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NO USE FOR A NAME lyrics - More Betterness!

Saddest Song

Original and similar lyrics
What's wrong with everyone There's a panic in their eyes Like others getting close are aliens, in disguise They smell conspiracy on the lips of dearest friends Reminds me of a time long ago, They think it's the end Of what we all created, used to love but now we hate it Life is as simple as the mind it lives in The truth is a waste of time, when we're conditioned to understand Lies are the right way as we watch the blind leading the blind Everything that we see is another's suffering Learn to enjoy the message your TV is delivering You're safe behind the glass like being at the zoo The face of guilty thoughts turns around and looks just like you Don't want be another, victim but you'll watch them suffer Organized, de-sensitized and trained To wake up at six a.m., go to work come home and in bed by ten When the feeling is safe and warm Horrified by any change, living by consensus destroys us Paints pretty pictures at the same time we'll do us more harm

Altered Ego

ANGEL HAZE "Altered Ego"
I've seen meadows become mountains of pride within me; Witnessed the light within the darkness inside befriend the helpless soul that I've become And even in my weakest phases My darkest days are often brighter than the lightest rays you could feel me burnin' through the shade But, I'm convinced that I ain't changed My close friends say if you press rewind and look at Haze the person that I am now is not the same I tell them when seasons change everything else has to fall in line, become aligned I feel like I've lost my spine, I thought that conquering the minds of this troubled youth would get me through But it seems as though I've forgotten me to get to you When all you needed was the truth There's often great trouble in contemplation That tendency turns fascination into a permanence One I hadn't been sure I was prepared for But you never know what you're prepared for until you're standing within that time And the only thoughts within your mind are "I wanna win. I don't ever wanna have to worry about making it here again, so I gotta be just like them." Creating subcategories; I don't fit within the persona that fits with them I've become you True in a sense, but, I lie all the more And confidence is the key that unlocks every door That way you'd never know I felt this; You'd never know I feel it With my Spider-Man senses I can hang upon the ceiling and hold my head in shame Look from whence I've came My eyes are brightening the cave within the dark slow lives behind There is emptiness where my fears reside I am a queen and a Pharaoh I am the villain and the hero I am death and I am life I am lows as well as highs I am truths within the lies I am a heroin and a zero I am too, altered ego Welcome

Man Of Colours

ICEHOUSE "Man Of Colours"
Icehouse My obsession (Davies/Kretschmer) I used to be the one who made you feel So safe and strong I could always make it right When everything was going wrong I don't know why it seems So different now I'm on my own And I don't know what it is That scares me when I'm all alone I can't believe that everyone I know Would lie to me When they all tell me that I'm not the man I used to be Don't want to hear about the things That I already know You've got to say it isn't so Oh no, it's the... Chorus: The ghost of you that gets me every time Just won't let go until it brings me down I try to hide it but there's only one My obsession is you Yeah, my friends all turn away They tell me not to waste my time They say they just don't understand How anyone could be so blind And there's one thing you can't change Forget about her now you know she's gone Hey boy, that girl is just no good She's only gonna do you harm So I watch the hours turn Until I lose the last lony roy of light And I know I can't pretend Those shadows won't come out tonight (Chorus again)

Life Of Riley

Lightning Seeds
Lost in the Milky Way, smile at the empty sky and wait for the moment a million chances may all collide. I'll be the guiding light, swim to me through stars that shine down, and call to the sleeping World as they fall to Earth. So here's your life, we'll find our way, we're sailing blind, but it's certain nothing's certain. I don't mind, I get the feeling you'll be fine, I still believe that in this World, we've got to find the time... for the Life of Riley. From cradles and sleepless nights, you breathe in life forever, and stare at the World from deep under eiderdown. Although this World is a crazy ride, you just take your seat and hold on tight. So here's your life, we'll find our way, we're sailing blind, but it's certain nothing's certain. I don't mind, I get the feeling you'll be fine, I still believe that in this World, we've got to find the time... for the first time... 3. Blowing Bubbles A whole night... of talking in circles, searching for the reasons to save us, and keep it all painless. All the lies you've had to swallow, just to face the World tomorrow... Blowing bubbles it's the final straw, they never last too long but for a moment there's perfection floating through an open door, but if you try to hold it then it turns to nothing. Your whole world... can turn on a moment, some things can come back and haunt you, but they're too late to warn you. Drinking in the dead of night, tobacco clouds that sting your eyes, you've locked your feelings deep inside, growing pains that never die. You need to sweep the picture clean, and start to dream another dream, and end this this foggy yesterday that still reminds you... All the lies you've had to swallow, just to face the World tomorrow...

Prime Time Love

Carpenters "Voice Of The Heart"
Playing it safe so long You lost your inspiration Clingin' to things that turn out wrong Won't help a situation Makin' me pay for the unhappy times (That's bummer) Maybe the moon night make you change your mind (*) So don't hold back Contact Give yourself a bit of some prime time love Don't fight What feels right You're lookin' in the face of prime time love I know she left you cold That's why you need protection Buyin' the lies that you were sold Keeps you from true affection Why waste your nights on tryin' to find Someone better Baby, my arms ae gonna be so kind Repeat (*) Trust is the answer That's how it starts I'll take my chances This one's from the heart Repeat (*)

Eletric Youth

Anything Is Possible Debbie Gibson Anything is possible Anything is possible Anything is possible Anything... Is Possible Thought I couldn't slow him down Long enough to look my way Thought he was out of my league Wouldn't give me time of day Thought he was like all the rest Love her, leave her, no remorse But I guess that I misjudged And this thing just ran its course He taught me - Anything is possible Anything is possible.....if you put your mind to it Anything is possible Anything is possible Break it down now....... Much to my surprise I felt A warm, not cold vibe When he looked in my eyes His bad boy front not charm Was his disguise (Let me tell ya) He read so much into me Listened so attentively He liked me, I rest my case Wasn't just a pretty face Bridge: If you set your mind You can do anything you want Not every guy is a bad guy Don't stereotype 'Cause this guy, he proved me wrong He taught me: Anything is possible Anything is possible......

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