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NOREAGA lyrics - God's Favorite

Black Clouds

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro: N.O.R.E.] Yea niggas always asking questions man Like why y'all niggas so wild Y'all niggas go everywhere, shotouts, fights, things going on man Y'all niggas doing y'all thing, getting a little paper man Why ya'll niggas can't stay out of trouble man It's like black clouds be following us man Time for ya'll niggas to get to know Nore [N.O.R.E.] Niggas wanna know yo what's wrong with the god Cause every other day it's on with the god Every week a different beef Yea and my niggas cock guns and buy them for cheap Shotouts in front of here and there let's be clear And we done sent niggas to intensive care You see guns no problem, beef is no problem Niggas start snitching, thats weak, thats a problem I stay quiet, and don't talk to the press Fuck a courtroom, I'm good on the street with tec's Nigga Deuce locked, he got 15 years like booth He just went up, shit got me bent up It's time to celebrate, but wait my niggas ain't here My father ain't here, Pun ain't here, It don't seem like life treating me fare I drink Henny, it's stronger than that Belvedere [Chorus: N.O.R.E.] Black clouds over my head, follow my lead Waking up in the morning beer and weed Why the fuck it seems like, it's so hard to breath Why the hood seems like it's hard to leave We been waiting on this money for quite so long And my niggas on the run now, way to long Black clouds go away for the rest of the day Black clouds just go away, don't fuck up the day [N.O.R.E.] I make good music, and thats the reason I sold Through out platinum albums, and shit went gold I can't stress this cause god, I'm on the guest list Feeling like Xzibit, straight restless When it's my turn to blow, and own the cable I sold eight hundred thou on the penalty label And man shit deep, I ain't reach my peak It's my fifth album, ain't none of it weak I admit Melvin Flynt my soul wasn't there Recording in the studio, mind wasn't clear Said had to backup blunts and skunks No quotables still ain't get rhyme of the month Black Clouds follow me, like where ever I go Even when I ain't stressed, and I'm ready to flow I just let go, just let me know It's going be a better day, my seeds is celo [Chorus] [Complextions] Black clouds go away You been on slime back like everyday Everytime I turn around, you bringing drama my way I don't know how I deal with beef today Black clouds it seems you always with me Can't get no paper unless you there with me Can't go nowhere unless you there with me I don't even care, who else is there with me Black clouds go away You been on slim back like everyday Everytime I turn around, you bringing drama my way I don't know how I deal with beef today Black clouds it seems you always with me Can't get no paper unless you there with me Can't go nowhere unless you there with me I don't even care, who else is there with me [Chorus]

One More Chance

Notorious Big "Ready To Die"
[Sound of phone hanging up] [Biggie's daughter:] All you hoes, callin' here for my daddy get off his dick. Like that Mommy [Answering machine beep in between each message and the beat to] ['One More Chance' in the background.] [Message 1:] Hi daddy, how you doin', this is Tyiest, I was thinkin' about you last night, mmm, you actin' like you can't call me no more cause you busy and all that, but you tryina tell me it wasn't good [Message 2:] That shit is real fucked up what you did, I hooked you up wit my girl and shit you fucked her 8 times you see her you don't say SHIT to her you know what I'm sayin And all that bitch do is call me all day talkin' bout you: 'Why the fuck do he don't want me' [Message 3:] Yo Big this is Quita, Kenya told me she saw you and Shana in the mall and I know you aint fuckin' her. You fucked with me last night that's my best friend and we don't get down like that. [Message 4:] Yeah muthafucka this is Stephanie, I was waitin' outside for your ass for like a fuckin' hour, I don't know what's goin on, muthafuckas tryina raw me, you be dissapearin' and shit I'm waitin' in the cold, what the fuck is goin' on, when you get in give me a fuckin' call, alright When it comes to sex, I'm similar to the thriller in Manila Honeys call me Bigga the condom filler Whether it's stiff tongue or stiff dick Biggie squeeze it to make shit fit, now check this shit I got the pack of Rough Riders in the back of the Pathfinder You know the ep along by James Todd Smith I get swift with the lyrical gift Hit you with the dick, make your kidneys shift Here we go, here we go, but I'm not Domino I got the funk flow to make your drawers drop slow So recognize the dick size in these Karl Kani jeans I'm in thirteens, know what I mean I fuck around and hit you with the Hennessey dick Mess around and go blind, don't get to see shit The next batter, here to shatter your bladder, it doesn't matter Skinny or fat or white-skinned or black, baby I drop These boricua mommies screamin 'Aiy papi!' I love it when they call me Big Poppa I only smoke blunts if they roll propa Look, I gotcha caught up in the drunk flow Fuck tae kwon do, I tote da fo'-fo' For niggaz gettin mad cause they bitch chose me A big black motherfucker with g ya see All I do is separate the game from the truth Big bang boots from the Bronx to Bolivia Gettin Physical like Olivia Newt Tricks suck my clique dick all day with no trivia So gimme a hoe, a bankroll and a bag of weed I'm guaranteed to fuck her till her nose bleed Even if your new man's a certified mack You'll get that H-town in ya, you'll want that old thing back Oh Biggie gimme one more chance I got that good dick girl, ya didn't know [Repeat] Is my mind playin tricks, like Scarface and Bushwick Willie D, havin nightmares of girls killin me She mad because what we had didn't last I'm glad because her cousin let me hit the ass Fuck the past let's dwell on the 500 SL, the E and J and ginger ale The way my pockets swell to the rim with Benjamins Another hon's in the crib, please send her in I fuck nonstop, lick my lips alot, used to lick the clits alot But lickin clits had to stop Cause y'all don't know how to act when the tongue go down below Peep the funk flow, really though I got the cleanest meanest penis, ya never seen this stroke of genius So take off your Tim boots and your bodysuit I mean the spandex and hit my man next Sex gettin rougher when it come to the nut buster Pussy crusher, black nasty motherfucker I don't chase em, I replace em and if I'm caressin em, I'm undressin em Fuck whatcha heard who's the best in New York For fillin fantasies without that nigga Mr. Rourke Or Tattoo I got you wrapped around my dick And when I'm done I got to split shit Back shots is my position, I gotcha wishin for an intermission Fuck the kissin, lickin down to your belly button, I ain't frontin They don't call me B.I.G. for nuttin, all of a sudden Oh Biggie gimme one more chance I got that good dick girl you didn't know [Repeat]

