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Nasty Boy Klique lyrics

Radio Song

Original and similar lyrics
(chorus) Everytime I hear this song playin on the radio It just reminds me of how much I love you so EveryTime I think of you I just want to call you boy to let you know that I will always be there for u Whats going on baby girl its been a long long time that I told you what im feeling inside you know it seems to me that all I think about is u ruby red lips to the way you move your hips im trying to be the perfect man always gettin lost in love down for yours on this Az side im crushing in my limit and u always on my mind its even better when u right there by my side im analyzing what u say and what u do and everybodys jealous cause i'd rather be with u but thats aight and maybe scandalous 2 reservations at the marriot a suite for 2 time flys we over lo0k the city lights from the mountain tops u be presSin that rewind slow jams long stems tell me what u want to have I want to be the one to give you everything (chorus) now from the view i've been lo0kin at lo0kin at u cl0wn at the other guys creepin threw the crowd thinkin they can while u just loungin thinkin of me in the lime light to get your life change something and I know most of em are like the one before em so ignore em and a playa for me will thank u for it for the throwed of your loving alones to have the hardest playas hard on for every second your gone and thats aight to let your ice shine brown eyes light skin big lips with latin vibes and I knew why she was quick to pass by cuz I kept lo0king and I wondered to myself if I had been misto0ken f0r a player heart breaker who laid with a few #'s to many for u but who u gonna listen to a lier whos trying to take your heart or someone who had it from the start and never disregarded it girl hey mr Dj could u play my favorite song cause everytime u do im thinkin of my bo0 please mr dj could u play it for my date and dedicate it to my baby baby baby tonight your my date its lo0kin kind of co0l everytime your walkin by u lo0kin s0 go0d always catchin my eyes wondering if u would be down like im down with u did your gurl tie u I want ho0k up with u sometimes I think of u when your longin at home are u thinkin of me when they play your favorite song we both hesitate to pick up the phone let it ring hang it up say u probably aint home u make me feel different everytime im around u aint no girl can make me feel the way u do so lets make this hapPen lets ho0k up for this date we'll both gear up and pick u up at 8 u driving me crazie and i dont know why couldnt approach u with this feeling that I feel inside now its summer time rollin by my side should of know from the date u were down to ride yea everybody whos got somebody who makes u feel so go0d inside to everybody whos got somebody show your love dedicate this song to them chorus

Un A Montr

Je repense que cet été, il n'y a pas si longtemps de cela Telle une avalanche qui déferlait à quelques pas de moi Me poursuivant de trottoir en trottoir, pour s'agripper Jusqu'au dernier mètre carré d'un certain boulevard Une vague de chaleur humaine m'envahissait Un peu plus tard, je me tenais de même au métro Peel Rencardé sur une Lady Il du sex appeal Avec qui je poursuivais au coeur de la cité tranquille Carrefour et Capitale des plaisirs d'où je délecte de mon intellect Le jeu de la vie sans préavis Montréalité je vous convie, sur le funk Baby pour un été a Montréal *Je t'invite pour un été à Montréal Viens donc tu découvriras une ville aussi belle que sur une carte postale Lorsque la neige a fondu, les sourires confondus Laissent présager une aventure qui n'est encore qu'à son début Les arbres ont arboré leurs couleurs, et en choeur Des voix accompagnent les Tam-tams du Mont-Royal Un peu plus loin, des beautés bronzent en maillot de bain Dévoilant leurs attributs, quelle vue! Je n'en peux plus Mon cône me glisse d'entre les mains, je passe mon chemin Après la Pause-Poutine direction Sainte-Catherine Le soleil de plomb frappe, je débarque du bus Jam in te le Possee m'attendent depuis des lustres Suis le funk Baby, pour un été à Montréal Suis le funk Baby, pour t'arrêter à Montréal Baskets, casquette comme tu vois la rigueur du froid s'est faite oublier Pour illustrer le Jazz en fête, car j'ai toujours en tête L'historique Miles Davis, phicSymbols Nuit d'Afrique Vision d'Amérique Mates à même l'asphalte, un saxophoniste s'exerce dans son art et s'éclate Je ne peux rester indifférent de mes poches, une pièce je jette Et poursuis ma quête à la recherche du funk Je vous convie à passer un dimanche au parc Jeanne-Mance A errer dans cette ambiance où en plein air les gens se mélangent Et le Possee est assis sur le gazon, en train de Chiller L'atmosphère est aux festivités, revêtu de mon plus beau phrasé. Laissez-moi m'introduire au sein de la masse magmatique. D'un tour de passe-moi le mic Fracasser la glace et faire fondre les différentes classes L'agitation bat son plein, sur les visages la gaîté déteint La ville se réhoit de cette excitation, quand soudain, En chemin, fouillant mes poches des 2 mains J'extrais de ces dernières quelques pièces, un kleenex mais pas la bonne adresse J'erre à la recherche du fonk, la soirée dont j'ai rêvé Me file entre les doigts, quel comble d'infortune ! J'écume de rage mais me reprends comme un sage Tire un trait à cet effet en tournant la page Rien d'étonnant Soul est toujours dans la lune ! Lui qui sans relâche songe et s'amourache d'une plume. Prolifique à son heure, viendra bien le moment où le dormeur Pris de stupeur, s'éveillera en sursaut cédant sans cesse ses sens aux sensations du son Je marche d'un pas lent, sans destination, laissant la basse, le rythme, les aigus me guider Sur les sentiers du... funk Baby !

