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P. DIDDY lyrics - Forever

What You Want

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro] Ladies and gentlemen We are gathered here today To join I see it, yeah Yeah, yeah I like this right here Yeah, yeah One-Two, One-Two, in the place to be As you can see I am the crush groovin' There's a whole lot of stars be groovin' in here tonight The record breaking and the record making Yeah, yeah, turn this up From the states to over seas Every city in between I hit the scene Catch fire like kerosene Geting paid for more then a decade We been blazing, y'all wasn't ready for the PD invasion Caught you off guard, got bitches, got cars Healin' war scars, puff smoke out of the jar Catch flights to and fro, nigga who you know No one important, just another nigga flossing Gotta seal, what I'm touching is real You just a clone wit' a production deal I sailed the seven seas and kept my head above the water Sorry I left you, but now I am back for ya But it's like we never bounced, platinum from word of mouth Hottest niggas out Alot better, the shit's too strong I'm home now, daddy's been gone too long 1 - [Lil' Kim] What you niggas want Wanna talk slick Wanna do shit, try shit, new shit Who you fucking wit' You and your weak clique Bitch you creep wit' got you in some deep shit You coppin' pleas now, it ain't a secret Trying to be niggas you can't even speak with You can't run, you can't hide Bad Boy 'till the day we die Tell they all like Jordan in the fall On top of the hill like Lauren, Killing 'Em Soft' What you grillin' me for Kept my name good, we from the same hood Made some change, put the range wit' the stained wood Now chicks, they keep they eyes on me Wanna grind on me Haters plotting so I keep my nine on me You can't stop 'em when them shells is popping Look good to the public eye, your streets is watching At all times, put it all on the line Without a care dreams of cream turn to nightmares No one to talk to, don't know who to trust Got your gun out and don't know who to bust It get like that though, when you stack that dough Can't run from it yo, that's when they get close So put up you guards, keep faith in God I promise y'all the world'll be ours Repeat 1 Your games amaze, but alot of ways, many choices Can't sleep, when I do I hear voices Speakin' loud and clear, wait 'till you come out this year So I listen back cause the street is missing that What a world we live in So cold I'm shivering, slipping Gotta work with what I'm given, shit Bitches is trifling, hands out grabbin' Niggas hating, scheming and back stabbin' That's why they hang around you, just to be seen Type to leave a gun fight wit' a full magazine No blood, not hit, chamber ain't warm What part of the game is this And who's side you on Can't be out for wealth and out for self, won't work Find yourself tucked and surrounded by dirt In a verse I show the whole earth my work It got to get better because it can't get no worse Repeat 1 Repeat 1

Set It Off

ERICK SERMON "Double Or Nothing"
Intro: This goes out to my peoples in Queens. Representing, Brooklyn, Uptown. Yeah, yeah Boogie Down Bronx, Staten Island, all the way to New Jersy. Tri State Area. Long Island Verse 1: Ha ha, welcome radio land and others, my underground brothers is mad deep like gutters I bring it no matter what the situation, underwater, through fire Across barded wire, what? I'm quick to Change Faces without R. Kelly When you step on me you best be ready. I heats it up like house kitchen When I'm bitchin' with this redition, chill or you might catch an ass whippin' There's something wrong ha, I can't go on, and commence Tear the frame out an MC's ass with the quickness, no forgiveness This is the way E does buisness, one touch and I'll weaken the average came to be rap star By far by far, my entourage is Sugar Hill like Wesly Snipes Def Squad is the main attraction for y'all everynight Hook: I came through the door - Rakim And I set it off (X4) Verse 2: Dun da da, the E Double brings it full steam Eyes are green, yeah, taken sucker niggas for they cream I rock the mic, alright, with intentions to please and decapitate all gimmick MC's Yeah, I come action packed like a flick, and dismantle those duck MC's that can't handle My sound goes through my musical speakers, beeotch, and flash a symbol like the Grym Reaper To signify, gamma ray I display on wax is ridiculous, way out likt the crew on Star Trek Yeah, I keep my style Black like Panthers, with women more fat than Samathas Damn, this don't make no F in' sense, for me to be on top bigger than monuments A star ghost super nova turns into a black hole That got put into your soul Hook (x4) Verse 3: For those that envy me and say I ain't about nothing and everthing you see my names on something Flawless, outlandish, unique complete, off the wall technique I develop without speech (woah) On bended knee I could damage an MC, thourgholy Yeah, yeah take him for his currency, remarkable, the black Superman in the sky Flying through the air with green eyes Hook (x4) Keith Murray talking outro: Yeah, yeah yeah, watch your back black. Don't even step up, word is born. L.O.D. is in here too you know what I'm sayin'? Def Squad for life, PPP taking it everywhere, midwest, mideast, southwest, southwest, north, south, east, west, northwest, northwest, south, north, south, everywhere I sets it off. You know what I'm saying? Paintin the boards, rippin' the mic, rippin' niggas anything you like word up set it of E D. Keith Murray in this piece.

