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Why (Bonus Track)

Original and similar lyrics
We rode into town the other day, just me and my daddy. he said I'd finally reached that age, and I could ride next to him on a horse that of course, was not quite as wild. We heard a crowd of people shouting, and so we stopped to find out why. There was that man that my dad said he loved, but today there was fear in his eyes. So I said, “Daddy, why are they screaming? Why are the faces of some of them beaming? Why is He dressed in that bright purple robe? I bet that crown hurts Him more than He shows. Daddy please, can't you do something? He looks as though He's gonna cry. You said He was stronger than all of those guys; Daddy, please tell me why. Why does everyone want Him to die?' Later that day, the sky grew cloudy, and Daddy said I should go inside. Somehow he knew things would get stormy. Boy was he right, but I could not keep from wondering if there was something he had to hide. So after he left, I had to find out. I was not afraid of getting lost. So I followed the crowds to a hill where I knew men had been killed, and I heard a voice come from the cross. And it said, “Father, why are they screaming? Why are the faces of some of them beaming? Why are they casting their lots for my robe? This crown of thorns hurts me more than it shows. Father please, can't you do something? I know that You must hear my cry. I thought I could handle a cross of this size. Father, remind me why. Why does everyone want me to die? Oh, when will I understand why?' My precious son, I hear them screaming. I'm watching the face of the enemy beaming. But soon I will clothe you in robes of my own. Jesus, this hurts me much more than you know, but this dark hour, I must do nothing, though I've heard your unbearable cry. The power in your blood destroys all of the lies; soon you'll see past their unmerciful eyes. Look, there be love, see the child trembling by her father's side. Now I can tell you why... she is why you must die.

Father Be With Us

Ammo Poetic
*LANDSLYDE* It's hard to start knowing you have gone already I'm sorry daddy coz there will never be A chance for me to apologise for your agony And no words could define what you mean to me What you have gone through for your eldest son As father and mentor never been there when you want me Need me and all of that beautiful memories just you and me I could never replace my 25 wonderful years All of that good times we had on the field but tears Flow on daddy your not here to go on daddy It's my turn to take responsibility For sister V and brother C and my mother It wouldn't be the same oh father How different we are identical no matter Like father like son you're my creator Chorus (*Pot* *Taj*) Father be with us Stay oh Father stay with us Stay Repeat 2* *C.LOCO* Left over a mark of indelible compassion That was passed down from my father As I wonder why life so fair to others The day you left plays in my mind like a recorder Had to be for me to see It felt like you went away for a long journey Why did you bring me up in such fashion Probably to teach me a lesson Let the truth be told why my heart feels so cold Without you to warm it up and for you to hold A lot of people came when they heard that you were gone To pay their respects and to show that you were known As a good man who took care of his own But now I know you felt all alone I wish I can turn back time and show I care I love you my dear father thanks for being there Chorus *LANDSLYDE* You will always be alive instead in my heart To tackle and handle life we'll never depart May you rest in peace coz you've suffered enough You're my teacher and my guru everything all out I look like you I will be the same Balakrishnan I will carry your name Your hard work just to find a bowl of rice Nothing compares to you there's no price This I promise I will take care tha family Your job is done now it's my turn to be The man of tha house you need no worry I love you father please stay with me God took you away it's for our good I know you're smiling now I know you would How different we are identical no matter Like father like son you're my creator Chorus Repeat 2 *

When I Found You, I Found Love

Kevin Ray "Kevin Ray"
My little boy came home from school Said Daddy some bully picked a fight today He pused me down on the playground Kicked me in the stomach, and spit in my face I took one look at his little black eye And I felt my temper like a tempest rise I asked him did he stand his ground Did he get back up and knock him down Did he make his daddy proud Did he make him pay And he said Chorus: Daddy I tried to be a man today And they all laughted and called me chicken When I turned and walked away I wanted so bad to hit him But in my mind I heard you say What would love do (What would love do) What would love say He said Daddy are you disappointed And it took what little breath I had left To tell him he was just the son I wanted And it takes a big man to forgive and forget I looked into my little angel's face And I felt the power of amazing grace Lord, help me practice what I preach Teach me to turn the other cheek Though my spirit's willing, still my flesh is weak But I heard You when he said Chorus: Daddy I tried to be a man today And they all laughed and called me chicken When I tured and walked away I wanted so bad to him him But in my mind I heard you say What would love do (What would love do) What would love say What would love do What would love say

Father Of Mine

EVERCLEAR "So Much For The Afterglow"
Father of mine Tell me where have you been You know I just closed my eyes My whole world disappeared Father of mine Take me back to the day When I was still your golden boy Back before you went away I remember the blue skies, walking the block I loved it when you held me high I loved to hear you talk You would take me to the movie You would take me to the beach Take me to a place inside that is so hard to reach Father of mine Tell me where did you go You had the world inside your hand But you did not seem to know Father of mine Tell me what do you see When you look back at your wasted life and you don't see me I was ten years old Doing all that i could It wasn't easy for me to be a scared white boy in a black neighborhood Sometimes you would send me a birthday card With a five dollar bill I never understood you then and I guess I never will Daddy gave me a name My daddy gave me a name Then he walked away Daddy gave me a name Then he walked away My daddy gave me a name Father of mine Tell me where have you been I just closed my eyes And the world disappeared Father of mine Tell me how do you sleep With the children you abandoned And the wife I saw you beat I will never be safe I will never be sane I will always be weird inside I will always be lame Now I am a grown man With a child of my own And I swear I'm not going to let her know All the pain I have known Then he walked away Daddy gave me a name Then he walked away My daddy gave me a name Then he walked away

