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NEW ORDER lyrics - Movement

The Him

Original and similar lyrics
Some days you waste your life away These times I find no words to say A crime I once committed filled me Too much of heaven's eyes I saw through Only when meanings have no reason They're taken beyond your sense of right Small boy kneels, wandering in a great hall He pays pennance to the air above him White circles, black lines surround me Reborn, so plain my eyes see This is the reason that I came here To be so near to such a person I'm so tired, I'm so tired


ANTHRAX "Spreading The Disease"
White coats to bind me, out of control I live alone inside my mind World of confusion, air filled with noise Who says that my life's such a crime? Tapped, in this nightmare I wish I'd wake As my whole life begins to shake four walls surround me an empty gaze I can't find my way out of this maze Cause I don't care Fall in, fall out Gone without a doubt, help me I can't take the blame They don't feel the shame It's a madhouse Or so they claim It's a madhouse Oh, am I insane? My fears behind me, what can I do My dreams haunt my sleep at night Oh no, won't learn their lesson, white fills my eyes And only then they see the light

The Count

I thought since I was seven That why means more than how I don't believe in heaven My life is right now Come put your arms around me I can't count the times you've found me I see you across the table You see my eyes of blue Your eyes are always able To see what I need Come put your arms around me I can't count the times you've found me Where I go, you go Within me without you And I can't find a reason Within me to doubt you Come put your arms around me I can't count the times you've found me [REPEAT TO FADE]

Think Twice

close your eyes and lose the feeling that's been sinking close your eyes and count to three close your eyes rewind, I know just what you're thinking close your eyes and think of me larger than life, niceties larger than you, more than me I've got the Monday morning blues and oh my God I've got the home for you and give the everyday morning youÂ…use there's things right here I can't afford to choose CHORUS sincere, caramel, champagne, down drain, tell him, no gain it's so damn physical it will sustain and too damn Technicolor to refrain and much too taxing for my little brain why do we never know enough of happiness? why do they never show? all the times we have been so good and caring how many times we'll never know CHORUS packed it like a punch out to lunch I got a little hunch that stood out from the bunch as if that's not a reason enough I need another reason why God damn that bitch of life she made me cry so I liked to poke her squarely in the eye and it hurt so much I feel like I could die yeah

Pinball Map

IN FLAMES "Clayman"
As I aim for that bright white day Conflict serum is my aura It seems that life's so fragile I guess I'll fly some other time I lack from superhighway thoughts Won't live as long as the city lights Soaked by underwater times Electric splash on a midnight drive Wish I could rape the day, just something radical Lost the sense of sweet things Who's gonna take me widely? Guided by the pinball map The driver, still unknown to me Who was sent to glorify? Before we injected this common pride Sometimes I don't belong Release me from your world Pacified by the small things in life I wait for earthquakes to rearrange Never been able to use the force I only have it read to me Despite all the misguided faith (Maybe) I'll find a place in this mess Early morning moments A glimpse of joy But soon it's over and I return to dust As I try to be Everything and everyone I waste away

Closet Chronicles

KANSAS "Point Of Know Return"
(Steve Walsh / Kerry Livgren) Once carried through the current And being swept away The king is in the closet He's hiding from today And though he owns all fortunes This room is where he'll stay And his world is filled with darkness, turning grey Gazing out the window Of the 42nd second floor He is separate from all others No one knocks upon his door And it might as well be raining 'cause the sunlight hurts his eyes And his ears will never hear the children's cries Once proud and full of passion He fought the cause of man Many people loved his courage Many followed his command He changed the old into the new And the course of things to come And then one day they noticed he was gone At first it didn't matter Nobody seemed to care They all became too busy To find him anywhere do no one knew hot even him The problems he would find On the day he journeyed deep into his mind I close my eyes I go far away Away from this battlefield In my dreams well here I will enjoy it Where innocence plays with all the laughing children The kind who are crying right now A taste of freedom from the pain Of everything here I see Life is sweet but I took it all for granted And now I don't know if I could even tell you Just what we permit, we allow Allow me to forget the life I've made my own I've held this nation in my hand And yet it's not my home Allow me just one answer just one reason why Why this refugee of the family of man must die Tell me why Daydreams filled his nighttimes And night dreams filled his days Confusion and uncertainty A puzzled mind of haze You thought he was so powerful And set upon his ways Well he left us all to travel through this maze I heard the king was dying I heard the king was dead And with him died the chronicles That no one ever read The closet's fully empty now It's occupied by none I'll draw the drapes now destiny is done

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