off the Wall+ And wiggle your bodyparts, and start to party hard Lettin the rhythm run through like a trolley car Here's a sound you can get into Uhh, and now it's on you Chorus [Kane] Right right Now just hold on for a second baby I gotta put my shades on for this Yeah, we gonna keep this here broken down for a while and just toss it up like a French salad, yaknahmsayin Umm, aiyyo Bob I need you to pump that bass to the FULLEST Hold on Mike, we gonna get to you in a second Bret Lover I need you over here on the side of me for a minute Ahh, I want you to get a little piece of this here, okay baby Groove Groove with it (36X)

Big Willie Style

Left Eye
this one goes out to all the big willies big Will the high roller strolling through with an entoruage hard to camaflouge when you livin' this large I be smooth like debarge with a five car garage out for the night with my squad and we be flossin' down the fifteen my whole auroa gleamin' who that kid in the green v envy brother schemin' I ain't thinkin' bout them racing chicks in the pink b.m. with my speakers tweakin' freakin' off this weekend in Las Vegas boss players all across the board move makers and shakers money can't break us but the places it can take us big will in the limelight rhyme tight and we gon' have some fun tonight Chorus: now how we do it (you know it's Big Willie style baby) now how we doin' it (you know it's Big Willie style) repeat Verse 2: I'm in a five star casino shuttin' crap tables down (boom) non bettin' willie watchers standin' around strictly millionaire status you can feel the eyes lookin' at us how bad they wanna be us (parlay) Charlie Mack got my back with his eyes on my stack brothers don't know how to act when you drive a four-five black people stop and stare havin' drinks at the bar a round for everybody with these big willie cards from civllians to stars they wanna know who we are it's me big Will Nas Escobar J.L. Omar carry money bags collect the chips then we all quick to exit Chorus Verse 3: Left Eye It's Left Eye with a tight crew representin' like it's ladies night comin' right through don't be spiteful plus an eyeful sportin' hot pink rocks in the link in the drop with a mink like my ------ don't stink got you in the palm with a bomb like Sadamm blowing up spots then runnin' off with the pot Left Eye ready for action the main attraction I'm in the fast lane passin' breakin' you down like fractions while we be rappin' about things that really happen big willie style Philly style let's make it happen with mademouselle from gezals to versace with a sweet smell this female leadin' the posse got jokes like Cosby in the lots where the cars be with no apologies it's Left Eye big Will let the champagne spill is it a mans thing for real can us girls roll wit yall what the deal Chorus Verse 4: well now it's lookin' like a car show convoys and whips on the strip pullin' up in the six makin' brothers sick for real big Will household name entertainer gold handle cane and matchin' gators swervin' lane in pole position rolling deep like a co-malition in soul poisition and can rock a whole convention movie screens to the club scene my whole crew lookin' clean shine with a diamond gleam step above where the players be don't hate me one is where they rate me lately you could find me behind the door marked V.I.P. eating grapes under the A.C. big willie style is how we do it Chorus this one goes out to all the big willies

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