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O.A.R. (OF A REVOLUTION) lyrics - The Wanderer

That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker

Original and similar lyrics
Ohh myyyy 20 throw down in my fist of rage and the man to my left has folded down well johnny doubled up with a royal flush i had three jacks and a pair of nines my mind is turning - just two shots more there's not much left to play well then dude walks in, black hat on top what a mop, im lucky it wasn't wasn't a county cop cause i'm just runnin out of time Who's up for game two what to do my wallet's gettin thin and i just lost my watch last night well i gotta problem just one answer gotta throw it all down and kiss it goodbye Yeah! That was a crazy game of poker (That was a crazy game of poker) I lost it all (I lost it all) but someday i'll be back again And I, never to fall (never to fold) Who's up for game three i can barely see the bourbon drowning next to me And i just lost it all well there's a man sittin next to me Red, was smiling cause its funny i don't have no money tonight yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh That was a crazy game of poker (That was a crazy game of poker) I lost it all (I lost it all) but someday i'll be back again And I, never to fold. (never to fold) Bop bop bop... I say now skittleedat dat, Well how bout that I'm coming out the front never coming out the back And I walked into the bar yesterday Cause I had something to do, something to say And Johnny walked in right behind me and I didn't turn around Til I heard the sound of his feet falling on the ground I looked over my shoulder and I saw a clown And I said what'cha doin' in the bar tonight. So I said Johnny whatcha doing tonight He looked at me with a face full of fright And I said, how bout a revolution And he said right. I say of, you say a I say revolution, and you say jah I say of, you say a I say revolution, and you say jah jah jah Jahova! And I said, what'cha looking at He hit me across the face with a bat I grabbed my .45 and I said let's get out and go So he opened the door and said do what you're here for I said I'm wandering round the road four to four And I said I been walking for about a thousand years. And my feet are growing tired My eyes a little wired Don't know what to do unless I retire And he just said let's play some crazy poker So I said Johnny whatcha doing tonight He looked at me with a face full of fright And I said, how bout a revolution And he said right. I say of, you say a I say revolution, and you say die I say of, you say a I say revolution, and you say die dah dah Day day oh! I said that, was the craziest game of poker that I ever saw I said that, was the craziest game of poker that I ever saw But I'm not gonna quit and I'm not gonna stop Don't give a shit cause I got the drop Johnny just got two eyes just like mine And I'm feeling kinda funky, kinda fine And I drank a bottle of whiskey, 'fore I came Came to the bar to see what's the same I saw my man named Johnny sittin' across the table from me And to my left was a man, he had no chin Didn't really think about starting a scene The man to my right wasn't feeling kinda nice He looked kinda mad and I felt bad Beacuse I took his money last night it's kinda funny But now I'm just struggling-- I need a honey-bunny. I don't know what to say anymore So I'm just gonna go out, anywho... So I said Johnny whatcha doing tonight He looked at me with a face full of fright And I said, how bout a revolution And he said right. I say of, you say a I say revolution, and you say jah I say of, you say a I say revolution, and you say jah I say of, you say a I say revolution, and you say jah I say of, you say a I say revolution, and you say jah jah jah jahova javhova, is watching over me... Day day oh!

