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NOFX lyrics - Ribbed

The Moron Brothers

Original and similar lyrics
Talking about the Moron Bros', tattooed fingers, tattooed toes They're idiots, losers, they're scum Taking advantage of everyone You're a dog, they're your fleas Doing everything they can to spread disease They'll take your beer, they'll take your drugs Leave with you microscopic bugs Their company is something you won't miss Then your icetrays are filled with piss They are the Moron Brothers Don't get along with others They'll whine, they'll bitch, they'll fuck you if you're rich They'll leach, they'll latch, they are the itch you can't scratch Do do do do do do do do da do do... They'll ink your face, tape your eyelids closed Tabasco's in your mouth, there's mustard up your nose When your head is shaved you'll think the worst has passed Just try to move your leg they've put you in a cast They are the Moron Brothers Don't get along with others They may not go down in history But they'll go down on your sister

The Dream Shatterer (Original)

BIG PUNISHER "Endangered Species"
Aiyyo I shatter dreams like Jordan, assault and batter your team Your squadron'll be barred from rap like Adam & Eve from the garden I'm carvin my initials on your forehead So every night before bed you see the 'BP' shine off the board head Reverse that, I curse at the first wack nigga with the worst rap cause he ain't worth jack Hit him with a thousand pounds of pressure per slap Make his whole body jerk back, watch the earth crack hand him his purse back I'm the first Latin rapper to baffle your skull Master the flow, niggaz be swearin I'm blacker than coal Like Nat King, I be rappin and tounge's packin The ones, magnums, cannons and gatling guns It's Big Pun! The one and only son of Tony... Montana You ain't promised manana in the rotten manzana C'mon pana we be mob rhymers Feel the marijuana, snake bite, anaconda A man of honour wouldn't wanna try to match my persona Sometimes rhymin I blow my own mind like Nirvana Comma, and go the whole nine like Madonna Go try to find another rhymer with my kinda grammar [Chorus] When you awaken, your manhood'll be taken Fakin like you Satan when I'm the rhymin abomination [repeat Chorus] [Big Pun] I'm pure adrenaline, uncut, straight to the gut, medicine Raw cure for pain I coat your brain like polyurethane Simple and plain, I'll explain it in layman terms If you came to learn how to make fire, I'ma make it burn! Higher and hotter than lava this scholar advisor is smart as MacGyver To put honor inside the heart of a liar involved in a life of crime (crime!) fuck it I like the shine (shine!) Up in the white and lime (lime!) Comes with the pipe design Plushed out! (No doubt!) Both pockets about to bust out If you not in it for the spinach, GET THE FUCK OUT! Take a hike, we can even battle to make it right Go 'head lace the mic, you finished Say good night Head to head in the street, I'll leave you dead in your feet Settlin beef, I'll even let you rhyme to the Benjamin beat But it won't matter, you dreams still gon' shatter It's a long ladder to climb, and mine is known to stagger So get outta town, 'fore I hit you with the loudest sound you ever heard; desert bird player you outta bounds [Chorus - 3X] [Big Pun] You know the Pun'll diss you if your whole steez is unofficial I'll come and get you and let the desert eez tounge kiss you With one pistol and two clips, I'll make your crew do flips like acrobatics, I'm charismatic, my gat is magic It makes rappers disappear, whipser in your ear Crystal clear, come here, let me kiss your tears Everything you fear is here, you ain't got to search further The first murder's the worst, now I thirst further for reverse birth, every verse hurts, every curse word's already more offending than Eddie Murph's worst I thirst for blood like a vampire Any man claimin his game's tighter - IS A GOD DAMN LIAR! I set him on fire, retire your train of thought Drain a quart of blood out your brain and leave you insane in the dark The king of New York! Lays his crown in the Boogie Down And sprays the town, with a Mac hoodied down I'm no joke! I soak your face with a sweeper Die in disgrace, or face your death through the speaker [Chorus - 4X, fades out]