Damn Rightt

MS. JADE "Girl Interrupted"
(feat. Bubba Sparxxx) [Intro Ms. Jade] Uh, Ms. Jade, yeah It's like that old 'back in the day' house party Dance contest shit right here [Verse 1 Ms. Jade] They got me, watcin' my back, looking over my shoulder I'm the best part of wakin' up, like a cup of Folgers I'm the oldest and the youngest at the same time Assitent to the beat, like we both got the same mind I got the feelin' for the flava of the figgas Ya'll dont know what ya'll done triggered Squad'll ride and turn big whipper, they love me From block niggas that shot cracks, college boys Them niggas with dreads and knapsacks I spit greasy like an S curl I don't just get 'em naucious I make them muthafuckas hurl Step it up, next level once I get involved Back flip, kick, then I spit like I'm Lara Croft The game is off, I made every shot, from every block Hydro to the ready rock, I semi pop like I got beef wit ya Dem things gonna get cha, better bring ya peeps wit ya [Chorus Bubba (Ms. Jade)] Is you a problem for them faggot boys (Damn right) Would you finish off this bottle wit me (Damn right) Could you lose it all to get some more (Damn right) Do you eat, sleep and shit Philly (Damn right) [2x] [Verse 2 Ms. Jade] Since I was suckin' on bottles, and playin' wit my rattles Cocky wit the flow, plus I'm itchin' for a battle Grab you and choke you up, toss you in the corner Flows make you drown when you sinkin' in the water Callin' for the coroner, funeral in Florida Ya'll don't wanna deal with this broad, nigga i'm warnin' ya Hot like Timmy, push ya buttons like I'm Jimmy Peep shit, street shit, Broady game in me It's a gimmick, fuck the house, I'll take it to the limit Turn ugly like a gremlin, if you messin' wit my spinach Smoke green in them Bonaville seats, lean Ms. Jade, need an army to beat me I gotta stuff you, one time you'll get it A little talent but you don't know what to do with it I'm through wit it, all that other shit is minor Key element, right next to water, sun and fire I'm from the 215, so ya'll guys better recognize Handle half and leave the rest to God Nothin' to lose and somethin' to prove I save the bender for the suckas, shit I'm breakin' the rules [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3 Ms. Jade] Ain't no way ya'll folks don't smell what I'm preparin' I ain't carin' 'bout ya mom, pop or aunt Karen I do damage on a daily basis Words boil you like hot soup and I'll let you taste it I'm the bang bang, minus the chitty cocksucka Born like 16th Street to the damn Ruckas I'm dumb nice, ruin ya dumb lives See a watch but you broke, look at ya dumb ice Sometimes I feel outta place cuz I stick out like a sore thumb Wild out so I can't wait 'til the tour come I'm like Gladys without them damn Pips Plus I smoke on them L's til my fingernails is black tips I'm so hip, ya'll see the shit that I be on Talk tough, niggas be like plastic like neons I'm disgusting, known for ball bustin' Crushin', bluffin', dustin', it's nothin' [Chorus 5x]

