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NATALIE IMBRUGLIA lyrics - White Lilies Island


Original and similar lyrics
Do you lie awake In the morning Trying to find A reason to call me 'Cause honey All that I've been doing Is thinking about your smile But none of this is necessary With me baby You see baby 'Cause I like to Keep it all simple 'Cause you are my Satellite So I'm trying to Keep you in sight But with all this space Can we keep it alive Keep it alive So I'm asking you baby Are you coming down tonight There's something In the air tonight That feels right But you're keeping me Guessing and I'm Finding it hard to Catch your eye So move a little closer It's all right I know What you're thinking You've been circling me For a while

Ra Ra

“Girl it looks to me like you that -ra ra- shake it close to me and freakin holla It's how its supposed to be let me take you home and maybe we can play' All right baby I admit it I'm impressed by the way that you giggle and how you dress got me lost in your wiggle I'm feeling blessed I'm scheming a little less coz being with you is easy believe me I'll loose all those demons if you just need me tell me you'll be my sweetie tell me I'm doing alright tell me you're that beautiful being I'll be doing tonight tell me we can bond and I got you from here on just let me make a couple more songs and we'll be airbourne tell me you're headstrong Tell me your dreams the many things all you need all the relevant scenes coz it seems we'll make a hell of a team so let's ride et's slide just you and I come on chorus From the moment you came I've been checking your outline I'm upping my game coz girl you're just so fine now how'd i do it? n break the spot with you huh cutie? I've noticed those eyes are damn near dangerous the moment is now for us to take it to a level one that's mellow don't change a thing at all girl I'm loving it Look I've been meaning to call ya coz it seems I can't ignore ya I'm all yours you put my reasons back into order I can't afford to leave you alone you're my water the one I want the one i carry home to my quarters couldn't have been purer your aura's bright and if you like I got what you looking for tonight it's more than right I'm sick of these types with all that -bla bla- that bullshit but not you coz you're that -ra ra- I sit alone -I got you up in my dome- and I'm prone to be loosing it and doing something wrong coz I think about how you and me roam seeing things start living out these fucking feelings seeing (...) every evening relaxing feeling satisfaction and freaking by the sea when it's time for some action damn right I'm asking you wanna be down ? well alright then come along with me now let's go “So come on baby girl let's ride we can keep it tight we can keep it going all night we can keep this thing allright we can keep it moving so tell me girl are you in?'

Long Ago

Once upon a time you shispered softly in my ear Loving words and fairy tales that I longed to hear I gave you my body and sould and you took control As you slowly swept me up and carried me away You told me pretty lies As I held onto you tight You knew how to get your way Ignorance was bliss in your warm embrace [Chorus:] Long ago You used to want me Now it's all so far away But you still haunt me And take me back to yesterday Every now and then I drown in thoughts of yesterday And the fool's paradise that you blew away I feel you beside me again and remember when You came to my window on a dark and stormy day Baby I need you now 'Cause tonight I'm crumbling down Sinking in the memories Shadows of you keep washing over me [Chorus] Baby I need you now 'Cause tonight I'm crumbling down Sinking in the memories Shadows of you keep washing over me [Chorus]

Get You Alone

[Hook: Maejor Ali] Sex on my mind thinkin' 'bout when I get you alone You already know it's goin' down when I get you alone You know what I came here to do when I get you alone I'ma give it al to you when I get you, when I get you alone [Verse 1: Maejor Ali] You know it, you know you in trouble, when I get you alone Thinking 'bout the places I touch you, when I get you alone And we can turn the cellphones off baby, when I get you alone Cause everything you need is right here, right here, right here baby [Bridge: Maejor Ali] Cause I'm tryna see what's up with tonight And I love the way your body looks up underneath these lights So don't say it's wrong, it feels right Cause I'm looking at your apple and I wanna take a bite [Hook] [Verse 2: Maejor Ali] Tonight I need some entertainment, when I get you alone Take all them clothes off let's get naked, when I get you alone Baby let me kiss you somewhere sacred, when I get you alone Cause I got what you need and it's right here, right here, right here, right here baby [Bridge] [Hook] [Verse 3: Jeremih] Say the hottest topic ain't about your body babe, that's the truth Pull up in a Rover and all these people tellin' me, that's the crew If I had you to myself then God damn baby that's a coup Know you need some peace of mind, them legs up to the ceiling that's the deuce (of peace) Any time of day you got me, gotta keep it straight up, no juice I got a cabbana up in Cancun We can fuck from R. Kelly to Lil Boosie With yo' bad ass I'm a fat kid for that fat ass Cake Love it how you make a nigga wait Girl your body got me far from sober Whenever we get alone, it's over Yeah, it's over Only if, if I get you alone Promise it be alright, when I get you alone Yeah I know you keep plans and I know you got friends For once can we get this alone Promise it be alright, alone

