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NOREAGA lyrics - N.O.R.E.

Body In The Trunk

Original and similar lyrics
Verse 1 (Noreaga) Got out the mall yo This weeded cat rockin a fade In my face askin can he see the grenade I woulda' let him see it The way he came across I said nah, beat it Steph told me buck him When I reacted Will said chill fuck him Yo it's a small world ya know that we'll see him again He said fuck you I said what, repeat it again (Nas) Chill son you're weeded again Slow down god you're speedin again Face lookin like you're fiendin for hen Who that wit you, hide the gat yo nigga come here You got a pistol that must mean you slingin again (Noreaga) Hey yo fuck it yo, I bucked him son Cause he was on some stupid shit Thinking he the real thing When he was just a duplicate Saying that he hate our clique Hate our shit Hate the Firm album and the CNN clique He said he hate you and wish you ain't have a six He had coliseum jewelry no tito tricks (Nas) That's what he supposed to get Nigga play you close he gets hit Laying in dirt for something you say you get hurt Fuck around though, probably with some old school shit How bad you hit him up god You he's ghost and shit Chorus (Noreaga) Yo it's a body in the trunk son So what's it gonna be A nigga layin dead cause he came for me Yo it's a body in the trunk son So what's it gonna be A nigga layin dead cause he came for me Verse 2 (Noreaga) I had the Queens hoodie on wit the blood on my sleeve Gave that nigga one offer he could take or he leave But it's a body in the trunk son it's getting scary What if police pull us over and smell that corpse Yo send it, go in the trunk light an incense Spray the lysol all over the car I know you wasn't dead then but you're hear now paul Yo it happened like an hour or two I showered wit boo Wasted a little time Didn't want to disturb you (Nas) For some reason yo I couldn't sleep Yo slept with my heat Yo you think you in some movie shit son I think you're losing it Pop the trunk who's the kid You really had to buck him You couldn't just snuff him Yo he had to lose his wig Fuck you bring him here for What you think I could do Somebody could've followed you Fuck it nigga I'll ride wit you Some real niggas gonna do what we gotta do Slide in this wip and we out Empty the clip in his mouth fuck it That's how we move in this game Rulin this game Niggas stayin true to this game Chorus (Noreaga) Yo it's a body in the trunk son So what's it gonna be A nigga layin dead cause he came for me Yo it's a body in the trunk son So what's it gonna be A nigga layin dead cause he came for me Verse 3 (Noreaga) Yo son I shot him in the parking lot Right in the mall If I would have left the body The police would have crawled Yo I did that Chopped the body up Fuck the chit chat (Nas) Kick back (Noreaga) I just lit up so here hit that Pull over somewhere god Where I could piss at (Nas) Pop the trunk let a nigga see who it is (Noreaga) Not now son maintain and stick to the biz (Nas) Yo you hidin it, let a nigga know what he ridin wit (Noreaga) A'ight son, calm down calm down Chill (let me see the nigga) I'm a let you see the nigga man (Turn him around) Turn him over ya know what I'm sayin (Oh yeah, oh yeah I know that man) Word (Nas) Nigga name known Just came home Thought he cut his shit Stiarwaves on nigga kept it on some rugged shit (Noreaga) Yo son the way you're talking make it sound like y'all cool Like you and this nigga used to go to school Back in 204 son tell me its not (Nas) Yo pop chill the way he had his soul on the rock He was on top (Noreaga) Locked from the bottom to top Now this nigga just layin our trunk straight popped We need a spot where we can dump him Without no noise My niggas ain't tryin to alert no boys (Nas) This ain't no game god Dump his body in the train yard Under the seven line We couldn't have picked a better time (Noreaga) The way he actin He acting like he dead Chorus (Noreaga) Yo it's a body in the trunk son So what's it gonna be A nigga layin dead cause he came for me Yo it's a body in the trunk son So what's it gonna be A nigga layin dead cause he came for me

