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NOREAGA lyrics - N.O.R.E.


Original and similar lyrics
[Noreaga] It's like a gun trilogy, gat strategy What, Noreaga, lay out like your majesty aspect mine when y'all niggaz hear my par Have y'all straight wildin when y'all see my car I step on your toes, fuckin ya hoes, chain reaction Take toes, stay in my clothes Keep askin why I keep buckin y'all foes Gettin sucked now, from my fuckin neck to my toes Still shootin decent, throwin grenades at the precinct Henny, Wood, Guinness, mad niggaz are gettin finished Fessin it, my niggaz precedent Gettin head in the whip, but not crashin it Monster Kode, gang related like O.J. Friends know me, by my first name Victor Santiago, half-black, half-mohondo Dominicano, people like pope hinquihando Me and Tone from T-N in the B-M Drink Cristals, won't cancel Seagrams [Chorus] Yo, N-O-R-E, nore stands for niggaz on the run eatin No matter if you're still treatin N-O-R-E, nore stands for niggaz on the run eatin No matter if you're still treatin [Noreaga] yo, it's all reality, my guns blazed for clarity for charity, had a whole hood ahead of me gradually, I casually grab the two techs blow holes, that'll rip through bird chest noreaga, get head inside a L-S wise guy's a man is good fellas open doors for ladies, never blaze when we see babies only shoot when we crash through, when we have to made cats sit back, picture that yo, respect it, knowin that we now connected it's like lesty and donny, lesty let donny live, and donny snaked him stayed for day one, then faked him the rules of nature, keep your mind on your paper them cats that ain't been down is down state now, yo [Chorus] yo, N-O-R-E, nore stands for niggaz on the run eatin no matter, if you're still treatin N-O-R-E, nore stands for niggaz on the run eatin no matter, if you're still treatin [Noreaga] yo, married to marijuana, smoked mad trees catch me with the same bitch in Belize only fuck a bitch twice if she get on her knees shoot for myself, for myself I squeeze always hated the cops, yelled, fuck them pigs let the situation get much bigger than g's how y'all small cats still runnin round for keys switch places, hated when the jack go freeze yo, my bank account tripled, when I doubled at least had my nigga like c-style, smoke that weed mad fucked up, drive benz at high speed for my niggaz on the run, just know to bleed [Chorus] yo, N-O-R-E, nore stands for niggaz on the run eatin no matter, if you're still treatin N-O-R-E, nore stands for niggaz on the run eatin no matter, if you're still treatin N-O-R-E, nore stands for niggaz on the run eatin no matter, if you're still treatin N-O-R-E, nore stands for niggaz on the run eatin no matter, if you're still treatin [Noreaga] what, what, what, what, what trackmasters, tone and poke, what, what what, what, iraq all of that castro, midnight blue, mussolini, sham dulo a maze, monoray, my boy LP moneray, jungle, Esco, what up nature, it's all good, gettin that paper niggaz on the run eatin, what, it's all good where you come from, dun bust a gat, represent where you come from, dun word up, son, what, what, shit is real, where we come from, dun

