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NIGHTWISH lyrics - Oceanborn

Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean

Original and similar lyrics
A snowy owl above the haunted waters Poet of ancient gods Cries to tell the neverending story Prophecy of becoming floods An aura of mystery surrounds her The lady in brightest white Soon the incarnate shall be born The Creator of the Night Deep dark is His Majesty's kingdom A portent of tomorrow's world There shall the liquid give Him power The red-eyed unborn lord Fatal embrace of the bloodred waters The cradle of infinite gloom The spell to master this Earth Carven on an infant's tomb I will die for the love of the mermaid Her seduction beauty and scorn Welcome to the end of your life - Hail the Oceanborn! Disgraced is my virginity Death has woven my wedding dress Oh Great Blue breathe the morning dew For you are the cradle of the image of god Brave now long rest is sweet With me here in the deep I prayed for pleasure wished for love Prayed for your - Never pray for me! Who the hell are you for me But a mortal dream to see This apathetic life must drown Forever just for me Leave me be Leave me be Leave me From cradle to coffin Shall my wickedness be your passion We shall come to set the dolphins free We shall wash the darkened bloodred sea Our songs will echo over the mountains and seas The eternity will begin once again in peace

All Of This Could Have Been Yours

I had a cure, for your disease but you threw it away and you made it clear I was not welcome on these seas and you threw it away So I sailed and I sailed for so long my hair grew long and my heart grew cold I face certain death without you near And I felt the storm and swam until the skies were clear and I found a home along this crooked road And all of this would have been all of this could have been yours All of this should have been all of this could have been yours Black clouds roll, right over red doors as the waves were high so was I and the moon never looked so angry as when your walls came crumbling down It was so beautiful It was so peaceful All the destruction, it was quiet All of this would have been all of this could have been yours All that you love, will be carried away oh all that you love, will be carried away All of my pain, that you put on my name all of my doubt, and all of my shame All of my guilt, my denial and fear all of my hatred and all of my tears All of the time that I couldnt go home all of the times that I froze all alone All of the sadness all of the lies all of the shadows that blackened my eyes All of the servants, who cheated, who stole all of the colors from the depths of my soul All of the wounded, that you left for dead now creep in the corner, they're all in my head All of the dreams that you made nightmares all of the silence, deafening stares All of the ships who can't carry loads you wrecked in anger, along distant shores All of this would have been all of this could have been yours All of this should have been all of this could have been yours

D.a.i.s.y. Age

DE LA SOUL "3 Feet High And Rising"
(Woah. Stay, stay, stay) (Daisy! Daisy!) (I love daisies, I love daisies, I love pushing up your favourite daisies) (Daisy!) (This is Posdnuos, the president of a paragraph) POS: Paragraph President President preaching 'bout the on-tech, Known for the new step, Stop and take a bow Amityville Resident Resident supported by the speaker view Want to feel it in your shoe Let me show you how Platform Witnesses Witnesses, show you to my show-lab Fill you with my vocab Hope you have a spoon Discuss Contracts You like the way I vocalise And bring it to a compromise My P.A. won't set up till noon It's a DAISY age Sun Ceiling Ceiling connects to the sun Burning inside everyone On a side, plug-a-fied sire One Million Demonstrations have been heard My hair burns when I'm referred Kid shouts my roof is on fire Go Dancing Dancing like a bandit Psychics try to stand it Keep it up until they burn a cell Romancing Romancing dialect in shows Posdnuos creating flow You say you didn't know Oh well, it's a DAISY age DOVE: Pedal Promenade Promenade people to the providence Dove will show dominance Inside of every phrase Rebel Renegade Renegade reaching only topflight Can't find your new height Think you need a raise Dialect Ultimate Ultimate strings from the soul stuff Copies always staying rough Before they go to plate Try a pack It'll stick Stick to you but won't deflate Keeping all the levels straight I tell you, mate, that we're top rate 'Cause it's a DAISY age The speak Motor Motor is the heart beat Sleeping in your car seat Kept alive to every mile discovered Complete Quota Quota sharp at 12 noon Risen to a new tune Positive is greater than negative Image Mirror Mirror image don't contend Vocals should be comprehended Silver audience'll say what's said Scrimmage Nearer Nearer to the goal line Forget about the rose vine The Soul will let you know it's time And it's a DAISY age (La la la la, lah) (This is a DAISY age) (Sing about, sing about the DAISY age) (Let it rain, let it rain, rain on a DAISY) (Rain on, rain on) Al Watts: Now it's the end of the show. Contestants, do you have any answers? Contestants: (Clueless babble, including 'Nah,' 'I dunno,' 'Mama') Al Watts: For those of you who think your answers are correct, Don, tell them where to send the answers to. Don: Thanks, Al. For all you listeners at home who think you have the right answers, jot 'em down on a four by ten sheet of paper, and get two proof of purchases from the back of the album, and send them to Tommy Boy records in care of Dante the Scrubb, 1747 First Avenue, New York, New York, 10128. For those who have all four answers correct, you will receive a specially selected grand prize. Thanks and goodnight, for Three Feet High and Rising, this is Don Newkirk.

