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NO USE FOR A NAME lyrics - Hard Rock Bottom

Any Number Can Play

Original and similar lyrics
They will mislead you, plug in and bleed you I swear I heard the DJ say 'Swallow temptation', believe the answer Is in the order you obey I know my purpose isn't on a poster sign I'm still part of the game that any number can play Majority vote, identity No! Top forty reasons to spoon feed Immunity lost, full price at your cost Industry living by disease Imagine, idolize and idealize A dream a nighmare couldn't change Any number can play The sound remains unclear, There's little left to hear except contradiction Looks like somebody made our mind When history repeats the hit that I've heard for my whole life Bring back request to radio, Your favorite song was written but you'll never know A selection for us to see a blind conspiracy Another version of the imitated tune and not one soul was saved Any number can play

Feeding The Charlatan

Edge Of Sanity
We're Back!!!! All your life have been living lies Locked inside your false paradise Your problem is you're too blind to see You have false illusions of being free Catch up on reality You're living in a dream your mind is twisted, Nothing is what it seems It all comes slearer as the smokescreen falls You open up your ears to hear my calls then you'll know what you need Can't tell that the dust of angels leeds you straight to hell To play the game you must pay the cost But you'll be long gone before you're lost Then you'll be trapped in a giant web And some sunny day you will end up dead.

You'll Never Make It

PENNYWISE "Full Circle"
First you're on a roll and then you loose control Then you can't decide you think you lost your mind When you wanna get it but now it is too late Nothing you can say your anger turns to hate Your body gets excited preparing for the dance No time to be afraid nothing is left to chance Can't avoid the feeling your world's about to end The secret is revealed one day you'll wake up dead You wanna live You'll never make it Immortal state of mind but we're the dying kind Extinguishing the breed throughout all history Never can surrender you can't give up the game Never won the fight you best prepare to die When you hear those voices calling you to the grave Stop wasting all your days start living right away Or soon you will regret it your chances have all gone One message left to send your life will soon end You will be sorry when it's all gone You've lost your chance to make some history You've lost the game and now you'll see there's no escape mortality You think you have a future but you're wrong You are wrong

The Hurt

Aceyalone "A Book Of Human Langauge"
Hook: (x2) The more I look around the more it hurts My livelihook is poisoned my works Fall on deaf ears a messenger bringer With a foreign face and Tongue and Slightly Twisted view of this time and space Space cadet Ace Reporting from base The water hasn't a taste The time and the place The paper, the chase the race Again Verse 1: Manifestation, reva-lation-lution Retro-bution solution My people are poor community war What's the rivalry for? The poor can't afford Self genocide Help 'em aside He's on your side of the fight Yep, but unfortunatley Unproportionately out of order We have Kaos Kaos to order they're closing the border It's a flip of the quarter For the players, existing in this game I'm sensing a change That all will come to pass Then a movement of the mass But who am I to tell on who will prevail And who's fail and who in the hell Are you going to tell? You're new to the trail Your doomed to sail Away Keep watching your backs And cover your tracks Get up on the facts and relax And as the dust settles another one bites He fights but he lost his life device He's iced my advice Don't play unless you plan to pay the price Hook The more I look around the more it hurts (x5) I quiety go berserk when I work Hoping to find that part of my mind That's mostly confine and blind Yes pure and refined Untampered with time Subliminal sublime The criminal's crime I reach and climb I keep it refined I speak and I grind Away Keep watching your back and cover your tracks get up on the facts and relax And as the dust settles another one bites He fights but he lost his life device He's iced my advice Don't play unless you plan to pay the price Hook We all hurt sometimes. Don't we? We all get hurt sometimes. Don't we? We all laugh sometimes. Don't we? We often pass the time. Don't we? We all get mad sometimes. Don't we? We all can flash at times. Can't we? Have some piece of mind? Don't we need to seize the time? Don't we? Life is FUCKED up But it can be Some people just lucked up Because they can see The shit is chaotic in disguise Guns and narcotics for or demise And don't forget the lies They pump you with I rise to the occasion without a scratch or abrasion Just a hop, skip, and jump Away from a rock hit and a drunk No loitering here Aye y'all can't hang out after dark here Excuse me sir but you can't park here! I mean tell your dogs that they can't bark here I mean the world is moving baby But you gotta just Hold on But Sometimes you can't just hold on You gotta just let it go Let, let, let, let, let it go

Gideons Trap

Culpepers Orchard
And so the coffins all were lowered, And all my friends were dead And all there's left is God's forgiveness, That is just what the preacher said The sky was turning grey with anger, I walked alone along the way God only knew what's on my shoulders, And *you are lost* I heard him say But on my way to find an answer, Out from nowhere a demon came He was a hunchback, I was frightened, I said: Go back to Notre Dame I have some things to say, he answered, I know your troubles yes my son You carry heavy loads upon you, I tell you: The fun has just begun And so he left me disappointed, A deadly light came out from west I heard a sound of distant thunder, I kept thinking: Who knows best I know my life, I know my living, My will is given me at birth And I can do just what I want to, Then I was swallowed by the earth I landed with my feet on fire, I stood before my masters throne He filled my mind with soft desire, He taught me: Everyone's alone And that is where I end my story, And all there's left for me to say Is: See your death is softly coming, And watch the winters fade away

Aurora Nova, The Wild Places

I was walking alone through the loft San Juans With a heart full of light And a head full of songs I was thinking of time And how much it will cost To recapture the souls That we surely have lost. In the cities and towns There are millions who dream But the traffic's so loud That you can't hear them scream There's a heaven on earth That so few ever find Though the map's in your soul And the road's in your mind. So many mountains before us So many rivers to cross Where is the wisdom to bring Back the vision we've lost? Can we gaze with the wonder of children Into the deafening night Has it gotten so dark That you cannot remember the light? When you sleep on the ground With the stars in your face You can feel the full length Of the beauty and grace. In the wild places man Is an unwelcome guest But it's here than I'm found And it's here I feel blessed.

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