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NO USE FOR A NAME lyrics - More Betterness!


Original and similar lyrics
I see you clinging, stereotyping just to feel comfort, just to belong Desperate for meaning to make sense of your life Let me try to make you understand... You got it wrong You're not gonna catch me waving flags over my head Looking straight and standing tall I refuse to build the wall by adding my own bricks That separate us all I'd rather die than be a part of your pride This ain't the homeland they've written books on Never have been there, how would you know Following footsteps that will get you nowhere And living by some rules that were made up one hundred years ago You're not gonna find me digging through my family tree Just to find out who I am I don't need to know that I'm linked to some murderer To live on the same land I'd rather die than be a part of your pride So it looks like I'll be here for a long time now Some things are better left mysteries Can't change the future when living in the past So do what you want and I'll decide my own history

On The Ledge

Glenn Hughes "Hughes and Turner Project"
Stare out my window until the light fades The darkness overcomes me Someone is lost, someone is saved I wonder which one will I be Searching for something Just what I'm not sure Some way to change my life One thing's for certain Can't take this anymore I feel like I'm losing the fight How long have I lived this way Alone in the atmosphere I see you but I'm 10,000 miles a way Gotta turn it around...I'll be walking tall I'm gonna try and keep my head It's along way far to fall When you're standing on the ledge A burning heart full of broken dreams Trapped inside my frozen soul A desperate man goes to extremes Before he loses control Lost my faith in heaven, and my fear of hell There's no place that I belong Don't want your pity, save that for yourself I know what it takes to be strong

Out Of Sight

And I don’t quite know why I’m here anymore And I don’t know if I belong It’s been so long since I’ve been gone And here I’m standing At your door today Praying it’s not too late [CHORUS:] Out of sight Out of mind Will you take me back this time I don’t think that I can walk alone in life Was I wrong Out of line Cuz I had to question why I couldn’t see it Couldn’t believe it You were there before my eyes Before my eyes I never thought That you would bring me to my knees And every day is like the one when you left me Even though I try I just can’t make myself right Why must you lose everything To find out what you need [CHORUS] [BRIDGE:] I didn’t mean to turn away I swear I’ve changed Faith replaced the things that I cannot explain I am naked Stripped of armor All I’ve got to give to you’s my heart [CHORUS] Whoever said that there’s a start or there’s an end Could it be that this is how it’s always been

Perfectly Happy

ATARIS "Anywhere But Here"
Won't be another statistic... Won't be a minority... I'll achieve every goal I have... there's not a thing I can't be! Just as long as I am happy, that's all that matters to me. I'll walk away from this place on that unhappy day that I have to follow rules, this so-called book you go by was written for a fool! Maybe now you understand life from my point of view, I've got my head on straight and have no urge to be like you! Oh sure I strive for a better life. But, is that so fucking wrong??? Change in my pocket... girl by my side... perfectly happy.


Am I losing control I'm leaving the tribe you gave me I've been digging a hole Waiting for a saint to save me Came so close to my soul I have to confess What you see is what you get I'll keep an eye on the Jungle The tiger and the lamb Low life will rule and command It's the law of the Jungle Words we'll understand Written all over the land Nothing's left to be said Illusions run deep inside me It's all trapped in my head like and angel who flies to guide me And it'll make me forget I'm going down I think I'm drifting around But who knows what's wrong, what's right If there's a meaning to life There must be a way out for me

Blink Of An Eye

Michael Mcdonald "Blink Of An Eye"
(George Perilli And Michael McDonald) Child, as I look in your eyes You know my life seems like a minute There I find living proof Of all the wonder life hold in it In the past I thought I had to learn Any good that comes from this life we're living Here and now, let us realize That this life's gift and it's already been given [Chorus:] Someday when you stand in the middle Like it or not you're gonna look both ways You're gonna find that time is a riddle Where days turn into years And years into the blink of an eye Child, once I saw a man on the tv Lead a nation up a mountain He said, children, look over yonder The flame of truth is burning brightly Sometimes you look so far, there's only so much time Only so many of us are gonna get there Here and now is all we really have But if we can make it count We got no reason to worry [Chorus] You're gonna walk that mile You're gonna be in that number You're gonna make that journey Just like the good book says There's a time to be born, a time to cross over You can be sure it's in the blink of an eye

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