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NELLY lyrics

Love You So

Original and similar lyrics
Cardan - talking through chorus) You know I loved you right I never, I never knew girl, you see You know the pain right, you can feel my pain right? Uh, to the gateway, now check it out, yo (Chorus) Ooh, I loved you so But why I loved you, I'll never know Ooh, the pain you put me through You know you've killed, now I lust for you (Cardan) Now since I've came in the game, money and fame, I love it But whoever thought I'd wake up one mornin with no budget It's Cardi the golden kid with that older shit I live, learn, learn to live, the older I get And I remember Thursdays, hungry Thursdays 'Bout sixteen, seventee, um, Murphy age But this rap game I love it, it's like I'm married to it I proposed on Clue?, she said I'd be happy to do it Gave her a kiss, mmmwwhha, she gave me fifty G's Silly Cardi I spent it, now Cardi on his knees Now I'm livin reality, a Biggie Smalls theme Askin for one more chance to show her what I really mean She said, you done seen a lotta things baby bro' Even best friends turned and take out videos I got with the 'tics, EI, still no deal 'Til Sugar said 'chill baby, everything is Fo' Reel' C'mon (Chorus) (Ali - talking through chorus) Yeah, loved y'all punk ass nigga, showed y'all love Never know that shit How the fuck you gon' drop a group, and the got the number one shit on the radio? Dumb ass nigga, look at us now, Fo' Reel nigga, Fo' Reel (Kyjuan) Nineteen-ninety-six! (hurry up, sign right here), let's sign these papers So we can get these papers and give these hoes the vapors Double-dumb entertainment dropped 'Gimme What You Got' Off top, 'tics hot, even sent you a shot (Double-dumb nine sevennnnnnnn!) Didn't want Nelly on it, said his verse didn't fit Some ol' seperatin shit, ten percent ass bitch Whole town love us, no one is above us Treated you, no talent, knowin niggas like brothas No street team, no promotion Just woof tickets, raw fuckin, no lotion One year later you decide to drop an EP At the same time drop us, that confuse me So like a bastard child, we on our own Put out and left alone, y'all wont answer the phone It took a little time, but we got it ourself Five million records later, now y'all askin for wealth (One, two, three, four, five), nigga please (Chorus) (Murphy Lee - talking during chorus) You know what I'm sayin, life is crazy, you know what I'm sayin You got choices in life But bro' when you make 'em, you gotta make 'em and make 'em right And if you ain't makin 'em right it's just crazy You ain't got nobody else to blame, nobody but yourself You know what I'm sayin, mad truth to that (Murphy Lee) Let me pretend that I'm a lawyer and explain the situation Facin three-to-one five across state, humiliation St. Louis set it off, phone calls was long distance (Ay yo, it's four birdies in Houston), c'mon, send some one to get 'em Who would do it for a grand? Eighteen, only thing on our mind was that killer money From Missouri to the T-E-X, A-S Two cats strapped it tight, right up under her chest One-way trip on Southwest but she didn't make it that far Metal detectors went bizarre, one-way trip to the car Your honor, she got a baby that'll drive my granny crazy A long distance lawyer that keep on tellin us 'maybe' And we all raise her baby, takin curr (care) of her daily This law shit is crazy, never cease to amaze me It's different from the eighties, ninety-five to lately They givin out time like dogs givin out rabies (Free City) (Chorus)