Livin' The Life

THE LOX "Money, Power Respect"
(Puff talking) Yeah, the game of life In this game it's not whether you win or lose But how you played the game Come on (Stylez) Everything involves The Lox Ask the niggas with the money in the safe And the cats on cell blocks Car parked in the lot Door is locked And the only time the phone is blocked is when home is hot I announce the bounce Smooth like an ounce Blow more ways than one Y'all niggas count One Mississippi - you can't get with me Two Mississippi - you never gon' hit me Three Mississippi - can't no bitch trick me Four Mississippi - won't no dog sick me Five Mississippi - we in Mississippi Twenty deep in the block Real niggas rock with me Blazing, reving in the black 9-11 Lox out of sight like Michael Knight and Kevin Living dead Hoes giving head to the Feds Catch him with the calico Light him up in bed Chorus x2 (Stylez) Livin' the life, either you rise or fall It's a two-way street be large or small Livin' the life, either you die or ball It's a two-way street be rich or poor (Sheek) My niggas order parts for cars like motherfuckin' pizza For years While you get all yours from Sears What!? Nigga even my guns be Ger-man Links, Cu-ban Rugs, Persian Now we can take this another level Pa-Pa And simply bust your pinata you hot-sa Lox take blocks Turn 'em into Fort Knox Cake wasn't blowin' here Till we started going there What!? I ain't hateing you cause you's a little richer But you old and I'm young, so that mean I think quicker When bitch drunk I'm bent up I bounce with the land blow (?) Pump the missile Black berry molassi Flossin' with the bad mama sita My chi-ca Be ten cent Job with the government Tap the Fed line So when they raid I'll be lovin' it Chorus x2 (Jadakiss) I swear under oath no bullshit will any Lock take Cause we stop drama like anti-lock brakes High stakes Politic, pies and cakes Real niggas do dirt, tell lies, then skate What up son? What you bullshittin' bout now huh? Where we from? Don't matter cause we gettin' it done Land Rover, double sun roof Bulletproof Tangaray and grapefruit Got me hurlin' on my boots Man please Spit it out, twist the trees 5-40 I fly when I'm dissin' the d's Deep Dish P. Sip Dom P. with ease First two words I ever learn, cock and squeeze Ain't about that Trying to do without that Makin' niggas fuck up their budget Time to get their paper route back L-O-X three letter word, black mall With every last member of the team on the job Whether ir be controllin' the street Holdin' the heat Really don't matter to me Long as we eat Chorus x2

