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Notorious Big lyrics - Ready To Die

Friend Of Mine

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro] No...fuck the bitches, fuck all the stank-ass hoes, all my niggas know...Junior Mafia click, Gucci Don, you know how we play. Fuckin' skanless-ass bitches. You know how it go Boots...I meet a bitch, fuck a bitch, next thing you know you fuckin' the bitch. You just pass it around and shit, pass the shit like a cold and shit. Fuck'em. [Verse 1] Now when I'm fuckin' those Jen I'm invincible Don't love no hoe, that's my priciple 'cause uh, bitches come (and uh) bitches go That's why I get my nut and I be out the fuckin' door (You know) they might be the one to set me up Wanna get their little brother to wet me up That's why I tote Tecs and stuff to get'em off my case Just in case the little fucker ends up misplaced I don't give a bitch enough to catch the bus and when I see the semen I'm leavin' Bitches be schemin', I kid ya not That's why I keep my windows locked and my Glock cocked One hoe said, 'Big, why you so hard on us Why you swear all bitches are so scandalous' Thug nigga 'til the end, tell a friend bitch 'cause when I like ya, then ya go and fuck my friend bitch (And you know that ain't right) [Chorus] You know that ain't right With a friend of mine [x4] [Verse 2] You see, I don't sweat these hoes I keep'em in flavours like Timbo's and Jibbo's Bitches just like to play the Mary though (Yeah we know, drop the scenario) It was me, Dee, the MPV The blunts and brew thang, knockin' some Wu-tang M-E-T-H-Oh shit, look at them lips and them hips on that bitch Dee hit the dip, so I can drop my mackadocious shit Light the blunt clip, and recognize a pimp Needless to speak, the Gee's obsolete Don't sleep! Banged the skins in a week On the creep up the avenue I seen her on the block, who she rappin' to That's my nigga Dee, damn he got Gee Now she fuckin' him and fuckin' me, see You know that ain't right [Repeat chorus] [Verse 3] I play her far like a moon play a star She still sweat me hard 'cause I'm a rap star I be cruisin' up the block, I be passin' her Pimpin' hard with the female passenger And the only time I call her to hang Is when me and Dee blunted up, pissy, schemin' on a gang-bang She should've used her intuition Then she wouldn't be classified in that position, listen She's sayin' I dissed her 'cause I'm fuckin' her sister A message to the fellas, that really gets'em pissed, uh But she started that fuckin' family She fucked my man Dee, so why she mad at me Plus your sister look better than you Give head better than you, pussy get wetter than you So break the fuck out like a rash I'm glad I ain't spend no cash to hit your nasty ass

Having Sex

JUICY J "Stay Trippy"
[Hook] If you believe in having sex say "hell yea" (hell yea) If you believe in having sex say "hell yea" (hell yea) If you believe in having sex say "hell yea" (hell yea) If you believe in having sex say "hell fuck yea" (yes sir) [Verse 1: Juicy J] Shawty throw me that ass, hold up let me see it Pop it let me touch it, bring it back and let me squeeze it Go on show me that pussy cat, I'mma take it home and feed it If it's good as it looks, might go in raw and seed it Pop a couple of these bands, she poppin' open that G-string Pussy wet as a pool, and Juicy J's in the deep end Bands a make her dance, I don't tip till I see pussy And she ain't got no waist line, that ass as soft as a seat cushion Damn right I make it rain, all night that's a hurricane Strip club run out of ones,I'm throwin' twenties I dont need change Every time she drop it, I'm goin' off to my pocket Fifty thousand in the air, I ain't worried I got it [Hook x2] [Verse 2: Trina] I believe in having sex, bitch I'm Miss America I do want I wanna do, and I fuck him in my Panamera Uh yea, fat bitch, don't see no bra, savage I don't even fuck around 'bout the cabbage Them hoes just sweet, average J know the mango Juicy, he love my big go booty Louboutins bake my cookie, Bugatti bitch no hooptie If I let you feature my movie, my legs wrapped around my neck If I let you feature in my movie, somebody cuttin' me a big check Hoodrich, he got a donkey dick I'm Auquafina make 'em dive in it I wanna feel his third leg while he's strokin' it Throw my face in the pillow while he crankin' it Oh yea, bend me over take a pic, stroke me good throw me deep dick Lets put this shit on Instagram, it's Juicy J and Trina bitch [Hook]X2 [Verse 3: 2 Chainz] I don’t give a fi-nuck, put in her gin-uts Hit a strip club, ran out of ones so now I got to re-up I don’t give a fi-nuck, put in her gin-uts I don’t give a, I don’t give a, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t I don’t give a fi-nuck, put in her gin-uts Hit a strip club, ran out of ones so now I got to re-up Sex pistol, lady killer, b-b-b-bust a nut on her, and that's baby sittin', (damn) OK now next contestent, I smoked a blunt for breakfast Skeeted on her chest, and thats a fuckin' necklace By the time you get back, I'll be somewhere leave a strokers With a girl like Pocahontas, with her hair down to her shoulders Unconditional love, we can do it in a Porsche From the Porsche to the wall, wall to the sofa I'm supposed to post her, it's La Cosa Nostra Then I pull her closer, hit her with the poker [Hook]

