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NATALIE IMBRUGLIA lyrics - Left Of The Middle


Original and similar lyrics
Everybody's been in my face tellin' me I gotta make a change all I ever hear day and night is 'you better hurry up and get a life' I need some direction - 'cause the clock is ticking away then a friend of a friend of mine says I've really been on his mind find wants to go out and check out what the feelin's about says we have a deep connection - well it sure is news to me and all can I say is intuition tells me how to live my day intuition tells me when to walk away could have turned left could haven turned right but I ended up here bang in the middle of real life then another one always says - she'd do anything to get ahead she doesn't care if she has to scratch and claw to get in the door she wants her 15 minutes of fame and 20 would be nice but I guess it's her life 'cause intuition tells me that I'm doin' fine intuition tells me when to draw the line could have turned left could have turned right but I ended up here bang in the middle of real life should have turned left but I turned right and I ended up here and I feel alright you make it hard for me can't find the real you you really think that I can't see what it is that you're going to do [chorus]

What A Life I've Led

Hollies "Distant Light"
(Hicks / Lynch) There never was a man so doggone mean I wore only black and my eyes were green And I can tell you now that I'm very old I'd kill any man for a piece of gold Oh what a life I've led I've been a real bad man and I oughta be dead Oh what a life I've led I've been real mean man, full of cheating and lying Left a lot of men dead and a lot of girls crying Yes I did I rode into Dodge on a sunny day I went there to steal all the railmen's pay And when I left town all the streets ran red I had ten grand in gold, and three guards lay dead chorus I was a bad man with a heart made of stone If you were a wise man, you would've left me alone I've lived all my life, such a lonely one Just me and my horse and a fine six-gun I've lived and I've loved and I knew great pain but I know now I'd do it over again Singing chorus x 2


Put your life into their hands Die for someone else Now you're in the real world Where pain and death are felt The first blood shed does not seem real Reality is what you feel Dropping to your knees you pray God won't make this go away You will not return alive - left to die Suffering until the end - left to die Time stands still as you pass away No more tomorrow this is you last day On this fucking earth Bodies fall onto the ground Blood flies through the air Shedded victims lie in pain Death is never fair Legs blown off, all hope is lost A human life is what it cost Others follow close behind A real adventure they will find

Nobody's Real

POWERMAN 5000 "Tonight The Stars Revolt!"
Scary monsters and super peeps the more you dream the less you sleep life as you know it has gone away unbound, unwound, who's here to stay Could you predict, could you foresee artificial by necessity rockets and robots can save your life when you don't care about what's real it's alright nobody's real but they're willing to let you know nobody's real but they'll feel it tonight nobody's real but they're willing to let you go nobody's real but they'll feel it nobody's real how do you sleep with the time that's left you, it's all been done there's no need for the rescue so let's just get out, i swear there's no doubt, you can't be ready cause there's nothing left to do...


THE AGONIST "Lullabies For The Dormant Mind"
I awoke to a complex chemistry. So, I went to a neuro-surgeon inquisitively to see what she could see. But she knows only what she's taught so I turned to a Tree to see what he thought. And he asked: “When does three equal plus one?” The answer is Birth -- Life's creation. Then suddenly flames rushed past. Green turned to black, and life turned to ash. Because I believe in everything, I'm convinced of nothing. United we ran -- divided we crawl. It just takes a common enemy to make a friend. Marry hope and fear, invent a colour. And so, it's gone as quickly as it came. Raging tides galloped forth to extinguish the flames, and , thus, was born in a cloud above. But all else was gone, and one plus one equaled one. In harmony with gravity always bringing everything down. Tear out your mother tongue chlorpromazine incursion -- the rights of the voiceless will be revealed. Flesh is food and bone is stone. A grey-matter cause for inner demons' microphones. Fields of shells that lurk in murky waters. A bed of nails for less traumatic slumber. Logic's tough but brains are sweet, we've served our sup for the demons to feed. Projected self loathsome apathy redefines reality. Paranoid self-victimization in a cage of skin; rage and intimidation lack of control bring a once bright life to stone and ice.


AZ "Final Call: The Lost Tapes"
[Talking: AZ] It's so simple... life... death... [Verse: AZ] I am one of the flyest my crew is like the Al Qaeda's We war like in them mess halls of Elmyra Bodies get caught predicate's bails is higher Why talk if you ain't walk through hell's fire All-nighters upscale attire In car get new cars you and your mans admire Young messiah back bottom guns for hire I am that what them rap contracts require Ghostwriter coast to coast cyphers I do this for them grown men in diapers that don't like us Though still the nicest sending kites to Riker's is priceless Reminiscing on plaza fights with Cypress Hung lifeless sprung from financial crisis Never ran I stand amongst the righteous AZ-Q dark denimy V suits His arson is lethal only pardon his people so Just ask it open or closed casket Coke or the dope bastard I'm back on that old Shaft shit Got my ratchets army fatigue jacket Fitted cap on backwards with them cats from Flatbush Bravehearted fuck if they say squash it We remain the largest we invade regardless Trains to Spofford insane with a brain from Hartford It's hard to explain my artwork One for the haters two for the true and the raiders I know dudes who eat your food with a razor It's major barbaric Brutal behavior car addict I talk about the jewelry later My respect is for the CL cartel connects And the crews that came through and left arise well effect Finesse big boys only play with the best It's no regrets being dead broke and raised in the jects I'm a vet cousin Comstock calling collect Saying he just left the box hot annoyed and depressed Claimin he stressed did a 3 and still facin a stretch I'm like look this ain't the row and you ain't waiting your death So save your breath tie your boots up and bang with the rest Cause in reality they just incarcerated your flesh You know the deal I pray they process your appeal Cause on the real I still got my hands on the wheel And I'm a drive til the gas run out Either crash or a wrap til a smash come out We them real niggaz It don't get no more gangster than this... rap it up daddy... yea [Beat until fade]

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