Black Sheep

MICK JENKINS "The Water[s]"
Young Mozart with more keys Black sheep with a gang of wolves before me They think we homies But keep hearts and shoulders colder than Loki I be no Thor, just bring 'em more of this halitosis Got everybody asking is it hot in here? I ain't no polka dot man, I ain't tryna find no spot in here I ain't no guinea pig Just know that he drop hot lines that all in my linage The process is linen the wrinkles definitive So what all the hate for? Her premise is primitive, her promise is tentative Better pay attention, so polish the penmanship I been late to mention the fact that it's free This is for all the niggas bastard as me Food for your soul, Harold's chicken Statik Selektah battered the beat Assault and battery on your mind, can't see how this world be? It won't be to long before you need a battery pack But I'm better than that A freshman on varsity nigga where yo Letterman at? Ginger ale on the rocks where yo gentleman at? Boy my pinky in the air, I just crush a lot I ain't never been a playa Niggas throwing shade they could holla at me later You might catch a fade, give a fuck about a fader And I do it for the love Praying that my people get to see the one above show me love And know that I'm speaking the truth I never had no problem being transparent Remember I was younger wishing that I had my friends parents Back when they lied to us better, I'm on this water now Funny how these other niggas thirsty but they watered down They oughta drown, watching niggas run for the boat when the rain drops How many lies can you tell yourself before the pain stops Out here harvesting the same crop, woe is me I'm out here Sewing seeds, blowing trees, writing all this poetry Every freaking night peep the Jodeci 'Till the people quoting me, or at least peep the potency And profess a nigga artistry openly Black sheep but I know you see the GOAT in me [Clark:] What do you think can be done to change, to use your term, the moral fiber of America? [Baldwin:] I think that one has got to find some way of putting the present administration of this country on the spot. One has got to force, somehow, from Washington, a moral commitment, not to the Negro people, but to the life of this country. It doesn't matter any longer, and I'm speaking for myself, for Jimmy Baldwin, and I think I'm speaking for a great many other Negroes too. It doesn't matter any longer what you do to me; you can put me in jail, you can kill me. By the time I was 17, you'd done everything that you could do to me. The problem now is: how are you going to save yourselves?

We Could Take It Outside

BUSTA RHYMES "When Disaster Strikes"
[Intro: Rampage (Baby Sham)] That's that joint (You know that ain't doin it again) Uh, do it! Do it! [Verse One: Rampage] I'm a _Natural Born Killa_ that's _Born to Rise_ +Flipmode is de Squad+ so it's no surprise Niggas want to advertise about how we get down You fuck around leave your body in the lost and found How you like me now? We got the industry on lock The world is on shock I'm a take a piece of the rock Yo, you feel it in the heart when we took you to the park Midnight after dark, I'm the raider of the lost ark (ark echo's) [Verse Two: Serious] Now na na na na na na, nana nah Super size, super size, right before your eyes I bring in treats like giant sweet potato pies Wise, sword shift and I spit on flies Killing all the tips from studio spies Head to bed, beddie bye, beddie bye Don't ask why, we'll take your ass to paradise Flipmode's the Squad don't rest, don't try Peace to my people in the friendly sky Peace to my outer space ties [Verse Three: Spliff Star] I'm in leather like the ladies Bigger than crack in the 80's {*echoes*} Drive the buggy I Mercedes Blow up like C-4 Got so much to live for Can't play the game no more Pick up the cain no more Brothers ain't the same no more Try to sweat me, what am I aiming for Get yourself caught up Faggot ass tore up In the worst way, the only way you can stop me is cock your glock and shot me Drop me, pop me, make sure you that you got me Cause anytime I live I'm comin back to find you poppy [Chorus: Busta Rhymes (all)] What y'all niggas wanna do? (Yo we can take it outside) Ya'll niggas want something? (Yo we can take it outside) What y'all niggas wanna do? (Yo we can take it outside) Ya'll niggas want something? (Yo we can take it outside) [Verse Four: Baby Sham] Push up in the hot rod, alley cats a rah rah All my flipmode in the backseats with chrome nods Hear to bust mine Nigga frat child let his brain fry Pretty boy sliced up philly contact from his red eye You failed to realize when you macks me you drop the plastic Run up in your crib, now you heat me from the mattress My crew expanded, QB is where we landed Yellow strip you crossed it Now I'm forcing you to drink this Sham's potion Show me were loaded The desert eagle hear it cockin' Lovin my doggie While we shinin' continue flossin [Break: Busta Rhymes (Lord Have Mercy)] (Flipmode, Flipmode) Killa kids Flipmode we are, 'mode we are.. [Verse Five: Rah Digga] Fuck steppin on toes I crush the whole shoe Pronto like Cru till I'm Triumphant like Wu The shit you talkin crazy like niggas turnin in their hand guns I be burnin MC's like Betty grandson Smokin grey poupon boy Two lines, I chew rhymes and make niggas fall like they was futons Rah Digga, all day Outsidaz, this Squad be Flipmode We get a dick rode a whole shitload [Chorus] [Verse Six: Lord Have Mercy] We the official g-u-rilla to lead militias That pillage, americana Spit sentences like, venomous iguanas Reminisce the promise Bring drama like Nicaragua Fatigues march, army leaders, they count crooked drug dollars And sip fresh squeezed milk from the titties of llamas Leave cities in carnage Pretty as farmers that pour whiskey at harvest and hold 16 bananas Maintain, maintain, maintain I reign like Mussolini's iron fists Try on this, you can't see me like vagina lips Smugglin diamond chips, bubblin anonymous The dominant will resource and count on script crews and world wars {*echoes*} [Verse Seven: Busta Rhymes] Yo, you better practice what you preach I got 7 MC's at 10 G's a show each Never interfere and shit, souvenirs for your ears and shit Clear poetry like William Shakespeare and shit Word is bond checkin me out Hey what you talkin about You lost and you walkin about Niggas got beef they really want to chill and start talkin it out Hey, oh my god, y'all nigga be buggin me out Wish they could lay me down and have the police start chalkin me out Now I zoom in on you and my niggas start stalkin you out Chuck down that bullshit that you be callin about This one's for my people and my niggas up North The ruler shit dynasty but Flipmode finally come fourth Exports and imports hittin you with flavors of all sorts My squad comin through, chop off your ear [Chorus] - repeat 2X