The Philosophy of Horror

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Legacy Of Blood"
[Vinnie Paz] I was Albert Eiensteins mind, I was Italy's fine wine I was working with God when he defined time I was there when the guns first let off There when they cut King Charles head off There when the CIA battled the crack And the tradgedy and triumph of Jeranamo Pratt Punch a faggot til his nose bleed heavy Dead'em all then I escape in green chevy I merk your wisdom, spit a dart at you to hurt your wisdom Put you in the worst position in a turkish prison Yeah... and my intention is to waste y'all And cover your body with stitches like a baseball I fucking lace y'all with the word of the sword And leaving you bleeding in a ditch while you serving the lord You deserve to be mauled by an army of bees Just another faggot dead in his army fatigues [Vinnie Paz] Fuck ya crucifix, your religion and its uselessness Your propaganda is more wickeder than luciphers Islamic scientists predicted the computer chips I spit a rap at you to rock you like Medusa's lips You fucking goons are sick, and y'all can see that and y'all are my sons like Ebrahim and Eshak So lets take a walk through the tivest town I'm the diven science of the light and the sound I'm the sublime giant with the right to the crown I'm the divine tyrant and I'm striking you down So I teach my kin to attack the beast For trying to hide me from the 4th book of Makavis You wack MC's catch a hook to the head Cause y'all don't know about the tibetan book of the dead You don't know about anything that's important About the dead sea scrolls found in Jordan About the way that you conduct yourself in Satan's wratch But I don't fuck with you, you walking down the pagan's path [Vinnie Paz] I'm a swordsmen, the apocolypse horsemen What makes me smile is another's misfortune I like to see your body in flames scortchin' I like to see a part of your brain auctioned I like to see inside of your main organs I like to see inside of your veins pourin' I find beauty in another's pain I find beauty in the spirit of god but I don't fuckin' change I find serenity in torture My thoughts are too pure for the human mind to author Its called God Consciousness Its a level beyond the gods marred thoughtlessness I stay ready for the combat While the ignorant praying and they wondering where they god at.. I stay ready for the combat While the ignorant praying and they wondering where they god at