Keep On Lovin' Me

Da Buzz
Heeey yeah Baby baby, baby baby I'm looking through the eyes of a lover who's paradised by you (by you) mmmmmm when I'm whispering your name my desire grows within so strong and I know u feel it too Baby tell me, that you will always be around promise me devotion, till the end of time (chorus) keep on lovin' me like you do keep on sayin that I'm the one for you (for you) and nothing in the world can change it lovin me like you do makes me realize my heart belongs to you and nothing in the world can change it With you there's loving skies No more secrets and no more lies at all Ooooh ooooh oh With you I feel complete It was a missing piece to fit My soul (soul) And I'd never let you go Baby tell me, that you will always be around Promise me devotion, till the end of time (chorus) Oooooo oooo ooo o Heeeey heeey heey Not a thing, in the world Could ever change, the way I feel for you my love Unless I kiss, you to the line I feel your lips, can see your smile And know for sure, that you're the one And nothing in the world can change Say that I'm only one, stay with me until the end of time (end of time) Yeeeeah Say that I'm only one, stay with me until the end of time (end of time) Can you say that I'm the only one (chorus)

Got Some Teeth

WOO! Damn .. There's a lot of bitches up in here tonight boy I'm about to get drunk Let's hold down, sleep Where the bar at? [*crashing noise*] [Verse 1] Okay, okie dokey Obie's here No more focus, old pro's got a career And I like your brassiere and there's a party in here And I'm ready to talk naughty in Veronica's ear She erotic and it's hot, so a Heineken beer Pull her to the side and invite here to 'Cheers' Pull up a chair, nigga swear no drama Prepared for a player? You're workin with a MONSTER [*yelling*] I ain't got time to waste, let's vacate the place Shut blinds and drapes, grind 'til your face in a grimy state Concentrate, you will find that your bound to gape But we found what's fate We can watch two incredible mates masturbate Why settle and wait Let's Escalade to the nearest Super Eight Til your rear is on the mirrors and they smearin booty cheeks C'mon [Chorus - 2X] So this is my favorite song Now sing along when the DJ throws it on And if I leave here tonight and I fall asleep And wake up, hopefully she got some teeth [Verse 2] Okay holy moly derriere Look around the club booty everywhere She caught me starin And my homies darin me to approach Karen She's model material, but she got a venereal Tons of baby fathers', baby bottles and cereal She holla cause I got a lot of dinerio The DJ's playin Obie song on the stereo And she's impaired and she wants to be headin home With the real thing not the dildo clone And I know I don't wanna be headin home With some double D's full of silicone Ten hoodrat chicks surround me outside Found me outside, clowned me outside 'Til I popped the trunk and they found me outside Bustin' at the bitches screamin 'off to they rides!' [Chorus] So this is my favorite song Now sing along when the DJ throws it on And if I leave here tonight and I fall asleep And wake up, hopefully she got some teeth [Verse 3] Okay rolie polies everywhere [*horse naying noise*] Gotta find a slim chick's atmosphere Obesity's glarin and she got me fearin She's gonna come over here and try to eat me literal [*crunching noise*] -ly, like a box of Cheerios Carrot cupcakes and chocolate Tootsie rolls I'm outta order cause I gotta big girl disorder So better cover up that blubber or I'll split [*feet running away noise*] And I ain't got time to play Let's investigate another place to date Ladies less in weight and the dress they shape Dresses pettite, no window drapes [Obie Trice - talking] Word to mother, that god damn okra and beans Got ya Oprah in jeans Seems to me a little lean cuisine Wouldn't hurt much, I don't touch [Chorus] So this is my favorite song Now sing along when the DJ throws it on And if I leave here tonight and I fall asleep And wake up, hopefully she got some teeth [Outro - talking] Haha, haha, ha You gotta have teeth baby It just wouldn't look right Look, me big lips .. You no teeth, it wouldn't work You know what I'm sayin Haha ha, yeah I'm feelin good Shady Records man Obie Trice C'mon


