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OUTKAST lyrics - Big Boi & Dre Present Outkast

Ain't No Thang

Original and similar lyrics
[Dre] A nigga ready from the get go (blowe, blowe, blowe) Y'all hear my shit go, it's Andre. Can yo punk ass come out to play? Stay in your little hole, then coward duck your head You don't know who you be fuckin with youse better off...dead Is what I say, best run the other way In case of physical breakdown...y'all can break now My kitchen full of heat, if you can't take the temp Make yourself exempt Pussy footin around don't be gettin y'all nowhere but stuck Nowhere to duck, pull his file, niggaz die By gettin blasted, how drastic They got the nerve to ask me why I do the things I do I got the nerve to serve you up just like a raider do, but naw (naw, naw) I take that back, that's my problem Turnin and walkin away, this ain't gon work when they be robbin As long as Big Boi's still livin, never standin by my lonesome Step up nigga, if you want some Chorus(2X) Ain't no thang but a chicken wang We havin a smoke out in the Dungeon with the Mary Jane It's just a pimps (players), Mack daddies (East Point) It's all about that ses in yo chest (It's the joint) [Big Boi] Well nigga, you softer than silicone, used to pump up tits It's that nigga down in the Dungeon with them playeristic hits I'm quick to stop a sucka flow like menopause, it's the Original ghetto bastard, so now I makes a switch I used to sell dope, but in 1994 I'm makin Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik But see these voices in my skull has got me reminiscin About the days back when me mammy had to work in kitchens She had me makin better grades to make a better life But I never had no love or respect, cuz we gon be alright I ran the streets and broke my curfew cuz I gave a shit I carried guns and butcher knives cuz I was steadily in the mix, yeah It was so hard to say goodbye, I'm a man now I'm at the end of my street, so it's time to take my stand now I call the wild because it's time to take the streets So if you ain't got the burner, bring your big enough nuts (retreat) I'm ready to wet 'em up like cereal Just an international playa, comin through your stereo Chorus(2X): [Dre] 3-5-7 to your fo'head, there'll be mo' dead Cuz I'mma po' kid So Lord forgive me, I got to keep my milly right here near me When I be doin fine until these niggaz want to clear me off my street But in my hood hood, they hollerin ghetto Don't have no neighbors that hit the pipe but never let go But I feel for them like Chaka Khan feel for you Ain't shit that we can do but rest in peace, pour a brew On the concrete, remember when we ran deep Remember at the party when we served them niggaz dandy They know not to test us, test me, do me, try me Trippin with that drama, my Beretta's right beside me One is in mid-air and one is the chamber Y'all ask me what the fuck I'm doin, I'm releasin anger Quick to dodge danger, I'm takin it one day At a time, I got the fattest dimes around my way You can sway with Andre, I'll take her to the ho-jo, bitch Just let you know, yeah Chorus(2X): [Big Boi] It's on my friend, on the road again, I'm travelin No more than 65 on 85 off in my Cadillac I got that nigga Dre, he ridin shotgun And got my pump under my seat, in case these yougstas wanna have some fun I'd do it if I have to, bustin caps with this a heat and load it clip up after clip And after again, if I feel it The glock, the gat, the nine, the heaters See I be bustin caps like my amp be bustin speakers So how do you figure that Big Boi beats ghetto blastin You 'posed to be quickest draw, but man, I hail 'em faster 1-2-3, you need to think about the future Before I shoot your ass and dilute your gut with lead From my hollow clips, I'll send you to an early grave You fuckin slave, you better try another way To take me out, is truly something difficult Don't even run up on me, unless you want your brain broke I'm out of bullets lettin loose my last clip I'mma kick you in your ass and your nigga gettin pistol whipped You know that's how I do, you know that's how I do Chorus(2X) Yeah and it don't stop and it don't quit, to the muthafuckin... Organized Noize, PA, Goodie Mob, Big Gipp and all the niggaz Around the East Point way College Park is really on the map We comin around Atlanta and the niggaz are really strapped With the muthafuckin guns and the muthafuckin glocks Steady is the gas nigga, don't fear it and it don't stop