Ho Happy Jackie

AZ "Doe Or Die"
[Guy] "What's up AZ?" [AZ] "Maintainin' G" [Guy] "I'm sayin' tough titties somebody gotta suck it, I'm casin the joint what's up?" [AZ] "I'm sayin' there mad dime bitches up in here though." [Guy] "Let me tell you though, it ain't time to subtract & add on." [Jackie] "How you doin' AZ?" [AZ] "Oooh you definitely thick no question." [Jackie] "Yeah, but it cost." [Guy] "Yo man give me change for a penny, I pay for that, I know who you is Hoe Happy Jackie." [AZ:] Whoever thought that, that sweet thing born model material That hated hot cereal, could grow to be a high silly hoe Really though it's a shame for this damn thing Cuz everything's brand name when will she get enough of these damn games? Struttin' wit her unbuttoned blouse like it ain't nuttin' Draggin' her wagon, knowin' fellas be flaggin' & frontin' Hopin, by keepin' her gear, wear, & hair dope & Some really Big Willie nigga'll dig her and get open And give her what only a tenderoni would deserve She got some nerve thinkin' every nigga's a herb That goes around trickin' on every chicken that he's stickin' Male of female, whoever cats that need and ass kickin' Cuz if it's more than one fella tryin' to get wit her To hell wit the fly, she only sliddin' wit the highest bidder But if you aks me She's nothin' but a nasty, money hungry, unclass, Hoe Happy Jackie [Guy] "Yo, son word to mother, let's keep it real, that bitch ain't nuthin' but poison man, every nigga that bitch fuck wit somethin' happen to, she see a pinky ring shine she up in the nigga mug piece like he handlin'." [AZ:] Check it, this one Jamaican wasn't fakin' wit the bacon Cuz ever since him, she was on if I'm not mistaken But then again, this money gettin' Dominican Caught her when she was fallin' off, & made her win again Now nothin' can stop it, once she in a nigga pocket She be seein' more profit, than those livest weed spots get Makin' her income & then some Cuz even a weddin' band on her hand, won't stop a man who wanna spend some Diamonds, & furs is all she want, that damned Glamour girl Lovin' it, out there clubbin' it, dancin' like one of Hammer girls Happy Jackie the jigga hoe Her job is to jack niggas doe, I call Jackie the jack a nigga pro And it's true, count all the fellas she flew through She even juiced Jack the Jew Jackie I'm scarred of you & I remember that '87 September When she was slima, she was a hoe hoppin' beginna But now from acne, nappy hair, and gear that was tacky She's on (She's on, she's on, she's on) [Jackie] "Yo I got that sucka ass nigga." [Girl] "Ooh yes you do (I'm sayin' though what's his name?) That's AZ from the Eastside. Girl you better work dat ass." [Jackie] "Is he trickin' boo?" [Girl] "He trickin' (Good), but he got a baby moms." [Jackie] "Yo fuck that I gotta eat his doe thang 95 I'm gettin' it all [Girl] "Yeah go ahead girl." [AZ:] So all the sugar dick, dirty devil dog, slick daddies Don't get out foxed, and slicked, and turn into a trick daddy Trickin' ya whore, hustlin' end for some skins Cuz next you be trickin' on all you family members & friends She got a way to make ya feel like ya gotta stay in It's not a way she'll pay, it's bills that she gotta pay So married or single, watch out for Jackie when you jingle She might sting you, and ain't no tellin' what that stinga bring you You could fall off point & get careless Lose all awareness, go hairless, why she wouldn't care if You go bankrupt Her lifestyle's corrupt So knowledge before your wisdom of understandin' is fucked Cuz if you ask me she's nothin' but a nasty money hungry, unclassy, Hoe Happy Jackie [Jackie] "Yo what up AZ? We out?" [AZ] "I'm sayin' whatever baby. Dinner gonna lead to breakfast, if it's on you it's all good." [Jackie] "Yo I got you all the way." [AZ] "Better stop talkin' 'bout it & be about it, word." [Jackie] "Yo my man whip outside, we can leave right now." [AZ] "You buggin' the fuck out? What's wrong wit you? Word up, what the fuck you talkin' about? Bitch, you tryin' to get a nigga killed or somethin'?" [Jackie] "I'm sayin'....." [AZ] "Get the fuck outta here, word up." [Jackie] "I suck ya dick." [AZ] "Yo, you stupid get the f.... You Hoe Happy Jackie ass bitch. Yo get the f.... Ayo son, come and get her the fuck outta here, ayo get the Mo son we walkin' out the fuckin' club wit that shit right now, word up. Ayo kick that bitch to the back."