PINK "Can't Take Me Home"
Chorus: Why everytime I try to tell you how it feel It's like a hiccup-cup come and it won't come-come Soon as I think I'm bout to share my lovin That's when the hiccup's comin Why everytime I try to tell you how it feel It's like a hiccup-cup come and it won't come-come Soon as I think I'm bout to share my lovin That's when the hiccup's comin You're like a cough on a rainy day You know the kind that gives you chest pains, yeah And just as things start to feel OK Then here you come to break away You love me hard and you squeeze me tight You let me go then you pick a fight You make me wanna scream, cry, and shout out-loud Boy, you got me spinnin round-and-round Repeat Chorus My thoughts, they kinda shake-y Everytime I get around you sweet baby Sometimes, I don't know what I'm tryin to say Just tell me baby, tell me things are gonna be OK Repeat Chorus I get all choked up inside And I don't know what to say Sometimes I wanna just run and hide But you just stand in my way Repeat Chorus Why everytime I tell you how I feel It's like a hiccup-cup come and you know the deal Pink don't think before she speak But you got me feelin, feelin, feelin kinda weak Why everytime I tell you how I feel It's like a hiccup-cup come and you know the deal Pink don't think before she speak But you got me feelin, feelin, feelin kinda weak Repeat Chorus

Hollow Bones

[Raekwon] High potency top, smoke a bag of black And feel the vibe, wanna be wise We, form on a rising corner mean five Laws in disguise, throw on your slides Young niggas racist, smokers is basic We seen the eyes, laying up playing the cut What, stay in the truck, something told me duck Folding me up, my shoulders struck Out of luck, fuck the potters up Fell on a daze like a Golotta snuff Niggas tried to body me up I'm in the lobby bleeding Niggas in the witness office probably eating And sprinting and beefing, when they heard the shots Called the precinct and seen barber nieces beasting Niggas shot Shalar features and shocked her was a Elisis, Bent the spinal cordless creatures I'm gagging and flagging a cab down Guess who in the Benz wagon, dragging my sound down Macking it was Dale Breedy the greedy Caniving ass snake genie Cop with a bikini will murder charge and benini I'm feeling wheezy and the drain from the cheeba Grieving ain't even looking decent Seeing police niggas reaching That splash against my hollow bones That rocks my... [Inspectah Deck] Fleeing the crime scene speeding Beefing leaving behind cream Not even peeping that I was leaking Won't see the precinct just got a recent case beaten Still jakes are creeping Don't blow ya spot, stay the weekend Keep the ruger peeling who's squealing Few knew the dealings Keep the steel concealed in Cause we got no time for feelings Eyes on the building guards are on the corners illing Million dollar block villain plotting on a killing Feel like, a superhero talking like a true Deniro They boost his ego path and broke down Reduced to zero Cops feel we poors hoping I'll reveal my source, source That splash against my hollow bones That rocks my soul Oh oh, oh oh [Ghostface] Outside the check cashing, flashing Dipped in fashion Five cherry-faced fagots tried to cash in They keep laughing, Ghost you get ya face bashed in Who gave you these priveledges son why you maxing And we.. Feigning to take those move slow I'm hearing how you broke Rob's nose And I heard you keep a banging hammer Golden brass diamonds embroideries That was stolen that you haven't reported g Make very little noise, my shit hiccup Don't make this big stick up bigger Me and the boys I thought for a second then chose Rather than froze Had the jim star on my hand Yo what the fuck yo! that's when I ripped Timothy Snatch and dip john like imbaggable Had the mini axe tool, faxed him Shots rang off, bing, boggle-de-dum That splash against my hollow bones

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