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Send some rain, would You send some rain? 'Cause the earth is dry and needs to drink again And the sun is high and we are sinking in the shade Would You send a cloud, thunder long and loud? Let the sky grow black and send some mercy down Surely You can see that we are thirsty and afraid But maybe not, not today Maybe You'll provide in other ways And if that's the case ... We'll give thanks to You with gratitude For lessons learned in how to thirst for You How to bless the very sun that warms our face If You never send us rain Daily bread, give us daily bread Bless our bodies, keep our children fed Fill our cups, then fill them up again tonight Wrap us up and warm us through Tucked away beneath our sturdy roofs Let us slumber safe from danger's view this time Or maybe not, not today Maybe You'll provide in other ways And if that's the case ... We'll give thanks to You with gratitude A lesson learned to hunger after You That a starry sky offers a better view If no roof is overhead And if we never taste that bread Oh, the differences that often are between Everything we want and what we really need So grant us peace, Jesus, grant us peace Move our hearts to hear a single beat Between alibis and enemies tonight Or maybe not, not today Peace might be another world away And if that's the case ... We'll give thanks to You with gratitude For lessons learned in how to trust in You That we are blessd beyond what we could ever dream In abundance or in need And if You never grant us peace ... But, Jesus, would You please ...

Hip-hop Hooray

Let's give it up for Naughty by Nature! Hip Hop hooray... Ho...Hey...Ho (Vinnie) You drew a picture of my morning But you couldn't make my day, Hey! I'm rockin' and you're yawning But you never look my way, Hey! I'm lickin down you darlin' In every single way, Hey! Your funny flow is foreign And a green card's on the way! (Treach) This ain't got shit to do wit shampoo But watch your head n shoulders brother older bold enough to fold ya Yo I told ya a raid afraid of what I made Plus played a funky fit so save ya flips Plus tricks for that music plus the monkey bit. (Vinnie) Triggas from the Grilltown Illtown Some ask how it feels now How the deal is that we're real so we're still around Don't lamp wit a freestyle phantom ain't tryin' to be handsome Shrinkin' what ya thinkin' cause I'm vampin' CHORUS: I live and die for Hip Hop This is Hip Hop for today I give props to Hip Hop so Hip Hop hooray... Ho...Hey...Ho (Treach) You heard a lot about a brother gaining mo' ground Being low down I do the showdown wit' any little ho round, no! I wanna know who you're believing through you're funny reasons Even when I'm sleeping you think I'm cheatin' You said I know you're Mr. O.P.P. man yo PP man won't only see me man You should've known that I was wit if a bit when I ain't hit it And step not to consider the Rep Heck! I did your partner cause she's hot as a baker cause I'm Naughty by Nature Not cause I hate cha! You put your heart in a part of a part that spreads apart Even though I forgave ya when you had a spark. You try to act like something really big is missing Even though my name's graffiti written on your kitten I love Black women always and disrespect ain't the way Let's start a family today Hip Hop hooray...ho...hey! Hip Hop Hip Hip Hop Hip Hip Hop Hooray! There's many hungry Hip Hoppers one reason Hip Hop's Hip top today swerve what cha heard Cause I ain't bailing no hey ain't choppin no crops But still grownin ever day! (Vinnie) Here's a thunder sound from the wonders found From the underground town down the hill Feel how Illtown drown smiles to frowns Snatchin' crowns from clowns beat downs are found Don't know me don't come around. Tippy tippy (pause) Tippy tippy (pause) Sometimes creepin' up I eat em up Your style is older than Lou Rawls! Peace to this one and that one and them That way I shout out and I didn't miss one friend Fools get foolish neither them or Parker Lewis knew us You could have crews wit shoes and can't step to us Some kitty purr I call em sir too Any trick that diss gets a curfew I put my projects for boots step through troops and leave proof My problem solvers name is Mook! I hittin' woodys in a hoody Peace to Jesette, Jobete, Jo-Jo, Genae, and every hood gee! That's right my fight is ill Peace goes to L.O.N.S. and Quest, Nice Smooth Cypress Hill I live and die for Hip Hop This is Hip Hop of today I give props to Hip Hop so Hip Hop hooray...ho...hey...ho! Smooth it out now!

Send The Man Over

CHER "Cherished"
In a rented room Above a Hollywood bar with my money gone The ragged curtains blowing in the window Lying hungry and alone With no one to call, not even my folks For the means to go on Wondering if I lose my nerve Or answer the phone When the desk clerk calls to say A stranger's on his way Up the stairs to share my bed Will I stay or slip away I know an actress has to make sacrifices But what a price to pay And when I called my agent today The conversation went this way [Chorus:] Send in anyone from Metro or Warners Leave a call from me Well then what about Paramount or NBC You say there's nothing today Just an interesting gentleman caller With a burning request I said send the man over, I guess With a script and the cash Just some poor white trash From a bayou town and a driftwood shack I was craddled by a Cajun Mama Deserted by a Cherokee dad Then at seventeen a Georgia drifter came And we made it to L.A. And when I called my agent today The conversation went this way [Chorus] Now I hear footsteps out in the hall Mama's pictures turned to the wall A young actress must give her all Pay her dues, play her role [Chorus x2]