You Got It

JODECI "Diary Of A Mad Band"
[Radio DJ] Hot 98.7 Kiss FM, it's the world famous dial to pay countdown I'm Wendy Williams So we have $98 in Kiss Cash and the new CD by Jodeci [Phone Rings] Let's go to the phones and see who's gonna win tonight's countdown Hello, (Hello) ha ha ha, who is this, (Shaunita Laquan) What's goin' on girl, (Nothin' much what's goin' on) Nothin' where you callin' from, (New Jersey) OK, I got the loop for you, go ahead and do your shout-out And then we'll get to the countin' (OK, I'd like to make a shout-out to Boo-Boo and to Marquesha) (And to my homegirl Tasha) OK one simple question for the countdown The money and the CD What was song number 1, (Come and Talk to Me) Ah Jodeci [Explosion] [Jodeci talking to DJ] Ha, he uh oh damn girl, oh shit, ha ha oh shit (OK come on guys let's get back to this interview) Yeah, yeah alright what's up (OK I have another question) Yeah (I wanna know what you guys think about these groups dissing Jodeci?) We don't think, now why don't you get out those pants (No, people are saying that you guys cannot make it again) You know what, maybe we can't, why don't you take it off (No they are saying you cannot do it) Take that shit off, lipstick and all girl (Well let's talk about the album) Get naked baby damn ha ha ha [DeVante] Baby take it off for Jo-Jo Baby take it off for Mr. Dal (Baby you got it) Baby take it off for K-Ci (Baby you got it) Now baby take it off for me (Baby you got it) So baby take it off take it off (Baby you got it) Can you make me hard cause I'm soft (Baby you got it) So baby take it off take it off (Baby you got it) Your body make me pull off the trigger, Redman [Redman] Here comes the stick up, pick up pick up Comin' from Jersey my brain was spliffed up Before that cha' picked up The Funkadelic 2-01 super pandama Is there another (NO!) I make condoms run for cover Hey yo, who wanna have an orgy y'all Let's see y'all I slap so many punans you would think I'm made of bee-ba Stop if ya guard extra-large Better keep my guns tight For my jimi in case my bullets have to take flight I'm cooler than gang When I rock hits, kick raps in vain Place boxed up so keep ya glocks up Ya damn skippy, I rap on Jodeci tracks Their records platinum, so next year my records sell like that then [Jo-Jo] I don't wanna be rude babe, but you really turn me on I don't wanna be cool baby, as if I told ya what I want They way you groove is so fly, and I won't front If yout take off your clothes babe that's really all I want Let me see it [Chorus: Jodeci x2] Give it up, give it up you got it Show we what you got, you got it Give it up, give it up you got it Take it off, take it off you got it [K-Ci] Got more than what it take baby to make a N-I-double G-A drop So when you wanna take it off, please girl don't you stop 36-24, your waist like a hydraulic car When ya wanna drop it girl, we can go very far, ooh [Chorus: Exteneded with K-Ci ad-libs] [DeVante] Keep it goin' baby, like that like that Keep it goin', like that Keep it goin' baby, like that like that Keep it goin', like that Keep it goin' baby, like that like that Keep it goin', like that The rap Funkadelic, yo Redman [Redman] When I tear the frame out, I feel OK now My style is way out, spaced out Ya wanna taste now, because my name out Who's the Funkadelic Hey yo, G it's me smell it, inhale it And drop ya draws for the cause if ya felt it Now do you feel good honey dip then drop ya draws quick I see you, there's that tatoo I G'd you A small world, I fucked a bunch a black, fat and tall girls Smoke a Marlboro when shack tales like Erick Bell Now pardon my French I ain't with that bull they pulled on Tyson I got my ghetto license and I'm drivin' The homies dive in when the girl take off her size tens Whoomp there it is, that's what I mean with the tag team Then jest like 95 South when ya look out And then maybe next year maybe I show her that ya played out Redman from the 94' from the hood drop Got mad skills that cop feels Plus my crew still good [Chorus repeated to fade; with Jodeci ad-libs]

Big Goodbye

GREAT WHITE "Psycho City"
(Kendall, Niven, Russell) Hey, hey, baby No more lies Hey, hey, baby This is the big goodbye Remember baby Dreams we shared We ran with crazies Lived on solid air Do you remember lady Who you used to be Did you become the stranger Baby you or me I guess you were just tryin' To keep a love alive But baby all your lyin' Just took it for a ride Huh huh! A man of constant sorrow Under an evil eye Oh baby when it's over The truth is first to die Oh I believe in magic Fire that binds a band Baby there's no magic In hidin' sleight of hand I guess that I was tryin' To keep myself alive But then there's no denyin' I was losin' all my pride Hey, hey, baby No more lies Hey, hey, baby This is the big goodbye I guess you were just tryin' To buy some piece of mind But baby there's no buyin' Eyesight for the blind

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