On Da Grind F Daz Dillinger

[Daz] It's been a long time since you've heard from us Dat Nigga Daz Dillinger, Young Gotti Kurupt And now we back wit a little rhyme We can't stop, can't quit, 'cause we on da grind [Daz (Kurupt)] Yo! (Gangstafied back on the block) Straight up D-A-Z, K-U-R-U-P-T Doin' it like usual, you know what I'm sayin'? You can't stop You can't rewind the time You can't think about the past So look forward to life And keep on the missionin' on the grind fo' yours [Hook - 2x: Daz] We can't stop, can't rewind the time Off of dollar bills nickles and dimes On everything homeboy that I'm down for mine Until we get we it be out here on de grind [Daz] I wake up with the birds, early as fuck Stash my dope in the cut, serve the clucks Lil' bitches around the way they know what's up They wanna bust, wanna try to smoke a nigga weed up It aint shit to flip a double up And I love when I'm comin' up I got thangs for these suckas when they runnin' up Tellin' all yall fools yall aint one of us... nigga [Kurupt (Daz)] Get a glimpse of a fact - plus that, Blaze Move into the hood with all the O.G's That help me get paid homie, we a unit Doin it how a gangsta do it Run through it And stampede the block like bitch Your on the wrong side to be servin your shit (yeah) Jack nigga, Daz and Kurupt the Kingpin Back on the smash with heaters to reclaim the ass [Hook - 2x] [Kurupt (Daz)] Yeah nigga, half a day gone by Ganstafied, givin' it just livin' my life It's hard to survive Without grabbin' my 9, and pump 5-50-5 45, Milli Mack eleven Gunshots non stop to funk pop Then pop baby glocks (Homie you ridin or not?) Me and the homies are the first to bust And y'all cowards dyin' tryna be like us Gangsta [Daz (Kurupt)] With three mouths to feed, it's the life I lead I guess I'd die in the life of greed Mothafuckas 'round here die to bleed For set, joints nigga or half a key I remember when I came up Niggas ranged up, some Crip'd up Some niggas flamed up Crossed your name out, stragg'd my name up (Quick to thow the gang up) What up?! (Yeah!) I guess I'm blessed with the gift of rap Or I'll bless you with the gift of crap Like that, White and Black, Mexican and Jap Homeboy do anything fo' a scrap [Kurupt] Mark up yo hood like this, anybody killa DPGC fuck y'all niggas Deep inside we feel like fuck y'all hood Hell nah bitch nigga it ain't all to the good [Hook - 3x] [Kurupt - Over the 3rd Hook] Yeah that's what's wrong with y'all niggas Yeah homie, you gotta get ya hustle on Don't let these bitch niggas move you of the block The gangstas is here fo'eva, Yeah, huh, huh, yeah Dat Nigga Daz, Kurupt the Kingpin Daz Dillinger, Kurupt Young Gotti Huh, '99 millenium 2000 Like fuck a bitch! Put it on the catalogs homie Classics

