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NOFX lyrics - Pump Up The Valuum

Thank God It Monday

Original and similar lyrics
I'm gonna tell you what I really think I like about Monday Cause they fell like Saturdays When you don't have to go to work, every day is a holiday I wake up when I want to, I do anything I wanna do Can't wait for Tuesday I really don't like Fridays I can't do what I wanna do Sold out at the movies, can't eat at the restaurant Everybody wants to party, but the bar's full of cigarette smoke I think I'll stay home, I think I'll wait for Monday I live a five day weekend, I gotta year long holiday Thanks god it's Monday The only place I gotta be is the show or on the first tee Thank god it's Monday Never mind aggravation, just give me modulation gimmie another key I'll tell you why I like Tuesdays, cause they're kinda like Christmas Come to think about Wednesdays, are a little like Hanakah Thursdays thanksgiving, I'm talking about good living I think I'll give thanx Thank god it's Monday

Gotta Buy Your Dope From Us

B-Legit "The Hemp Museum"
Little Bruce: I got Now and Later, bubble gum and sour candies With a trunk load of cookies like Amos and Andy Got the bud from Hershey and Mr. M M And me and Willy Wonka is old school friends It's the american dream On the triple beam Little Bruce got the bomb ass cookies and cream And I'm servin' more kids than Chuck E. Cheese And a german chocolate cake'll cost you 16 G's B-Legit: It's the big time billa Sucka side killa Real about the fetti No Ben baby?? Got a truck load baby for the hillside ride Bombbay all the way from the Bay we slide Through your hood Gettin' off our goods Fiendin' for a knot We put it in the box We got a brand new batch And we put in the smash Better get it 'cuz we sellin' out fast Chorus: You gotta buy dope from us You gotta buy dope from us You gotta buy dope from us If you wanna ball please If you wanna stack cheese You gotta buy dope from us B-Legit: I got variety packs Hits so fat And that's platinum status I'ma let you have it It's on for a little bit or nathin' at all I'm going wholesale I needs mail from all C-Bo: Suitcase full of G's 400SC It's the candy man with all the cream I put the candy on the triple beam The ziplock baggies Distributin' to the nation to have your whole crew cavied Now fools want to blast me because I'm ballin' 'Cuz got more cream than 31 flavors at Baskin Robbins Slangin' thangs for 16 9 for half Got ya flyin' to the Westside to double up your cash Little Bruce: I'm playin' chase with the FEDS And got the DA's pissed They raided my spot Shot both my Pits' While I was in Atlanta smokin Swisher Sweets loungin' Countin' hundred thousand in the Lexus clowin' Chorus You gotta buy dope from us You gotta buy dope from us You gotta buy dope from us If you wanna ball please If you wanna stack cheese You gotta buy dope from us Answering Machine: What's happening? You reached Sik Wid It slash Jive. Leave your name and number at tone. I'll get writ back at you. Playa, we at the All-Star game in San Antonio. You and Bruce meet us here and don't to forget to bring it. Little Bruce: I hit the All-Star game with a thang my back pack And on no train we rollin' nice ass Cadillacs The north star system on 100 spoke Daytons I smokes big with Reider and Gary Payton Behind the back door where ballers be livin' Transactions on nation-wide television C-Bo: I'm down to make cheese Slangin' straight cream In the land of milk and honey On a mission about the money Breakin' down in quarters Saran wrappin' acorss the border In my 500 Ben behind the '96 Explorer B-Legit: I pull the keys out my pocket And I started to G Bo-Loc back seat strapped down with heat Track after track Unit after unit Runnin' straight through it It ain't nothin' to it It's kind of like me sprung out on doves And when you buy dope you better but it from us Chorus: You gotta buy dope from us You gotta buy dope from us You gotta buy dope from us If you wanna ball please If you wanna stack cheese You gotta buy dope from us

