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NONPOINT lyrics - Statement


Original and similar lyrics
...Go... It's time To do a quick rewind And find another line And bring it back to get The juices flowing You Found infection With injection Tell me lies Time is moving faster You were the last one To reach inside And grab my soul and kill it Now you realize What you've done Now you realize What you've done Your time has come Go... Pick it up pick it up pick it up Heart beats Pains inside You wonder why You can't breathe You're about to see Your maker's eyes That breath you took Was terminal. Now you realize What you've done Now you realize What you've done Your time has come Go... Pick it up pick it up pick it up... Here we go Oh girl Take my hand I understand, I understand You got it right there Oooh girl it's the right time I feel you're taste you're feelin so fine So fine Soft white skin The air the color of sunsets Kiss your neck The tone is all set You tell another lie You're flyer than the girl I had before Then I kiss your bottom lip and Have you screamin for more Close the door And hope that nobody's home And when you wake up I'll be long gone


Somebody if anybody Someone told you That I've been hanging out Cheating at night Someone if anybody Should get that story right Tell them they need to go get a life 'Cause I don't need someone Checking up on me Watching my every move in sight And you don't need those Kind of worries To be messin' your Messin' your mind Girl you know that I'm Not that kind of guy And you need to just ask yourself why Would I waste my time To commit such a crime Lose the best thing I have in my life Someone's trying to come between me and you Can't you see what they're trying to do They can't stand to see something so right See two people so satisfied Somebody if anybody, someone told me That when you go out they say you're So nice Somebody, nobody had to tell me That you danced and talked with lots Of guys And I don't know why they feel The need to let me know that you've Had a good time Maybe they thought that I would Get jealous get upset with you And start a fight But they don't understand that the Love we have is much stronger Than they can conceive There's no jealousy, there's no need To be, 'cause my lady only lays Down with me See I'm down with this girl, she's my Whole wide world and she's down With her man, they don't seem to Understand We've got a love that's honest and true. No one will ever come between us two And everybody so confused, but it ain't Nobody's business what we do Chorus

If Tomorrow Never Came

Larger Than Life
I thought I'd never change I guess it wasn't true the roles that we both played sometimes I still live inside you if tomorrow never comes if this whole world falls apart then I just want to know what's inside my heart look at me now something inside has shifted that's why I beseech you realize I have changed realize that you got what you wanted and so it seems that I have left you all behind and I hope that you'll move on another lesson learned in time because it's true in time you'll grow no one stays the same and if you live the life you choose you have only yourself to blame accept the fact that we will move on and never come back the way we were you got what you wanted

Same Space

AESOP ROCK "Appleseed"
Killaz reflect the destiny of the village So when 20 count regrets float down futility spillage See I'll pass the broken arrow this time for certain Yea but from here on out its hoof the mare the bare footed urchin Dig it in person Now exhibit true audacity and passively hack grease into ribbons Your excused from the roundtable admissions committee Activist legends turned hostage in fallen cities Dirty earthlings circling vision immaculate Spin me dizzy in a crosswalk My too far gone mastodon senses inspect relentless For fitted boogie systems and crook addictions Well sure my crown is formed of thorns Yea but my thorns are formed of sound And I have found sound will keep me warm When the mornings born with frozen ground Put a rope down pull me from where the buzzards cleared I mean from the bones you and your little badass mad max musketeers When the silhoettes of emaciated frames dance on a highwire Mistook for aspiring third world poster children But is inserted ghost with dealin Dead to administer links like chief then whats your forte Devil dragger in disguise seeking the match made in your eyes Friend it don't take the wise this minute triplicate pace unified I don't condone the blasphemy naturally its procreation From the floods, to the fires, to the droughts, to the cyclones Tidal waves, the twisters, tornadoes, and hell stones Whirlwinds, tropical storms, blizzards and monsoons All of which I witnessed prior to waking up inside my room Look at the crook as I panic episode tantrums Fuck hugging my cool The edginess readies the mock knock quick draw hence the duel The company of similars couldn't excite the motor But hermit crab Ace home alone-uh One barrel of idioms and charcoal stick, courage under desire Canopy draped beautiful messiah reluctant Stuck in the pluck in the haul buzzing the fuzzing televison mixer Book of saturated matches and a half-made bed Pick of the litter, litter of the pick Pack leader will huff cannibal fumes, mechanical zoom There's ample room Stowaways inside the cargo bed Said leech prior to firing up his barnacle magnet Instincts leashing himself to where the wind splitting ice storms And termite swarms are commonplace I'm a trace this silver lining winding round the profit chase I know there is good in you if one peels back the opulence But I also know its ratio the bad don't feed my confidence The nutrients will be intense circle The clues units of success being personal Then sucked basic diversion Rusty anchor budget for nothing Wedged between aesop rock and a scarred face of frustrated fuck yous Bound by concern I can't believe I'm still concerned I can't believe side children turn in their sleep over one-liners Well I yield to hear your burns Color me out of my skull draggin a wagon of creature features And all I ever wanted was to aggravate the sleepers Look self-crafted heroics murder worthless Crash test ideologies, catalog alien doctrines type disturbance Got em out, killing machines turn belly up Buckled, the troubles I've seen Coax twenty four sevens of wide eyes from day dreamers Clean or dirty serpents in turn wish preference for the latter Justified the germs burn cauterize the gashes after On my left, one finger for each burrough I can touch On my right, one finger for each time that I wake up midsummer night Who's cloaked in a pristine mantle of hellfire But A-capital glaciers out the east slide lateral Born for one task indeed To spoil the citizen kane emote self this ugly duckling seed Look I aint too attired of draggin the baggage over the seasaw seeds When the reapers turns mortals to caspers See the plain and stone conjurable can't mimmick the null Of a billion troops holding matchsticks to empty cannons Stand of a many moons when the sun hit the mountainside splendidly Bask in the last warmth that be known to man's tangents In the wink of an innocent starchild's eyelid drop he vanished Managed to carve initials in the granite wall the damned it all up I hung with cats that do the donts Cats that forage through the moats Hoping they open with soveriegnty and a cantine deemed with prodigies I love the wake, the watch, the walk, the work The well its almost six o'clock I've never seen so many tugboats miss the dock (watch)