Living Legends

DA BAND LYRICS 'Living Legends' [Dylan] Yo, Blaze the fire and watch the enemies crumble [Jamaican chant] See the blood of a slave The eyes of a Banta Rise from the grave When they listening to Dylan Action and ways speak clearly like a veteran Looking both ways When concealing my weapon [Babs] I was raised in the gutter Fifties for elevens And a dirty box cutter I'm standing my ground Back and forth out of town I'm getting that cash And niggaz can't see Babs If you ain't licking my ass One tough chick My flows is not to be fucked with Send the word out To them bitches that you run with I'm here now Bitches in trouble I spit fire Quick to bust off Like Weebay from the wire [Ness] Fucking with the grimiest nigga Look in my eyes My life was paralelled park Until I put it in drive D.U.I. smacked and broke both of my headlights Chicks gunning me down Running mad redlights Had low mileage It was either hugging the block or Hip Hop I never will in college I'm only being honest Cadillac with the Mac With the serial stratched up in the lining [Fred] Now pass me some diamonds With some dudes who move When I say them good So the hood call me Simon When I rob I ain't rhyming I change climates And break more records Than Rice did for the Niners [Chorus: (Dylan)] Them silly one now (hey) All gangstas get them bless (hey!!!!) To be wake To be among so many Living Legends Nobody stop me Don't ask me why This a real tall guy saying Budda Bye Bye Bye Them silly one now (hey) All gangstas get them bless (hey!!!!) To be wake To be among so many Living Legends Nobody stop me Don't ask me why I'm a real bad boy saying Budda Bye Bye Bye [Chopper] Man fuck them other niggaz Cause I'm down with my niggaz Yep, we Da Band Y'all niggaz ain't fucking with us Don't make me have to spend that bend and do a pull up Reach for that 10 that have you duckin' them bullets Hit you where it hurt it be hard for you to push up Half-way crook ass niggaz I got you shook up You walk with your head faced down You scared to look up And I know Black and Blue I got the hook up [Babs] I stay on my grind BK niggaz know In your face everyday like a Bad Boy video On the block for a couple of years I done smoked a lot of blunts Drunk a couple of beers The streets know me The hood hold me I paid dues I'm the chick in the click Full of niggaz, I made moves Stay on top of my game I can't lose Get down or lay down Bitch niggaz better choose [Chopper] I ride in the biggest trucks All day, call me, shit I supply the biggest stuff Hit the block Like I'm Cartel blunts Ready for something to dump I feel as though I got the biggest nuts [Ness] Wait, move I put blood in your socks, your shoes Overflowing now you shaking your leg Man I run with the gauge like bacon with eggs It's white, when I bite When I bake it, it's beige [Chorus: 2x] [Dylan speaking Jamaican chant until beat fades out]

Street Dreams

NAS "It Was Written"
Uhh, what, what, uhh.. [Chorus: Nas (set to Eurythmics 'Sweet Dreams')] Street dreams are made of these Niggaz push Beemers and 300 E's A drug dealer's destiny is reachin a key Everybody's lookin for somethin.. Street dreams are made of these Shorties on they knees, for niggaz with big G's Who am I to disagree Everybody's lookin for somethin.. [Nas] My man put me up for the share, one-fourth of a square Headed for Delaware, with one change of gear Nothin on my mind but the dime sack we blazed with the glaze in my eye, that we find when we crave dollars and cents, a fugitive with two attempts Jakes had no trace of the face, now they drew a print Though I'm innocent, til proven guilty I'ma try to filthy, purchase a club and start up realty For real G, I'ma fullfill my dream If I conceal my scheme, then precisely I'll build my cream the first trip without the clique Sent the bitch with the quarter brick, this is it Fresh face, NY plates got a Crooked I for the Jakes I want it all, ArmorAll Benz and endless papes God sake, what nigga got to do to make a half million without the FBI catchin feelings [Chorus] [Nas] From fat cat to papi, niggaz see the cat Twenty-five to flat, push a thousand feet back Holdin gats wasn't making me fat, snitches on my back Livin with moms, gettin it on, flushin crack down the toilet Two sips from bein alcoholic Nine hundred ninety nine thou from bein rich but now I'm all for it My man saw it like Dionne Warwick A wiser team, for a wiser dream we could all score with The cartel Argentina coke with the nina Up in the hotel, smokin on sessamina Trina got the fishscale between her The way the bitch shook her ass yo the dogs never seen her She got me back livin sweeter, fresh Caesar Guess, David Robinson's, Walle' moccasins Bitches blow me while hoppin in the drop-top BM Word is bond son, I had that bitch down on my shit like this [Chorus] [Nas] Growin up project-struck, lookin for luck dreamin Scopin the large niggaz beamin, check what I'm seein Cars, ghetto stars pushin ill Europeans G'n, heard about them old timers OD'n Young, early 80's, throwin rocks at the crazy lady Worshippin every word them rope rockin niggaz gave me The street raised me up, givin a fuck I thought Jordan's and a gold chain was livin it up I knew the dopes, the pushers, the addicts everybody Cut out of class, just to smoke blunts and drink naughty Ain't that funny Gettin put on to crack money With all the gunplay, paintin the kettle black hungry A case of beers in the staircase I wasted years Some niggaz went for theirs, flippin coke as they career But I'm a rebel stressin, to pull out of the heat no doubt With Jeeps tinted out, spendin never holdin out [Chorus 2X]