Choking On A Wishbone

[Slug] This one goes out to all of those that want success Wait, not just the ones that want it This goes to those that feel they deserve it And this one goes to all of those that make the moves and those that have paid the dues To all of those that walk the fine line on the edge To all the heads about to break it loose And you don't want to come close to feeling it Initial reaction like "Yo, I don't give a shh..." After a minute within it, they start to think "Why the hell they didn't get it, did they not hear what he speaks?" They don't know me, it's best that way Let 'em look for tomorrow in yesterday And let me strain my lungs for the love of popping amps Let me spike the ball because I don't like to dance Let me paint a picture on the surface of your mind I got a job at the circus and I quit writing rhymes Now I travel from city to city, life of a gypsy Gravel, grass, concrete, folk law and mystery Yo, looking at my Gucci, it's about that time for me to pawn this piece of junk and try to take some of these finds Fly angel fly, don't ever look back You better scoop that dead rat off the track, go home and cook that Maybe you should trade that Mustang for a Jeep So when you get too drunk to drive, you'll have a dry place to sleep Don't forget what chocolate milk does to the hangover Come on, who you think cut the tires on your Land Rover? Twist the nobs and chew the fat off the shish kebab Ditch the lard that cut my hair and made me quit my job And if I pass before they get a chance to hear me Tell 'em "Kiss my ass" and teach 'em all about my theory [Chorus: 4x] Choking on a wishbone, position blown out the frame Pissed on the remains to mark the spot and spark the flame [Slug] It never settles, the constant grinding of metal against complicated timing, developing my threshold Touching the gestalt with a little reverb and some echo to add extra flavor like pesto Yo, the cards are dealt and now I'm staring at my hand Looking for something to toss, tryna find a spot to stand The anger felt as I look across the land It doesn't equal to the eagerness and hunger to expand Move past, the berry is set, the previous sets carry me through the meaninglessness Here I am with the word extracting nerves Running toward the stage (here we go) to watch the crash occur [Chorus: 2X] [Slug] Put your head on the pillow and shut your eyes Take your mind out the ghetto and touch the sky Then come ease down that much feared trail of blood, sweat and love Instead of flame, crying tears in the rain The blunder game, and it drowned out the hunger pains Numbed the brain and played life like a numbers game Poppa needs a new pair of nuts, cause he lost touch with the last ones fastened to the bottom of his guts Yo, they don't know me, it's best that way Let 'em look for tomorrow in yesterday This child is your fate so let 'em play I bet I know your age and I can guess your weight Wait, wait, how can it be so simple and straight? And why the hell ain't you tripping to make some ripples in the lake? I can't figure it out, for God's sake arguing a lost case as it irritates my prostate, and when I sit home alone I kick over the telephone and catch my zone inside the dial tone [Chorus] [Multiple recordings of Slug talking play together for 38 seconds]

Sparring Minds

Genius "Legend of the Liquid Sword"
[GZA] Designer and most of man stands the front-end loader hold enough weight that'll compensate the share-holders Powerful motor controls are mad stable No room for error, injury proves fatal Hundred ton air-jack, quickly raise the steel After blowin' out the belt drive, Math' change the wheels Bust ya, slash ya, we still thick like plaster There's always potential full-on scale disasters In the rec' [?] narrowly missin' My camp be forced into periless proposition We must come see ya, despite imminent danger Was short on fuel, before he flew out the hangar From the cold dirt, rocks and all, rap galore Watch the river flow backwards once we storm the shore Nigga, mark with razor-sharp eyes of the scope On the ropes, hanging from the towel and cliffs and slopes The magnitude of the devastation untold The collective laws of countless souls lay in the road [Inspectah Deck] Insane flower, vein blower Aim and it's game over You know the name, flame-thrower Got the code to the game and I hold the main controller Soldiers from the jump, and today the same soldier I stay low, play close to bank rolls Parly with the greatest who walk the same road Oh you ain't hear? Ain't nuttin' new but the gear The crew of the year, kid too much to bear Find out what I'm about, know the legend The slight disrespect, of his name provoke tension No threat, bringin' the force like Bobo-fet' The old vet' [?] alone control the set I'm next level, ya best settle, bless Rebel I shine like a vessel, with strength to bend metal Guns, head first in the grunge, become emerged the drums The verse is murder one [GZA] We rhyme back-to-back, deangerous emcees Move on track-to-track 100 bar measure Lost treasure, those crews who never gave us much pleasure Agreed the sound was good, shoppin' in the state, city, town and hood eventually they would Lay down the trademark with god that built wealth To dip-dive in the beehive was on self For the power struggle, never clown but did juggle The heavy load made it explode to mad rubble I thought of this tune on a blackout guided by the light of the moon on a camp-out, the kerosine lamp out, so we walked the road we paved with trails that left vinyl foot-steps engraved

Uncut, Pure (Original And Remix)