Still A Regular Nigga

AB-SOUL "Long Term 2: Lifestyles Of The Broke And Almost"
Longterm is defined as...Fuck it y'all already know Chyeaa, the long awaited, highly anticipated (L-T-2) Haha it's human music; nothing more, nothing less You know what type of nigga I am, I just borrowed a dollar from the homie I'm back...I know you missed me Long Term the sequel, my swisher sweet is equal My cup is full of brown like the skin color of Hebrews, And this is not a test, no I'm nothing to mess With, just find a cliff, and please don't watch your step You know just what I rep, Top notch to the fullest And TDE's my fam, for each of them I catch a bullet. I'm strolling on Del-Amo Boulevard towards the Arco To get another Black & Mild, my lungs look like charcoal, Yea I know- Your whip is like one of those in car shows, I still got '09 tags on my Mitsubishi mirage No gas, need new break pads, new tires to inspire to get money like Arabs. Jewish lawyers, NASDAQ stock holders But for now I'm broke, I need a fix, I be borrowin' the homie's clothes to go to events Just so I'm camera ready when they be takin' flicks, I admit [Hook:] I'm still a regular nigga, doin' regular shit Got my regular car, got my regular bitch Still dressin' the part, in my regular fit Like being regular is some irregular shit I ain't changed for shit (no) Still walking 'round with a pocket full of motherfuckin' change (I'm on my regular shit!) Homie! [x4] No chain, no watch No diamonds, no Glock No rap sheet, no new drop whip, no top No Gucci, no Louis, no shopping on Melrose I asked for the bitch number, she looking like "Hell naw" No record, no street credit, I'm probably in debt No work, Herb never move right off his step No G-4s, no clearports, none of that I got a standby ticket As for the flight, I just missed it I'm trying to stay optimistic In the midst of the struggle Cause y'all make it rain, but I just slipped in a puddle See my life is simple: I rap and smoke weed Eat when I can, have sex when I need Grab a fifth of E- And J and I'm straight I don't meant to be vane but hey I must be the savior And if you're playing this tape, you're playing it safe But I'm getting escorted by the armed forces to home plate (Soul!) I am only the antonym of fake, if you're antenna is up, then you may feel the same I see your 24's and them motherfuckers great I even like the green and red stiches on your J's The LV on your belt buckle, Audemar arm Purple label, VIP table, Chandon Black car, model braud always on the scene 5 Star continental breakfast, presidential suite But to be the best, do I gotta have those things? Is that the only way that I'mma make these hoes sing? Make these niggas feel me and put on my whole team Shit, that'll compromise my own dreams A fortune cookie read; I had a future in music I wonder how many people got that very same message An A&R told me that I look like a star And before I let it get to my head, it's best I confess it [Hook] [JaVonte:] Just doing what I do Just doing what I do Just doing what I do [Ab-Soul:] And this is Long Term 2 nigga (I'm doing what I do) Lifestyles of the broke and almost famous (Just doing what I do)

Hit Squad Heist

EPMD "Business as Usual"
[Featuring Redman] (Chorus) Hardcore to make the brothers act fools (4x) (PMD) When I turn a party out all hands is in the air Some say it's chill New York throw chairs The punk funk sound to make a sane man flip Girls rush the stage faggots cold dip Low to avoid the caps and blows By the gangbanners at the B boy shows Wit the cops trying to control the crowd But they can't systems crank So What'cha Saying 's pumping loud Blows are thrown, heads are flown like Pan Am Brothers licking off like the son of Sam and The bass continues to thump Some brothers hit the parking lot to go pop trunks Hoes are slapped, jewels are snatched Brothers are caught in the cross fire without no caps And on my way out, I heard a sucker scream and shout Niggas, Niggas , yea, cold turn the party out Chorus (E Double) Rap combat squares sat and I attack Any crab MC that's down wit the wack And I wreck and if I can not snap a neck Throw a knock, I'll blow and look for a tech I'm terror, new edition to rap era I can't be beat, I'm too sweet plus clever I'm smart, yes, I'm a so called genius I'm equip wit the thinking cap they call ?(Keenison)? Yo, wit that, I can break fool Especially when the posse is thick and got tools Make me feel good 'cause they got steel No blasters or cap guns son, the real deal K-A, microphone wrecker E-D The O, the U, the B, the L to the E Rocking on, word is born, so abandon ship My name is Erick Sermon now want some and I'll flip I'm far from a chump, I'm harcore like Brooklyn Mess wit me and get your manhood token Chorus (Redman) I got it going on, ?(sister muck)?, next to flex You bet I drop heavy, so girls grab your coatex I catch fits when I blitz a rhyme grit And my lip gets to the point so rip some more fly shit Redman ready to rock ruff rhymes Renegade rapper, rip when it's rhyme time Punk push a pin in ?(pilt)? so when I ?(pit)? Pack pistol posse flow some more pro shit Fe Fi Fo Fum funky to floor a Fuck a freak, words before play Quickly, quiet is kept, never quack On a Q-Tip, I quote, I throw rhymes like a quarterback A monster, murder muthafuckas like Manson A madmen who mutilize men with 9mm Bullets ?(brobab)? brother back to back I slam Bread and butter, break beast to Bam Bam Jump off the Jim before I jack my johnson I jam like Janet, chew MC's like Swanson Get a stamp dummy, I'm digging a dungeon Can you dig that I dig deep to destroy dum dums Yes, I yam what I yam when I jam, bro My afro's in the house, yo, yo, yo Known as I live large, life will be luxury Ladies in Lamborginies, love is like (lut) to me Nasty nigga, competition is none From Newark, New Jersey, knot hairs like Mike Nunn Shit, rap is still when I'm stroking Smoke wit shotguns but the sign said no smoking Cool it kiddo, I control from sea to sea Cut like Chuckie, plus style it top D Super mad lover, cool from the new schoo; Hold your breath, while I walk holding my jewels Chorus

