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Baby It Works For Me

Original and similar lyrics
Something went wrong now she's gone Baby don't stress it baby don't second guess it Don't look down turn yourself around Baby I'm waiting with something I've been saving To let you go she must have been a fool Cause no one's ever made me feel the way you do (Chorus) Whenever we touch I can barely breathe I'm telling you honestly Baby it works for me Heaven knows why She set you free Look in my eyes you'll see Baby it works for me, your love it works for me I know what you need to believe in me I'm taking it slowly giving you time to know me Cause no one's kiss could ever get me like this Making me crazy that's what you do my baby To let you go she must have been insane Cause no one's ever, ever made me feel this way (Chorus) Take it take your sweet time Stay in these arms of mine You can trust in the two of us So hard to control myself When I want you and no one else You're everything, everything to me

Cold Rock A Party

MC LYTE "Bad As I Wanna B"
Keep On, Keepin' On MC Lyte f. Xscape Album: Sunset park soundtrack B-boy, where the f-- you at I've been looking for your ass since a quarter past Hot peas and butter, baby, come and get your supper Before I make you suffer, that's when you had enough'o Can I get hot when you hit the jack pot Surely I can if you're the man I get luscio' n' produce lots of amounts of juice Can you get used to that or do you need a boost Of energy to enter me and get it on You're getting warm I can feel you getting closer Now baby down, that's my mosser You better believe It's time to get the toast of the woman of the decade Too bad to be played, get vexing I'm bound to throw shades all over your body Whose body, your body I can rock a party like nobody Leave in time and take home the loot Choosy about who I let knock my boot Now let me take a sight to your love in a light Life ain't all that 'nless you're doing it right 1-Keep on keep-keepin' on Cause you came and you changed my world Your love's so brand new Keep on keep-keepin' on Doing it right right right Beware of the stare when I step in the piece I'm coming peace, but I got shit in need to be released Now who from the chosen shall I choose Yeah, now you wish you was in his shoes I found me a new nigger this year that knows how to handle this here Now I look forward to going home at night Brother does me right under the candlelight Racks upon my back, can I handle all of that Oh yes, I can, can I, why not if I wanna, yes I can can More honey than a Bumble bee-hop Pulling sixty nine ways out my o-cop Sweet like liqour and sugar from my burger Juicy like Hassey or Vernassee I got the shit to make your ass right at back, check Cause like I said I ain't afraid of the sweat Beat on my drum if you feel the need to As I proceed to open up and feed you I got along and I put you way you wanna be ven aqui and I get rid of all company (repeat 1) Many have tried to strict regulations lazy motherf-- get put on probation Those that didn't perform well, they gets no ends when they ringa-ring my bell You're playing with my time Trying to jerk me, hurt me then desert me You better work me while you got the opportunity To be in the mist of the L-Y-T-E Only the strong survive, only the wise excel Went sad bummer born in hell Only the lonely die slowly Left all alone trying to control me Eazy-duz-it never asked how was it Never speak my info of my sheet in the street Cause that ain't cool and that ain't cute To talk about who knocked a boot on a video shoot But it's all good though You gotta get it when you're born inside You pray, make your moving Hype up on it, it's natural Never be ashamed, f-- the fame get the name and kick the game (rpt 1, 1, 1..)