Blow My Buzz

D12 "Devils Night"
[Swifty McVay] Hmm, yeah This just one of them days when yo' ass just wanna chill out and motherfuckers be all in yo' ear and shit, yknowhatI'msayin Or that naggin bitch, that just like to hear herself talk blowin all yo' high away Now that's some fucked up shit, heh but it happens, yknowhatI'msayin Yo [Eminem] Yo yo yo yo Schizophrenia, how many of ya got it How many motherfuckers can say they psychotic How many motherfuckers can say they brain dry-rotted from pot You got it like I got it or not If you did, you would know just what I'm talkin bout When your tongue's rottin out from cotton-mouth When you end up becomin so dependent on weed that you end up spendin a G in the vendin machine You got the munchies, look at you, junk food junkie Potato chips and lunch meat, up in the front seat Sometimes you can get so paranoid from ganja that's it gotcha thinkin the whole world is watchin ya Or maybe you don't smoke, maybe you just roll But whatever your drug's yo, go for the gusto Just don't, come fuck with me when I'm doin my drugs You see me in the club don't come fuckin my high up and [Chorus: D-12] Blow, my, buzz You want to want to just don't blow, my, buzz (Do what you want to) And I'm gon' sit here and just roll, my, drugs (Smoke my weeeeed) And if you talk I'm gonna fuck, you, up (I might just whoop yo' ass) Just don't say shit and we'll be cool [Bizarre] [ding dong] Bitch let me in the house (Avon) No, I just came to eat your mother out It's the big guy, doin a butterfly to the ground (go 'head!) [Eminem] Bizarre sit yo' nasty ass down [Bizarre] I spot this fat bitch from across the room Now suck my dick while your boyfriend's in the bathroom (yea yea!) My face is pink, lookin for a sink And don't worry bout what I put in your drink It's called a date-rape drug, ten minutes you'll be fucked up Open your nasty-ass legs up (yeah you whore) Bitches I'm catchin, blunts I'm matchin Don't call me Bizarre, I'm the Reverand Jesse Jackson [Swifty McVay] Who the fuck is this guy, why the hell you in my presence It'd be cool if you was askin me some reasonable questions But you on some bullshit nigga, this yo' last beer (f'real) Get the fuck off my dick and tell yo' bitch to bring here ass here I kick a hoe out without givin her cabfare And leave her barefooted just for naggin in my damn ear When I'm out eatin, you fags'll interfere They don't go until I let 'em know a mag' is sittin here I get drunk and I smoke weed, whatcho' ass wanna hear I didn't answer you clear, I met Manson this year okay You want some yea I'll front yo' ass a play But other than that, get the hell out my face Because you niggaz tryin to [Chorus w/ variations] [Kun] Yo Denaun you seem shook [Kon] I really am dawg look This fat bitch keep chasin me tryin to give me the nook [Kun] Aww man you probably lead her on [Kon] I just bought her a beer! [Kun] I saw her rubbin on your head while she was wipin your tears [Kon] I admit, I was high, but you ain't seen me cryin [Kun] Nigga you lyin, and you blowin my high, just stop denyin it [Kon] Well at least somebody in this bar is, this big bitch did the ultimate by sayin she wanted to have my kids [Kun] Look man you grown, just leave me alone, I'm in the zone Call it a night, get stoned, and take that fat slut home Just drink the drink, hit the dank, do some drugs Go kill yourself [Kon] Fuck you! [Kun] Well stop blowin my buzz! [Proof] I'm at the front of the bar by the lounge in the back with a slut on my arm while I'm downin the 'gnac Got the pills in my system, floatin around Everytime I start driftin, someone open they mouth Yo my ear been spit licked and freestyled in I think I'm goin def like old senile men Only one good demo out of three thousand (Yo I ain't wanna rap for you anyway, so keep talkin) Next nigga that bump me, I'ma do the Humpty and elbow bitches, 'til everybody jump me (Yo man whassup wit you man why you keep bumpin me and shit) Whassup fool Fuck you punk! (Motherfucker, the fuck It's on fool it's on! Whassup then nigga) [Chorus w/ variations] We'll be cool We'll be cool if you don't talk while I'm just tryin to smoke my weed Smoke my weed.. I'm tryin to drink with my niggaz; just shut the fuck up while I'm just tryin to get blowed Spittin to me some mo'.. (hehehe)