Take Me High

PAC DIV "Mania"
[Verse 1: Mibbs] Now if she ain't got no class I don't care If she ain't got a fat ass I won't dare She better have a good brain if she ain't got no hair Not sayin I want perfect, but almost there I need girls, faster than them jet skis man When you see me I be like the Dos Equis man If you put it on me, you gon' do the best you can And you better know how to ride it like an equestrian Look it up Since you be the baddest I'll be the picture, you be the canvas I'll be the Pips and you be my Gladys, I'm like the Clipse With you til the casket... [Verse 2: Like] Drop, pass the rock She's asking me when she gonna have the cock I look at her face I look at her feet I look at her heels I'd rather not I'm cool, I'd rather smoke this and be high as an astronaut Far from a pimp but I smash a lot Buns like she was from Rap-a-lot, I had to pop Ran into her at a traffic stop Ten minutes later her panties drop What was her name? My bad forgot She just grabbed my anaconda so I grabbed the Panasonic camera Propped and filmed it till the action stop [Hook: Mibbs] I only puff kush I only fuck with bad ones Right before I push Make sure I got the Magnums Yeah she looks good And yeah she thinks I'm handsome Got me feeling good, let's do something random Take me high, take me high, baby Take me high, take me high, baby (It's Pac Div baby) [Verse 3: BeYoung] Yup, I said my cell phone ringin' Pants still hangin' Pac Div baby, easy like the caveman Dime bag, dub sack Nigga what'chu bringin' Birds jump my bones now That's so raven Check out what I'm flamin' Only that good, good Lace me when I breeze through Funky like it's beef stew White widow train wreck No, I got a sweet tooth Bring your girl, I need to, ride her like a sea doo Tired, y'all might need to Quiet, then you sleep, cool Tires 'bout to screech boo Earth, Wind, and Fire I've been flyer than you seen true Don't got desire to go diving if it's seafood Ain't gotta lie you's a freak too That's how I freaked you [Hook] [Verse 4: Mibbs] Last year, she was screaming fuck that nigga Now she's bent over like a hunch back nigga Her best friend told her not to trust that nigga Cause her best friend's busy tryna fuck that nigga Damn that's so scandalous But that is Los Angeles The place where the drama is, as common as cancer is Out of towners asking us How do you handle it I just blow out the kush, and crack a smile for the cameras How can a nigga be mad at us How could you not be a fan of us How can you come to my shows, lie to the hoes, and say you my manager Damn that's some thirsty shit For real that's some dirty shit Some musty ass, stinky ass, nasty ass herpes shit (Ugh) [Like:] Crabby ass lurking bitch Face look like Erk Tha Jerk Lying like you 21 Look more like you 36 Scabby ass, scurvy [?] Saggin ass, dirty tits And I'm just being courteous (Heh heh, what are you talking about?) [Hook] Take me high, take me high, baby Take me high, take me high, baby

Captain Kirk

MASTER P "Ghetto D"
Intro: [Master P] Are you ready to boldly go, where no family has gone before The Ghetto Enterprise has landed. Captain Kirk has arrived, I repeat, Captain Kirk, has arrived. Women, if you're lucky, Captain Kirk will save you, and beam your loved ones to the fortune and fame you are lookin' for. I mean the next generation, ya' heard me Are you ready [Yes I Am!!!!] 1st Verse: [Master P -- Fiend] Master P: Somebody musta' told these hoes I was a muthafuckin' rapper, but will they jus' tell them hoes that I was a muthafuckin' captain All the bitches I done broke fo' they bank, I got so many cocktales I need a muthafuckin' fish tank. I got hoes like acorns fallin' outta trees, No Limit niggas don't say hoes, ain't no caps that be floatin' in the breeze... Fiend: Now, Now, Now P, all the time, I done put in work I ain't know, I was livin' next door to Captain Kirk. Captain Smirk on his face, lookin' like drug swappin', come to find out, some bitch holdin' his money down hostage. Got keys to his cottage, done changed the law and the act, and all he get to do, is eat that funky hoe from the back. On top of that, the bitch fat!!! Makin' a career off this nigga, and all his homies gone, because they can't get it clear to this nigga, go figga, all she wanted was that man to change, but if it was me, I done been done slapped that bitch in the brains. Chorus: Captain Kirk, can you save me Captain Kirk, I wanna have yo' baby. Captain Kirk, can you save me Captain Kirk, I wanna have yo' baby. Captain Kirk, can you save me Captain Kirk, I wanna have yo' baby. Captain Kirk, can you save me Mr. Captain Kirk, I wanna have yo baby. Verse Two: [Silkk The Shocker] See I met this bad ass trick, I mean this bad ass bitch. Tellin' her friends about month go by see I'ma be like buying her shit. I bought her lunch the first time, but see there trick that's nuthin' but game, I hit it one time and they be callin' back, talkin' bout' Silkk, why you do all that playin' . And she had the nerve to tell me, if I ain't a fuckin' trick I'm worthless, I told her Bitch if you ain't suckin' dick, then none of yo' clit defeats the purpose. Figured she had game, tryin' to fuck a young balla nigga like my mind, I figured lookin' at me she see nothin' but dollar signs. Simply, a bitch might give you some weed, a bitch might give you a buck, man, but since you my boy you better use a condom, before you try to fuck. Take the game from this show bug, cuz Silkk ain't no love. I give'em a little somethin', but at the end I take'em back and get the most love. And ain't no beam'em up Scotty, ain't no savin' hoes that ain't puttin' in no work. It all depends on TRU niggas like us, no Captain Kirk (Bitch freeze), all you ghetto hoes get yo' Lee Press-On Nails, fix yo' wig, bring yo' Bebe kids cuz the Ghetto Enterprise is leavin' in approximately five minutes. Chorus Verse Three: [Mystikal] Aww HOLD UP!!!, WAIT A MINUTE!!! my mama done got me bent. What the fuck you mean, where I was, who I was with, and where the fuck I went Bitch you be beside yoself, you probably WOULD, if I left ya', but I ain't gon put you on no pedestal, jus cuz you quick with that pleasure. You smokin' my weed ridin' my ride, I'M TRYIN' TO KEEP IT REAL. I can't seem to satisfy you, bitch she trippin' bout' the BILLS!!! They really ain't paid, but you gotta hand it, this bitch gotta be stopped!!!, Hope man done got it made and ride my pockets to the top. But oh no, you bitch, you ain't responsible, for what a nigga man do give a fuck bout' what a nigga bout' to do, give a fuck bout' what you and another nigga been through. Get the fuck out my face, ya' fear too, stop runnin' behind my G dues, can't wait to see that nigga that got trampled like that cuz that ass whoopin' been due. It's thinkin' like that, that make it hard, for me and the rest of my niggas. Mean these tramps they it like weed, SHE GETTIN' THE BEST'A YOU NIGGA!!! Lettin' dem' hoes sit on they ass, and come up off yo' hard work, This Mystikal, Master P, Fiend and Silkk, NOT NO CAPTAIN KIRK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chorus Outro: -Girl Captain Kirk, you know I have six kids, even though they ain't from you, baby my kids love you. Kirk baby, you know we need a... brand new color TV, I know you pay the rent. Even though I ain't gave you none in the last year, baby we need a brand new car boo, six hundred, S-E-L, Mercedes four door V-12. Oh I took that extra checkbook, I need my... hair, nails, toes did, I want a brand new house, a five karat diamond ring for my birthday, and don't forget to pick up some pampers and milk. Also I chose pickles, and Ice Cream. I think I'm pregnant, smile Kirk, your finally gonna be a father, oh yeah, and don't forget to pick up your cape out the cleaners. [Master P] Mr. Kirk's enterprise will be beaming up out of the ghetto in five seconds, four, three, two, one. [Sound of airplane or some other aircraft taking off and flying away]