Granpa Gametight

[Hook - Murphy Lee] Hey Maa, what ya need, what ya like? You can get it from Granpa Gametight She looks at me and she says.. 'I wanna go outside in the rain' So I took her...So I took her I packed all her bags yes I took her I took me a drag then I took her [Verse 1 - Murphy Lee] To be pacific she in summin fitted when I visit 'Murphy why you gotta go?' Oh, just so you can miss it She like me for my huggin' and kissin' and how I listen And how I, talk wit precision, how I make my decisions She like my, Pimp Juice potion, my motion in the ocean And how I, keep you hot but the johnson be frozen How I treat you in the mornin', mami you know how I be Gotta job, not a hobby, so I'll walk you to the lobby 'Can I at least see you later?' Now you know I gotta party People askin' who ordered, they just victims of me and 'Cardi They ain't the same when they get out the hood Man I offer a fish sandwich and show em the goods I kick fine lines, sometimes got cool things to say like Fuck tomorrow what you doin' today? 'Ah, you a baby' Hey hey, compliments? okay Anyway I'm Murphy Lee, you wanna plaay? [Hook - Murphy Lee] [Verse 2 - Murphy Lee] I'm like a new deck of cards, dert hard to deal wit Can't live without me and I'm hard to live wit My toilet don't take no shit Plus most women need Murphy Lee like a makeup kit I'm too nice, my future read two wives I'm too right wit two dykes in the mirror of a new bike I'm so the da the da the da That the women don't mind comin out they drawers and bras For the young brotha, the Young Dude, we young dudies Yours truly, baby you and Murphy Lee the Skoolie Homeboy! still cool, movies in the jacuzzi Eatin french fries, wit belly warmers and wives See I try to do right but the women keep callin' They like bill collectors, they won't stop callin'.. [Phone Ringing] [Murphy Lee & (Girl)] St. Louis (Hello? I just wanna go outside..) [Hook - Murphy Lee] [Verse 3 - Murphy Lee] Sometimes I feel like I'm from Georgia 'Cause I got G-A-M-E I'm a pimp that's fo' sho then I Boom like Benny I only seen a few but I've been through plenty And that plenty don't believe that I'm 20 I got this lady 31, she be like 'damn he young' Like Pamela, I deal wit her AND HER SON I'd be hittin her AND HER BLUNT And when it cost too much, I'd buy her friends AND HER LUNCH See I'm summin like a playa man, summin you know nuttin about Lost the words man, nuttin it ya mouth My women like to say 'Down South' Yes Yes, I guess the Midwest would the middle of my chest Love the attention that the ladies provide I'm a Sagittarius that need a nice variety I'm Bad Boy like Mike Lawrey, call the fireman All my workin' ladies be in on Saturday [Hook - Murphy Lee]


I want to know where my confidence went one day it all disappeared and I'm lying in a hotel room miles away voices next door in my ear Daytime's a drag nighttime's worse hope that I can get home soon but the half-finished bottles of inspiration lie like ghosts in my room I wanna go I know I can't stay but I don't want to run feeling this way til I am myself til I am myself til I am myself again There's a seat on the corner I keep every night wait til the evening begins I feel like a stranger from another world but at least I'm living again There are nights full of anger words that are thrown tempers that are shattered and thin but the moments of magic are just too short they're over before they begin I know it's time one big step I can't go I'm not ready yet til I am myself til I am myself til I am myself again I had a dream that my house was on fire people laughed while it burned I tried to run but my legs were numb I had to wait til the feeling returned I don't need a doctor to figure it out I know what's passing me by when I look in the mirror sometimes I see traces of some other guy I wanna go I know I can't stay but I don't want to run feeling this way til I am myself til I am myself til I am myself again