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Infamous

ICE-T "O.G. Original Gangster"
It's eight a.m. I roll out my silk sheets Get fly crash the limo back seats Lookin' in the faces Of some ladies that I never met On the interview tip, no sweat They ask me questions I throw the words back They say they write facts I know that's bull crap They're kickin' drama But then drama's my middle name That's the price ya pay for big fame The cellular phone rings Dot wanta pick it up But it's my J-O-B I gotta kick it up Another damn reporter On the line with a word quiz I gotta show cause I'm livin' with the show Biz. Out the llimo, to the plane In the pourin' rain I hate flyin' But there's no time for slow trains another show to do I gotta caatch my crew They left last night In the bus around two The plane's a small one No fun at all Bouncin' round the air Like a tennis ball When it touches down I wanna kiss the ground But it's time to wreck a new town Get to the arena, meet up with the crew They tell me all the speakers blew The cordless don't work Sound man's a jerk Somebody's gonna get hurt I'm crazy mad But my fans want autographs I turn my angry frowns Into fake laughs I can't be rude Cause they wouldn't understand I in't human no more, I'm a superman [CHORUS] You can try But you'll never understand this You can try But you'll never understand this You can try But you'll never understand this The lifestyles of the rich a and infamous Four hours till show time oh well I might as well check in the hotel Get a little rest Before it's time to play Ten brothers standin' in the hallway All with demo tapes They need the hook up They heard that I was The one to look up I can't ditch 'em Cause they already saw me I'll put my head down Maybe they'll ignore me No chance 'Ice what's goin' on' I listened to twenty-five songs And after thaat The brothers still wouldn't leave They started lookin' at my T.V. I was gonna break down If they didn't jet soon Snuck across the hall And crashed in E's room But then this freak came in Thought I was E Straddled her legs across me Ripped off her blouse Pushed her breast against my face Started girating her waist. Sounds fly, Like a hype sex thriller But see she looked like Godzilla Pushed her off me Home girl hit the floor This is what it's like on tour I hit the hallway it was crawlin' thick 'Could we take this picture real quick' Jumped into a pose That I used a million times before Took pictures With the whole damn floor I couldn't say no not to my fans You see they wouldn't understand [CHORUS] Now it's show time, time to flow time Evil lost the records But we still gotta go time The house is packed Everybody's on their feet So I say, 'Throw on Rakim's beat.' E hits the fader and the crowd is lit I start bustin' off some new shit The stage is so smokey That I almost fall off, I start inhalin' it I'm tryin' not to cough I'm catchin' problems from every angle The mic cords are tangled I try to flow smooth But my words are mangled Damn near slipped and broke my ankle If that ain't enough The police are hawkin' Listenin' real close To the words I'm talkin' They wanna put a brother like me In the back seat Just because I curse the beat They wanna tap my phone Wanna keep my crib bugged Call all my homes Felonist street thugs You might say I think this lifestyle sucks I wouldn't tade it for a million bucks Although it's all Not glamour and gleam It's still my dream [CHORUS]


[Verse 1] All, all this time we've been wasting baby You've been playing baby Sending me all, all these signs But never, never saying a word See now I, I'm not trying to figure out, so how bout you. Tell me what you wanna do So I can give you all you want If you just say it, so, say it baby. [Chorus] I can understand if you're not ready If you need me to be patient Then I'm cool wit waiting We can take our time, lets get it right Make it last forever, not just for one night [Verse 2] Girl forgive me if I come across to forward baby And if I offended you in any way baby See I just wanna get next to you Cuz being closer makes it better When I get to know you baby Tell me how am I suppose to do that when you Keep leading me on and you keep pushing me away When all along I know, yes I do That you really want me to stay baby. Ooooh! [Chorus] [Bridge] Look baby I know that you want me cause I could feel that You you need me but you seem to be just a little afraid That cools its ok, it's alright cause I want you baby I mean I really want you baby. But if you need some time I'm willing to wait just as long as you know that I want you girl Cause I want you, but I want you to want me too. I want you to want me Just as bad as I want you cause I can understand baby if you're Not ready and if you need me to be patient wit you I'll take my time wit you baby, I'll take my time as much time as you need so we can get this thing right girl and make it last forever. Cause I don't want you to feel I'm here for now and gonna be gone tomorrow, I want this to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Do you feel that baby I mean can you understand that, that's real. That's from my heart.

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