Wheel Chairs

B.G. "Chopper City In The Ghetto"
[Baby] Too many playa hatin niggas in this world [the B.G.] That's why we ride through this world wit da black girl [Baby] Keep my nina for self protection [the B.G.] Just in case a reppin ass nigga wanna start reppin [Baby] I'm bout money and that's all we wanna see And if ya creep nigga watch out for the B.G. Chopper City posse nigga, and we roll deep 4 deep in the black on black Caprice [B.G.] Slangin is my thang man, I'm out for paper Tryin to catch a fuckin drain, lookin for kaperz My people say it's a shame They say I hate ya, but I tell 'em it's all in the game I'm a ducht taper I'ma a young money maker, fuck these hoez I can't be no faker, I play wit my nose And out your yay, I'll rape ya But on the downlow, boy I'll playa hate ya Ain't that cold If ya got it hide, on the real Cause me and my niggas ride, and we kill Causin homicides, that's the deal I'm bringin what a nigga feel Caps get peeled [Chorus]2x [Ms. Tee] Niggas in wheel chairs, half dead as it is [B.G.] T-shirts wit pictures representin dead peers 9 millimeters, glock, pump Ride guns, all that start funk [Mannie Fresh] Look out you bitch, you [B.G.] Watch out for 2 twos [Mannie] Automatics, with the static that ya talkin Stop ya from walkin with the Calico, stop ya hoes From playin wit me, my nine stayin wit me Niggas in banged up cars wit battle scars With shit bags attached to they drawers Take this time to pause For the not so lucky Weak like a sick puppy Fools that lost they name in the game 'cause they wouldn't up it Big money, heavy weight, make no mistake Triple beam wit da lean, the man wit da cake Shake don't stir my drank, nigga you aint Gon' get out alive without spendin five on somethin If ya wanna keep ya heart pumpin Tha downtown, Nino Brown dumpin Cause I done killed mo' niggas than cancer Lil B.G. won't ya take this timeout to answer [B.G.] Nigga, A [Mannie] Are you faster than a gun? [B.G.] Nigga, B [Mannie] Will I shoot ya if ya run? [B.G. Nigga, C [Mannie] I ain't showin no love [B.G.] Nigga, D [Mannie] All tha motherfuckin above [Chorus]2x [B.G.] Nigga thought I was just bout rappin, he disrespect Now they wonder what the fuck happened, I hit his set Rippin up da whole block and it ain't no stoppin When da chopper get ta choppin, you get ta droppin Niggas dead, niggas hoppin, tryin to get away But they can't get away from this K, nigga I don't play V.L. got street sweepers, 9 millies All us night creepers, actin silly Dirty 30's, AR-15's Nose dirty, totin uzi machines Brother, L.B., Donald D., Chun Chi Real niggas off Valence street Crazy G, Big G., Big Moe, Lil' P. All them niggas down wit me L.T., Cool Billy, Cooley Popeye and my nigga Larry So please, at ease, freeze, get on ya knees Pussy niggas stuntin like ya got keys I'll put your face on a fresh T If the cheese over your head start at 5 G's 'Cause I'm the motherfucker keep the coroner to work Settin examples puttin niggas 6 in the dirt I put that nigga on that T-shirt that you be wearin Me and my click do that dirt that them niggas be sayin They doin, but Uptown doin that Get in the chair, bitch rat, then got hit in the back Pussy, got rolled on round I mean rolled on round [Chorus]2x

Ice M.F. T

ICE-T "Home Invasion"
Yeah! 1993, I'm back motherfucker, this is Ice T. Got my nigga Ice Cube in the motherfuckin house. Yeah! Up here in the ammo dump studios I got my nigga Aladdin, SLJ's in the motherfuckin place, behind the mixin boards, we about to do dis shit like this here! [Verse 1:] It's goin down tonight in L.A. Buckshot and uzis spray Microphone blowa The bitch checka The ho wrecka Ice motherfuckin T Nigga step to me But grab ya hoes quick Cause the Syndicate's throwin that crazy dick Punk motherfuckers run up You'll get done up We'll have your ass gunned up Before sun-up So what's the color I'm raggin Been a millionare for years Still saggin Left pocket's stuffed with the .380 in my right so it sags a little bit More than the rest of my gear When I'm on tour I empty clips Bust lips And break jaws Cause I love to loc up So punk motherfucker don't choke up When you're talkin to me [Chorus:] Ice, Ice motherfuckin T [x4] [Verse 2:] Bush, Quayle and Clinton got a problem with me: The motheruckin T I give less than a fuck about any of them Or their fuckin police friends They'd like to take me out Make me a goner They even tryin to sweat Time Warner Why For tellin the truth to the youth That a lot of motherfuckers are hot And want police shot You can't stop the shock () The fires are out But the coals are still hot I got juice to bring pain You tryin to fuck with the Ice Are you insane This shit is bigger than me Be warned It's the calm before the storm And every fuckin thing I write Is gonna be analyzed by somebody white [Chorus] [Verse 3:] Run motherfucker, hide motherfucker, trip motherfucker, die motherfucker You don't give love And you won't get loved You don't push And you won't get shoved No joke I ain't here to laugh I ain't here to cry But every night of the week One of my homies die Eeny meeny mynie moe Blood's pourin out the naps of your afro It could be you Could be you Could be you Could be your whole damn crew It happens real quick Screechin tires Next thing you're hit Your body's cold Your body's hot You feel your chest You gasp for breath You're shot And now your homies is trippin' Lookin for a gat to put they clip in Street crime- That's the thing I bring, Ice T I rap sing They call it controversy I call it truth with no mercy The beats are phat Ammo Dump tracks The kind that make speakers crack Not made for squares Or the weak punks That made the bump trunks Press- Get the fuck out my fuckin face I ain't got no more time to waste A ho is a ho, a bitch is a bitch, a nigga is a nigga And that's it I'm through explainin the shit You just makin me backtrack The next duck reporter might get hit with a blackjack Plus Every one of my true fans Totally understands A nigga like me [Chorus (x2)]