World So Cruel

Flesh-N-Bone "T.H.U.G.S.: Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls"
[Flesh-N-Bone] Here I come rollin off with Mo Thugs Trues humbly united gathering souls and bail Livin life daily, all tha way Tha plan instead they put'em on ah self-destruct But I don't wanna go to hell Vix'n tha body does it tell'n explicit For more'n I seen ya vision And let never fiendin catch us and ah schemin We'll drink foe tha way yallz are breakin me pan (hey man) We born to tha weed it would grow Didn't know tha Bone'd grown some Buckaz gon' keep it rightm just home And searchin wit they hustlin (no matter) Same time see tha Bone They done have ah safe place foe my babies Don't murda, brown up, so crazy get'n tha cruel World, all made up it like hades Don't make Flesh break down, sign sight, my pine I'd hide drug dealaz I find my started Try not to pine in my nine I try to stay kind insteadd it plus pealin, plealin That splif, roll over that shove it Find tha po po beatin, down ya doe and did it To ya break and ya won't see tha busta faces Here tha more, la for, killin each other for witches and shoes Shit it ain't nothin to lose, we get ah drop in twos Mo's Fools do nothin and I tasts my turnin And passin it out wit tha Layzie lil' Eazy, my mentor Keep in, handin over tha shoes, I go walkin in And baby had to go die bye bye Wit tha cruel world take'em shed Chorus: Why, why, why, are we Livin in ah world world world so cruel (repeat) [Run] This Reverend from heaven Just makin you feel 'bout these problems for Run But neva go less, I'm fresh with Flesh Tha solution's begun, gotta get yall, hit yall wit yo fellaz makin dollaz and cents But tha fact that wak rappaz be jealous make this Reverend intense I'm flippin, I'm scrippin, I'm rippen'em down They be burnin my church No lippin', I'm sippin, I'm tippin my ground, gettin first in my verse Who got yo macho, shot yo kids, creepin up on yo crew It's kinda hot, yall got yo bids, boy, and that how we do What's tunnel mind it's soldiaz I'm bought masterline at this line These bookaz, that welfare line And can forget that black on black crime We livin, and driven, and giving them love But what they do wit out heart For takin and breakin and fakin then jacks Boy ya tear'em apart Just livin in ah world that's so so cruel That's tha tape in yo deck They take our money, rape our women, now come give you respect [Run] (sermon) And I believe, a lot of us shouldn't condemn these rappers Because if nobody would ah told me about God The church folks would ah been talkin bad about me Chorus [Flesh-N-Bone] Think bout tha in us too, me 1999 Than what would we do We breakin it'll make ah change, fool Do somethin knows quicker, it's all fake Ya smoke tramps in our community flood Wit ah master plan to get rid of ah sea me got crack And all these diseases that make us immune And ain't it rediculous Look at us strugglin, hustlin Gotta make ends meat to pay my bills Gotta help ain't no grub on our grills Stuffin to ge to me fillin, thats only foe real, though Still, people feel me So many of yall now diamonds on tha rough Sho' nuff, better know us When they get it, betta grip tight Holdin my brothaz, we're marchin soldiaz And I told ya And it showed, decievin, caught him on camera Some coppaz got no love, they see a thug Comin up, steady peepin to sweeta Foe see murd, they need go just Wanna help tha weed trust Don't even run to pull ah gun and pop it Tha blacker together mens, gather strong at last Controllin no mass, no more violence, gon' stop it Grow up to be cloppaz, and I'm proud Be keepin my Lord's warch, and it's no When you think it's sin, wanna lve by tha sword Gotta die gash, ash to dust They turnin that passin and not with tha less Lil' Easy my mentor, king Handin over tha shoes, I go walkin in Fill us up on gag, betta pass with tha cruel world take'em shed Chorus