Today's Message

JIMMY BUFFETT "Feeding Frenzy"
Oh yes. Welcome, welcome all. In the middle of this parrothead madness this evening we thought it would be appropriate to take a few minutes of your time to reflect on a little spiritual, spiritual healing. Heal'em up sister. We have such a choir with us this evening. We can't wait to hear all of you sing with us. That's why we're here. We heard you all on a couple of songs already. The only thing is, it's not nice to beat Jimmy to the words of his own song. Yes, we white people been working on rhythm for a while but we've got a long way to go. So when we get to this next song we'd like for you to sing. I know that some of you may be a little hesitant here. The climate that's going around these days because some pea-brained people think that some of my songs are obscene and nasty. We know better don't we? But I just feel sorry for the ones that don't. It's just that the times have moved so far ahead of 'em they're back in the pea-brained past. Time has moved so fast, I will give you a couple of examples. Today, a pair of tennis shoes costs more than a lot of your first automobiles did. I had a hundred dollar pick-up truck back in those days. I know. Can I get an AMEN for a hundred dollar pick-up truck? Today there are two Madonnas. Our Lady of Fatima over here, and that woman from Michigan runnin' around Italy with Warren Beatty over here. Looks like Helen of Troy. Sue me baby sue me, yeah. And uh, we don't want you to think of this song in those terms because this song that we're about to get you to help us with is not a nasty, obscene song. It is a love song, from a slightly different point of view, that's all. And before we sing it we just want to bring you a little message of peace, prosperity, and hope in such a trouble world today. But Reverened Jim has a few things he thinks could work to solve our world problems and our world tensions. First of all, we send all the presidents of the savings and loans associations over to run the country of Iraq. That would solve two problems right there. And world peace, I've got an answer for world peace. We take the money that it'd cost us to build just one B-1 bomber, that one that doesn't work. We change it into five dollar bills. We put all of this money into bags and we fly over the Atlantic Ocean, past Europe because they're getting their shit togehter anyway. We drop this money on the Russian people. All those little tiny pictures of Abraham Lincoln come tumblin' down out of the sky. I want them to feel those sawbucks in their hands. You know how your money feels when you accidently leave it in your blue jeans and you take it out and it's all warm and soft, oooh! Well we let those Russian people hang on to that money for about a week and then we fly back over there. We fill our airplanes full of mail order catalogs from L.L. Bean. From up in Columbus, Sporty's Pilot Shop. And Victoria's Secret! The Russian people have this money in their hand, the catalogs come down. They look at those pictures on the opening pages of the Victoria's Secret catalog, not back in the outdoors section, you know what I'm talking about right? They got the money, they got the catalogs, they're going to get the idea. They send all the money back to us to buy the stuff. We have full employment. There's world peace, and the Russians have crotch-less underwear through the twenty-first century! Thank you! So I hope you have no hesitation about joining us in this song. As I said, it is just a love song, from a different point of view.

Happy Mess

ATMOSPHERE "Sad Clown Bad Spring #12"
[Verse 1] Remember that time that I made you so mad Last week right ha ha you know that It's not like it's all that rare So put it here and let me cherish the embarrassment I realize I've been a dick head yes And I respect how you question your investments I take the plane but it ain't to be impressive It feels like a cop out to label it lessons I've been though the rain but I've put other people through a hurricane just to work the game Some time I swim through so much shame I think my little man's blessed that he didn't get my last name And here you are right in front of me offering it all like tell me what you want from me I wanna love you today and forever Let me clear my through and rub my wings together [Chorus X2] It goes: I'm not perfect but I'm this that and this My hands are dirty and I'm this that and this You've been searching for this that and this Let's break the surface and make a little happy mess [Verse 2] Whoo girl, you're the most beautiful thing I've seen Enticing, exciting Even the sound of your voice gotta nice ring Ya seem like the type that might help me tighten up my pipe dreams We can keep digging through this dirt Team up, you and I against the universe Think about it, What cha say to yourself You can wear my cape and I can play with your belt The truth is there now Stand with me, look into that mirror now And tell me you don't see the same image Gonna be a brand name babe once the rain is finished [Chorus X2] [Verse 3] I can't believe she got me on a ball and chain It's not a complaint, I appreciate it For all the dumb mistakes I make I'm surprised baby girl ain't threw me away I never meant to hurt no one I just want to stay productive till the work is done I dance to a sertain drum but when I fell off beat you didn't turn and run, no You see me at my lowest moments You gave me sight when I had broken focus With a smile that opens up like a rose does Even when it all seemed so fucking hopeless And here you are, right in front of me Offering it all like 'tell me what you want from me' I want to thank you today and forever Let's make a little happy mess together You know [Chorus X2]


THE POGUES "Pogue Mahone"
The dawn shines her light To scare off the night And the sun from his slumber is woken The bells are ringing out As the town crier shouts Words too strong to be spoken There's a rumble in the ground And the air fills with sound Trumpets in the wind are a' blowing The townsfolk peep Through the curtains of sleep To the sound of the cocks all a' crowin The winds may blow Come rain, come slow Today's for you and me I gave my heart to you my love You gave your heart to me The sun wears a smile And the clock winks its dial The clouds in the sky are unfolding The birds on the wing Like angels they sing The heavens are glowing all golden The crowds all spill out They cheer and they shout Banners and flags are a' waving The flowers all a' bloom Blow kisses to the moon As blossom falls on the paving The wind may blow Come rain, come snow Today's for you and me I gave my heart to you my love You gave your heart to me The whole world roars A chorus of applause Strangers from Delhi to Dublin Are swept off their feet As they kiss on the street And the waters like champaigne are bubbling The wind may blow Come rain, come snow Today's for you and me I gave my heart to you my love You gave your heart to me

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