Psalm 23

Cross Movement
Chorus: The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want · He gave me life so I'mma stay on point · I've got the Spirit so I don't get drunk · We're pumpin' Jesus in your trunk. · Verse 1: There goes the bell well it's on word is bond now I'm rippin' it · Fillin' cups up with living water, got you sippin' it · I be the one that serves you dinner from the Scriptures · You may or may not be a sucker, but I'm gonna get ya · Hit ya with the word of God that's how we rock the nation · You hear it and catch the Spirit of intoxication · Drunk in the Spirit's how my whole crew puts it · Look at us walk the straight and narrow and avoid the crooked · Ruff and tough, with out the afro puff, · It's the supernatural stuff , all about His blood like we're Dracula · With spectacular spiritual vernacular · Like the concept of the hypostatic union comin' smack-atcha · I know it's deep and when you peep you'll find it's dense · Jesus both God and man 200% · Toss it, nah, we take the good news and floss it · So the world thinks we drink or mentally we've lost it · It's not that in fact it's just the opposite we're droppin' it · Fully cognoscente He rules ain't no stoppin' it · So like a vulture we swarm on your head · The holy culture who be droppin' bombs on your head · We're glad when pagans label us as madmen · Cause we're the will be's for the Christ, not has beens · Life's no joke so even if you fight hard · You'll drown in your sin if you don't meet Christ the life guard · You kick a different stroke like Willis and Arnold · In warfare you'll be steppin' but your weapons won't be carnal · But of course it's divine to pull down a fortress · Repaint the picture of Christ and make Him gorgeous · The Lord just rocks me---huh---what can I say · Sin, that's a price a rapper can't pay. · · ¦ Repeat Chorus ¦ · Verse 2: Man is used to seeing Jesus in His lamb ness · But they don't understand this Lamb is running every single planet · More than just a Lamb this is more than just a man dyin' · From Zion, behold the resurrected King, the Lion · Check the majesty, bad as He is we happily · Go down to the ground without being forced to by gravity · We're glad to be prostrate, bowed down is my state · Without pape's I'm still richer than milk chocolate · You can ask the Jews about the power of Yahweh · And if He gets busy like a rush hour highway · So much so they'll have a feast in a moment · From the unleavened bread to the feast of atonement · Amazing, check out the flag that we're raisin' · Man enough to be caught standin' up praisin' · Jesus the I Am, cause my man's creation · Should all be giving up a standing ovation. · · ¦ Repeat Chorus ¦

Sweet Thing

CHAKA KHAN "Rufus featuring Chaka Khan"
I will love you anyway Even if you cannot stay I think you are the one for me Here is where you ought to be I just want to satisfy ya Though you're not mine I can't deny ya Don't you hear me talking baby? Love me now or I'll go crazy CHORUS: Oh sweet thing You know you're my everything? Oh sweet thing You know you're my everything? Yes, you are I wish you were my lover But ya act so undercover To love you child my who life long Be it right, or be it wrong I'm only what you make me, baby Don't walk away, don't be so shady Don't want your mind, don't want your money These words I say, they may sound funny, but... CHORUS You are my heat You are my fire You make me weak with strong desire To love you chile my whole life long Be it right, or be it wrong I just want to satisfy ya Though you're not mine I can't deny ya Don't you hear me talking baby? Love me now or I'll go crazy VAMP: You're my heat, you are my fire You're not mine, I can't deny ya Don't you hear me talking, baby? Love me now, or I'll go crazy

Keep It Rollin'