Big Bang

[Aesop Rock] Well, so we meet again (He said he's grown spiritually since the last one) Ok, this is the dawning of the book of bitter aspects Where the jackals sit and watch the pedigods last flesh Poison functions accompanied by six armorclad Black horse and buggy mechanism Tugged a portion of my severed vision The gathering of loose ends in a bucket Wit a shoestring budget Every man's got a field to plow (I know that now) But it's like, man I really can't afford the oxen Fee fie et cetera I smell the warm blood of the bill collector knockin I get awkwardly sturdy with a frigid liquid backbone I get swept in the pressure cooker tryin to paddle back home I get sprung with a vibe and alliance of clean intention By eclipsing doom midigons hatched to bash these picket fences Now I'll attend the wedding of the open sword festering Now when the groom presents the ring The bride commence to blistering This textbook magnificently crude Prototype king beserker modulate Serve the vertical thirst, burst horizontal Treasure, loose cannons span the starbit power The clippership dipped in truth famine pressure Cabin fever meter pegging ludicrous Beautiful cartoon trooper swallow brutal futility with a teaspoon full of sugar I rock ready aim fire, while y'all rock ready fire aim Then blame the stationary target when the prey escapes the frame Merit badge marksman, a poacher, it's all the same So I lay across the woods perpendicular to the grain [Chorus] *rapped in doubletime* I gotta be a big bang, gotta be Never wanna be hear a probably, I wanna see or hear a Yes sir, sir YES SIR! Armed with a tone, cross, sword to the bone Warn the other brothers that was born forlorn Big bang, sharper than a big dick Hotter than a tunnel of big dreams that think big things I'ma burn with this little light of mind and a prime concern to earn thanks, I'ma be a big bang *repeat except 1st line is I wanna be a big bang, gotta be * [Aesop Rock] I'm just a survivor of the wooly mammoth population Bottle neck effect, sorta born deaf Alien of shallow alchemy If you gon' metamorph the basemetal to precious Might as well steal from the rich, bewitch the pesants I'm floating the hoaming pigeon out hell's kitchen window Left an SOS infested bottle nestled in his grip so With a prayer circle release party and hardy wild bellow I observed him fly ten feet then dropped the bottles to the devils Fertile circle turn pertal crescent via bad investment Despised every second, but I GUESS I LEARNED MY LESSON! If I made an angel in the snow for every rotted victim There'd be wings to float this mothership up out the goblin system Sticky panoramic contaminate planet In conjunction with phantom assumption Gutterbug alumnus candidates Well, I promise you I man the lighthouse Just to help guide in your ship If you promise to help pull this hook out my lip (bitch) Godspeed, straitjacket and ragged approach To circle suns via folklore pollutants to rhyme strictly From a BC generation disgust Community movement alluding to a No blood given, no recognition Life matter, I was us up all night with a rusty hammer Trying to build a fence around these magic beans my dreams are gathered But uh, that certain lack of avail I sail a choppy lie with bouancy like a bucket of rocks (a bucket of rocks) Chorus 2x [Aesop Rock] Big bang, bi-big bang It's gettin bigger by the second Check it Ok, I'm here to rock the tugboat and bare the others farewell I shook the buddy system wisdom till the similairs repel I sell a barrel of spirit to dummy dimwits syndicate jackals I'm broken arrow to the fuckin bone (broken poem) I don't really believe in God But God, I'm scared to death of God?!? I swear to God, I never meant to spill the beans Nor tear the pod It's like I hike an acre unimpressed And slept on the sabre's edge Enough times to splice anti-Christ's favorite pledge I wanna know myself Sorta solo sheep amidst wolves And still my shepherd can't administer the proper push and pulls I push the ghouls to man overboard Pull the bulls onto my sword And buckle down in a corner chair with a round table floor Got an angel on my left shoulder, a devil on the polar Got a mug a frigid, got a mug a solar, sliiidde over Therecipe's design unplug the appetite continuity By stitching together esteemed congruents (beautifully) I peel back carts and lodge Greek physics in the chambers Quartarized the wound and heads like Gimme gimme something major Road side prophetic, ascend well enveloped in a mummy ribbon system Blistering in a wishing well BIG BANG!

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