The Militia

GANG STARR "Moment Of Truth"
There's a bulletin - state police, Princeton Junction The militia... Certain individuals of unidentified nature is now under complete control Hip-hop is not, what it is today.. It's the real *echoes*... it's the (militia) Verse one: Big Shug If heads only knew how I felt about the rap game They'd relocate, and change their fuckin name I eradicate movefakers, roll with coat shakers Give dap to mad money makers Shared cells with lifetakers, have sex with rumpshakers I make moves so I'ma earthquaker I've been known to instill fear Although the world may be round, we still trapped in the square City light, got me buggin and trife Some die by the gun, some die by the knife It's alright, like a game of spades I'm trump tight Premier hit me with music to ensure that it thump right And my flight, will be taken solely at night Cause that's when the freaks come out, no doubt And in the dark hours is when I will shower with the knowledge of my trade to get paid Still I make moves like a snake in the grass, roundabout I be dickin it down while you be assed out Puff mad L's but never passed out And if I'm caught up in a jam I blast my way out There'll be no lettin up, just straight shuttin up or we'll start the wettin up Lyrical infrared sceptor never miss you Big Shug, Guru, Freddie Foxxx, The Militia, militia Chorus: Freddie Foxxx Everybody's spittin it, the rhyme is hot Cause it's Big Shug, Guru, and Freddie the Foxxx When Premier bring the beats, no it just don't stop It's The Militia *echoes* Chorus Verse Two: Guru Yo; I ain't one to succumb to no man, but to command And scoop up the troops when it's time to take a stand Emphatically, deep strategies leave casualties I creep gradually, til everybody knows that I got more flows than Rosebud got hoes The anger inside had me trapped til I got geared up with raps to tear you up like big gats for big stacks, watch your back when I send em in Caught you tremblin, my name and face you're rememberin Several attempts, but nah bitch, you'll never win Rhymes pierce your skin or maybe limbs we'll be severin Take you to the mat, peep that, you should keep back My ill-kid format will lay you flat like a doormat that I walk on, I meditate while you talk on And gossip, so I drop my hot shit; fully loaded glock clips So get the fuck out my block, kid As nights turn to days, days go back to nights, we be speaking it right And keeping it tight up in the street life I meet life, head on, no holds barred Born with a heart of gold, now mostly cold and scarred En guard, choose your weapon, or get to steppin Lyrical bullets make you dance from the trance you be kept in Assessments are made before, and during combat I master my hunger, blow the spot when I bomb cats One of us, equals many of us Disrespect one of us, you'll see plenty of us Conflict, is what I predict You and your fellas is mad jealous, attempting to flare We cleverly stalked ya, your fam'll miss ya The war's on, that's why we formed The Militia Chorus Verse Three: Freddie Foxxx You niggaz owe me for my rhymes, I come to collect For you dope fiend niggaz in rap, I here to inject, check My style is water baby, spread it around But when you niggaz don't flow it right and fuck up my sound I get down; in '89 I spit the buck in the face of every MC that came in the place, a scar you'll never erase MC's are only recognized for their flows I'm worldwide for the bitches, that I turned into hoes You heard me spit it on Jew-elz, that's how it goes For all them faking ass niggaz and how I bust up they nose And while your, nose is drippin, and drainin blood I be standing over you screamin, Nigga, WHAT, WHAT! Nigga WHAT! Niggas feel my presence, like I'm right in they palm Cause a stormy day is coming, when you see me so calm, it's on No more twin glocks, they jam up my plays Now its twin .40 calibre Walther PPK's I'm in the control of my game, you must respect me like The Ref Uh-huh, you disrespect *gun clicks* you get the tech I turn you fake niggaz on and off, like I'm the clapper I rob so many niggaz, they should call me Jack the Rapper I'll the illest nigga doing this, dead or alive Gloria Gaynor on you motherfuckers, I Will Survive You can try to come at me, but do you want the kick back You snap inside the cage of a pit, and you get bit back, huh My war is so tight, my drama so ill Beef with me hangs around like a unpaid bill I push these lyrics through any MC, and make it burn So the niggaz who be rhyming next, will miss a turn When you speak of who's the dopest MC, I don't come up But when you speak of who's the livest MC, I stay what up, what's up I got stripes while you got strikes and bogus mikes Do what bitch niggaz do best *UTFO sample* bite You niggaz can't make up a law that I don't overrule, overthrow Prim' brought Bumpy these tracks so I can let you know Before I slide I'ma leave you this jewel Even mechanics walk around with they tools It's the Militia