I Love You This Much

JIMMY WAYNE "Jimmy Wayne"
He can't remember The times that he thought Does my daddy love me? Probably not That didn't stop him From wishing that he did Didn't keep him from wanting Or worshipping him He guesses he saw him About once a year He could still feel the way he felt Standing in tears Stretching his arms out As far as they'd go Whispering dad I want you to know CHORUS: I love you this much And I'm waiting on you To make up your mind Do you love me too? How ever long it takes I'm never giving up no matter what I love you this much He grew to hate him for what he had done 'Cause what kind of father Could do that to his son? He said 'damn you daddy' The day that he died The man didn't blink But the little boy cried CHORUS Half way through the service While the choir sang a hymn He looked up at the preacher And he sat and stared at him He said 'Forgive me father' When he realized That he hadn't been unloved Or alone all his life His arms were stretched out As far as they go Nailed to the cross For the whole world to know CHORUS

Wu Banga 101

GHOSTFACE KILLAH "Supreme Clientele"
(feat. Cappadonna, GZA, Masta Killa, Raekwon) [GZA] Yo, too advanced, Digi' stance, made the CD enhanced I move with the speed and strength of ants Identical in form with the Beez they swarm Hold up the cold current appear warm My first verbal brawl, started on some yes yes y'all to the beat y'all, break your windshield, your jeep stall Mr. Traffic, dumbin shit, from ecclesiastic Cashier, holdin out, fine, cut off the plastic See the logo A monument in hip-hop Carved out, in the giant landscape, of broken rocks Whether heard in herb spots, jukebox or malt shops Uncut live, drop eighty-five, in one shot Spotlight hits the metal mic, majority stare Heard the Wu snare, while my iris cut down the glare Walk a road the great length you find too long to measure My Clan a make me rhyme like D. Banner under pressure No surprise, double disc touched five Those elements, kept environments colonized with the high flyin death-defyin flow like the Rebel Right there, but you're one light year, from my level [Ghostface] Uh-huh.. yeah.. yo.. check it.. yo.. Bottles goin off in the church, we broke the wine slapped the pastor, didn't know Pop had asthma He pulled out his blue bible, change fell out his coat Three condoms, two dice, one bag of dope Oooh! Rev. ain't right, his church ain't right Deacon is a pimp, tell by his eyes Mrs. Parks said, 'Brother Starks, meet you at the numbers spot Heard you got red tops out, and I want a lot' Shirley fainted dead on the spot Two ushers slipped eighty dollars right out the pot Oh shit! [Raekwon the Chef] Egyptian, brown skin brown suede Timbs Masqueradin X-rated throw blades, all occasions Round nozzle touchdown, Haagen-Daas gobbles White House Gucci flag on the roof, call us rock groups Mere intelligent, buy Nieman Marc' it out No doubt, all we saw he bought, Lori mom's all blow was simple, blamp instrumentals run camps the stamps get you The way we lamp, fans come and get you Play, fullback strapped like a fuck, war at the black, Carlo Gambino's stash house in Hackensack Pack capsules, Green Bay 'em lay 'em down like wax do It's all actual we build, like Crash Crew Coconut, incense, one sentence, aiyyo Control the holy flinch hit this, new whips Roman numerals, sun splash them niggaz like, Tango and Cash Alcatraz cats roll out fast.. [Cappadonna] Wu thousand nuthin but hardcore We tryin to get land riches and more Ghost put me on to it We just do it, floss or whatever Take care of the business, there's too many roughnecks Give two of these to Flex, tell him it's real rap like Ghost Had to beat niggaz with toast Clubs V.I. clientele we lay it down flat Poot out on y'all kid, now where your mans at Fakin the real like, 'Damn I can't stand Cappa'' Then my wardrobe flooded the next chapter Y'all heard about us like we heard about you Bless the mic with reality, hit you with the virtue Calm down not tryin to hurt you, burst through That shit, fatter than all y'all niggaz outfits We the glitch like Y2K Catch the ball when it drop, guns pop, y'all have a nice day 'Doctor Kanabuta, Iron Man, he is invincible. His remarkable armor is supreme!' [Masta Killa] Yo Sometimes I'm liable to spaz and break fool Grab my gun, select one, snatch son Put the barrel by his face, blast one by his eardrum Piss run, you drop thinkin you shot Screamin like a bitch, kicks to your face Shots to the body that shake like the bass I'm Ghostfaced up, military style down Nuff ammunitions of rounds across the chest [Ghostface] Skip to the intro, rap through po' Smashed a fresh ball of wax ceasar Flashy penthouse that overlooks the vista Wally Moc' have tie, swimmin trunks Three chunks of ice sit in Johnny Walker for advice Catch the moment, fundraiser at will, work with the homeless Polish diamond edge, Flintstone shit, sealed in a comb pick carefully, swing the B seven series Christmas lights too bright Ghost is comin y'all fix the mirrors Relax like pudding, confidence strangle my man couldn't Exile he no longer in the hood Bless the kid that max the most Me I turn a wedding into hoax Roses tied to bombs on posts On commercial breaks, piss in the apple juice Rasta nigga rock the big do's Jiffy Pop it's only chant Wu

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