Letter 2 My Unborn

2PAC "Until The End Of Time (Disc One)"
To my unborn child.. To my unborn child.. in case I don't make it Just remember daddy loves you [talking in background] To my unborn child.. To my unborn.. [2Pac] Now ever since my birth, I've been cursed since I'm born to wild in case I never get to holla at my unborn child Many things learned in prison, blessed and still livin Tryin to earn every penny that I'm gettin, and reminiscin to the beginnin of my mission When I was conceived, and came to be in this position My momma was a Panther loud, single parent but she proud when she witnessed baby boy rip a crowd To school, but I dropped out, and left the house Cause my mama say I'm good for nothin, so I'm out Since I only got one life to live, God forgive me for my sins Let me make it and I'll never steal again, or deal again My only friend is my misery Wantin revenge for the agony they did to me See my life ain't promised but it'll sure get better Hope you understand my love letter, to my unborn child [Chorus: sung, with 2Pac ad libs] I'm writing you a letter This is to my unborn child Wanna let you know I love you Love you, if you didn't know I feel this way How I, think about you every day I have so much to say [2Pac] Seems so complicated to escape fate And you can never understand 'til we trade places Tell the world I feel guilty to bein anxious Ain't no way in hell, that I could ever be rapist It's hard to face this, cold world on a good day When will they let the little kids in the hood play? I got shot five times but I'm still breathin Livin proof there's a God if you need a reason Can I believe in my own fate Will I raise my kids in the right, or the wrong way? Dear mama I'm a man now I wanna make it on my own, not a handout Make way for a whirlwind prophesized I wanna go in peace.. when I gotta die On these cold streets, ain't no love, no mercy, and no friends In case you never see my face again To my unborn child [Chorus] [2Pac] Dear Lord can you hear me, tell me what to say to my unborn seed in, case I pass away Will my child get to feel love Or are we all just cursed to be street thugs? Cause bein black hurts And even worse if you speak first Livin my life as an Outlaw, what could be worse? Cause maybe if I tried to change Who I'm kiddin? I'ma thug 'til I die, I'ma rider mayne Touch bases, eat lunch at plush places Regular criminal oasis awaits us If there's a ghetto for true thugs, I'll see you there And I'm sorry for not bein there Just know your daddy was a soldier, me against the world Bless the boys, and all my little girls To the Lord I'm eternal, restin in peace Please take care of all my seeds, to my unborn child [Chorus - repeat to fade] [2Pac over Chorus] To my unborn child.. please take of all my kids My unborn child.. to my unborn child This letter goes out to.. to the seeds that I might not get to see cause of this lifestyle Just know that your daddy loves you, got nuttin but love for you All I wanted was for you have a better life than I did That's why I was out here on a twenty-four hour 365 grind When you get to be my age you'll understand Just know I got love for you And I'll see you up there in the ghetto heaven Cause ghetto heaven gotta be there.. haha, take care Run wild, but be smart Follow the rules of the game I know that sometimes it's confusin The rules of the game is gonna get you through it, all day everyday Watch out for these snakes and fakes, friends comin down the way..