Big Daddy Kane "Veteranz Day"
See the crowd in an uproar acting unstable Here comes Dark Gable raps remarkable Mic ripper, cash flipper, Cristal sipper Derrie're batalliere that's French for ass whipper Long time putting work in this, to be tremendous If I'm not the best then I'm a damn striking resemblance I roll the dice on the streets that be cold as ice And cause great disturbance just like a poltergeist I come attacking this enrage to disengage the missing page To the newest in age that's hitting stage For I be one that knows the art To get you up and out your seat, if you was Rosa Parks Tell me how much can you take from me the man to make Rhymes that's so butter my breath smell like land o lakes You know the lick, seen me hit em like a brick Plus my posse run thick, not that click from Mario flick Beware of one of the best they be You wanna test the God I hope you mean a SAT Because your poetasterous style it plain bore me Pardon the vainglory, but here's the Kane story Chorus Bringing you that uncut pure, knocking at your door About to give you more of the raw Point yo hands up to the sky Verse 2 Fuck the chorus And let the lyrics sit up in the track like rigamortis I spit a few to listen to when this I do it's as if as you Was invisible it'll make your life miserable Hip-hop icon, keep a grip like a python I be that wrong one to get fly on Boy you got to get that playa hatin' out you That's the other side of the game and I ain't Erykah Badu Black Caesar, don't you even reach my way You'd sooner find a vital point that's on Priest Pai Mae I heat it up to where I pasteurize half the guys A fast demise disaster lies as he dies Confront one of the best at rhyming What I write it be so rough that my ink pen need alignment The untouchable, don't want to tempt me I come kicking through your door, unlawful entry It be me, even though none of y'all want to see me For real, damn I know how Jehovah's witness feel I remember how I formed it up Cause I took what was raw and then I warmed it up Turned the fire down to simmer as I calmed it up But take a look I think the Kane about to overcook Come and get it, but you better come with paramedics Cause you couldn't bring it to me if you worked for Fed Ex I come cutting through split his gut in two I touch em what em do you know the style ain't nothing new Chorus Bringing you that uncut pure, knocking at your door About to give you more of the raw Point yo' hands up to the sky, high Get on down baby we keep it live Repeat Verse 3 A good game it lets the plot thicken, but the thing that just ain't clickin' Is the way y'all legalize trickin' You talk about your ride and you don't even got one But I can pull a hot one, when inside of a Datsun The wicked in the bed, plus the wicked in the head When I shoot the game, it's like my tongue got infra red Let the Messiah take you higher as I supply ya' what you require Desire and admire it entire Sudden impact as I'm guttin' em black Closest thing to me would be; nothin' in fact I come with more in skill, to always score and kill Females adore and thrill, sweeter thang than Lauryn Hill As I return with a vengeance, here comes the day of independence Approach them all with some bad intentions In other words I'm making them resign, diminish mine Runnin' through them like a finish line Chorus