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST "Midnight Marauders"
Verse One: Phife Dawg Aiyyo swing swing swing, to chop chop chop Yo that's the sound when MC's get mopped Don't come around town without the hip in your hop Cause when the shit hits the fan, that ass'll get dropped MC's wanna attack me but them punks can't cope I'll have you left without a job, like Isley from The Love Boat So money watch your mouth, or I might have to bust ya Battlin MC's, from JFK to Russia Back down to London, Sweden and Brazil Do a U.S. tour for three months and then a chill Styles be fat like Jackie Gleason, the rest be Art Carney People love the Dawg like the kids love Barney I love you, you love me The shorty Phife Dawg is your favorite MC So move back yaself dread, you know the element The Tribe is good for your health like a can of Nutriment MC's don't have no winds, MC's don't have no winds I flips you crazier than a busload of Jerry's Kids Your crew don't want it, man your crew don't want it But if you feel you can swing it, then money please bring it (sup) Large Professor in the house (sup) (sup) You know how we do (sup) (sup) I stay on your crew (sup) (whassup) like Mario Lemieux (whassup) (Whassup?) Peace to Ike Love (Sup? Hah hah) and the rest of the crew (Whassup?) (Whassup?) I meet you guys in front the cleaners Bring the blunts and the brew so Verse Two: Q-Tip Whassup kids? The Ab is speaking from the moon Thanks for your support, aiyyo I'll be home soon But the only thing I ask when I return from my task Is a whole bunch of beats and a Blass full of ass My fist stands firm because I'm, black and solid I open up your pores like a plate full of collards C'mon take it easy wouldya, easy easy I'm up in the gulley, that's when I am her Buddy She told me pull her hair, I did, it drove her nutty Filled up the hole like spackle or I mean putty When we over joints like this we never cruddy Extra P hooked the beat, and kids it feels luh-huh-ovely Check it out, cause my conception is immaculate A bachelor, lookin for a bachlelorette Back to you MC's, this is what your gonna get A first degree burn from my man Ken's cigarette I hope you like Malboro, Paul you know we thorough like Denver The beat feels like a never-ender But all things good must, so I won't sweat it Drop the C's for the youthful crew, I hope you get it As I stand, grip this mic inside my hand Boy I smack you up, like I was your old grand so respect yourself Son, and come and gimme love Once again the Ab is who you think of So chill with the beef money, we got a Jetti Verse Three: Extra P (Large Professor) It's Extra P and yo Tip I'm bout to set it on the country once again here to win I'm Uptown chillin, takin in this grand master Vic blend from the projects, the PJ's, fuck them two DJ's Self mission, I had her in the ill position Saying Large youse the soul brother that I'd like to eff with for the rest of my life yeah yeah now check the method As I, proceed with what you need like Akinyele A whip looks complete when the tires say Firelli Funk monkey, one rapper fell off, now he's a junkie There's 8 Million Stories in the city it's a pity Don't fuck with the skins if she's trying to act shitty Shout to the Guru, Primo and Zulu Zulu Nation, was on a vacation, in the ghetto Yo Ras slow your roll I'm bout to bag this here's metal Rapper Nas on topic, seems we gonna rock it Queens represent, buy the album when I drop it (drop it)

Without You

KAI "Kai"
Without You All that i keep thinking of are memories of our love that's the way girl, in my heart when you left, a part of me just died i thought we'd be able to live a life.. i life of paradise chorus: but now you've left and all i have is gone a lonely heart and song i can't live without you i can't breathe without you it's the hardest thing my heart has had to do (baby...ohhhh) girl i thought your love was right but suddenly i find cupid shot a hole right thru my heart an empty void there where you belonged and now all that's left of me is a i found out right from wrong chorus 2x bridge: baby i've been waiting since you walked away (since you walked away) to see you turn around...and to hear you say (waiting to hear you say) (say) you want me (say) you need me (say) you love me, now and always baby believe me i need you to come back to me.... Chorus 2x Cuz i feel you fading away... (i thought that we were living life in paradise) (i thought that we were living life in paradise)


People talk about the way I dance dance dance They think it's funny when I lift my hands hands hands All the things I've been going thru'(I'm telling you) if you only knew, this joy is real,something you can feel. All my heartaches and my heartbreaks i thought I couldn't take you were there; Holding me and molding me,reminding me that you care Along time(never coming at the wrong time, always there and that's a long time) I'm not ashamed,can't help but wanna praise your name Chorus No matter what the people may say You can praise Him anyway You may have to cry sometimes But He promised it will be alright My brother if you'd just hold on All this pain will soon be gone Can't nobody nobody nobody do me like you do me Nobody nobody Can't nobodyu love me like you Give me joy like the way you do When I'm alone and my faith's gone,I heard 'be strong', I knew it was you A spiritual love affair,Knows how much I can bear Can't nobody(echo) nobody(echo) nobody(echo) nobody Back to Chorus Spanish Chant Nobody no nobody no nobody no no..............(3 times) Rap What the deal now?Holy spirit you can feel now Cats they wanna keep it real now But love is spiritual I'm giving you knowlege because it's critical and lyrical you know i'm on your heels now I won't stop , i can't stop cos you know His grace and mercy it will never drop Who flop? (not me) To Metropolis, ain't stopping this, ain't no popping this, all my people, Who be rocking this Back to Chorus Nobody no.....(till fade)

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