[hispanic voice same as Intro from _In My Lifetime, Vol. 1_] What you think you like me? You ain't like me *motherfucker* You a punk I been with MADE people.. CONNEC-TED people Who you been wit? Chain snatchin, jive-ass, maricon *motherfuckers* Why don't you go get lost Get out of here, go kick a freestyle or somethin [Jay-Z] You're now tuned into the greatest *Motherfuckers* can't beat us, join us, can't fade us, hate us Can't touch it, *fuck it*, can't see em, try to be em Both shows sold out your coliseum, 8th Wonder Locked rap for trey summers, poker faces with the aces under Face one up, to take over, the break's over *Nigga* I'm the God MC, me, Jay-hovah *Shit* knockin, almost a crime, get Cochran Bangin to the hearse where my doctors hand hot land, FBI, DEA, I did crime, got away They wanna see me pay, *motherfuckers* better ride if they try to plant, under the seat of my car even a half a gram, better flame those, plainclothes Same goes for lame hoes, cocaine rapper Rep ya game pros [Wais] We celebrate this, while you sittin back screamin you hate this Try to rape this, get caught in my crime matrix Spittin sperm inside of latex You get, no respect like a child rapist Delegate this, men just givin facelifts Leave your melon spacious, career felon, no hiatus nor Ceasar's, the CIA flooded my block with diseases Informants, heating the spot up like global warming Who start *shit*? My style is laced with arsenic Odorless tasteless, cause of death is traceless I know you wanna see me wasted You call the order, I'll be in Hell Team Roc sweater and ice water Righteous, dominate the global, my life's a novel blazin in Barnes and Noble, idolize the vocals Y'all niggaz is local but that's evident I'm Resident Evil, movin like ? [Memphis Bleek] Millionaire that flow like water, rap *niggaz* runnin I, oughta applaud ya, clap at ya Point the Mac at ya, *niggaz* caught up Brought up in the rapture, my flows torture like a compound fracture, can't *fuck* widdit For the love of sex money and drugs Affiliated with the sets Tecs honies and thugs Let the four power, rain on *niggaz* like a spring shower and bring flowers for the bodies that surround us If you was lookin you found us Movin with speed, tried to play Superman ended up like Chris Reeves Parapalegic, precise minds like the Pharoah's of Egypt Shot through a barrel *niggaz* narrowly weaved it Keepin my Team top seeded with the Sweet 16's bulgin out of my jeans, on the ten-speed weeded Holdin, ? shots with you like a secret It's like a story never told, but believe it... [Sauce Money] Street anthem anchor, quick to trade shots just like a banker Lick a round, *niggaz* hit the ground like Sanka I got ya screwface in forty-two ways, Aim better than toothpaste, Jerry Maguire Show Me The Money like Clue tapes Run up in your spot with a few eights, zonin Known men, home in, all of my homies condone sin Four shots spin ya like chrome rims Put a part right through your dome like the Omen, foamin White sheets got ya wrapped like a Roman Back in New York, honey wants it, just spit blood and talk funny *Niggaz* is cartoons, picture styles that's fully developed like dark rooms, hits fat, cub with a harpoon Heat-seekin, grill huntin, still frontin? Keep squeezin, *fuck it*, I leave the whole street wheezing No *motherfuckers* hope I fail, and gotta provoke the frail Got em scared to drop like soap in jail [Jay-Z] Geyeah, there you have it Just think of ours as can't be touched, tested, whatever Never disrespect this thing of ours Roc-a-Fella family