BIG PUNISHER "Capital Punishment"
[Big Punisher] Niggaz is flossin a lot, time to start extortin the plot Just a portion of prod' off the top for my Porsche and my yacht Somethin for the cops to keep em blind, so we can crime with piece of mind, turn the key and shine without bein down Time to expand, New York to Chicago, Colorado You know my motto, clock G's and rock keys like Drago Pablo Escobar and Dom Perignon We're buyin out the bar, with Don Juan, and every woman's Shawn Dawn-ing Long donging em down like Shawn Michael does and I'm like a pyscho fuckin suckin the butt like liposuction Up and down with the tongue twister, c'mon on sister Big Pun's used to cock and squeeze like a gun tester Crushin sister's backs with the demon snap, hit you from the back Close your eyes relax, let me feed the cat Livin fat, true mack, niggaz was catchin feelings Dealing with a smaller deck it just wasn't as mass appealing I started feeling funny, niggaz comin short with money I called my Son he told me chill he'd be over with twenty Punny what's the deal, niggaz wanna kill me He said it's real, they jealous and tired of seein me Willie silly Had more to claim, niggaz throwin shit in the game Gave my wife some pictures with me and bitches runnin the train It's like a dream, I called my team and started flippin Lock the clip in started liftin niggaz off the ground like a magician I skipped town, be back around when things quiet down I lost the war for now but it'll take more to hold me down 'Top of the world ma! Ha ha, top of the world!' [Chorus] Yo, this is the bad time - boomerang, bring it all back Flashback, livin prosper', eat well and get fat I was Pop Dula, popular to the masses I miss the E-Classes, riding game with def glasses Rock bottom struck and threw my world off it's axis Boomerang - plan to come back like Bronx rap Storm like the Redcoats through anything in my path First you shine like sterling, then you broke like brick in Berlin [Big Punisher] Now should I slit my wrists, go for it all or call it quits Picture me taking my life, leaving my wife and my daughter shit Wish I could slip back, and switch the memories Lift the felonies from my record I respected my enemies Live like the Kennedy's, above the law, fuck em all I'm coming for the rich thieving em even if I wasn't poor I seen it all like I said before The streets are for men at war and the beasts are the predators I shed it all first and beat a prob every source Of course, I bury any adversary tryin to floss Just because, the reason I leave em lost in the sauce Teein off like we up North just for bein soft A beaten horse like a slave gettin minimum wage Fillin the gauge, front page, these are the last days Cash pays, and rules - the root of all evil Shootin amigos for lootin perrico pollutin our people Movin kilos like it's all good, through every ghetto I ain't judgin, but buggin how we floss so many levels The devil's got us by the balls, that's why the law allows the drugs to overflood, knowin we gonna buy it all It's time to call a world order where every girl's your daughter and priceless as ices and pearls fresh out the water I'm gonna get mine, either from crime, or through the bible Whichever way, you better pay, I'm feelin suicidal [Chorus]

Game Got Switched

LUDACRIS "Back For The First Time"
[Chorus: Repeat 2X] I hate it when it's too many niggaz, not enough hoes Too many rookies, not enough pros The game got switched on some Ludacris shit So all y'all can suck my dick, BEOTCH!! [Verse 1] I got a whip like Miracle Ludacris lyrical FOOL We dirty south shut yo' mouth we rock jewels No holds barred but obey the block rules Cock tools put chlorine in record pools Are there anyone like ya (HELL NAW!!) I treat humans like students (FAIL Y'ALL) So turn ya books to page 69 and start suckin When Organized drop the tracks then start duckin When Ludacris get in the bed start fuckin [Girl:] You wanna be startin some'n Get out the booth and lemme tell y'all the truth, we kick down do's Save all the H20 for front rows Live in the bank and watch for stank hoes Stay chromed out and that's on or off road If you know what I mean proceed to stay clean Light skinded nigga turn red but get green Inhale some of that 'dro but blow steam Love a combination big ass and tight jeans [Chorus] [Verse 2] [Girl:] Boy you done lost yo' mind No I've lost my virginity And I shot click like that fool shot Kennedy What's the remedy Hennessey Coke If you cut all your money you'd still be half broke Ashes to ashes smoke or get smoked We come by the masses you come and get choked If you take me for a fool I'll take you for a joke Tired of fast food so they cooked up dope So now we eatin lobster shrimp and things And watch for imposters that's been in the game We invented the game and y'all just got hip [Dude:] Man what's that smell PROBABLY YO UPPER LIP Cause I love to walk around like my shit don't stank Even if it's cigars and that purple color dank Chillin in the gut with no trace of Tom Hanks So put this in yo' jaw like weiners and beef franks [Chorus] [Verse 3] I put too much sugar in my Kool..Aid And party like a kid wit a high top fade Arrive to a show and I like to get paid Arrive to a hoe and I like to get laid Ride up on my back like rugs and floormats I'm on the right page but what's my format I wave to the ocean cause I'm where shores at And women go nuts just like my bozack Did you know that Man I'm the gift of change Electric stoves so give me the keys to the Range Shagadelic, beautiful but strange Went to Magic City saw Nikki and Blue Flames Rearrange, same broad different night Pass the E&J and let a nigga get right The bomb threaten dude that's on yo same flight The highlight's that I live a high ass life [Chorus - 3X (w/ minor variations)]

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