E-Dub & Ja

JA RULE "Venni Vetti Vecci"
[Ja Rule] Uh, yeah It's Ja Rule baby It's E-Dub Yeah Def Squad Uh Y'all motherfuckers think it's a game right Get da name right R-U-L-E baby My shit is airtight Compressed, dead all da non-sense Pass da 4-5th and load up the cartridge E Reved up da 6 We about to blow out like bitchez wit bad kidz Once u feelin da slugz hit Datz as real as it gets Then you wonda Why da quake can come from unda-neath, while you figure it out You on da streetz Laid out wit da gun still stuck in yo mouth Fuckin wit Ja is suttin Niggaz fearfully doubt Cuz I don't give a fuck I don't give a fuck, god may I ask from yo prayer so my soul don't die These is real tears I cried And dreamz don't lie When they tell me dat I'm doin good in da devilz eyez But I preach to Im Be dat same, Nigga put da heat to Im Askin E Dub what da fuck you wan do to Im [E-Dub] E-Dub and Ja An eye for an eye, Gat for Gat Peep Game, Cover the Mic and Spit Flamez Two cats who come strapped, self contained Ain't shit this raw since Big Daddy Kane Heavyweight, I knock a Nigga out in two Put him to sleep, see dreamz and swear it wasn't true Look at you, lame, I'm iller, rhyme killa, Comin thru like da return of Godzila [Chorus]: [Ja and E-Dub] Now can I tell ya E and Ja top doggz, def squad, Fuckin wit us is like, {suicide} Bow down, real niggaz on da move comin thru blazin you Cuz we are {livin l-i-i-fe} Thug style, Hennesey, Blazin treez, Gettin g's, indeed, Cuz we will {do or d-i-i-i-e} Right now by any meanz {Words is bond word is bond} [Ja Rule] Ain't nobody touchin da ground dat I walk on My Love, It's just so strong If you crossin me you dead wrong And you know cuz you feel it in yo heart nigga And you don't sleep cuz yo soul might fall apart nigga If you feelin me now, The strenght got you settlin down We puttin in work In otha words we puttin in roundz Take two for now Ja and E-Dub Strictly for the love We fuck hoez and bust slugz, Nigga Why in da world would you put me in da position To put niggaz out of commision, love, willin and wishin Cuz I'm feelin the need to cut off da air dat you breathe By any means it's Ja and E no in beetweens [E-Dub] Now we move agile, You and yo niggaz is fragile Like glass and UPS boxes, Shit watch this Still housin, The year 2000's now So fear this or we in yo face niggaz, BLAAU [Chorus]: [Ja and E-Dub] Now can I tell ya E and Ja top doggz, def squad, Fuckin wit us is like, {suicide} Bow down, real niggaz on da move comin thru blazin you Cuz we are {livin l-i-i-fe} Thug style, Hennesey, Blazin treez, Gettin g's, indeed, Cuz we will {do or d-i-i-i-e} Right now by any meanz {Words is bond word is bond} [Ja Rule] Now what I love is to see my niggaz on top And I feel that we can't be stopped And my life don't mean shit to me But my life gon make history Feel me, a nigga ain't supposed to be As deadly, and you ain't even close to me Respect me, cuz we livin dangerously Luv me, cuz y'all cant even FUCK wit me [Chorus]: [Ja and E-Dub] Now can I tell ya E and Ja top doggz, def squad, Fuckin wit us is like, {suicide} Bow down, real niggaz on da move comin thru blazin you Cuz we are {livin l-i-i-fe} Thug style, Hennesey, Blazin treez, Gettin g's, indeed, Cuz we will {do or d-i-i-i-e} Right now by any meanz {Words is bond word is bond} Uhhhhh........

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