One More To Go

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Intro] 5...4...3...2...1...0 [explosion] [Inspectah Deck] Yea, this is the poisonous, venomous Killa-Bee, queen bee connection Live and direct Shaolin, BK, QB, Boogie Down, wherever you found Yo, yo, deadly venom is how we end 'em Mast avenge 'em, no friend of him, bend 'em in half for enterin My comrodery move like tight security Known to tear the club up plus the after party On the battle field catch a body With no fair warnin, my queen bee connect swarm on 'em Primate, hold your mic straight before you challenge 'me Your light weight and only force me to cause casualty Battery packs catch match mines with the solar powered, they get over powered Shower with rhymes just like white lines of powder Feel the realness from bein solo with this crowd here [J-Boo] Yo, yo, yo, this time we takin no shorts for sure I'm comin through, smash you motherfuckers to the floor Whoever wanted war, yo, bring it If you got the sword, I'ma swing it Slither back to the pit when my phone started ringin Yo, come here, what's up, niggaz rock to get stuck Niggaz runnin through the chamber they aint givin a fuck Cuz I'm deadly, I'ma set the pace like a medly Relay, who could match the venom on the replay [Finesse] Aiyyo, the bitch nice and catch crack like dice Give 'em a double order of man slaughter on the tape recorder Fuck the law and order, tape muffled and distorted All you heard was murderous shots, the rest was pre-recorded The jury voted, I'm a free venom, hittin niggaz with the momentum Even villains wanna get up in 'em The feelin's devious from the previous With the way we leavin this is sure to make snakes hiss [Method Man] It be I, the most high, fly robin fly Keep a close eye on Johnny 5, I'll be comin live From New York, it's saturday night So it's only right, I step to the phony types See 'em in the party actin hard, but the hardly a threat to the vet Once you start me, no stoppin, no pardon me No coppin a plea, I beat you in the head, third degree What's the science, the 411, can't do me none Still ghetto, I rhyme ghetto, my brother's ghetto Never say die and never settle For anythin less than what the devil posess I'm like MOP to the death Now who is Johnny Blaze, Mr. Meth Motherfucka [Chorus: J-Boo, (Cappadonna)] Hittin fever, come with the raw Deadly Venom meet the Wu, no more to come, now what is left to do (Ghetto collaborations, such a deadly combination Face to face, Shakin your earth, rockin your nation) [Champ MC] Yo, yo, yo, Sons of fishes rollin with a devious Clan I got a master plan how to blast your man Gettin lyrical, fightin your feelin deep in your mental Like a pencil all in your brain, killin your spiritual The original, fishin y'all, rollin with a bunch of criminals Street gunner, Venom strike like thunder This is shit that'll stop your hunger Ready for war, let me let you get a taste of the raw Comin through with the Clan so you won't get far Batters and scars, all respect due to the gods And my queen killa-bees just collectin that cheese Overseas, gettin ready for the year 2G, DVs (Poison Clan rocks the world) [Cappadonna] The pillage, yo, I'm a great comodity For see me, the unchained magnetic I release mine, fuck y'all, I piece mine together To the third power, hit y'all like may flowers Scandal, slash three felonies to be the one six vandal From Park Hill, Shaolin put the work in Dusk do us dawn, Lebanon Don Don't sleep on the adversary Mental niggaz stalk y'all out on the ferry You got trapped in between pillage And the venoms, cherry heads are minimum [N-Tyce] Yo, yo, yo, projects of elimination We jack some like Rhythm Nations Got your hard speed like we drag racin We lab replacin, but tried to avoid a confrontation You kind of mixed up like Tiger Woods with that combination I ain't calling no names, here's a hint Niggaz with no brains, antique things, gold chains Do the mind to visual, 'bout the coolest Carolina Individual, everythin digital, like Bobby I'm lovin all them kung-fu flicks, poison 'em highly I'm quickly on the run through clicks, but fast in a hurry When I smash, leave your vision blurry Tryin to make the bill like Murray [Chorus] [Finesse] Yo, on the french kiss, sour than blood, hotter than piss You ventriliquist talkin out your ass like this Cuz I insist that you don't wanna show the tape of the hits I told y'all, I crush y'all on the tape like Quake You tweaky trick, wanna violate, great, Wu and Venom annihilate Don't hesitate to push the rhymes like weight You Shake, Jake thing [Street Life] Yo, PLO, when the guns blow, you'se a no show, homo Holdin like a scarecrow with no dough Street pro's move through the metro Rapidly my faculty quick to blow the boost out your battery My african queen bees is backin me, shuttin down your salary J-Boo twist another Daquiri, fifty steamboat float Flow on this scenario, hydro thoughts lick off like a callico [J-Boo] Yo, yo, yo, let's get it on, mic's get blown when you step into my zone Heads get flown for tryin to clone I take that, now you got wanna go on so go on, play your part, hold on, while I flow on I keep it tight, rip all sides to a square You ain't seen no thugs like these no where I swear, you wanna test me, how can it be Rollin with the Fam, Wu-Tang, DV's [GZA] Yo, I dead MC's with this poisonous venom Return and send 'em, wack niggaz is in 'em The secretly analyzed, these chicks is live I see the allies tryin to stalk the bee hive Forgot the deadly stingin was major bell ringin Too strong for niggaz with eyes closed and slingin Made your point, spot your target and zoom in Before its too late, saw the snake through his hand shake Aimin your darts at a click you can't handle Attack with the paint stones and travel on camel A warm sigh as you cross the barrier But my storm side, will destroy ya area [Chorus (2x)] (Poison Clan rocks the world Poison Clan rocks the world)

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