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NO USE FOR A NAME lyrics - Hard Rock Bottom

Dumb Reminders

Original and similar lyrics
i heard the message then i rang it off the hook i didn't get you till 1 am who was wrong and who was right and this distance caused a fight now i'm ready to give in honestly i'd give anything to be with you right now this town is full of dumb reminders having a good time can't you tell hang up the phone and then i come back down miss you i hope you're doing well i'm used to waiting what's a voice without a face i think i'm dying without you here so i drink myself to sleep and then i hide beneath the sheet and i try to disappear i get up every single time cuz you keep me alive this town is full of dumb reminders how far ahead from you in miles if i could get one time as take it down maybe then i could see you this town is full of dumb reminders having a good time can't you tell hang up the phone and then i come back down miss you i hope you're doing well

Good Times (Sick Pimpin')

ATMOSPHERE "Seven's Travels"
This next one goes out To all the depressed women in the house Whether you're taking the prozac the zanac or the paxil Whatever the hell they put into that capsule I want y'all to come up to the front of the stage Grab me A shot of something along the way Put A smile on the front of your head [CHORUS] Got A thing for the women that dont love themself So either loosen up your hair or tighten up your belt This time, this time is A good time Good times Got A thing for the women that dont love themself So either loosen up your hair or tighten up your belt And this town, this town, is A good town A good time. A good time You know while she's sitting by the window, she's waiting for her prince to come And here I am on the opposite side of the room trying to pretend that I'm not that dumb It goes older told and full of cold, but did I mention that it's well deserved No let's make A mess, no let's make A baby, no let's make some hell on earth Do you mind if I turn out the lights, if I'm going to be alone I'd rather do it in the dark So I stare at half of A beer half wishing that the transmission would stay in par She keeps the music down, so her neighbors don't complain Keeps the drama up, so she doesn't forget the pain I keep my ? inside the reaction And hide my pride inside of my laughter It goes [CHORUS] And I'll never forget the day you woke up To find A whole different world underneath your socks Forgot to check your pockets before you the checked the cost Yes man, I saw the sign, no man I couldn't stop Drop off, now look who got water on the lawn Whatever it takes to calm your tongue If this livingroom fills with anymore fuss I'm going to cut my finger, I'm going to paint these walls If anybody watched us They probably called the cops, cause Its obvious that neither one of us can adjust Discussion becomes disgust ? the lady I thought she would save me from the bumrush Enough is enough, but how much is too much Why am I still just A sheep to your touch Why can't I ever fall asleep at dusk Why do I need to see everything crushed It's A big map girl, it's yours if you asked If it dont wash up to the shore you wont discover it Stand to get hotter then your head with that other shit Swallow it to chase to follow the suffering But I'm still smiling, still up to no great Still trying to relocate Somewhere I'm going to find some work that matters Til then all you get is my smirk and my laughter It goes [CHORUS]

Daring Daylight Escape

Caedmon's Call
I've got my mind made up I've got to love you or leave you fast 'Cause I've been thinking clear Ans I don't know how long it'll last Just like Uri Gellar, I'm bound to twist the facts around I've got to get them straight before my baby up and leaves town 'Cause I can't walk on water And if I chase you, I might drown And I'm already up to my neck If I may pose a question, it'll only take a second 'Cause I know that it's getting late And depending on your answer I might have to pack And make a daring daylight escape Because it's either high time to make you mine Or I swear it's time to get outta town So please say yes quick, 'cause the sun's going down London's nice but it's the last place you wanna go But there's no crime and you can catch a Broadway show 'Cause it's just so far and it's bound to get a hold on you And I've got front page headlines pulled right outta yesterday's news You can read all about it About boy meets a girl and then screws the whole thing up Just like always It's no crime to love you And my heart's still doing time It's acting on it's best behavior

Here We Go

DISPATCH "Bang Bang"
[CHORUS:] here we go leave it on the back burner take it to the dry town I got the mean time slippin' down the slide some uptight right wing, political homicide, do what you want, take what you will, take it in like a southpaw, flip it on the grill bourgeoise, protocol bottoms up boys this is the last call happy hour doesn't last too long you know it never does so I sit here on a bar stool looking at the sky got a buck and a quarter and a bucket full or rye don't step out of line you'll get time in the brig don't yield to the mighty you got your own dirt to dig [CHORUS] my and my flea bag friends we ran to have our own feast of Crispan Murphy was there with number 22 they were got caught in the middle of a coup, you will lose me if I don't lose you we haven't chosen anyone of you to condemn so make your decision and chose you side or let us begin steeped in knowledge I'll step from the board down to the speak easy with my double-edged sword you know the deal you got to spin the wheel I heard the heavens are full of sevens but as matter of fact you know that cat suicide jack he don't play like that truth is he don't really play at all


every morning i get restless. . . cups of coffee, fruitless journeys. permutations, combinations, situarions, i don't like that. walking pavements, full of faces. feel the whirlpool, fight against it. calling voices, low on choices, hidden forces. it's a full time occupation, going nowhere. think of something think of something quick before the boat goes down. think of sometking think of something good. searching always for an answer. empty glasses vicious circles. permutations, combinations, complications. it's a full time occupation. . . reading papers, writting letters. words are always there to squander. see the moonlight, through the window, stop believing. it's a full time occupation. . .

Whither Thou Goest

(Written By Cohen, Performed In Night Magic ) (Angels) We told you so We told you dear You didn't have To come here The human life Is full of quirks We can't work it out Nothing works It's a lemon This mechanic Live, love, suffer Die and panic It lives, it loves Suffers and dies It eats cow's meat And apple pies Dumb, dumb, dumb And full of fear Anxiety and strife.. This is the human life! ...We have many duties still Much gold and silver light to spill On anxious boys and frightened girls like you...

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