This Is My Life

KING LIL G "Blue Devil 2"
[Verse 1:] I was the kid that didn't get shit for Christmas My moms didn't care about goodnight kisses Fuck it At least I got hugs from my sister Never let me down I got love for my sister In the hood it got cold in the winter She put me on a jacket Everytime when I shivered I didn't like superman I idolized drug dealers Jump me in the neighborhood That's how I got a gun quicker I was only twelve Homies in & out of jail I needed money So I went & bought my first scale That's when I learned how to bust raps I told stories about my gang And how I started selling dub sacks Hood muthafuckas love that When the enemies came through Better believe I always bust back I want the finer things in life Jewels around my son's neck A model for a wife [Chorus:] There's a time & a place For every little thing I'ma grind my way up To get those big things Yes I see it My name is shining light Let me shine for all the fallen Wrap arms around them Just let me get to where I'm goin' Cause this is - this is my life Cause its my life My right - my mind [Verse 2 - Kiki Smooth:] Wu-tang hustle Chasing that cream As a young buck On my bicycle moving thangs Ditching school Trying to get paid Had a corner stand And didn't sell lemonade Step-pops in the kitchen Bagging up them drugs Me & my little bro Soaking game like a sponge Eyes on the prize Make my dream a reality Love & happiness Puffing on some al green Sitting on the curb Thinking about my master plan Gather up the soldiers Invade the rap game Voice of the people The vato got heart I spit that fire Illuminate the dark Serving in the hood Fiends know my nickname Mister go get it I ain't tryin' to fucken wait Here to be the greatest Top of the mountain My debut is coming The days are being counted [Chorus] [Verse 3:] Trust nobody Keep your trust me dog You never should Them boys will treat you like When death row belonged to suge Cause if the deal goes bad Black hoodie on Here we come to peel yo' cap In l.a We hit a spanish club called rodeo I came to hear my homeboy weasel's song From los canelos Corona in my hand Listening to his corridos I wanna do what How scrappy did up on cerritos [Verse 4 - Kiki Smooth:] Living that fast life No time for pumping breaks Heard it through the grape vine Kiki bout to elevate Kick in the door Like biggie to the smalls Smooth don't care If he's big or small Gangsta in the mirror Man of the hour Dope man flow Got ya face looking sour Mama always told me There'd be days like this I was born in the ghetto Can't worse-er than this [Chorus]

Homicidal, Suicidal

Lil Wyte "Doubt Me Now"
Yo this the outlaw jossy scott from saliva, get down with my boy Lil Wyte Memphis style homocidal, Verse 1 Man im bout to kill me a motherfucker, any kind of mother fucker, step into my face brotha, bet this gage gonna spray brotha, laughing at the site of ignorance i wanna see u fall, u the one that knocked me off when i was trying to climb the wall, but thats all good thats all rite ima keep on shinning bright, u put dapples in my path, and in my path im seeing light, so fuck u hoe talking loud in the center of the crowd, i fucked up, i know it, thats my shit just sit the fuck on down, acting bad coulda been smacked atleast i didnt do all that, i just snached my shit up got the fuck up with out looking back, called her up, bitch u out, yes im gonna see my child u trying to take that privalage away and u will never smile, is u kakin lakin yes lil wyte be constantly smokin Dro, when u see me, greenery be all up n ci-ga-ri-llo, ghetty green thats my thang keep this skull around my brain, if it wasnt here id eaither be dead or i will be too plain! Chorus X1 Homocidal suicidal everyday i live my life, going crazy in a days inn, walking round real late at night, u guessin im stressing people wondering why im always high u testin smith and wesson u the next on the list to die Verse 2 So u say u crunker than me motha fucka? Bucka than me motha fucka? Tuffa than me motha fucka? Rougher than me motha fucka? got news for ya, not just for ya, hope that u like gravity! this ones for ya will destroy ya and will cause some casualties, limp conditions how im livin, if u wanna take a peak? since u want her boy to be my dog, then get the fuck from me, what about her? what about u? what about me? well fuck u too, if u want to live my life u can but u a fuckin fool, time was off, yes it was, so i kept a fuckin buzz, why u keep a buzz dog? plz, to keep from fucking up, life is short then we die, some don't get a piece of pie, but im gonna get my slice even if i have to compromize, stackin cheese is for me, even if its in these streets, yes i said the streets beacause i have not reached the industry, but its all gravy baby, im gonna make it on my crazy way, diffrent ladies baby, now im crazy thats the way ill stay, Verse3 (jossy scott) Homocidal suicidal everyday i live my life, going crazy in a days inn, walking round real late at night, u guessin im stressing people wondering why im always high u testin,smith and wesson, u the next on the list to die ee iiii!!!

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