Wheelz of Steel

Intro: Big Boi Uhh As I sit in my b-boy stance With flip-flops and socks, and sweatpants We finna enhance your brain, check it out Verse One: Big Boi, Andre Once upon a time not long ago When the playa from the Pointe didn't have no flow A nigga hit me for my tennis shoes, walkin to the sto' Caught a nigga slippin, but now I lay it to the flo' just like carbon, cuz I got the heat in my rhythm Momma nay not, never braggin just to stay knot Even when I was a younger lad I learned my lesson Never talked to strangers in the trap and answered questions The Pope and his folks got us under a scope But for unknown reasons cuz we don't sell dope That you distribute, we don't contribute, to your clandestine activity, my soliloquoy, may be hard for some to swallow But so is cod liver oil You went behind my back like Bluto when he cut up Olive Oyl Two things I hate lies and thieves they make my blood boil Boa constricted, on my soul that they call Chorus: Andre Touched by the wheelz of steel... Now show me how you feel... Touched by the wheelz of steel... Now show me how you feel... Verse Two: Big Boi, Andre It took your momma nine months to make it But it only took a nigga thirty minutes to take it Cut that kronk clean up I did, but I did so not safely Don't want no AIDS, *clapping* no claps, or no rabies Yo, we take no shit, like arms stuffed up commodes Gotta collect call, they done locked up my folks Low blow, hit me in the left ventricle We won't be able to ride out till two thousand fo' But not for long cuz we got a better sack to serve Tryin to take you other people for your rims at the curb Fore you swerve and bust ya forehead, go head, go head More head for me, while you ride to the beat Drop, like Tears, like For Fears, you know Shout Shout let it all out, just for my peers And pupils who feel like it's time to unwind Like December 31st, on nineteen-ninety-nine Chorus Verse Three: Andre Okay, like this, yeah yeah One time for my boy doing King shit Two times for Legit and it don't quit Three times for my folks in the drop top Four times OutKast and it don't stop One time for my cuz doing Queen thangs Dead fresh to the teeth eatin chicken wings Three times for my guhls in the beauty shop Four times OutKast and it don't stop *long interlude, Chorus again (fades)*


GARETH GATES "Go Your Own Way"
I waited in the summer rain I waited till my tears stop falling You never came along You had to do me wrong again You promised me you gave your words There's time I'm around with your defect My heart has had enough I'm really not that tough inside Baby Chorus: Lies You have me had your lies Come look into my eyes Can't break my heart with honesty instead Cause I don't wanna cry I'd rather say goodbye Bye, bye I can't take another lie They told me not to trust in you And finally I do believe this Say who's the other man You do the best you can to hide Tell me Does he think you're always beautiful as I did The very first time I leave my eyes on you I gave my heart to you Again and again and again, baby Chorus Another night, another day How can I go on this time without you What can I do, what can I say Say is there any other Chorus x 2

Never Can Say Goodbye

MONICA "Miss Thang"
Verse 1: Baby, understand everything There's no one else in my life Maybe I can make you happy, baby If I spend some time with you Tell me baby, baby not to change I'm still in love with you Don't be afraid, let me hold your heart Control everything you do Chorus: Baby, you know that I wouldn't do Couldn't do anything to hurt you But if you feel weak, don't you worry Cause I never can say goodbye Baby, you know that I couldn't do Wouldn't live my life without you But if you feel weak, don't you worry Cause I never can say goodbye Verse 2: Ohh baby, if it's okay with you I'll do all that I can do To make this thing unbreakable And if you need me to I'll swim through the stars till I touch the moon Do anything baby just to get to you Won't be afraid to let you hold my heart Control everything I do Chorus Bridge: Baby, if it's okay with you (if it's okay) I'll do anything that I can do (ooh) No one else can do it like you (oh yeah) I'll give my love and vow to you I'll will never leave you, that is true I'm a good woman, let me prove to you (let me prove it to you) If you feel weak, boy don't you worry Cause I can never say goodbye ChorusX3

I Keep It To Myself

MONICA "The Boy Is Mine"
Verse 1: I looked at you a thousand times This time when I looked at you There was somethin' new How could I be so blind We shared our secrets in the dark And though we were only friends I don't know when the feeling changed within my heart Chorus: Baby Ooh, I keep it to myself baby Ooh, I'm fallin in love with you Ooh, The harder it gets cause You don't know the love I'm feelin' Ooh, I keep it to myself baby Ooh, I'm fallin in love with you Ooh, I don't wanna push you away Cause no one makes me feel like you do Verse 2: I dream of you all through night Holding you tenderly right here with me Wrapped in my arms so tight But when I start to tell you how I feel You tell me 'bout someone new whose right for you If you only knew my loves for real Chorus I'm wonderin' if you feel the same way I do Then we both could be together forever Why do I hide all my feelings inside If I know your the only one for me The deeper that it gets The harder that I fall, fall baby Chorus

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