Some South Shit

[Ludacris] Hell yeah, A-town, LUDA Ahh, whoo! She said she was a stripper but she wanted to rhyme and if I gave her a deal she make her legs stretch back to her spine I told her hit the treadmill, 'til she run out of time And in the eve no doubt, she was blowin my mind I'm from the A-town, put 'em through a GA course Cause 'it's all in the game' like EA Sports From scams and money grams, there's unions that wanna wire me 'You think you know but really don't' - put it in your 'Diary' I'm quick to knock 'em out, they comin in three spurts I do like Spielberg and see that yo' +DreamWorks+ My weed is all lavender, my drink is blue My gat'll, +Poke-a-Man+, it's the Pikachu Luda give 'em new perm, now they hair is wet And they don't wanna get on top, cause they scared of heights So if you Wonderwoman BITCH I'm the Wondermack pro So shut up and gimme that Thundercat HOOOO [Chorus 2X: Icepick Jay] When you fuckin with Ryders, in the 'R' we trust If you make a false move then these things gon' bust And when it comes to these bitches, you know how it goes We don't trust these hooooes [Fiend] She said she won't, take it off unless there's money involved I told y'all hold the stack and give hundred a call I referred to when you pissy drunk, blunted and all Tellin me she humpin harder than y'aaaall Got got - three niggaz just diggin these balls and all three really won't see y'all outside, in the burgandy Bird Ruff Rydin puffin the herb, discussin the curb She said she from B.K. And I did it 'my way, all day' like B.K., no more need say So Fiend playa, you know I'm busy countin some cash Then bouncin up on some ass Better yet, think I'm on some extendable hash You really wanna fall in ya glass She chose me, pimp nigga like we chose to be rich Double-R then stole ya bitch [Chorus] [Yung Wun] Hah, I say you better move now for a week in Montana Then slick 'em without drinks for I drink in Colorado This chick yesterday said she leavin tomorrow I'm tryin to fuck her mouth tonight cause she leavin tomorrow The only thing she act stupid's bout my lady at home Lie to my lady at home, got my baby at home Man, I was on some shit like 'Kiss, is we 'Fuckin' or What?' If you don't wanna get a room, we can fuck in the truck We can cut to a bitch, but don't piss me off You don't mean that to me shorty, I'll piss in your mouth I'm a violent - boy, whylin boy Playa hater close your legs, I want no lip girl [Chorus]

Through The Eyes Of A G

[Intro:] I think I got 15... bullshit, this is nothing. Look, my feet hurt, I need DOPE. When are we gonna do some acid cause I got, I need piles of money. Forget this shit... but a hit of crack will do for now [Verse 1: Action Bronson] Yeah... through the eyes of a G Through the eyes of a G, see me in the all white Eclipse A husband pay me 10 stacks to fuck his bitch Hand up her ass like a Muppet baby, it's crazy While she do a buck-eighty in a mustard Mercedes I move the mustard from Russia to Haiti Forty-fives will kiss like the touch from a lady Fuck with my lunch and then the pump leaves you under the daisies You know your bitch is just another cocksucker with rabies I'm signing autographs in Spanish, I live with Michael Jackson's anguish Hop in the Vanquish and vanish off the manor in a strange manner Aim the hammer at your dame's bladder, like it ain't matter I smoke 'til I got down syndrome Tan gators, brown linen Multi-color money, seven different kinds of cheeses My silhouette resembles Jesus in all seasons Take a ginger shot, doing concentration curls with the cinderblocks Doing squats, hope the ox don't drop out Don't make me have to slap the fire out your pop's mouth It's me... uh Through the eyes of a G [Verse 2: Ab-Soul] Yo Through the eyes of a G A-B, utilize what you and I use to see To move forward Cause I get bored with niggas talking 'bout Who they used to be, what they used to do My homie headed to court, not for a 2-on-2 Ironically, I'll have you know we do it for the sport Or at least to keep a little gold in this uniform I'm abnormal like a unicorn that you could get on Cows jump over moons when my nouns and verbs move Etiquette of a veteran, still getting checks You get a F for your efforts, we never trade techs I tried to keep the peace but now I gotta keep the piece I speak in synchronistic frequency with triggers squeezing And one day I'll drop to my knee and repent to Jesus 'Til then I'm humping my lust demons for no reason Soul-o ho, from Del Amo to SoHo, ho Yo, yo, check, "you do not know me, no, no, no You do not know me but I know you-" I had to, I had to do it