Buck 50

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Method Man] Supreme Clientele Who on this The Fenon, them niggas can't live Who on this We ain't got shit, Summin Gotz ta Give Y'll done flipped y'all wig, blacked out the kid Die and live for my nigs and my bad ass kids Freeze [sniff], lookin at your ice like PLEASE Plottin on the mouse trap, about to snatch the cheese I heard y'all kids is 'bout that, psycho therapy Fuckin, where the cow chat Blue till they bury me Never tell a lie, like George with the cherry tree Now it's cherry pie, if it's not BROKE, let it be Ain't nuttin nice in, New York, stick ya for ya cake and ya icin All that tough talk don't mean nuttin when ya up north So keep them hands where I can see them like ya want freedom You know that sayin, if ya can't join 'em Beat 'em and push ya way in We ain't acrobats but we flip on occasion Pick the Pace up, past snaggin, throw your waist up Niggas writin slum juice with Jacob, FOOL You're like DUDE, I don't like your fuckin attitude Frontin on my Clan from Shao', we ain't mad at you [Ghostface Killah] Yo, Starks dippin cheesy face, meesly pace Ghostface, jump out the window for a little taste Droopy luck, my main bitches call me lazy Educated birds say, 'Ghost, you're so crazy' [Cappadonna] Cappa slide thru with the Ghost Post up like paint on walls Drip jew-els, big heat ruffle inside the bubble-goose It's the odd couple, holo-points follow you home in Staten Island Playin with the big toys that make noise Echo in the hall, a scared voice Niggas start to act choice, but Dunkin 'hinds Didn't know Betty Crocker had them two nines Made the club moist, shattered the windows Dust heads runnin, the black kingpin buzz the Black Jesus [Redman] Yo, the words you talk better be the words you walk Body you in the van while the nurse is off Put your vein out, watch me insert the dart Till it bleeds from Bricks to the Persian Gulf Light curcuits off, thirty-third if my brain is off That explains why my language off My gun aim and cough, y'all ain't trained to brawl Y'all more like them training bras Wet behind the ear, you're not prepared for the project flow, with extra stares I pass out a vest to wear (bullets'll fly) Yo, a hard wire, startin bonfires Pullin mask, so you know it's me Your weave got more seeds than ODB Can't smoke wit'cha, watch Ghost tie rope to ya Def and Wu will open ya [Method Man] Your shit lice Baby shake your shit 'fore your shit lice Get rich like... [Ghostface Killah] Word, it's me y'all We in two sixes, flirtin with bitches Dime plush, takin pictures 'How you doin baby, my name's Ghost Don't get caught up in my chains or the way that I speak' Seek intelligence, slickest nigga doin it since Grease Check out the greys on the side of my waves, my crew doze on Riker's Island Stretched out, malled up in the cage Pull a out on Jimmy Jam, shakes Space Jam Silky texture, Jordan jumped up like Clyde Drexler All up in the parrot, nose numb, real as they come Biggie's Versacis, Snow White rabbit Hands is like photographic magic Funeral love, boohoo when we hug, don't make it a habit Hit the gym in two weeks, my back all chisseled Elbows unique now, meet the new me Ghetto fabulous, Tony Atlas Zulu Nation in the 80's, in front of Masey's I start my own Chapters Tyco, Nike glow, velvet pose Special effects, high-tech armors, murk you after shows Supercalifragilisticexbealidosious Ghost'll hollar exbefragilisticcalisuper Cancoon, catch me in the room eatin group up [Method Man] Shoe fly shoe, Wally dark Clark crew Fuck y'all wan' do Crack a brew, smoke an L or two And flip like, yellin for the whole click, it's sick like the way yo' stank bitch eat a dick like baby shake yo' shit, hold yo' dick like gettin rich like..

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