The Stars

JUKEBOX THE GHOST "Everything Under The Sun"
As fireworks burst over the land I could've sworn I felt the influence of an unseen hand The ghost of someone else's dream A forgotten god stopping by to survey the scene And the lights were complicated and so we all just Prayed to the spirits above and below That the water would never reach us in time But I had a feeling that we'd never get to 2009 Didn't want a wave but a wave was coming, yeah We didn't wanna swim but the cities were sinking Though we wanted to react we were too busy sleeping through The ground that was shaking, the bass was thumping There's a tidal wave coming so you'd better start learning to swim There's a tidal wave coming so you'd better start learning And now's as good as any as a time and place to begin On TV, they said the storms wouldn't last But their answers didn't correlate to the questions we'd asked They said, "A spark that's gone is not a spark to mourn You can't resuscitate a person who was never born" So I climbed to the tallest building in town To see the rain rushing in, to feel my heart breaking down And as the blue sheen drew nearer I saw a window to another world Strange fish I'd never seen and in that moment I realized Didn't want a wave but a wave was coming We didn't wanna swim but the cities were sinking Though we wanted to react we were too busy sleeping through The ground that was shaking, the bass was thumping There's a tidal wave coming so you'd better start learning to swim There's a tidal wave coming so you'd better start learning Now's as good as any as a time and place to begin I should have known this was coming, yeah It could not have been more obvious Like the flood that Noah dreamed about Except bigger and more ominous I should have seen this was unfolding, yeah It could not have been more obvious Like the flood that Noah dreamed about Except bigger and more ominous Every moment lost someone else has won Every time you breathe there's another gone Every passing second is a minute late Every breath can escalate a hurricane And do you think we'd realize just what we'd done Tore down the canvas that held up the sun? We ripped down the canvas hung up above But what if we were created to gaze What if we were created to gaze at the stars up above? Didn't want a wave but a wave was coming, yeah We didn't wanna swim but the cities were sinking Though we wanted to react we were too busy sleeping through The ground that was shaking, the bass was thumping

I Don't Know

SALT 'N' PEPA "Blacks' Magic"
(Yo, Play, I never expected that from you A guy's entitled to one mistake, Cheryl One mistake That ain't what I heard [laughs] Yo, what are you trying to say) Look, let me kick it to you like this It's not that I don't miss your kiss Well what is it I'm scared of gettin' hurt (what), much afraid Of who Me Come on, baby, don't try to play me It's true But you know that I feel for you Yeah, I do but (what) yo, Play, I can't trust you Come on, why How could you stand there with a straight face and ask I ain't the first or will not be the last You got it all wrong, those days they all gone Yeah right, I ain't goin' out like a pawn Come on, you make it sound like I'm a little ho Yo, let me tell you somethin', buddy I really don't know Oh, I get it, now I see I really don't know After all the time you spent with me I really don't know All the good things that we had in our mind I really don't know First I was sad now I'm gettin' mad (You gettin' mad That's right, mad What are you gettin' mad about Yo, you better...yo, girl, I'm tryin' to tell you I better what Tell me what I did Look what I've done for you, you are ungrateful Yo, Salt, I'm tellin' you lead that's goin' to your head Look how you...look how you dissed me Aw... Shut up) Now how could you forget so soon All the nights with dim lights in the bedroom The things we said, the things we did All the talk about the house, the cars, and the kids Yo, I'm not sayin' those things didn't happen but That was before I found out you was a slut Rappin' to all the girls in and out town It didn't take long for word to get around Yo, if you walk out on me, I'll understand And have to take my lumps like a man You see, nobody's perfect, neither are we Love is knowin' when to say you're sorry Yes, and I apologize You sure that's not a lie Yeah, cross my heart and hope to die Just let me know what is it with you men And don't tell me it's a Tom and Dick thing Is it a must you lust for every big butt You realize it caused the end of us Ok, it's understood, the things I did it wasn't good Now can we live our lives like normal couples should Mmmm, no No! Well, I mean, I still don't know, it may be a mistake Don't think it's fake I poured my heart out, and you still don't believe me Well go ahead then, you might as well leave me I think you're right, though I know I'm right Yeah, so So what Yo, I really don't know Come on now, I ain't gonna beg I don't know Didn't you hear a word I've said Yo, man, this ain't gonna work Word, they're tryin' to play us like a bunch of jerks Yo, I ain't gettin' on my knees for no one I'm with you, true Let's go have a cold one Oh, you the dude (Well, how'd it go Oh, I don't know At least we're still friends... Yeah, me, too, so what's goin' on tonight I got a date Already So do I Oh yeah That's great)