Piss Test

[Hook 2x: Juicy J] Fuck a P.O Fuck a piss test Fuck a P.O Fuck a piss test Fuck a P.O Fuck a piss test Been gettin' trippy since I was born and I ain't dead yet [Verse 1: Juicy J] You niggas drug-free but I get drugs free Might not have a money tree but I got a bud tree I'm smokin' loud, you can smell me befo' you see me And I blind ya with these diamonds on my chest and on my pinky Ten thousand a month, that's my kush bill I'm up in clouds that how that kush make me feel You say no to drugs That mean more for me More kush, more pills, nigga more lean Pocket full of dirty money, body full of drugs Shout-out to Walgreens, CVS, and thank you to my plug I do more and more drugs I don't do meth (never!) Fuck a P.O Fuck a piss test [Hook] [Verse 2: Danny Brown] And I smoke Blunt after blunt after motherfucking blunt after blunt Zip and a double-cup get fucked up Bitch don't sip if you ain't gon' fuck Jack and the Beanstalk with them pills Fuck me raw and my dick grow big Bitch just suck it ho, don't touch it No hands on it ho, that's how I love it Piss so dirty, dick so clean Pop me an E me, no I'm not a scene Fuck probation, P.O.'s be hatin' Motherfuck a piss test cuz' [?] I been smokin' since I rolled Daytons Been rollin' for wa two days and Been grinding on my teeth, sipping on this water bottle Looking for your bitch for relations Put Molly under my tongue Now she wanna french-kiss This ho be actin' shy, now she don' turned into a freak bitch It's Fool's Gold in this bitch So ya know that Trizzy with me Uncle Juice up in the party You know we gettin' trippy! [Hook]

Packin' A Gun

Ant Banks
Many dues have been paid, many punks have been played For the funky beats I made I get for my grade I'm from the Dangerous Crew, I can't hang with you Cause I'm from Oakland, bitch, where the game is true You don't belive me? Well, come on slide through Because the city of dope will give you somethin' to ride to Put my tape in your deck and do some damages But the six by nines, they can't handle this I'm twenty-three so I'm far from a young buck This gin and juice is gettin' me pumped up Fake rappers get chumped up You wanna slang'em, watch your face gettin' lamped up Well, what's my name? You can call me Banks for short You wanna book me? You're about to see a gangsta show Cause I be tighter than tight, give me a brew and the mic And it will be on like chickenbone, you know that's right Some mothafuckas didn't belive that I can do this shit Kick some funky ass rhymes with some beats that hits Now I'm provin' them wrong but still suckas wanna clown But you jealous mothafuckas ain't bringin' me down I kept faith in myself, that's what I had to do To make it out here and stop fuckin' with you I'm 2 the head... Yeah! Now all you fake niggaz: get the fuck off my nuts! I got my shit rollin' so now I'm like a mack in town And when I'm ridin' through, the hoes be flaggin' me down I'm just a player kickin' funky shit with the Dangerous Clique And all these bitches, they out to get some famous dick But I ain't trippin', girl, you can bring that ass on Cause all this jockin' shit ain't guaranteed to last long But while it's happenin' you know I'm straight lovin' it You put your pussy in position and I'm pluggin' it But if you're lookin' for a nigga with a touch of affection You better take your ass to the love connection Cause, hoe, I ain't got no trust in you Cause if another rapper comes you'll be fuckin' him too And that's real, save the love for ????? Cause it's all about mackin' in 92 One love, I ain't goin' that far I'm better known as a gigolo rap star I like to fuck groupie bitches cause it's fun too And I never get played cause I'm young true Hoes wanna be mine but that's a no no Get the fuck off my face, bitch, I'm 2 the head, hoe Now for verse three, you know it never quits Cause Ant Banks is in the house makin' hits And since I'm doin' this I gotta deal with jealous punks Mad cause my shit like pumps in the trunks And when I'm ridin' I gotta roll strapped in my 500 Benz Cause it's sittin' kinda phat, fake niggas smile on my face But they ain't bold ones Trippin' out cause they ain't ridin' on gold ones I know you're envies, that's hell of dumb for me Cause the shit I got, it didn't come for free Late nights at the studio bustin' my ass crack Tryin' to make hits, man, but where was your ass at? Probably at the corner drinkin' Old E, slangin' D See, you was sleepin', now everybody's know me I guess hard work pays and doin' nothin' is off Lazy niggas like you were once fuckin' us off Stop talkin' about me and get a J-O-B instead Bitch ass nigga, I'm 2 the head... Yeah and this goes out to all you shit talkin' bandwagon ridin' mothafuckas: get off...

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