Gimme Your's

AZ "Doe Or Die"
New yor undercover baby, whole lot of things done changed It's alot of people puttin black eyes in the game, know what I mean I had my glocked cocked, but took a fall now I'm off my feet I gotta eat, so its back to these fuckin streets And I will grow cause I'm an old timer I bring the drama to any nigga, his baby or his fuckin mama I gotta look like Tevin Campbell But still I gamble, hustle and scramble Cause money is muscle in this damn zoo And in order to make it You gotta take it Be the boom blast boom spin Don't break but don't fake it That's why there's no guilt for these trife niggas blood I spilt Took what they built, flippin their drug game on tilt Cause in New York, dealin drugs is a sport You either sell, smoke it shoot up or snort Anyway your caught And since I'm in it, now I'm in it to win it Skies sets the limit Ain't no being some motherfucker's lieutenant Shit, from this point that's how I feel, I wanna fly Yeah, its either doe or die Chorus: (Repeat 2X) It's like a jungle sometimes It's like a jungle sometimes It's like a jungle sometimes, the weed smoke makes me wonder How I keep from going under And other hoods I hang with Mix slang in they language Love, kickin that gang shit Sellin on the same strip Hustlin hard, no matter how much we hated So dedicated, even our dreams are drug related Shit, puff bananas Not even the cops can stand us Cause of the way we vanish, everytime they come to can us 25 we get the money live Fuck all that funny jive The streets is our only source to survive And when corny teeny boppers think about tryin to stop us I rather put your head, through the propella of a helicopter Cause all my peeps be playin for keeps Straight out the litter, so bitter These bandits don't even need sweets Bringin the ruckus, like some mad motherfuckers Move at night like truckers When suckers see us, they duck us Shit, only the real can relate to the hungry man I try It's either doe or die Chorus And ever since I was a tarface Baby, watchin Scarface I dreamed of guns and tons of coke in a car chase A fat connect with a kingpin Colombian Plus props for crooked cops, payin him tops not to run me in Keepin my toaster in a shoulder holster Havin hoes playin me closer Sex on a silk sofa Livin the life of the rich and trife Rugged but sharp like a kitchen knife Without stress from some bitchin wife What a life That's why I be on what I be on Always ready a war for Score a shoulder put me on And until then, I won't sealin what I'm feelin It was inside that I cried, but now its spillin I'm goin all out Until I fallout So much of a menace, when I finish Bilkin New York, I'll have to call out On the run, cause I know feds will try and knock me And railroad my soul to a hell hole if they got me But not me I'm goin out fightin until I fry From hot lead no lie Like I said its either doe or die Chorus Realizin the realism of life and actuality Fuck whose the baddest Through personal status, through pimps or salary Chorus If not why not Either your in it, or your in the way Baby Pa New yields, no quills I want it all

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