You Got What I Want

SNOOP DOGG "Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss"
(feat. Goldie Loc, Ludacris, Charlie Wilson) Yeah, this pimping stay open all night Check this out Jellyroll... [Snoop Dogg] We do break hoes We don't fuck with fake hoes Yeah, we make hoes Strip down to they panty hose Pop your whip, now grab that bitch Pimping Snoop ain't having it Oh you like pussy, congratulations I'm trying to get your ass in my congregations I keep three hoes in my room at one time Two nickels and the other's a dime You wouldn't wanna, keep a hood on her When I'm dropping that motherfucking wood on her Cause I perform, a G like Warren A nigga getting paid off shooting porn They call me the black folks President Snoop Heffner mixed with a little bit of Doggy Flint Banging this parliament, come get a bar with this You would wanna be a part of this, oh bitch ass nigga Quit playing with the hoe, and let me borrow the bitch [Chorus: Charlie Wilson] You got what I want Tell me if you want, just what I want Cause I got, what you need Baby if you need some, get it from me Cause I got, what you want I want you to want, just what I want Just want, what I want Ooh you got just what I want [Goldie Loc] Look mama make you hot like a corn to pop And watch how fast you see a nigga boxers drop I'm trying to work it fast, but I know you like it slow You know I got to bust a nut and hurry up and go You got something that I want right now Hurry up and let me put the black spot on the cow Make the pussy ball up like salt to a snail And when I kill it big daddy, I want you to tell Cause I don't give a damn when it come to freaking hoes Call up forty hoes, and have a rolly peep show And when you give me something, you gone want something back This dick to your mouth, little mama like that Fish cost too much, so I feed her sardines Man I'm the motherfucking MVP of the team Cold game how a nigga steady spitting this shit make her mama jump back and say bitch is a pimp [Chorus] [Charlie Wilson] Of course she love my nine Bitch I got that antidote Got a bigger dick that'll crack your spine Then I'm gonna let it inside your throat [Ludacris] Tricked out, kicked out get her on gone Ludacris on the motherfucking microphone Heey, what's up I came to pimp Fur hats and fur clothes, and a razor tim Biiiiatch, I got it made Just pick one of my hoes, and I got it leid You never heard as many bitches so fast and frequent Can I get the ends, bitch delinquents Run my bath water, cook my meals And SHUT THE FUCK UP, when I book the deals And iron my draws, give me cuffs and creases It's your nephew come to fuck your nieces [Chorus - 2x] Gimme what I want I got what you need Gimme what I want Yeah, yeah


NELLY "Nellyville"
[Chorus] You see the magazines and Me on your TV screens and You think you know me but you really dont (You dont even know) But I, I'm feelin good about myself, so I, I splurge a lil' hell You see the money and The cars and diamonds and you You think it make me but it really dont (It really really dont) But I, I'm feelin good about myself, so I, I splurge a lil' hell I think the time has come, for me to have some fun I'm bout to peel back the top on y'all and let in the sun What the fuck I done done, my mamma's only son I went from slangin and bangin to yellin number one I love my fans to death, until my last breath Thats why when I perform I give until there's nothing left No competition, my opposition gonna feel the pain More complications, relationships ain't gonna be the same Do they walk of fame, and all that it can bring If they attracted to Nelly then who like Cornell Haynes Im poppin collars from California to D.C. Im in the VIP, Louis bottles and Hennessey Im putting mileage on 20 inches and 23's Im flippin out my keys, I'm flippin down the screens Im bout to spread my wings, tryin to fulfill my dreams With anything that I want, if I dont I got the means [Chorus] You think you know me but you really dont know Peep I could walk through the club like everything be fo sho And I'll get, one lil' girl, two lil' girls tryin yo get me to dance, I'll get, three lil' girls, four lil' girls pullin at my pants, damn It feels good when errthing is okay And its a beautiful site when errthing goes your way And I could park in the mountains and i'll still get valet Hop out in a Vokal valour and my suede Bally's Im feeling good its only right I deserve To spread the love through all my peeps, its only right that I splurge And any nigga trippin now I leave him right by the curb And I dont go to sleep mama so good night and good word Im on a mission and its sort a like a mystery And I aint stopping til' I go down in history Now who ever said you knows, you dealing with a pimp fo sho The N-E double L-Y follow now, now here we go [Chorus] You read the magazines, and heard I made a scene Believe it or not, I swear I'm just a human being Im doing human things, cuz only humans change They label me a role model cuz i appeal to teens It really ain't that strange, now that I think about it I came up in the game, changed everything about it Im feelin better then ever without that Lotto shit I wait up early hit Cuda, like lets go by some shit You dress the hottest fits, driven the hottest whips We've got the baddest chicks, we with the whitest kicks Donating money, the families called and be lying shit They screaming war, I'm like fuck it, go buy a battleship And bring it up that Mississipi, if you really wanna come than get me Tell them niggaz that a, don't tempt me Cuz I'll squeeze them shits til' empty Throw shouts at nigga like frisbee Who the juice How the hell you gonna pimp me You niggaz must be kidding me, like you aint never seen a nigga P. Diddy [Chorus x2]

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