Outro-Let's Go

JUVENILE "Project English"
[Baby talking] Whut's happ'n, whut up G(G-G) (H-B-G's nigga) believe dat Hot Boy fo life Nigga, we gon' do this for all tha projects around tha world right (Mag, Melph, Callio) H-B-G's, B-G-F, we ridin out on this Project English Whut's up G, nigga speak on it (we ride for tha projects) I'm bout to give These niggas some live entertainment (B-G-F, H-B-G's muthafucka) [Baby] Whodi, uh, jump shop let's do this, bitch get wit this Hot Boys, slow down lil' daddy fo' I hit you wit this cannon Who, huhn, what, where Lil' daddy you can stop & stare Do ya thang ya fool, bitch I been here, I grew here, bitch I been here Hot Girls, Hot Boys Bling blingin', ridin' in them new toys Weezy, Geezy, Turk, Superstar We dippin' ridin' in them new toys Juvy's Project English Baby, bitch I mean this [Big G talking] This Big G, get wit em Killa star [Lac] I'm from tha Nolia where foot soldiers ride Benz & shit Where cut throaters always posin' as yo friends & shit Where news reporters bulletproof they camera lens & shit A trigger click over & over behind them ends & shit Yeah all this time had yall thinkin' that it was cool uptown Like a nigga don't lose they life from them tools uptown Every night a different nigga catch tha blues uptown It's so trife young students shoot up schools uptown An A-T-F kickin' in do's atleast twice a week It's like I'm hustlin' fo' my health, I can't get past a ki I'm either duckin' tha po po' or tied up in beef I'm bangin' up this slow poke who got caught in tha streets [Steppa talking] Bitch yall think this a game, Baby ain't playin, he doin' this here Yall know me, Steppa ya dig, I ain't just start doin' this here I been around ya dig what I'm sayin', I come from tha old school I was taught this ya heard me & he know ya dig what I'm sayin' Whatever, killin', whatever, ya dig Sick wit it, ain't no joke Tell em what time it is Mike [Mike talking] This Mike straight out tha pen, just from doin' ten Originial head busta, 3rd Ward Hot Boy [Sickwitit talking] This that Sickwitit ya heard me, straight out that Melph Yall muthafuckas better recpect it cause Cash Money done hooked up wit A real killa, a head busta ya heard me, I'm a H-B-G & we rollin wit tha B-G-F's ya heard me, so you better get wit it or I'm gonna get wit you Ya heard Me [Big G talking] This Big G nigga, O-G Cash Money Hot Boy fo' life nigga respect it or Check it, get wit it nigga [Baby talking] Fa sho' homie & Elden I'm ridin' for ya & all these gangstas that We Forgot & didn't get a chance to get on it, we ridin' for ya, time out For ya, Cash Money Hot Boy, Project English baby, lets get this money

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